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Software Development is a process of creating, maintaining, and auditing software and applications for specific systems. A Software Developer is a computer programmer who specializes in the development of software applications and systems of varying complexity, from enterprise standard applications to mobile and web applications. Depending on the project, Software Developers may be involved in designing interactive features, new products or designs, fixing bugs, or improving existing features. Ultimately the Software Developer will help create the software that helps client achieve their goals.

Here's some projects that our expert Software Developer made real:

  • Developing custom project/database management systems
  • Creating apps for iOS with APIs for trade simulations and tracking histories
  • Developing JAVA applications with student and course management components
  • Creating advanced particle plug-ins for Adobe After Effects
  • Parameterizing an internal classifieds system for Amazon (using Java)
  • Creating swiftUI views
  • Developing a detailed implementation plan with gantt chart.
  • Writing codes for FinTech
  • Creating inventory management solutions for forwarding services.

Software development is all about making the client’s digital dreams come to reality with tailor made coding solutions. Hire expert Software Developers on Freelancer.com to realize any project you can dream up, big or small! Our team of experienced coders are ready to real your project in a cost effective and timely manner -- no matter what your needs may be. All you need do is post your project and our reliable experts will ensure your success.

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    Wood Router CNC Programming 19 ur left

    I need a CNC programmer with experience in working on router machines and handling wood. The project requires: - Ability to create Medium complexity programs with multiple operations. - Proficiency in understanding and translating design specifications to functional CNC programs. - A good understanding of wood as a material and all precautions necessary when shaping it. Knowledge of safety procedures and standards in CNC programming is a prerequisite and prior experience in similar projects will be a plus. It is crucial that the freelancer has a good command over Mozaik software and ability to implement necessary corrective measures as and when required.

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    The sony up-dr150 is the industry standard dye sublimation printer. It prints off a roll of paper, and cuts a 4x6 photo strip off of the roll when done. Because this is an old printer, the driver only works with 32-bit machines. I would like it to work with 64-bit machines I wish to get the driver revised to make it work with 64-but machines and allow the printer to do a "Half cut, basically yielding 2 x 2x6 photo strips instead. I know drivers have been made for other sony models, but because of the fact that the up-dr150 is discontinued, there is no further driver development.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python developer to create a GUI program using Tkinter for a pizza ordering service. This is for a college project, and perfection isn't the goal, but focused functionality is. Key Responsibilities: 1. Develop a program for order customization that allows users to create their ideal pizza and add sides and drinks 2. Integrate payment functionality into the program. Just total up the order and submit order. No real life payment 3. Will provide requirements which should be easy for a reql programmee. Its the first gui program i have has to write. Applicants must provide a detailed project proposal including steps on how these functionalities will be implemented. Past work samples are not mandatory, but will be beneficial. The final product should incl...

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    As a business owner, I'm in need of a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) to streamline our operations and enhance efficiency. The ideal candidate for this project should be an experienced software developer. Key Features: - Shipment Tracking: Ability to track the status and location of shipments in real-time. - Route Optimization: Optimizing routes to save time and resources. - Carrier Management: Managing carrier information and relationships effectively. - Subcontractor Management: Overseeing subcontractor activities and responsibilities. - Load Assignment: Assigning loads to the appropriate vehicles and drivers. - Bookkeeping Integration: Integrating bookkeeping functionalities to manage financial aspects. - Fleet Maintenance Tracking: Tracking and managing the ...

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    MS Project & IT Expert Needed 6 dni left

    I'm seeking a seasoned professional in MS Project and IT. Your role will be to create a detailed project plan for various systems. The plan should encompass everything from designing and implementing software systems to setting up and maintaining network systems. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a comprehensive project plan for the systems - Ensure all the elements necessary for the successful delivery of the project are included - Provide a clear roadmap for the execution of the project Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in MS Project - Strong background in IT - Experience in system design and implementation - Ability to create detailed and feasible project plans Please note that you will be required to work closely with our team to understand the specific needs and requirements re...

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    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) RCUG Consultancy Private Limited is seeking a visionary and experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to lead our technology strategy and execution. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in IT and proven leadership skills. Qualifications: Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related field; Master’s preferred. 10+ years of IT experience; 5+ years in a senior leadership role. Expertise in software development, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Excellent communication and innovation abilities. Preferred Certifications: PMP, Prince2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Cloud Professional.

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    Creating a school management software system that includes both a web application and a mobile app involves several key components and considerations. Here's a structured approach to developing such a system: 1. Identify Requirements and Features User Roles: Define user roles such as administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Core Features: Include features like attendance tracking, grades management, timetable scheduling, and communication tools. Additional Features: Consider features like event calendars, assignment submissions, exam schedules, and resource sharing. 2. Design the Architecture Database Design: Plan the database schema to store information such as student profiles, course details, attendance records, etc. Backend Development: Implement the...

