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Linux is a variant of UNIX and is an operating system. It is widely popular and in use all over the world in the form of servers and Linux-based desktops. If your business needs help developing for or working with Linux environments then you can hire freelancers who are experts in Linux. These freelancers can then help with your Linux-related tasks. Start connecting with them by posting your Linux job today.
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Write some software -- 2 I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux . Install seL4 2 Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 23ur €72
VirtualBox and PHPVirtualBox I am looking for someone to install multiple virtual boxes on a linux server. I would like each to have a unique IP address. I will provide the server and it can be headless or with a control panel. I prefer headless but am open to your advice. I would like the virtual boxes to be running a mixture of os's but ideal heavy on windows. I need each to be password protectedonly on the log in ... 1 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Shell Script, Ubuntu, Omrežna administracija Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 23ur €140
Mining (bitcoin or ethereum) hardware configuration and deployment Hello, we're considering investing in some mining hardware. I would need to collaborate with some bitcoin or ethereum guru to do the following activites: - Choose the best mining hardware (efficiency and speed) - Configure the hardware on our network (we can use teamviewer) - Configure a service like "NiceHash" to maximise return This is a pilot test to check the profitabilit... 3 PHP, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, Bitcoin, Spletna varnost Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 23ur €237
E-mail Chatter Robot I would like a small robot written in python 2.7 that fetches emails messages from an IMAP account, like GMAIL, Yahoo, Hotmail and extract the text and download the image (if is a link with HTML tag img) inside the message body. After this fetching, wait a few time and answer back to the sender a text message acknowledging the message received before with a text that it could be parametized. 4 PHP, Javascript, Python, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 23ur €155
Host a Crypto Mining Pool for 1 month on NOMP I need to run Proof of Work for a Crypto Currency for a few weeks. So temporary but profitable. Any Pool fees go to the Freelancer who has the successful bid. You will control the fees. I can also cash the coins in for you. Requires a good VPS or server that is located close to the USA or decent latency. I will need to know where you plan to locate it. Linux 16.04 is the most stable from what I... 3 Linux, Shell Script, node.js, Ubuntu, Omrežna administracija Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 23ur €113
Check PHPFPM and NGINX We have a Centos 7 server with Nginx and PHPFPM. The problem is: Nginx cant process PHP Files, only downloads it. 10 PHP, Sistemski administrator, Linux, Nginx Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 22ur €26
fully managed cloud PBX I am a VoIP reseller. I am looking for a technical person, familiar with the Asterisk PBX and Linux platform, to manage a pbx in the cloud. I am thinking for FreePBX and I like RoseHosting for the VPS. 1 PHP, Sistemski administrator, Linux, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 21ur €42
Update and Edit Website -- NEED SOMEONE TODAY ASAP Be my new part time programmer! - expert in linux server configuration (apache, ngnix, mysql, phpmyadmin, htaccess/ngnix config knowledge, smtp) - PHP - at least base knowledge - frontend (html, css, javascript) - at least base knowledge - autoresponder integration (mailchimp, get response, sendgrid) is a plus we will be taking my old website and giving it a facelift. Logo needs to be ch... 1 PHP, Oblikovanje spletnih strani, Linux, Apache, HTML Oct 19, 2017 Danes20ur 52minut €19
SuitCRM integration with PBX Epygi - open to bidding SuitCRM integration with PBX Epygi [url removed, login to view] 5 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Podpora uporabnikom, Asterisk PBX, Tehnična podpora Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 19ur €95
Setup Sharetribe on Linux Server I have a Marketplace build with Sharetribe. I can no longer afford to have it hosted with Sharetribe so I need it moved to a VPS. I just setup a VPS account with 1and1. I have the marketplace zipped up from sharetribe. 15 Linux, Ruby on Rails, Apache, HTML Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 19ur €90
Server configuration Nginx high traffic I need someone who can configure my server for high traffic. With nginx + mariadb and other plugins for high traffic and performance. I need speed stability and security. 8 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Spletna varnost, Apache, Nginx Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 19ur €31
