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SPSS Statistics is an important data analysis tool used by businesses and academics around the world. An SPSS Statistics Expert uses this software to analyze data and gain valuable insights into the phenomena that their research or business decisions are based on. An expert SPSS user can not only organize data, but also construct statistical models, forecasts and simulations. These tools, along with the extensive charting capabilities of SPSS Statistics, allow an expert to present results in a way that is meaningful to decision makers.

Here’s some projects these experts have made real:

  • Make sense of data collected from research
  • Automating report generation for price comparison
  • Prognostic factors analysis for mortality in rare diseases
  • Utilizing Kaplan Meier survival analysis
  • Ph.D level academic writing for research
  • Rewriting of research articles, plus analyzing the statistical parts
  • Measuring the service quality of mobile applications
  • Data analysis by reading an experiment from a research paper

These projects all demonstrate the use of SPSS Statistics in a practical way. By hiring an SPSS Statistics Expert, you have the advantage of putting your data into the hands of someone who knows how to make sense of it, by deploying appropriate statistical modeling techniques. If SPSS Statistics fits your project goals or research objectives, post your project today on Freelancer.com and hire an expert to manage your data and reveal insights so profound you’d be hard pressed to find any other way.

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    Project Title: Data Analysis for Tree Population and Density Sample Plots Overview: I am looking for a data analyst who can help me analyze data related to sample plots for tree population and density. The goal is to gain insights and draw conclusions from the data. Data Analysis: - The analysis will involve both descriptive and inferential statistics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the data. - Descriptive statistics will be used to summarize and present key information about the tree population and density. - Inferential statistics will be applied to draw conclusions and make predictions based on the sample data. Preferred Software: - The client prefers to use Excel for the data analysis. Therefore, proficiency in Excel is essential to successfully complete this project. R...

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    A Research Specialist is a skilled professional who plays a pivotal role in the field of research. Their primary responsibilities encompass the planning, execution, and management of research projects. They are adept at gathering, organizing, and analyzing data, employing a wide range of research methodologies and tools. Research Specialists are detail-oriented and possess strong analytical skills, enabling them to draw meaningful conclusions from complex information. These specialists collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, academia, or private organizations to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, problem-solving, or product development. They often design experiments, surveys, or data collection processes, ensuring data integrity and adherence to ethical standards. Furthermore, ...

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    Project for Eldard 6 dni left

    I am looking for a skilled SPSS expert to assist me with an urgent project that needs to be completed within a week. Specific requirements: - Proficient in SPSS software and data analysis techniques - Experience in conducting statistical analysis and interpreting results - Ability to clean and manipulate data for analysis - Knowledge of advanced statistical methods and hypothesis testing - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in data analysis Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience working on similar SPSS projects - Familiarity with social science research and survey data analysis - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills - Ability to meet strict deadlines and deliver high-quality work If you have the necessary expertise and can complete the project within the ...

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    SAS STUDIO -- 2 6 dni left

    Project Title: SAS STUDIO I am looking for a SAS expert to assist with statistical analysis in SAS Studio. The specific tasks involved in this project include: - Conducting basic statistical analysis using SAS Studio - Cleaning and manipulating data for analysis - Creating reports and visualizations based on the analysis The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in SAS Studio and statistical analysis using SAS - Experience in data cleaning and manipulation - Strong skills in creating reports and visualizations As for the complexity of the analysis, it is categorized as basic statistical analysis. Please note that no specific deadline was provided for this project.