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    I'm looking for a proficient chatbot developer who can create a chatbot that caters to the healthcare industry. The chatbot should support the English language and be capable of handling various patient queries and providing medical information, among other healthcare-related functions. Key Requirements: - Develop a chatbot designed specifically for the healthcare sector. - Ensure the chatbot is proficient in English. - Implement functionalities such as patient query resolution and provision of medical information. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in chatbot development, particularly in the healthcare industry. - Strong understanding of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. - Previous experience in developing chatbots that provide medical information or ...

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    I need someone with experience in software development to assist me in creating a series of forms. Your previous work in project requirements gathering is key to ensuring the quality of these forms. Here's what I need: - A software requirements form with a focus on gathering user requirements. This form is key to our project's success, as it will guide our software's purpose and functionality. You need to have a deep understanding of user requirement gathering. - A change request form containing requester information, a detailed change description, and an impact analysis section. Your ability to grasp and articulate change management processes is vital. - A software requirements document that includes functional requirements and user-interface designs. Documenting these s...

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    we want a billing software for our cushion & curtain shop's billing and store coustomers data

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    Windows Device Driver Enhancement 6 dni left

    I need a skilled developer to enhance the performance of the Windows device driver for our PCIe board. Key Requirements: - Enhance the performance of the existing Windows device driver for our PCIe board. - Ensure compatibility with Windows 10. - Provide documentation for any changes made to the driver. Please ensure that your application includes evidence of experience in developing Windows device drivers.

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    Necesito alguien que me desarrolle una pagina con codigo

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    I'm looking for a highly-skilled software developer to create a comprehensive offline accounting software. The software should have certain features, cater to specific user groups, and run independently without the need for any external system integration. Key Features: - Invoicing: The software should be able to generate invoices with customizable templates and auto-calculation features. - Expense Tracking: An integrated system that records all expenses and categorizes them for easy tracking. - Financial Reporting: The software should be able to generate accurate financial reports based on the data stored in the system. - Stock Management: An integrated module that allows for the tracking and management of stock. User Groups: - Accountants: The software should be user-friendly and ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create an HR and Payroll Calculator. Key Points: I used IRS pub15 to program & test payroll calculation for single, married and married joint. The calculation will work sometimes and other times it's off, reports won't print as well. Rendering the payroll calculation unreliable. - I'm currently using a manual payroll system, and I'm looking to automate this process. - The application will need to calculate employee pay based on hours worked. - As for the HR functions, it would be great to include basic employee details and possibly benefits deductions. - Ideally, the system should be user-friendly as HR staff and possibly managers may need to access and use it. Calculator $300 (negotiable) Ideal Skills: - U.S. or UK...

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    I need a Microsoft Teams app developer to create and deploy a basic app for my organization. The app will essentially be a conduit for an Iframe, which will display content. Key Responsibilities: - Development of a Microsoft Teams app that displays an Iframe and facilitates communication with it. - The app should pass the user's email, username, and access token to the Iframe. The information should be accessed through the Teams context. Additional Requirements: - The developer should set up app registration for the project on entra ID. - The final deliverable needs to be deployed and fully functional within my organization. Ideal Skills and Background: - Experience in developing Microsoft Teams apps. - Familiarity with setting up app registration on entra ID. - Ability to deploy...

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a robust event and conference management platform. This platform should be extremely responsive, customizable, and user-friendly. Key Features Required: - Online registration: Attendees should be able to register seamlessly. - Event scheduling: Scheduling tools should allow for easy management of event timelines. - Payment processing: Integrated payment processing to facilitate easy transactions. - Website Design and Development (CMS): A secure, visually appealing and user-friendly website design with content management system. - Polls and Surveys: Inclusion of polling and survey tools for interaction. - Live Streaming integration: Integration with popular platforms like YouTube or Twitter for live event streaming. - Messaging feature...

    €3888 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking to create a comprehensive software for distribution purposes, particularly for my radio station business. This software will serve multiple functions and cater to various types of users. Key Aspects: - The software will need to manage the distribution of our products, content, and data effectively. - It should include functionalities for inventory management, logistics tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM) to streamline our operations and improve customer service. - The software should be intuitive and user-friendly, as it will be used by our internal team members, external partners, and customers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in software development, particularly in the distribution sector. - Proficiency in creating complex yet user...

