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Na stotine neverjetnih vnosov

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Ok, I require a flyer that is needed by the weekend. Saturday afternoon at the latest. I need the flyer to look clean but a little creative so it stands out. The theme of the flyer is c...

25 $30 USD Nov 16, 2017 1 dan, 19 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Basic Information: If you just want to do this contest and be done that's fine; however, ideally I'm looking for someone who can edit videos for me on a weekly basis for my YouTube cha...

4 $150 USD Nov 16, 2017 5 dneva/i, 18 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

I need a logo for a new medication therapy management website called RxGuru. We employ Pharmacists who meet with patients virtually using videoconferencing technology. We do NOT sell ...

290 $120 USD Nov 16, 2017 3 dneva/i, 18 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

We would like you to take a current graphic that we have and make it new and fresh. The idea would be to create a piece 8x11 (paper) that we could use as a hand-out in our meetings with...

19 $100 USD Nov 16, 2017 3 dneva/i, 12 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Overall, this cartoon character will become an animated GIF hoilday card. I am looking for an elf dancing the "Nae Nae" and "dabing" at the end. I have provided 5 positions attached...

2 $25 USD Nov 16, 2017 5 dneva/i, 12 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

We are a software development company focused on the creation of video games. The name of the brand is Spartakus and we need a logo related to our brand name. Our colours are: Black (0...

177 €100 EUR Nov 16, 2017 5 dneva/i, 8 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj

Hello graphic designers, we need you to design a logo and a app mockup for it is a online delivery app for grocery items. Our competitor is The App must ha...

131 $300 USD Nov 16, 2017 1 teden, 3 dneva/i Objavi podoben natečaj

We are WonderINgroup, a small marketing media agency. We need a 1 page marketing sell sheet created with the information provided in the attached document entit...

15 $100 USD Nov 15, 2017 2 dneva/i, 18 ur/i/e Objavi podoben natečaj