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iOS Development is one of the most powerful and preferred development tools for mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. An iOS Developer is responsible for creating a wide range of applications for Apple devices, utilizing programming languages such as Swift for coding, type safety programming paradigms and Cocoa frameworks for building native user interfaces. iOS Development covers the entire process from creating custom design interfaces to debugging and launching applications, allowing businesses to benefit from the vast capabilities of their products and services to reach a wider range of customers.

Here's some projects that our expert iOS Developer made real:

  • Developed mobile applications that process user input and utilizes external API;
  • Implemented app designs based on guidelines to ensure functionality;
  • Designed trusted security solutions such as whitelisting;
  • Converted websites into mobile applications (Android/iOS);
  • Resolved startup issues with Macbook Pro;
  • Fixed app store upload issues developed by Flutter;
  • Created Call4Care Help Call Systems mobile app screens.

The iOS Developers at are highly skilled and passionate professionals who have been able to help businesses realize their vision through fulfilling their needs. With the help of these experts, a wide range of projects have been successfully completed in a remarkably efficient manner. We invite you to hire an iOS Developer from and accelerate your progress in creating an incredible product tailored to your individual needs.

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    I am looking for an experienced React Native developer to create a mobile application for a food order and delivery service. Please provide videos/portfolio of previous work Key Features: Clean code: I am a software developer and may further modify the frontend codebase later, so the code needs to be clean and understandable User Authentication: Secure user registration and login. In-App Purchase: Smooth and intuitive interface for browsing and purchasing products. Live Chat Support: Customer-friendly chat feature for support. Payment Support: Secure payment integration. Live Order Tracking: Real-time tracking of orders on the map. Responsive Design: UI should be responsive and functional on phones, tablets, and different screen sizes. Requirements: Frontend Development Only: Focus so...

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    I'm in need of a GPS tracking system that is specifically tailored for vehicles, particularly cars. The primary goal of this system is to help me manage my fleet effectively. Key System Functions: - Real-time tracking of vehicles, giving me optimal visibility and control over the fleet's movements. - Alerts and Notifications: I'm interested in receiving alerts for unauthorized movements, geo-fence breaches, and excessive speeds. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in GPS tracking systems, particularly those designed for vehicle tracking. - Experience in fleet management software. - Strong background in implementing alert and notification systems within trackers. Please reach out if you have a ready-made system that fits these requirements.' I need something like CarTrack,...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Flutter developer who can help me with the design and API integration for my mobile app. I need part time who is provide me 4 daily basis. Thanks

    €93 (Avg Bid)
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    This is a React native project. App is already made just some ui improvements and backend changes

    €1231 (Avg Bid)
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    Descrição do Projeto: Estou em busca de um desenvolvedor experiente para criar um aplicativo de resultados esportivos ao vivo, semelhante ao FlashScore. O aplicativo deve cobrir o máximo de esportes possíveis e fornecer atualizações em tempo real. Funcionalidades Requeridas: Cobertura de Esportes: Futebol Basquete Tênis Hóquei no gelo Vôlei Handebol Críquete Rugby Beisebol Esportes de combate (MMA, Boxe) Esportes de inverno (esqui, biatlo) Automobilismo (Fórmula 1, NASCAR, etc.) Golfe Dardos Snooker E-sports (CS , Dota 2, LoL) Funcionalidades Principais: Atualizações ao Vivo: Resultados e estatísticas em tempo real. Notificações Push: Alertas personalizados para eventos, gols,...

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    We are looking for an expert to provide comprehensive guidance and training on a Unity-based Ludo application. This project aims to onboard and train the owner of a Unity-based Ludo application source code, providing comprehensive guidance on customization, setup, and deployment. The Unity expert will facilitate hands-on learning sessions to empower the owner with essential skills in game development, including basic reskinning techniques, setup procedures, and multi-platform deployment strategies. The project ensures the owner gains proficiency in managing and enhancing their Ludo application, enabling seamless deployment across diverse operating systems.. This includes instruction on basic reskinning techniques to customize the game's visual appearance, setup procedures for seamless...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Flutter developer to effect comprehensive changes that will dramatically impact my existing mobile application. Key outcomes expected: 1. UI/UX Improvements - I'm looking for a more vibrant and eye-catching color scheme that will significantly enhance users' interaction with the app. 2. Functionality enhancements - I need new features added to the app in order to meet users increasing demands and expectations. This will create a more versatile app that caters to a wider audience. - Existing features should be streamlined for more effective execution. This approach will reduce redundancies and offer users a smoother experience. - I require integration with other services to allow my app to fully harness the benefits of symbiosis and in...