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    I am seeking a reliable and knowledgeable freelancer to assist in capturing activity-wise time studies on certain machines in our steel plant service. Specifically, your main task will include: • Observation and timing of the operation of specified machinery- primarily loaders, excavators, and dump trucks. The goal of this job is to gather extensive data on machine operating time. Having experience in industrial engineering or a similar field, as well as understanding machine operations in a production setting, is highly beneficial. Please note only those with a sound understanding of time study methods, excellent precision and attention to detail, and who can provide accurate and reliable information, should apply.

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    I need a comprehensive sales revenue tracking software built for both Windows and Mac platforms. The unique features of this project must include: - A robust sales tracking system - Effective revenue management capability - Sophisticated charts and graphs to present data visually Being a prime consideration, this software must adapt seamlessly to our existing systems: - Customer Relationship Management system - Supply Chain Management system - Financial Management System For this project, an ideal candidate should be proficient in developing cross-platform software and must demonstrate vast experience in integrating multiple systems. As the developer, you should have extensive knowledge in sales analytics and chart/graph visualizations. Efficiency and accuracy must be your guiding prin...

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    I'm in need of an experienced software developer to create an estimating software for construction material. Key Features Include: - **Plans Take-Off**: The software will need to be able to take-off plans. - **Material Listing**: A feature that lists out the materials needed for the project. - **Estimating Software**: This software should be able to compute the required materials and provide an estimation of the costs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in software development, ideally with prior experience in construction estimating software. - Understanding of the construction industry and materials commonly used. - Ability to design a user-friendly interface that simplifies the estimating process. Software must to be compatible with Android, IOS,, mobile versions. An...

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    I'm looking for a skilled C developer with experience in building new features to contribute to our project "teeme". Key Requirements: - Building new features: The primary responsibility of the developer will be to add new functionalities to the existing project. This will require a strong understanding of C programming and software development principles. Ideal Candidate: - Experience: Please include your professional history and projects where you've worked with C programming, particularly in a feature development context. The project will involve a lot of creative thinking and problem-solving, so previous work demonstrating these skills would be beneficial. Looking forward to seeing your applications.

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    Sto cercando uno sviluppatore esperto di app Shopify per ricreare esattamente un'app come questa: Caratteristiche principali: - App pubblica - Vendita di sezioni tramite pagina incorporata - Sezione gratuita - Sezione a pagamento (una tantum o abbonamento) - NON È NECESSARIO SVILUPPARE LE SEZIONI - autonomia da parte nostra nell'inserimento di ulteriori section Grazie!

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can modify the software of my HP FI-1000 printer. The primary goal of this project is to improve the printer's system to support third-party cartridges. The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have a strong background in printer software development - Be experienced in modifying printer software to add new features and enhance compatibility - Be familiar with the HP FI-1000 printer model Please include relevant experience in your bid.

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create an AI-powered video editing application. It will be very similar to InVideo AI (competitor) API from OpenAI and other saas shortcuts to build webapp Use short clips from Youtube for videos (fair use) Budget $2000 - $2500 Deadline Sept. 1st, 2024 App description: The website tagline is "make a youtube video by just typing one sentence" .. The concept is it creates a text readout which makes a video the length they choose. For each 10 seconds of the video, the user should be able to swap out certain parts of the media chosen for it. The types of media include a generated text transcript, visual media to go over the video including gifs, still images, or video clips. For each of the 10 seconds, users should be able to cl...

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    We are searching for a highly skilled and experienced ISO Management System Designer to design, develop, and possibly implement a robust, cloud-based management system complying with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 regulations among others. Key Responsibilities: - Ensure the system aligns seamlessly with all standard requirements. - Potentially crafting a completely bespoke solution or customizing an existing platform - we're currently unsure which is the best route, so advice and guidance are appreciated. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with ISO standards and their requirements. - Previous experience in creating on-cloud ISO management systems. - Strong understanding of document control and versioning, risk assessment and management, corrective and preventive ac...

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    PDF Resume Data Entry to Excel 3 dni left

    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with data entry from PDF format resumes to Excel. This task involves extracting the following key information from each resume: - Contact information - Educational background - Work experience Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong attention to detail - Proficiency in Excel - Understanding of resume structure and content - Experience with data entry The successful freelancer will be able to accurately input the essential details from these resumes into the spreadsheet. This will be an ongoing project with multiple resumes to be processed.

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    I need a desktop-based payroll software for Windows that includes key functionalities like PF, ESIC, Leave Management, Advance, and more. Key Features: - PF & ESIC Management: The software should be able to calculate and manage Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) contributions accurately. - Leave Management: It should allow easy tracking and management of employee leaves, including leave balances and types. - Advance Management: The software should be able to handle the calculation and management of employee advances. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Desktop Software Development - Strong Understanding of Payroll Systems - Knowledge of Windows-compatible Software Development - Experience with Leave and Advance Management in Payroll Systems Please reach o...