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    SAS STUDIO 6 dni left

    Project Title: SAS STUDIO Tasks: - Advanced statistical analysis in SAS Studio Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in SAS Studio - Proficient in statistical analysis techniques - Experience in handling complex data sets - Knowledge of advanced statistical modeling - Ability to interpret and present statistical findings Deadline: No specific deadline mentioned

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    looking for SAS Studio 6 dni left

    Project Title: Advanced SAS Studio Data Analyst I am looking for a SAS Studio expert with advanced experience in data analysis. Tasks to be performed: - Conduct thorough data analysis using SAS Studio - Generate comprehensive reports based on the analyzed data - Collaborate with the team to ensure accurate and timely completion of the project Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced level proficiency in SAS Studio - Strong background in data analysis and interpretation - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills - Proficient in creating reports and visualizations using SAS Studio

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    I'm looking to hire an experienced and skilled expert with expertise in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). I'm looking for someone who can help me extract data and information from a GIS application and then analyse it in order to answer specific questions. The data I am working with is of medium size, ranging from 1GB to 10GB. I am looking to use well-known GIS software such as ArcGIS or QGIS, or alternatively a software best suited to the project at hand in order to get the desired information. The core task of the project concerns analyzing data, but the freelancer should also be knowledgeable about data modeling and data visualization. My ideal candidate has expertise in GIS applications, knows how to work with GIS data and can think independently and isolate relevan...

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    seeking an experienced data analyst to do a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the collected data. Responsibilities: Data Preparation: Clean and organize datasets for analysis. Handle missing data and identify potential outliers. Quantitative Analysis: Conduct correlation and regression analysis to examine the relationship between population growth and various environmental sustainability indicators. Utilize statistical software (preferably Stata) for data analysis. Qualitative Analysis: coding and categorizing qualitative data from interviews, surveys, and policy documents. Conduct thematic analysis to identify key themes and patterns. Reporting: Create clear and concise reports summarizing the analysis results, including visualizations and interpretations. Key Requirement...

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    For this project I require assistance with predictive analysis of my internal data. I am looking for someone to extract insights and develop a detailed report so that I can make informed strategic decisions. The project requires the person to draw upon a variety of statistical techniques to uncover trends and otherwise hidden insights from data, which can then be translated into actionable decisions. Additionally, I need the data analyst to have experience with data presentation/visualization that would bring the data analysis to life. I am also looking for the analyst to keep up with ever-evolving data analysis methods and technologies, so I can stay informed of the latest advancements in data analysis.

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    qualitative analysis in nvivo 3 dni left

    I am looking for a Freelancer to assist me with a qualitative research analysis project. I have a specific research question and interviews transcripts as my data. I am seeking someone with expertise in NVivo software who can code my data according to the in-vivo coding method. The result that I'm hoping to achieve is a comprehensive picture of my data through the process of coding and the mapping of results. I am looking for someone who excels in the analysis of qualitative data and has experience using NVivo for qualitative research projects. Please get in touch with me if you believe this project is a good fit for your skills and expertise!

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    Paired t-test 3 dni left

    I am looking for a freelancer to conduct a paired t-test on a dataset that I provide. The purpose of the t-test is to compare means of two groups. The report that I need should include the t-test results along with a statistical interpretation of the results.

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    Virtual Assistant -- 2 1 dan left

    Virtual Assistant Tasks: - Data entry Data Entry: - 12000 words daily which includes maths formula, tables, equations ,stats Assistance: - Daily Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in data entry - Attention to detail - Time management skills - Ability to work independently - Strong organizational skills

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    excel scenarios 1 dan left

    I am seeking an experienced freelancer to help me with a data analysis project. The project will involve the development of advanced calculations and scenarios using excel. I need someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in data analysis, who is able to compile and analyze datasets to provide insights and inform decisions. They will need to have a deep understanding of data manipulation, data analysis and data visualizations. The successful applicant will provide an analysis of data including the creation of complex models, forecasts, correlations and visualizations. The analysis should be conducted in a detailed and accurate manner. Choosing the best metrics for the problem at hand and getting the right visual data representation will be key skills needed. Spreadsheet is calculatin...

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    Help interpret SPSS output for an academic paper in psychology. I have conducted a hierarchical multiple regression with two steps and have the SPSS output ready (N=299). I need help interpreting the results and creating a results write-up along with the following tables: descriptive stats and bivariate correlations, coefficients table and means graphs with 95% confidence intervals. Looking for someone with proficiency in SPSS data analysis and word. I have the output ready, so if you understand stats very well and have experience creating academic tables, this should be very quick. Just need it to be accurate.

