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Projekt/Natečaj Opis Ponudbe/Vnosov Znanja Pričeto Se konča Cena (EUR)
Grafično oblikovanje, Infografike, Visualization Jan 16, 2018 Danes21ur 18minut
Urejanje fotografij, Photoshop, Oblikovanje v Photoshopu Jan 16, 2018 Danes18ur 53minut
>>> LOGO Needed for Direct Mail Marketing Company <<< Our company is called Think Ink Marketing and we do direct mail marketing for hundreds of companies throughout the USA. We need a new, modern logo.. Our brand image is outdated and from 15 years ago. We need a fresh, clean look. Please see the attached image of our old logo with the tagline: I want a wide variety of options.. So I will not limit to any type or color.. Just be creative ... 324 Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov Jan 16, 2018 Danes18ur 24minut €406
Design a Website Mockup I am setting up a webpage/ landing page under the name iRates Home Loan Comparisons. It will be a single page that will be used to convert enquiries from online ads people have clicked on. I have attached a draft of the new logo to use. My existing website is [url removed, login to view] (Feel free to use some of the existing look and feel) This is an existing landing page I have used previou... 49 Grafično oblikovanje, Uporabniški vmesniki / IA, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jan 16, 2018 Danes7ur 33minut €116
LS HR CONSULTING or LS HR HR consulting - I like the attached logos and would like something similiar which would have a logo that I would be able to attach to a card, website etc. Purpose of this would be to have a consulting for start ups. The imagine would be a logo with " LS HR consulting' formatted in a way that I can put on my website, cards etc. or my logo "LS HR" I have attached similar... 568 Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov Jan 16, 2018 Danes7ur 8minut €142
Improve my logo and create a letterhead seal to give it a more professional look. I already have a logo, yet it doesn't feel like it's still what I want, a friend of mine did it for me and I like it but it doesn't strike me as very professional. My company name is Alphabel and the parent corporation is Alphabel Group. As you can see in the pictures attached I went for the "Fleur de lis", to depict something related to England. An "A" Encompass... 476 3D oblikovanje, Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jan 16, 2018 Danes6ur 32minut €41
I need a business card Design for Chocolate Cafe I need a business card designed for Chocolate Cafe: I have attached several variations of the logo colors. You can play around with a few ideas for the color. I would like the front to be the logo and the back the business information. The list I would have on the card. Also, no name on the business card or title 1) Address - 711 foothill blvd, Unit H, La Cañada, CA 91011 2) Ph... 278 Poslovne vizitke, Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Photoshop Jan 16, 2018 Danes5ur 20minut €33
I need some Graphic Design Graphic design for wall 30' x 5' India theme - eg-culture, street life, people - No religious content. option [url removed, login to view] of images with vector (colorful) option 2. illustrations with upto 2 colors Must be in Coral Draw or Illustrator DO NOT copy paste stock image as your design but you may use stock images as part of the design 21 Grafično oblikovanje Jan 16, 2018 Danes4ur 28minut €19
Design a Logo - Chinese new year of the dog logo I need a logo designing for a prestige motor dealer for the chinese new year to appear alongside their business logo attached for a number of events and sales collateral over the celebration. This is a high end dealer whose clients are high net worth individuals so need something very clean and classy. This year is the chinese year of the dog so must be based around this and include the copy &q... 300 Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov Jan 15, 2018 Danes2ur 48minut €97
Design me a logo My business is called Life's Pure Oil - we empower people all over the world with our knowledge & personal experience of using essential oils to take control of their health, & their families health. I am in the process of rebranding & I have an image in my head of what i would like the logo to look like ..... just need to verbalise it to you! :) It would also be super handy to ha... 304 Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jan 15, 2018 Danes1ur 42minut €12
New Logo Design Hello, I have a logo that somebody on freelancer has made for me and i need to update it. Logo is attached and a rendition of what i want is attached also. 0 Grafično oblikovanje Jan 16, 2018 Danes6dni 23ur €24
Design a Logo - ACTILHA We need a logo for our Sports Club. ACTILHA - ACT Inline hockey Association Sport: Inline Hockey Place: Australian Capital Territory 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov Jan 16, 2018 Danes6dni 23ur €9
Create a name for a company I am looking for someone to create a name for a business. Please see below: The company is an educational software that connects all aspects of a school together. The name should be friendly, easy to say and involve tech/software. A URL MUST ALSO BE AVAILABLE! Other brand names for inspiration: Marketing360 Madwire EduSoft Student360 schoolsoft 0 Poslovni načrti, Slogani, Kreativno pisanje, Slogani Jan 16, 2018 Danes6dni 23ur €81
EASY MONEY - Design a Website Mockup You don't have to code. This is very easy work. I just need a webpage mockup design. Go here [url removed, login to view] i need you to redesigned that page.. that looks bad.. you dont have to do any coding you just have to do the design.. that design looks bad.. so do a great design. Use one of the 2 logos here for the design [url removed, login to view] . Click on the files for the logo.... 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Photoshop, Uporabniški vmesniki / IA, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jan 16, 2018 Danes13dni 23ur €12
hair make up beauty store logo I need the best designer to design for me my brand new store logo the store basically going to sell hair extensions, hair products, makeup, beauty supply... etc PLEASE DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME ON SIMPLE DESIGNS I am looking for the best of the best! If you can not design something unique do not even try please I will attach some examples that i like ( I do not want similar designs ) thi... 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jan 16, 2018 Danes19dni 23ur €16
Logo Build Drone Photography and Video Company needs a logo to reflect what they do. Must be clean and professional. You do not have to use a drone in the logo, but I am including one here, just in case you would like to try. The company name is: The Entire View Slogan: Drone Aerial Photography & Video Note: Must include full resolution at least 150 dpi but would prefer 300 dpi, .png, transparent... 5 Oblikovanje logotipov Jan 16, 2018 Danes2dni 22ur €12
The ITGeologist - Logo design, Images/ cartoons for website, Style guide for website ***Please see attached file for more details about what is required 1. Logo - Extended logo and short logo. Will be used on website, social media sites and business cards. 2. 3 simple cartoons and 5 real images (flexible) – I require 8 images to be used as a background for sections of the website, and also for use in different parts of the website to break up the text. I would like these... 0 Karikature in stripi, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Oblikovanje logotipov, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jan 16, 2018 Danes11dni 22ur €485
Grafično oblikovanje Jan 16, 2018 Danes6dni 22ur
Pocket folder design needed ASAP Hi, I need to someone to design a 6 x 9 pocket folder using the attached Ai Design Template. Our company is providing liquid waterproof Sealant for commercial roofing & foundations. Our website is sbhseal .com The pocket folder should have a front cover, a back cover and inside, two pockets and with space to put business cards on each side. Pocket folder design should be clean, si... 0 Adobe Illustrator, Grafično oblikovanje Jan 16, 2018 Danes2dni 22ur €16
Welcome Banner - Facebook Hi, Please design a facebook banner and a 4x6 flyer for our welcome banner on social media (primarily facebook). I attached two examples: one of our previous banner & the second of another church's. Please b creative and propose a new one with the attached photos. Not all photos have to be included 1 .. 2 ... 3... go ! 0 Oblikovanje letakov, Grafično oblikovanje Jan 16, 2018 Danes6dni 21ur €24
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