Upgrade Interspire Email Marketer Upgrade version & Security Need a expert to upgrade my interspire version & Improve on the security. 4 Linux, Spletna varnost, Interspire Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 17ur €64
Create Block Chain Explorer For Existing Cryptocurrency I need to to build a professional looking BUT MODIFIED block-chain explorer that looks and functions like [url removed, login to view] A fixed value and exchange rate must be accounted for to value each block in swiss francs equivalent. 3 PHP, Oblikovanje spletnih strani, Linux, CSS, Bitcoin Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 17ur €361
MYSQL PROBLEMS Site runs, but it kill all my cpu.. MYSQL has big problems its about 2 giga mysql becouse there alot of content from 2014, 120.000 posts on it. i want to fix MYSQL to run smoothly and not to kill my cpu. 35 PHP, Linux, MySQL, HTML, Administracija podatkovnih baz Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 17ur €320
SPAM control (2) with multiple email systems / multiple domain names Before explaining, we want to be very clear that we're a Web Agency and we're looking for long term providers that are affordable and also very experienced with lots of years working on hosting environments / very experts in MTA and email marketing in this case. Very honest people, if you do this fine we will give you more tasks of other projects, since we're an agency and have mult... 5 PHP, Linux, WordPress, HTML, Spletno gostovanje Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 17ur €117
Load balancing for traffic, with 2 vps to run 1 wordpress site. Load balancing for traffic, with 2 vps to run 1 wordpress site. 14 Linux, WordPress, MySQL, VPS Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 17ur €96
Pattern recognition algorithm c++ I need a talented programmer with experience in pattern recognition algorithms for a c++ project, which will run on Linux. There will likely be repeat work once this project is completed. The first project is to create a classification algorithm that determines events, in real-time, which occur on two input signals (200 samples per second). There are two types of event, with three possible loca... 22 C++ programiranje, Linux, Matlab and Mathematica Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 16ur €477
Server Administrator with EasyApache4 and Tomcat webserver knowladge We have WHM/cPanel running on this server. Your responsibility is to install tomcat 8.0.14, we have jdk installed already. Enable SSL / HTTPS on Tomcat Server and map url to tomcat ROOT folder. Also, we do not plan to use this server to run any php application dependant on Apache webserver httpd. After installation, the tomcat [url removed, login to view] file is inside tomcat ROOT folde... 6 PHP, Java, Linux, Apache, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 15ur €25
Node js - structure pdf files into mongodb Using node js. Convert unstructured pdf document to nosql mongodb of title, subtitles and text. Images and tables can be held in the unstructured mongodb or on filesystem with links to it. 12 Javascript, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, NoSQL Couch in Mongo Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 13ur €154
Remove Malware | Upload Backups to Server 4 with malware infected Joomla CMS websites need to be cleaned, secured and any illegal injection need to be removed. It may be necessary to update/change admin login credentials. I also would like to upgrade to the latest template version. NOTE: I do have (non-infected) complete backups from all sites and therefore a IT professional could simply remove all domain contents from the server ... 28 PHP, Linux, Spletna varnost, Joomla, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 13ur €128
Network Programming (Client, server, proxy server, sockets...) In C language. Create a proxy server that can be connected by a single client and would only allow http requests. The proxy server should be able to cache up to five recent websites and should block websites that has been blacklisted. 7 C programiranje, Java, Linux Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 13ur €44
Update TLS 1.0 to 1.2 or later DON'T BID UNLESS YOU CAN DO THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!‪ CentOS 6.6 Plesk Onyx Version 17.5.3 6 Sistemski administrator, Linux, UNIX, Plesk Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 12ur €30
need a person for a simple task on firewall firewall configuration task and writing easy task 14 Linux, Inženiring, Računalniška varnost, Cisco, Omrežna administracija Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 12ur €4
Clean webserver for hack/crack. I need an exprert to read log. Find hacker doors. Clean site. Dmarc report/issues for domain i present. As well phising. You must be 100% sure for this what you doing. CentOS+Cpanel server. Happry bidding! Let go through this task with a smile and work together. 20 Sistemski administrator, Linux, DNS, Spletno gostovanje, VPS Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 12ur €113
