Are you in need of a coder for your business or personal project? Coding is the process of creating instructions for computers to perform tasks using programming languages. Coders, also known as programmers or software developers, excel at developing applications, websites, and systems that can revolutionize your operations and provide you with cutting-edge solutions. Our expert Coders have extensive experience in various programming languages and methodologies, enabling them to transform your ideas into reality. Here's some projects that our expert Coders made real:

  • Social media applications development
  • Custom Zoho CRM functions
  • Automated trading strategies
  • Full stack development for various projects
  • No-code technology courses creation and delivery
  • Custom display solutions with text and multimedia integration
  • Specialized Pine script indicators
  • WordPress development services with coding knowledge
  • Complex PHP websites with multiple MySQL database tables
  • E-commerce websites for printing services

No matter your project requirements, our Coders on can deliver exceptional results by converting your concepts into functional solutions. With expertise across numerous programming languages and platforms, they are well-equipped to create tailored products that meet your specific needs. Additionally, our freelance Coders can work within your budget and timeframe, making sure that you receive the perfect solution quickly and without breaking the bank.

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    My project involves developing a durable drone mainly for package delivery in urban environments. This drone should be capable of handling weights of up to 5 kg. I am looking for freelancers who can not only design and develop the drone but also ensure its smooth function in dense urban areas, factoring in potential obstacles and challenges. Ideal Skills: - Aeronautical, electronics, or mechanical engineering background. - Knowledge of drone technology including software for navigation and handling. - Prior experience in designing drones for package delivery. - Experience in designing drones specially equipped to handle urban environments. - Deep understanding of payload and weight considerations. Your role would be to design, create and test a fully functioning prototype, implementin...

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    I need an ESP32 device to count LED bulbs and send that data to a server. - The device should be able to accurately count the LED bulbs. - It should then transfer this data to a specified server. - The data transfer process should be secure and reliable. Successful freelancers should include their relevant experience in working with the ESP32 and handling data transfer to servers. I'm looking for someone with a track record of creating reliable, efficient systems with ESP32 devices.

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    I'm in need of a sophisticated traffic generator that can specifically target Chaturbate and Stripchat, simulating realistic traffic to boost models' rankings and visibility. Key Features: - Realistic Traffic Simulation: The tool must be able to generate traffic in a manner that closely resembles genuine user behavior, ensuring the effectiveness of the traffic in boosting models' profiles. Platform Focus: - Chaturbate and Stripchat: These are the primary platforms I'm looking to target. The traffic generator should be optimized for these sites to deliver optimal results. Traffic Impact: - Automated Interaction: It should engage with models' profiles autonomously. - Boost Views and Followers: The tool needs to significantly increase the views and followers of t...

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    PLC Programmer for Elevator System 6 dni left

    I'm working on a school project to implement an elevator system using Codesys. I have a basic idea of what I want to achieve, but need assistance on the design and programming side and creating a visualisation of the elevator. Key requirements: - Suitable design: Assist in refining and finalizing the design of the elevator system - Multiple floor functionality: The system should be able to operate across multiple floors with simple controls - Component functionalities: Implement floor selection buttons inside the elevator, a display for current floor and direction, an emergency stop button, as well as level sensors and indicators. - using 2 motors , one for the door and another for the elevator movement Your role will be to help create a detailed design, program the elevator system...

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    I am seeking for a skilled professional with strong experience in hardware design and development to create a highly interactive, aesthetic speaker with lyrics display. Key specifications are as follows: Speaker Features Required : - Display lyrics in real-time - Connect to Bluetooth Successful applicants must demonstrate: - Past experience in developing similar hardware is preferred Dimensions of Product: - Length: 38cm - Height: 26cm - Width: 12cm Highly creative bids demonstrating a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics will receive top consideration. creative suggestions for the project are always welcome. Looking forward to receiving your proposals!

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    We are seeking a skilled Catch Integration Specialist to set up a seamless integration with Catch. The preferred method of integration is directly through Catch, although using the Catch CED app is also acceptable. This role primarily involves data entry, but some coding may be necessary, so proficiency in coding is required. Responsibilities: Set up and configure integration with Catch, preferably directly through Catch, but Catch CED app setup is also an option. Perform accurate data entry to ensure all necessary information is correctly integrated. Troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise during the integration process. Collaborate with our team to ensure seamless data flow and functionality. Provide regular updates on the integration progress and any challenges encountered. R...

