Schema image for Adult Urinary Incontinence Pads

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Dear graphic artists,

I need for a WordPress blog article an image
with a schematic view of an incontinence pad like this image:

Incontinence products has the same architecture:

1. Inner top sheet layer for skin contact
- with a soft, textile-like, fast-drying fleece
- micro channels transmit urine in the next layer
- mostly Polypropylene

2. Distribution / Transfer layer
- Transfers the moisture quickly from the topsheet layer to the absorbing layer.
- a mix of long, curly cellulose-fibers and short cellulose-fibers

3. Absorbing layer
- with miscellany of:
a) sugar-crystal-looking absorbing granules (super absorbent polymer / Polyacrylate granules:
b) cellulose-fibre

4. Outer protective layer
- with a breathable, waterproof diffusion-foil.
- Warm air can release but no liquids.
- Mostly made with Polyethylene or Polypropylene

Do you have a creative idea to show this 4 layers in a nice looking image?

Other examples for your ideas finding:

Cool water drops:

Best regards

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Thank you for the creative idea and very fast work. ”

Profilna slika MadMatt77, Germany.

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  • aleksaantic
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    Hey! Would you mind sending me a message so that I could ask you for some more details about the contest?

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  • salomegb123
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    Please check entry #4 . Waiting for feedback. Thanks!

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  • brahmaputra7
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    I'm working on it..

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  • Bouidad
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    #1 waiting for your feedback.

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