The Talent Needing to Lead Converging 2019 Innovation Trends

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Whitepaper of our unique processes, coupled with key 2019 technology trends, skills needed on staff to lead innovation and examples of our case studies and external cases.

What would need to be done; researching technology trends and identifying key from WEForum, Mckinsey and Trendshunter and other sources.
Rolling these trends up with storylines and outlining them for whitepaper.

The final deliverable will be a white paper

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“Sumaiya, has been easy to work with. She delivers when she says she will and provides quality work. ”

Profilna slika tspang88, United States.

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  • tspang88
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    This project has been awarded. Thank you for submitting

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  • tspang88
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    The contest is now closed but thank you for your interest. There will be other projects!

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    1. arvinseeva
      • pred 2 let

      Great stuff. I write technology-led whitepapers and would be interested in your future projects. Good luck with this one!

      • pred 2 let
  • TheGuyver2040
    • pred 2 let

    Contest Holder,

    Would it be possible for you to extend the deadline to give us at least 2 weeks to work with?

    Also, can you provide us with some information on the company you represent, either through a URL link or file attachment(s) to the contest brief itself?

    Bear in mind, whatever information you provide us with should also detail your business’s unique processes and case studies. We’ll also need some idea as to the word count for the white paper.

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  • temidayoazeez
    • pred 2 let

    Please can you describe what you want done in this contest? I don't understand the contest description?

    • pred 2 let
  • knowledge23
    • pred 2 let

    hello ,what needs to be done to enter the contest please?

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