html5 chinese characters practice game

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functionality description:
- server only serves static content, app runs clientside only
- show a line for a few seconds, randomly picked from a database loaded as tabbed txt, xml or similar
- then render characters (mixed all the previously shown characters, and new random ones)
- let pick them to build the phrase/line that was rendered before
- have a "finish" button
- show which ones were correct, which ones were incorrect, and which ones were missplased
- quantify how many characters were remembered right over how much time

- clean code is proffered
- functional language is proffered

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  • viatenaw
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    Will it be okay if I build it using ReactJs?

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • ScottContina
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    I am making it right now.

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • ChaoHan2018
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    Please let me know what else must be done.

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • ChaoHan2018
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    When display random chinese characters, how about displaying them in unit of phrase, not character.

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • ktioneu
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    more detailed description
    pre stage, load a txt or xml with the required data
    5 stages
    1 a "start" button is displayed, once its pressed switch to stage 2
    2 randomly pick a line of chinese text, from the loaded txt, display it for 3 seconds, at the center of the screen,
    hide it and switch to stage 3
    3 display random chinese characters (as buttons or boxes), mixed with the characters that were in the line, the user can click on these, the user clicks on these buttons to rewrite the line he saw before
    there is a "finish" button, when clicked switch to stage 4
    4 the original line is displayed, the inputed line is displayed, with the right characters highligthed as green, wrong ones as red, wrong position as yellow
    used time on stage 3 is displayed
    a button "next" allows to switch back to stage 2

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • ChaoHan2018
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    Hello. I hope to go further discussion on your project.

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
    1. ktioneu
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 10 meseca/ev


      • pred 10 meseca/ev

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