Linux labs with Document writting I need to get some labs to be completed with technical writing 7 Linux, Pisanje tehničnih vsebin, Research Writing Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 12ur €37
I need a Sysadmin to install a Server I need to install and do the correct configuration of a new server. Need to install things like PHP7, APC, Apache with Nginx 46 PHP, Sistemski administrator, Linux, Apache, Nginx Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 12ur €95
create ubuntu 16 LTS VMWare with Windows Sybase ASA 11 with wine 1. I need a small Linux vmware (or docker container?) 2. I have a license and installation files for windows version of Sybase SQL Anywhere [url removed, login to view] 3. my problem is, that I don´t have the installation files of the inux version. so my idea is to get the installer - files or to find somene who is able to install my windows files and get my database running stable... 6 Sistemski administrator, Linux, MySQL, Ubuntu, VMware Oct 19, 2017 Danes11ur 39minut -
Nulled ActiveCampaign 5.4 to install on any server Need nulled Activecampaign 5.40 with unlimited users and subscriber to install on my server. If you have kindly bid on my project. Thanks, Johnny 4 PHP, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, MySQL, HTML Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 10ur €26
Need a Single SignOn script Hi I need help in doing an SSO script that will allow users to login from a specific website domain and his login credentials get authenticated & get into a system. I have the SSO documentations which will be given. 9 PHP, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, Shell Script, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 10ur €52
Python project We're looking for an expert for 6.0 Sinper having McTap 1.0 simulators software on Ubuntu 12.04 that can generate power trace file for few interval using variousbenchmarks packages. More details will be shared with the shortlisted candidate in Freelancer chat box. 10 Python, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, Strojno učenje Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 10ur €131
UNOMP help with configuration Hello, I have installed UNOMP and I need some help with setting it up. The person I look for should have clear knowledge and experience with UNOMP (Unified Node Open Mining Portal - [url removed, login to view]) and setting up a pool. What I want to do is go trough the settings with Teamviewer or Skype shared screen, and talk to the person how to set the conf files. That is why I need a perso... 5 Linux, Blockchain Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 9ur €46
Update TLS 1.1 or 1.2 on Amazon Linux Server Hi, I need to update TLS version to make paypal work for my website. I have already installed TLS 1.2 but somehow apache is not recognising it and showing TLS 1.0 - CURL SSL OpenSSL/1.0.0. Can someone help urgently? I need someone who can start now. Thanks. 24 PHP, Sistemski administrator, Linux, Apache Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 9ur €49
Migrate website Migrate a basic static website hosted on a public webserver with no ftp or portal credentials. Site will need to be moved onto a PLESK/Wordpress site which will be setup by myself and portal access given. 44 PHP, Oblikovanje spletnih strani, Linux, WordPress, HTML Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 7ur €82
Install SSL certificate on Ubuntu I need to install an SSL certificate for my digital ocean cloud. The server runs on the Ubuntu OS and the SSL is from Go daddy. 26 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Apache, Ubuntu, Debian Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 7ur €11
fix "AH00566: request failed: malformed request line" error in apache log with php scraper code -- 2 A simple PHP scraping script runs for about 27 minutes then stops. The code is not the problem. The code simply loops.... which works perfectly.... the server then stops the code after about 27 minutes. Apache log says: [Wed Oct 18 07:44:59.737460 2017] [core:debug] [pid 16365] protocol.c(1270): [client [url removed, login to view]] AH00566: request failed: malformed request line 6 PHP, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, Nginx, MySQL Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 7ur €20
devops engineer windows, linux OPERATING Sysstems,, Ansible, Amazon web services 17 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Spletne storitve Amazon, Ubuntu, VMware Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 7ur €401
Windows/Linux Technician In Need We are a web hosting company looking to hire a server expert with ATLEAST 4 years of experience that can basically handle the windows/linux tasks that our L1 techs cannot and MUST speak PERFECT English. Ideally this job is for someone who works in this field already and is online most of the day anyways that can handle on average 4-8 tickets per a week on the side of their other regular main job. ... 11 Sistemski administrator, Linux, UNIX, Windows strežnik, VPS Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 7ur €97
