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TensorFlow is an open-source, python-friendly library used for high-performance numerical computation that makes machine learning easier and faster. It replaced “DistBelief,” its closed-source predecessor.

TensorFlow has a flexible architecture which enables an easy deployment of numerical computation across several platforms – TPUs, GPUs, CPUs; from desktops to collections of servers to edge and mobile devices.

It was initially created by engineers and researchers from the Google Brain team for both research and production. It comes with a strong support for deep learning and machine learning for dataflow programming across varieties of tasks.

When it comes to the application of TensorFlow, it is being used by social media companies for photo tagging; image analysis for microscopy; retail stores use it for object detection during checkout; space exploration, automotive, aviation, and healthcare also use it for image and object recognition.

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    need experienced AI engineer to apply some modifications to custom yolov4 details in pm .

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    I need to have an access to a remote workstation that has a minimum RTX GPU for almost 2-3 weeks. Please discuss with me if you can rent me your workstation.

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    We are looking for a computer vision developer with experience building body and face tracking systems. You will be building a web based system to move 3d characters based on body and face movements using input from a webcam (no depth). You do not need to code any web interfaces. Experience with opencv, python, and at least one pose tracking library required. Only candidates with projects they...

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    Django Local Web App 3 dni left

    Build a local Web App using Django framework. Django templates for the front end. The web app will only be run locally. The web app is a dashboard with the following features: - Image gallery view from local directory - load and save images locally after processing - map display and overlay data on map. - display of graphs and figure - display of image metadata The algorithms for processing t...

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    Fix python strategy code and make CNN network for strategy we use backtrader

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    Hi there: We need a python script (scripts) that is (are) capable of assign a "fraction" of the memory (one or more Nvidia GPU hardware) to a tensorflow processes. The ultimate objective is to keep alive many (at least two) processes with access to the own amounts of GPU memory respectively. For example, in the case of a 16 GB Nvidia Tesla Graphics Card, we could have 2 processes of tr...

    €130 (Avg Bid)
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    4 ponudb

    I want to see the relative performance of various ML (3 models) models on MNIST dataset. (Price may be increased a little bit if you deliver quality work.)

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    Request details I need to get a colab code in order to train at least 4 differents models (such as Retinanet, FastRCNN, Yolov4 and SSDMobilenet) and most important get the performance results on test sets with mAP and MRecall. Here is the data. [prijavite se za ogled URL] Deliverables Google colab codes

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    The project is taking handwritten word images as input and pass through a CNN followed by RNN. In the end, a CTC decoder is used to decode the text back into printed format. The detailed architecture is shown in the block diagram attached. The model is implemented, now the next task is to replace RNN with CNN for the sequence to sequence mapping of word characters.

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    It was running in my system before but I format the system and now it's not working.

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    tensorflow project 1 dan left

    About Dataset: Dataset contains photos of different food items being fried. Each item are being fried into oil tub using grill bucket. Example is attached below. Task 1)Apply YOLOv5 using TFLite(dataset is already labelled.) ( already done) 2) Detect the item and track the time for which each item is being fried. 3) You have to save the recorded time data for each item into CSV. Columns of data...

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    finish a python project a trading strategy for interactive broker with a CNN IA

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