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Write an Android Video Application with Social Features

Note: Only "individual freelancers" who read below description will be considered for awarding the project. Please send me a note, explaining your view on below requirements.

1. Description


This android application is a multi-level video catalog and video player for youtube and dailymotion videos.

When launched, application reads a json file from a given URL. This json file contains the video category hierarchy in a tree format. Every entry in this json file represents a playlist/channel from youtube or a playlist from dailymotion site.

Application shows the first level of video categories in the first page. When user taps one of the categories, application opens the sub-categories page if they exists. If there are no sub categories but a channel or playlist ID within the category, application fetches all the videos from Youtube channel/playlist or Dailymotion playlist and displays the list on the next page.

When user taps one of the videos on the video list, application shows a video player and plays the video.

Another source for videos is user generated content. User of the application can search youtube playlists and channels for keywords and add the selected playlist to his/her own catalog. These user generated contents will be displayed together with the ones received from json file. There may be an icon or color change to separate between the user generated content and contents coming from the json file.

2. Features


- Integration with AdMob

- Integration with StartApp

- Integration with IAds

- Integration with MMedia (Millenial Media)

- Integration with Google Analytics for detailed activity tracking. We need to know which videos and categories are watched the most.

- Integration with an apprater for application rating reminders

- Recommend app to friends via social media and through the contact list to boost the application downloads

- For the advertisements, there are four types; splash interstitial, banner on top of each page, interstitial to be shown before watching a video and interstitial to be shown after watching a video.

- All advertisement options should be stored/read in/from a remote file. Options include enabling and disabling a certain types of advertisement, advertisement keys and other settings, analytics id and other similar parameters

- No texts should be spread in the source code. All strings should be stored in configuration / internationalization files.

- Should be developer on Android Studio

- No custom libraries used, all code should be handed over

3. Activities / Milestones


- Draw the mockup screens for all functions

- Application reads json file and displays the categories in hierarchy

- When clicked on a leaf category, application displays all videos in that category (all the videos in chunks, each chunk loaded when scrolled down)

- When clicked on a video, application shows a video player (Youtube helper) and user views the video

- user generated content feature is implemented

- Admob, startapp, iads and mmedia are integrated

- analytics and apprater are integrated

- recommendation feature is implemented

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