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    Mobile App and Web App Development 3 dni left

    PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! Initially, you are required to specify the programming language intended for the development of both the web and mobile applications. We are seeking an individual to engage in mobile app and web app development based on the provided documents showcasing the prototype and potential design of the applications on both platforms. Users will be able to register through the app and conduct transactions. Additionally, the app will incorporate USSD functionality by sending codes comprised of predefined numbers (e.g., xxx), user account information (uuu), and user input (iii) in the format (*xxx*uuu*iiii*). The developer should possess a solid comprehension of mobile app and web app development, with an emphasis on mobile app expertise. Furthermore, the developer needs t...

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    The goal of this project is to develop a mobile application that helps users combat marijuana addiction by providing access to self-help tools, progress tracking, and community support features. The application will be developed using the FlutterFlow platform.

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    My name is San from Mumbai. I’m looking for developer team who can develop a dating/meeting app similar to the Bestfriend app (make sure you check the refer app before send proposal) Google Play: () We need an exact even better version with enhanced features and functionality. For Android and iOS We have experience running an OTT platform and are expanding our business. I am seeking a developer based in Mumbai if possible. While I don't have a specific budget yet, I would appreciate a proposal or initial offer. More details: What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    Hi. I used to be able to send push notifications using Firebase and a PHP Class for years, but Google/Firebase changed the old method to the new Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1). I just need to know how to send pushes the same way I used to with this new method. I used to basically copy my class into a folder then from a php file I could send the push fields + the user's device token and it would send the push. Here are a couple of the files from my original stuff... attached. Ideally, I want to be able to copy some files into a folder on my hosting and send push notifications from a php file. Thanks!

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    Project Overview: Develop a website and mobile application similar to Makromusic () and its subdomain , including mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Project Objectives: 1. User Platform: Create an engaging platform for users to connect with music based on their tastes. 2. Artist Platform: Provide a dedicated subdomain for artists to manage their profiles, upload content, and engage with fans. 3. Mobile Apps: Develop mobile applications for iOS and Android to facilitate seamless user experience on-the-go. Project Scope: 1. Website Development: - Main Website: User-centric platform with features similar to Makromusic. - Subdomain for Artists: A subdomain where artists can create profiles, manage their music, and interact with fans. 2. Mobile App Development: - iOS App:...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to integrate Razorpay Turbo UPI on my Android app, 6AM Mart. Key Requirements: - Integration of Razorpay Turbo UPI: The app is currently supporting Credit Card and UPI payments. I need Razorpay Turbo UPI integrated seamlessly to provide a smooth user experience. - Seamless User Experience: The integration should not interrupt the user's journey and must maintain the flow of the existing payment process. - Real-time transaction updates: It's crucial for my platform to provide real-time transaction updates to users. - In-app Payment: I'm looking for the integration to be within the app itself, rather than redirecting to a third-party page. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Prior experience with Razorpay Turbo UPI integration - Proficiency ...

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    visionOS App Developer Needed 1 dan left

    I am in search of an experienced iOS app developer with specialization in visionOS, Swift, SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit. The main functionality I want for my app is real-world object recognition. Key requirements: - An expert in iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, RealityKit, and ARKit - Proven experience in creating visionOS apps - Strong understanding of real-world object recognition - Track record of delivering high-quality augmented reality apps If you fit the above description, please share your past work so I can assess your relevant experience. Thank you.

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    I have a web app that I have developed to help manage dispatching local first aiders to incident nearby. Unfortunately web apps do not have access to background location services on devices, so I would like to wrap my web app in a native webview and pass native geo location data to either a function in the webview or an endpoint on my server (passing the user_id and coordinates). The location data needs to be accurate to the minute so I can automatically assign the closest first-aider to the incident. I have 60 users. I want to update the last_location for each user on my server every minute. My web app is built on: Codeigniter (with some hardcoded PHP on the frontend) VueJS jQuery I have no experience with app stores or managing native apps.

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    React Native Android updates 1 dan left

    I am in need of a talented React Native Developer, with a focus in Android, to perform a one-time app maintenance. Key Points: - The app is built on React Native, specifically for Android. - The main task will be conducting an android 14 update. - And some other minor app work. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with React Native, particularly on the Android platform, is a must. - If you have a mac and worked on iOS apps that bonus as well. - Idea of google firebase.

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    I am seeking an expert in Appsflyer integration with Google Ads to help me resolve an issue with conversion tracking in my cross-platform mobile app. Although the Appsflyer SDK is correctly implemented within the app, the recorded conversions are currently inaccurate. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Appsflyer integration with Google Ads: The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of successfully integrating Appsflyer with Google Ads and resolving conversion tracking issues. - Experience with Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: Given that my mobile app is built on cross-platform, you should have experience working with this type of app. Tasks: - Identify the root cause of the recorded conversion inaccuracies. - Implement necessary fixes to ensure accurate conversion tracking. - Conduc...

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled and experienced iOS app developer to create a high-quality news app. The app should be user-friendly and offer a seamless experience similar to popular news apps like Economic Times or Inshorts. The primary objective is to deliver news articles in a concise and engaging manner, with a clean and intuitive interface. Project Requirements: 1. App Features: • User Interface: A clean and intuitive design that provides an excellent user experience. • News Feed: Ability to display news articles in a summarized format similar to Inshorts, with options to read the full article. • Categories: Users should be able to browse news by different categories (e.g., Business, Technology, Sports, Entertain...

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    Looking for a Mobile APP developer 1 dan left

    I'm looking for a talented Android app developer who can dissect an existing Android app and provide insights into how it works. The primary purpose of this project is to understand its functionality. The app we are developing is to calculate the roof area value of a building using Google satellite imagery, then create a repair estimate based on the area value, send it to the customer via email or PDF, and keep it as a record server. We will distribute this app to users for free. The name of the app that becomes the goal or benchmark is "Pitch Gauge", and you can reverse it or create a new one by slightly reducing the functionality. Currently, I have the Android APK decompiled. App Function required Check and review the Android app Pitchgauge to measure roof area and make...

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    I'm looking to develop an iOS app that will serve as a marketplace connecting users with expert-level instructors in a variety of fields. The app will also facilitate transactions for lessons, with a percentage of the payment being directed towards me. Key project requirements and features: - The app should cater to a wide range of fields, from music, to fitness, to cooking and beyond. - One of the core differentiators of the app is the emphasis on expert-level instructors. These individuals should have a proven track record of excellence and proficiency in their respective fields. - The instructors must undergo a comprehensive background check before being featured on the platform. This will include: - Criminal record check - Reference check - Identity verification Ide...

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    I want to have an app that is able to create a note in my obsidian fault, which is in an iCloud folder of the obsidian application. I thought at first that it is not possible to do that, but the app 'Actions for Obsidian' is somehow able to achieve this and I want to recreate the creation of a note with it. Here is a link:

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    We are seeking an experienced organization to develop an mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms. The app will provide users with facial analysis and rating based on their uploaded photos. Key features include: Face and skin analysis using Google Mediapipe library. Multi-level rating system (Attraction, Youthfulness, Confidence, Healthiness). Detailed breakdown and improvement suggestions for facial attributes (jawline, eyes, skin, hair). Integration with OpenAI GPT-4 for an AI chatbot to provide personalized beauty and self-improvement advice. Social sharing capabilities and contact comparisons. Implementation of a freemium model with subscription plans for premium features. Technical requirements: Proficiency in React Native for mobile development. Experience ...

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    Build a Wechat mini-program 13 ur left

    This app can compute for different Mahjong hand patterns, lucky Mahjong titles, lucky attire, and lucky adornments tailored to each user’s specific birth date according to divination or tarot reading or astrology. The UI could reference instagram

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    iOS News App Development 13 ur left

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled and experienced iOS app developer to create a high-quality news app. The app should be user-friendly and offer a seamless experience similar to popular news apps like Economic Times or Inshorts. The primary objective is to deliver news articles in a concise and engaging manner, with a clean and intuitive interface. Project Requirements: 1. App Features: • User Interface: A clean and intuitive design that provides an excellent user experience. • News Feed: Ability to display news articles in a summarized format similar to Inshorts, with options to read the full article. • Categories: Users should be able to browse news by different categories (e.g., Business, Technology, Sports, Entertain...

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    Need a flutter developer 10 ur left

    I have implemented agora api for calls in my app, i want the calls to be handled in background as well, like whatsapp, i would like you to implement a feature in which i could get notifications from where i could answer or decline the calls.

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