Python script for AWS Looking for a Python Script to connect to an AWS account and download details to a CSV 41 PHP, Python, Linux, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, Spletne storitve Amazon Oct 19, 2017 Danes6dni 6ur €267
esp32 firwmware development i need to develop simple zephyr os code on esp32 module. build some "Hello World" to get a feeling for it. check out how its BLE Mesh works, try to get it running 14 Linux, Elektro inženiring, Vgrajena programska oprema, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 6ur €549
Deploy our project to AWS We have a project built with Node, Express, and MongoDB. We are ready to deploy it to AWS. The app is currently hosted on [url removed, login to view] where it was developed. We are looking for someone to create the AWS instance, help us deploy it, and ensure that the web app, server are properly secured, and give us advice on email services within Amazon. We may also need someone to help us conve... 21 Linux, NoSQL Couch in Mongo, Spletne storitve Amazon, node.js Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 4ur €459
Software Buffer Overflow Lab. (Ubuntu and C programming) [url removed, login to view]~wedu/seed/Labs_12.04/Software/Buffer_Overflow/[url removed, login to view] * Do all tasks and take screenshots and explain the answers. (Task 1 to 4) [url removed, login to view]~wedu/seed/Labs_12.04/Software/Buffer_Overflow/ 4 C programiranje, Linux, Računalniška varnost, Ubuntu, Coding Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 4ur €38
windows kali linux windows Linux commands VMware Windows server team viewer 6 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Windows strežnik, VMware, Omrežna administracija Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 3ur €51
Video Recording on Trucks hello and thank you for your time Please, read carrefully before post a bid. Its a long project. We have a hardware composed by onboard cameras installed in a truck, the cameras record 24/7, usually each truck has 4 cameras, a MDVR, a SSD card, gps and a antenna. Images from the truck may be send trough 3g/4g or when the truck comes inside the garage the files are send from the truck to... 15 .NET, Linux, SQL Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 3ur €4983
need to host my wordpress site files from c-pannel to client linux server i have two wordpress sites developed on my c-pannel need to host those two sites in client server which is ubuntu 27 PHP, Linux, WordPress, MySQL, HTML Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 3ur €31
Kali linux guys looking for a expert in Kali Linux and Windows 7 8 Namizje Windows, Sistemski administrator, Linux, VMware, Omrežna administracija Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni 2ur €43
Setup Mac OS Server VPN Access for Remote Work Need assistance setting up VPN access to our Mac server. I think I have all of the settings correct but it is not working outside of the office 5 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Mac OS, Windows strežnik, Omrežna administracija Oct 18, 2017 Danes6dni €40
MY SIP BLOCK SMTP Relay access denied -- 2 - 18/10/2017 17:43 EDT I have my own epost server hosted on linux Debian with postfix and Dovcot My epost clients is Microsoft outlook 2015 I work a lot with customers or elsewhere. I experience up that email my not work because SIP / network admin has sprret port 25 (SNMP) to that I must use their SMTP server to send mail. I've tried to open my server with 2 ports. 25 and 9800 it did not solve the p... 3 Linux, Spletna varnost, Microsoft Outlook, Omrežna administracija, Upravljanje spletne pošte Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20175dni 23ur €23
Azure Hosted Web App Hi, I have a DreamFactory application that I use for a REST API with another project. I need to make a copy of this application and put it up on Azure. Unfortunately, I have tried this a few times but don't know enough about Azure to get it to actually work. I've gotten close multiple times, but with the closest, something failed in DreamFactory. I need someone who can get this uploaded... 7 Linux, Informacijske storitve v oblaku, Azure Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017Končano €166
Postfix all bounce message to specific email -- 3 i want to set specific email to send Postfix all bounce Email not individual email. I am using plesk now. You need to work on that 5 Sistemski administrator, Linux, Upravljanje spletne pošte, Email Developer Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20175dni 23ur €19
Intall elastix on cloud server - 18/10/2017 17:06 EDT Install elastix or freepbx in a new installed any linux cloud server. You cannot boot from iso. 5 Linux Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20175dni 23ur €29
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