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    Ich suche einen Deutsch sprachigen, erfahrenen Minecraft Serverentwickler, der eine Reihe von bereits existierenden Plugins auf meinem BungeeCord-Server konfiguriert. Hauptmerkmale des Projekts: - Vorhandene Plugins konfigurieren: Die primäre Aufgabe wird sein, eine Reihe von vordefinierten Plugins für meinen Minecraft BungeeCord Server zu konfigurieren. Diese Plugins wurden bereits ausgewählt, es liegt an Ihnen, dafür zu sorgen, dass sie korrekt integriert sind und funktionieren. Vorraussetzungen: - Erfahrung mit BungeeCord: Vorherige Arbeit mit BungeeCord ist von großem Vorteil, da dies die Plattform ist, auf der der Server basiert. - Kenntnisse der Plugin-Konfiguration: Erfahrung in der Konfiguration von Plugins, insbesondere in einer BungeeCord-Umgebung, is...

    €169 (Avg Bid)
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    REACT,JS HTML,CSS 5 dni left

    looking for someone to write a simple React, js project .

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    I need an expert in embedded systems to develop a functionality for my lab instrument, a bursting strength tester. The successful applicant must have a solid background in designing, testing, and implementing embedded systems for lab instruments ideally. The key features I expect in this project include: - Real-Time Data Display: The system should be capable of displaying pressure readings in real-time to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the tests. Relevant skills for this project include: - Embedded systems development and programming - Knowledge on how bursting strength testers work - Experience with real-time data integration and display Please detail your relevant experience with similar projects and your approach to achieving these requirements when making a b...

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    I'm looking for someone with extensive skills in setting up an automated phone call script using the Ring Central platform. - You should be able to program the script to make calls at certain intervals, as this is my preference. - The second key requirement of the script is its ability to convey information through text-to-speech. You should be comfortable working with this automation feature. - A successful freelancer for this project would have proven experience with Ring Central or similar telecommunication environments. - Understands strict adherence to time lags between calls. Please include similar projects in your track record when bidding.

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    Minecraft Java Edition Item Copier 3 dni left

    I require a capable programmer who is knowledgeable about Minecraft Java Edition's internal systems and NBT data. I need a program that seamlessly copies items from one world to another. These items include those stored in tile entities and any items that have been dropped on the ground. They should be copied with the same item type, quantity, and data to the corresponding location in an identical world. For example, if I have a chest at 200, 60, 450, in world A with 14 stone inside a slot within the chest, when I use this program, world B, which is identical, should have the 14 stone in the same chest at the same coordinates in the identical world. Same goes with items on the ground or in any other place where an item can go. The Items themself should be copied, not the container tha...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a Cloud NVR system. The system should primarily be used for security monitoring utilizing IP cameras, with the following core features: - Live Streaming: The system should be able to provide real-time streaming from connected IP cameras. - Motion Detection Alerts: It's important that the system can automatically detect movement and trigger alerts for potential security breaches. - Remote Access: The NVR should be accessible remotely, allowing me to view live footage and check alerts from any location. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in: - Developing Cloud-based NVR systems - Proficiency in working with IP cameras - Implementing motion detection algorithms - Creating user-friendly interfaces for real-time moni...

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    As a passionate gaming community, we're looking for a skilled developer to build a Discord bot with a multifunctional set of capabilities. KEY TASKS: - Firstly, moderating features are required, including abilities to kick, ban, and mute users when necessary. - Secondly, the bot must be able to handle automated responses to specific commands. - Thirdly, logging user activity will be invaluable to maintaining a respectful and engaged community. INTEGRATIONS: The bot must also be able to integrate with game servers, specifically DayZ through Nitrado This integration should allow the bot to interact dynamically with in-game activities and updates, enhancing the user experience within our discord channel. IDEAL FREELANCER: Solid experience in bot development and game server integrat...

