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Na stotine neverjetnih vnosov

Na stotine neverjetnih vnosov

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100% Zadovoljstvo

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Hello All! We are looking to have 25 avatars designed. The winner will provide 25 final avatars. HOWEVER, each entry only needs to include one from each of these categories: rednecks...

1 $250 USD May 25, 2017 5 dneva/i, 21 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Hello Freelancers, I am looking for an experienced freelancer to design a logo for our company. Our company will be called Ellington Home. Our company is currently selling home p...

212 $100 USD May 24, 2017 5 dneva/i, 19 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

We require a new logo for a charity golf tournament. The tournament is called the "Daniel T. Craig Memorial Tournament". We would like to somehow combine our company logo which is atta...

15 $100 CAD May 24, 2017 5 dneva/i, 17 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Need a Badass yet classy logo for 2 ladies forming a real estate team. The name is "Wolfe Realty Team" . Our hashtags will be #wolfepack #wolfeofrealestate #wolfeRealty just to give you...

156 $190 USD May 24, 2017 5 dneva/i, 16 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

We have just gone through a brand refresh and have a new company logo and colours. I have attached the new logo in different formats and with and without our tagline. We are looking for...

177 $75 CAD May 24, 2017 5 dneva/i, 16 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

I am seeking a top quality professional design of a business plan summary, editable in Word format. The summary should be roughly 5 pages (including an Introduction page, my professiona...

6 $75 USD May 24, 2017 1 dan, 13 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Sorry, there is no 2D or Game Artist skill on the previous field. We need to find a good 2D Artist or Game Artist able to draw a 1 year baby, that shuld infuse to women and girls love,...

5 €410 EUR May 24, 2017 5 dneva/i, 12 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

This is a mathematical problem in form of a puzzle game.

2 ₹5000 INR May 24, 2017 3 dneva/i, 12 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj