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Before you bid or tell me about all the past work you have done and awards you have won, please look over the details on the site that I want to clone with my own domain name. You must be able to clone this site with features you see from the site and more . Of course a complete new design layout. The site I want to clone is [url removed, login to view] Listed below you can get details of what all feedbass can do and you can also watch a video on their site that explains how the front end works. The below is also a write up with all the details and some press related information. I need serious bids and someone that will do the task right the first time and not leave in the middle of the project. If you?ve ever wanted to start a great Web 2.0 company but weren?t sure where to start, then [url removed, login to view] may be for you. You can buy this turnkey site today and just watch it continue to grow, or build it up to make it an even more attractive target for VC investment. Or, if you?ve got another concept where the domain name is a fit, then you can buy it for the name and associated search ?goodness? (see below). The choice is yours. Of course, to protect our existing customers, the buyer agrees to implement certain processes to insure that no existing Feedpass customers experience any interruption in connection to their existing feed URLs. This includes either leaving them untouched, or creating permanent redirects back to the original URL. So what is [url removed, login to view] Feedpass is a site that capitalizes on the fast growing RSS/Blog market as a landing page application. Traditionally, subscribing to an RSS feed has been challenging for average users. While buttons like , , and indicate the presence of an RSS feed on a page, many users are confused and turned off when they click the button?only to get a page of jumbled XML code. Many have attempted to make this process easier, and Feedpass shines as one of, if not the best. Feedpass allows any feed publisher or blogger to simply input his feed URL (often times long and complex) into the Feedpass interface and have us generated a simple URL like, [url removed, login to view] The blog publisher can then link to this URL and instead of seeing XML code, the reader sees a nice, clean, informative landing page. This page, known as a Feedpass page, helps guide the user through the process of subscribing to a feed, with detailed information on RSS, and buttons that allow the user to easily subscribe using dozens of different tools, including RSS readers like My Yahoo!, Google Reader, Bloglines, etc., along with RSS to email utilities like FeedBlitz, Squeet, etc. Feedpass also has a ?MySpace? tool that allows MySpace users to simply input their FriendID and have us generate a Feedpass landing page for that MySpace blog. It?s a powerful way for the millions of MySpace users to open up their blogs to readers outside of MySpace via RSS readers, email, etc. Feedpass also integrates a Google AdSense advertising revenue share program. This has been somewhat controversial, but has also been well received by many. Each Feedpass page currently contains Google AdSense advertising on the left side of the page. We allow the creator of the page to rotate his AdSense ID along with ours and potentially that of the content creator, if different than the Feedpass page creator, to make money from Google advertising. So, if the content creator has claimed the feed, then there is a 3 way split of advertising revenue for that page. If the feed is not claimed, then Feedpass takes a 2 way split, providing 1:3 page views to the person who generated the Feedpass page. The fact that anyone can create a Feedpass page, even for content created by someone else, has stirred up quite a bit of publicity around the site. However, since Feedpass only shows the last 4 item posts and a brief excerpt, much of the initial panic about content use has died down. The Launch of [url removed, login to view] Feedpass hit the market just over two months ago with a flurry of publicity around the blogosphere. As one a-list blogger told us during the first few days after we were featured on so many sites, ?You just can?t buy this kind of publicity.? But now that we?re considering selling the site, perhaps you can. Competing With FeedBurner Feedpass is one of the only sites mentioned frequently as a competitor to FeedBurner. The fact of the matter is that we currently compete with FeedBurner only as an RSS feed landing page. The advantage that many users have pointed out is that we don?t require anyone to ?burn? their feed. Instead, Feedpass creates a simple feed URL, but the original feed is untouched. Feedpass has yet to venture into direct competition with FeedBurner in the area of statistics, but we believe that such a service could and should become an integral part of Feedpass in the future. Some have said, ?You can?t compete with FeedBurner.? To that we say, ?Bring it on!? In fact, FeedBurner?s share of the current market is limited. Sure, for users that are looking for landing pages and feed statistics, FeedBurner leads the market. But, considering that FeedBurner only manages feeds for 218,400 publishers, we believe there is massive unclaimed share available. We base this on the estimate that nearly 100,000 new blogs are started every single day. Services like [url removed, login to view] currently track roughly 50 million blogs. A recent PEW study, mentioned on the KBCafe RSS Blog, called ?A portrait of the internet?s new storytellers? says that only 18% of bloggers offer an RSS feed. That?s a massive number of bloggers who likely aren?t making subscribing to their blog an easy task. Feedburner caters to the ?tech-savvy? for the most part. We believe that the real winner in this market will be the company that figures out how to tap into the millions of ?average? bloggers using popular off-the-shelf tools like Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, etc. Why Is Feedpass For Sale? The bottom line is we?re curious to see what the market value might be for such a valuable domain and the code that runs it. We believe that the current value just for the [url removed, login to view] domain name alone is at least $1 million dollars. Given some focus, the company could quickly generate millions more in additional funding from the VC community. FeedBurner has been