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    Statistics 1 dan left

    I am looking for a statistics expert who can help me with a project involving descriptive statistics. The ideal candidate should have experience in analyzing data using SPSS. Requirements: - Strong knowledge of descriptive statistics - Proficiency in using SPSS for data analysis - Ability to work with a complete and clean dataset Skills and Experience: - Expertise in descriptive statistics - Previous experience in using SPSS for data analysis - Attention to detail and ability to work with complex datasets If you are confident in your statistical analysis skills and have experience with SPSS, please submit your proposal.

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an Excel expert who can assist me in creating a real estate modeling tool. The main goal of this project is to accurately calculate cash flow projections for various properties. Skills and Experience: - Advanced proficiency in Excel and real estate modeling - Strong understanding of cash flow projections and ROI calculations - Experience working with existing spreadsheets and integrating data from different sources - Ability to create dynamic Excel models with variables that can be easily changed and updated The ideal candidate should have a keen attention to detail and the ability to create accurate and reliable models. Additionally, knowledge of property valuation techniques would be a plus. If you are confident in your Excel skills and have experience in real estate...

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    My current project requires the expertise of a financial modeling expert, more specifically to assist with cash flow forecasting. I have all the necessary data available for this task and need the forecast to be done at a moderate level of detail (monthly). Therefore, I am seeking an experienced and knowledgeable specialist who can provide insight and create an accurate and reliable forecast out of our financial data. If you believe you have the capabilities to successfully deliver on this project, I look forward to connecting with you.

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    a statistical analysis of a survey 1 dan left

    My project is to create a statistical analysis of a survey with a sample size of less than 100. The purpose of the survey is to assess the use of ultrasound in anesthesia training. I will be conducting both descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. This will involve summarizing the data to give an idea of what the results are, and then using methods such as t-tests and ANOVAs to find any possible relationships between the variables in the survey. The final product will include meaningful exploratory data analysis and appropriate statistical tests.

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    Project Title: Commenting on Research Results in English Language I am looking for a skilled professional to write a comment or explanation on the statistical results of my research in the field of the English language. The purpose of this comment is to provide insights and analysis to my academic peers. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in the English language and research methodology - Proficiency in statistical analysis and interpretation - Excellent writing skills with the ability to convey technical information effectively - Familiarity with academic writing standards and conventions Requirements: - Provide an in-depth analysis and interpretation of the statistical results - Present the findings in a technical manner, using appropriate terminology and concepts - Ensure t...

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    I have already had the statistical analysis I need the discussion of the schedules

    €90 (Avg Bid)
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    Job Description: I am seeking a statistician or data analyst with proficiency in SPSS to conduct a comprehensive analysis on a questionnaire related to football coaching in Malaysia's Professional League. Details of the task include: 1. Data Entry: - Input the raw data from the questionnaire into SPSS, ensuring accuracy and integrity of the data. 2. Data Cleaning: - Check for missing values, outliers, and any other discrepancies that might affect the analysis. - Offer recommendations on how to handle any issues found. 3. Descriptive Statistics: - Provide frequency distributions, means, standard deviations, and other relevant statistics for each question. 4. Inferential Statistics: - Based on the nature of the data and the hypotheses (to be shared later), conduct a...

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    excel statistics Se končuje left

    I need help with gathering data and performing descriptive statistical analysis with an urgent timeframe of two hours. I do not currently have the data set ready, so I am looking for someone with experience gathering data and performing statistical analysis who can work quickly and accurately. If you are confident that you can help me with this project, please send me messages. Thank you!

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need help with gathering data and performing descriptive statistical analysis with an urgent timeframe of two hours. I do not currently have the data set ready, so I am looking for someone with experience gathering data and performing statistical analysis who can work quickly and accurately. If you are confident that you can help me with this project, please send me messages. Thank you!

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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