    €170 (Avg Bid)
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    1- On the 30m time frame check the relative volume at a time indicator 2- If the volume is above (1) for 4 consecutive candles and more 3- Draw a “fixed range volume profile ”from the first candle above (1) volume to the last one ( the candles have to be consecutive 4- These are the main conditions 5- After doing the previous conditions now do the following 6- After the last candle that has a volume above (1) => there has to be at least one candle above or below the last candle you draw the fixed volume ( step #number 3 ) 7- If the price returns within 3 pips and does not tag then leaves more than 8 pips then the trade is canceled 8- That appearance will be a horizontal line starts from the last candle from step number 2 until the price is tagged or step number 7 hap...

    €146 (Avg Bid)
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    I need assistance with an error I'm experiencing in Google Earth Engine (GEE) for land use and land cover (LULC) mapping. Specifically, the issue is with missing band information for the B1_SR. I'm uncertain about the specific band information that's missing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Familiarity with Google Earth Engine - Detailed understanding of LULC mapping - Proficient in troubleshooting syntax or runtime errors - Experience with time series data or band information - Ability to identify and resolve missing band data in GEE. I'm hoping to work with someone who can expediently solve this error. Please include your experience with Google Earth Engine and LULC mapping in your bid.

    €8 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a talented individual or team to develop my idea for a Roblox simulator game. While I am open to the type of simulator (flight, city-building, vehicle, etc.), it is important that the game is engaging, well-crafted, and brings something unique to the table. Essential features should include: - In-game currency system: Players should be able to earn, spend, and possibly trade currency within the game. - Pets: A range of interactive pets should be incorporated. These pets could give players a boost, accompany them in the game, or offer other unique abilities. - Gamepasses: Premium game content access should be designed. This could grant players exclusive items, features, locations, or benefits. Ideal candidates for this project will have prior experience with Roblox game d...

    €759 (Avg Bid)
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    Minden adat már rendelkezésre áll, be van gyűjtve a lekódolandó ~100 db vizuális képi minta (szöveges értékelésekkel ellátva), azaz a hozzátartozó “eredményekkel”, melyeket Machine Learning kódolással kellene betanítani a gépnek, hogy a teszt végén kiderüljön, hogy mennyire fedik a végső eredmények, a szakemberek eredményeit. A többit privátban… Köszönettel, Ádám

    €483 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm on the lookout for a talented Minecraft mod creator. The aim of this project is to enhance players' game-play by crafting a unique mod that carries a bit of challenge. This mod will combine the thrill of Thanatophobia and unpredictability into an enticing package that will captivate players worldwide. *Thanantophobia is the fear of perishing and the idea is a mix of helpful buffs to enhance player survival while still showing the prominant sides of this particular phobia* Here's what needs to be done: 1. Create unique buffs: An adrenaline buff that's only activated at half health boosting armor rating *minor* and stamina *major*, and a damage buff, which comes with the thrill of low accuracy preferably a 40-50% miss probability. 2. Configure a significant debuff: I...

    €93 - €326
    €93 - €326
    22 ponudb

    I'm in need of a unique Microsoft Teams application that computes the cost of everyone's time during a meeting. This value per hour will be manually set by the meeting host. It should then display a running tally in the corner of the meeting for all to see. Here are the key features: 1. Compatibility: The app should work seamlessly on all devices: desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. 2. Currency Setting: I would like the ability to switch between different currencies within the app settings. 3. Automatic Conversion: crucially, the application should automatically convert the dollar figure based on user preferences. Ideal candidates for this job should have a strong background in software development, particularly with Microsoft Teams applications. Experience with...

    €531 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, We have a video of a person dancing as a reference (the long link in youtube). We want to create a 3D version using ThreeJS or a similar 3D library. Our current project is 2D and looks bad (we've attached the link of the old 2D project). The only thing we want to keep is the MediaPipe technology (implemented in JavaScript); the 2D aspect should be completely removed. We need to articulate a 3D model (attached GLB) solely through code, ensuring it overlays correctly and respects rotations, positions, and bones (reference attached). The language that you use must be web, but we are not close to any favorite To win the contest, you must have the code, the 3d model of reference and show a video how it is works. If you search, we can find it asking for it to snapchat or other...

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