funded by VCs to the tune of at least $10 million dollars to date. One of those VCs is Union Square Ventures (USV). Read this article from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures on why they invested in FeedBurner and you?ll start to see why we?re so excited about Feedpass. A couple of key points: 1) RSS will become mainstream and 2) RSS will be monetized. Fred is right on the money, and I suspect that the USV investment in FeedBurner will reward his firm handsomely in time. Making A Buck Feedpass has received quite a bit of criticism for our efforts to monetize RSS today using Google AdSense. However, many others recognize that this effort, like many others to monetize the medium, will continue to grow. Whether or not our current business model is ideal or not remains to be proven. In the meantime, allowing users to wrap Google AdSense around feeds, including feeds from other publishers, has proven to be a catalyst for conversation and controversy. Privately funded to date, we simply haven?t had a need for any VC money. However, we believe that in order to build on what we?ve started, additional funding would be necessary. If our reserve is met, we?ll be selling Feedpass this week. If not, we will continue to develop the site and consider VC investment as a catalyst for growth. Going Global The appeal of Feedpass has been global. We?ve had pages created in numerous languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Hebrew, and many more. We?re currently working with one company, for example, that wants to dynamically create thousands of Feedpass pages to simplify RSS subscription for users across the globe. This is an area that FeedBurner has ignored where we see huge potential. For organizations that need to create hundreds or thousands of feed landing pages, in a foreign language or in English, FeedBurner is simply not a friendly solution. While not yet fully implemented, we are close to completing code for this solution, and already use a template-based solution that will allow future creation of pages in most languages. The Google ?Juice? Is Flowing Popular search terms on Google where Feedpass ranks highly include: (Note: Search results may be to sites or blogs that mention Feedpass directly in the search result.) Feedburner competitor (#4 out of 377,000) Rss landing page (#2 out of 9,370,000 results) Easy rss subscription (#1 out of 27,400,000 results) Feedburner landing page (#2 out of 140,000 results) Easy rss adsense (#1 out of 3,440,000 results) Myspace rss subscription (#1 out of 1,540,000 results) Easy blog subscribe (#8 out of 91,700,000 results) Rss landing (#1 out of 21,900,000 results) Why so much buzz about Feedpass? Feedpass was launched on May 12, 2006 and mentioned on the KBCafe RSS Blog on May 19, 2006. By the next day, Feedpass was being discussed all over the web, including a very high-profile post on TechCrunch. Controversy swirled around the monetization of RSS content primarily based on the fact that we allowed absolutely anyone to create a Feedpass page, even for feed content owned by someone else. Some users panicked and others battled to keep peace in the blog world. In response to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch saying ?Feedpass does absolutely nothing.? Randy Morin of KBCafe said ?Clearly, it?s the best RSS landing page application on the Internet.? Igniting The Feedpass Fire There have been many great comments on Feedpass over the past two months. Feel free to search on [url removed, login to view], Feedster, or IceRocket to read some of them. Here are just a few of the most high profile blogs that lead to so much discussion around our tool: The KBCafe RSS Blog (Randy Charles Morin) ?The Blogosphere Mob? ?Feedpass does more than nothing? ?Feedpass does absolutely nothing?? TechCrunch (Michael Arrington) ?Feedpass does absolutely nothing? Social Software Weblog (Marshall Kirkpatrick) ?Feedpass makes RSS subscription and monetizing other peoples? content easy? All publicity is good publicity Had we launched Feedpass and not seen the controversy, we?d be just like dozens of other Web 2.0 companies, sitting around in a quiet ?beta? and wondering when we?d be found. Instead, Feedpass is off to the races, fueled by a little bit of unplanned debate among many of the power-players in the RSS community. Not a bad way to start! Now you can capitalize on this and buy [url removed, login to view] to build your own Web 2.0 empire! Important Auction Terms and Conditions Important purchase requirement: IF the buyer utilizes [url removed, login to view] for purposes currently outside of the scope of operation that would lead to service disruption for existing users, the buyer will be required to do the following prior to any service disruption: 1) Leave all existing Feedpass pages operating as they currently do for at least 5 years from the date of domain transfer, followed by permanent redirect to the original XML Feed URL, OR 2) Provide immediate and permanent automatic redirect for all existing Feedpass pages to the original XML Feed URL. These requirements are to insure that current users of Feedpass remain unscathed IF we sell the site and IF the new owners were to materially modify the service in a way that would lead to service disruption. Google AdSense ID Change As part of the sale of [url removed, login to view], your Google AdSense ID will replace our current Google AdSense ID on all current and future pages. For pages where multiple AdSense ID?s are used in rotation, your ID will be placed in rotation where ours currently is used. AdSense Reporting Tool Included You will also receive full access to the ASRep Adsense Tracking tool that we currently use to monitor our site. This tool will allow you to more accurately track views and clicks on Google AdSense ads. Payment Buyer will be required to use an escrow service to complete this transaction. A non-refundable cash deposit of $1,000 via PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard, will be required within 24 hours of the close of the auction. Seller will pay all domain transfer and escrow fees, so your final bid amount will be the amount you pay--with no surprises. Only serious bidders please. Transaction must be in the escrow process within a maximum of 10 days of auction completion or your deposit may be forfeited and negative feedback provided.

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