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Pine Script is a language created by TradingView, a website that offers charting services to track market insights. But TradingView users can also create their own charts, share and learn ideas from other traders, and improve their own trading skills.

Pine Script is that which enables users to create their custom charts or modify the available Pine Scripts depending on their needs. Learning the Pine Script language is most beneficial to financial analysts and stock exchange traders.

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    PineScript automation 6 dni left

    I have tried to do it myself but have succeeded partly and badly. I would like to turn a strategy script into study automation with buy and sell alerts. Looking forward to your kind reply. Thank you.

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    Hello, I'm looking to have a strategy built that meets some specific criteria that I'm looking for. I'm looking for a strategy that has a 65% win rate (or higher), with a 1:2 risk to reward ratio with a fixed pip amount. For example, always a 10 pip stop loss and 20 pip take profit. I'm looking to trade on any of the major forex markets on a 2 hour down to a 5 minute timeframe, taking 10-25 trades per week. Obviously, I'd like this strategy to not repaint as well. Do you have anything that satisfies these conditions? Thanks.

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    Algo Developer needed for Banknifty Strategy in Python - Straddle with Shift on SL

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    1. I need to combine existing indicators(2 indicators only) as a trading strategy. 2. I have the standard procedure to open a trade. 3. I need this strategy to alert me of the potential trade signal. 4. I need this strategy to send the alert to my telegram channel. The example of alert content : [XXX pair ], potential [Long], High /Low : [number Value] 5. This strategy is available for backtesting on the strategy tester.

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    Trading BOT 4 dni left

    1. I need to combine 3 indicators in tradingview to create a system, that can be used via alertatron and other exchanges, like bybit for example. 2. I need a good money management variable, that potentially counts the swing low or high and then continues to run with the profits after the profit target has been reached, basically trailing the profit by a certain amount until the order is fuilled.

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    Require a simple function to be coded into TradingView. Need rays to trail price, happy to discuss on zoom to explain further. See image attached

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    Volume Scanner 3 dni left

    I am looking for a Trading View scanner that: 1. combines Volume with Price action so that when certain volume conditions are met an arrow (up or down) is placed on the price bar for each occasion, 2. works primarily on weekly and daily charts (monthly would be a bonus). 3. alerts user on screen when the conditions are met, 4. user to determine which market(s)/ individual stocks to use scanner on. **Note Volume bar open source code to be used is available. See example in uploaded file. Regards, Bill

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    freelance write strategy pinescript

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    Pine script. Прошу откликнуться тем, кто уже имел опыт с Tradingview. Имеется доступ к сигнальному индикатору, поэтому можете через мой аккаунт проанализировать и скопировать его. Индикатор сигнальный, показывающий где можно взять лонг или шорт с тейкпрофитом и стоп-лоссом, авг. Хотелось бы улучшить его и добавить несколько деталей, включая, чтоб индикатор использовал Smart Money Concept и был в связке с индикатором, который на скринах.

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    Pine script. Прошу откликнуться тем, кто уже имел опыт с Tradingview. Имеется доступ к данному индикатору, поэтому можете через мой аккаунт проанализировать и полностью скопировать его. Индикатор сигнальный, показывающий где можно взять лонг или шорт с тейкпрофитом и стоп-лоссом, авг.

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    I have some specific needs about setting and incrementing or multiplying time frames within a multi time frame indicator

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to work with me on the conversion of a Tradingview indicator (pinescript) to Quantower (C#)? The conversion I'm after is a simplified version of this indicator (). I've attached my version of this indicator, which has been simplified to only shows the boxes. I'm familiar with coding in Quantower, having developed my own opening range indicator with profit levels. My issue with this new indicator is converting the arrays and functions. The developer must also provide the source files when the indicator is finalised.

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    Trade Bot Strategy 1 dan left

    I require someone that has experience with Tradingview / Pinescript as well as another coding language. The trading strategy collides into several tradingview limitations and cannot be completed entirely in pine script alone. The general outline of the project follows the Casper trading Course. 1. Mark important S/R lines and find important confluence levels. 2. Check indicators to verify if a trade should be entered. 3. Finishing remaining items, chaser entry, laddered entry, risk management etc. I will explain in more details in private chart.

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    At the point I circled in red, it is above 60 in 4 different time periods. I want it to scan the coins that meet these conditions and notify me. Or vice versa, when it is below -60 in 4 different time periods. It takes time to look at different times and find the coins above 60 or below -60. The only indicator is that I want it to notify me of the coins that meet these conditions.I want to set time zones

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    I have a pine script which i will like to add 7-8 more indicators to it. It is a bit complex and i want this completed as soon as possible. Only expert in Pine script should bid and no Indians Please.

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    Market Cipher do you have the codes 17 ur left

    Market Cipher B , Market Cipher SR

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    This is how the strategy is triggered. The Cross (Moving Averages) & Break (Price Breaks MA’s) Strategy triggers when the: 1 - Moving Averages Cross 2 - Next candle that Breaks MA's & Closes in the direction of the cross. The first candle that Price breaks & closes above the moving MA's (After the Alarm Candle) is a LONG Position and when the first candle that breaks & closes below the MA's (After the Alarm Candle) is a SHORT position. The candle that closes above (LONG) must close GREEN and the candle the closes (SHORT) must be RED in order to execute the orders. 1 - Cross Alarm Triggered 2 - Price Closes Above / Below Moving Averages 3 - X% Retracement of Alarm Candle is Reached 4 - BUY / SELL STOP Placed *Position Size is calculated by total balan...

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    I want you to convert an amibroker afl code to Tradingview pine script. Its just about 40 lines

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    I would like to translate a code from PineScript Language to the one Ctrader uses, which is C+. Can you do it?

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    Trophy icon Pinescript Coding for Trading view 12 dni left

    Your job is to take the indicator trend lines v2 and rectangle box on the left bottom of each currency indicating all the trend line that has form in different time frame. Also it should give a pop up of the recent trend line that has formed on the right hand side saying the currency name and the trend direction green for up red for down for eg (EURJPY 1H "red circle") on the setting i can turn on and off notification of the current trend make it visually pleasing. minimal but nice Picture Bar = number of bar after the line formed EMA = 200 red below/green above Trend line = Trend line v2 green line is green circle/ red line is red circle (half red half green for two lines) RHS notification of the latest trend line on the right With = currency, time, circle

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    looking for pinescript coder to edit my tradingview code

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