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    Invoicing & Accounting System 3 dni left

    I'm looking for a developer to create an invoicing & Accounting module. This system should come with the following features: Accounting Charts, Ledgers, Organization, Type of Invoices, Support multiple currency, capable to cater tax structures and different languages. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong experience in python and react, specifically in creating financial software. - Familiarity with multi-currency systems and accounting software. - Ability to create clean, user-friendly interfaces for the software.

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    I am in need of an experienced bioinformatician to create a specialized computational method for analyzing microbiome data in a comprehensive way. Key Requirements: - Develop a novel method for determining microbiome signatures that continuously updates with new research data - Create bioinformatics pipelines for processing and analyzing microbiome sequencing data The primary goal of this project is to: - Discover associations between microbial communities and health conditions - Develop a method for determining a microbiome signature based on pools of data Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in bioinformatics and microbiome analysis - Proficiency in developing statistical models and algorithms - Familiarity with data integration and machine learning approaches...

    €250 - €749
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    €250 - €749
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    Hi I am looking to buid a platform where we want to measure carbon emissions and impact. It will have whitelabel options and also hierarchy to add multiple clients who will then have multiple projects. I have a video of a similar platform which I can share on DM. Should have api integration to get data and send data. An app is also required for the same.

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    i made the script already but i just need that identifies and logs banned audios from a massive amount of data, approximately 10k audios per second, for the gaming platform Roblox. The goals of the project are: *Identifying Banned Audios: Your task is to analyze audio content and identify the banned ones. Ideally, a background in audio analysis and experience with natural language processing are required for this job. *Logging Banned Audios: Once you've identified the banned audios, you'll need to log them separately, marking them as valid in the system since they are currently banned. Your ability to handle large data sets, work efficiently under time pressure, and effectively use natural language processing will contribute significantly to the success of this project. i wil...

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    Resume Parser to Excel 2 dni left

    I need a resume parser that can extract contact information, skills, qualifications, and work experience from resumes in PDF and Word format and populate this information into an Excel spreadsheet. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience with: - Resume parsing software or tools - Advanced Excel skills - Understanding of PDF and Word file formats - Data extraction and manipulation skills Since the parser will need to handle multiple resumes at once, it should be able to process each document efficiently and accurately. The ultimate goal is to have all relevant details from the resumes organized and accessible in a structured Excel format that can be easily reviewed and analyzed.

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    I am in need of a skilled Golang developer to assist in the development of a CRM system. The CRM will be used primarily externally with clients, therefore, a high level of professionalism in its design is required. Key Functionalities: - Customer Management: The system should have robust features for handling customer interactions, tracking client information and managing relationships. - Sales Tracking: The CRM needs to be able to efficiently track sales, monitor pipelines and provide insightful data for decision making. - Task Management: The system should support task assignment, scheduling and tracking to help streamline workflows. Specific Design Requirements: - Corporate and Professional: The CRM system should have a sleek and professional design, reflecting the business's co...

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    I'm in search of an expert to tweak the HP FI-1000's software for third-party cartridge support. This entails: - Ensuring compatibility with all third-party cartridge brands - Enhancing error reporting for third-party cartridges - Improving ink level monitoring for third-party cartridges Having purchased third-party cartridges for the printer, I need this project completed within a specific timeframe. To be successful in this role, you should have: - Strong background in printer software development - Prior experience with the HP FI-1000 model - Familiarity with printer cartridge compatibility issues - Ability to meet a defined deadline If you can meet these criteria, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create an education software that is compatible with iOS and Windows. The software should encompass: - Progress tracking: Ability to monitor student's learning progress, marking off completed lesson plans, noting areas of struggles, and easily identifying and recording improvements. - Lesson Plan: Interactive and dynamic lesson plans that adjust according to student progress. Including options to add, remove or tweak sections as needed. - Resource Generation: A tool to generate teaching resources such as worksheets, quizzes, and interactive learning materials. - Assessment: Features to assess student learning, provide feedback, and grade assignments. The software is intended for use by teachers, so user-friendliness and simplicity in de...

    €1221 (Avg Bid)
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    Certainly! Here's a professional request for a programmer to develop your AI-powered study aid program: --- **Subject: Development Request for AI-Powered Study Aid Program** Dear [Programmer's Name], I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to request your expertise in developing a comprehensive AI-powered study aid program. The core functionalities of this program should include the following: 1. **Input Handling and Content Analysis:** - The program should accept various forms of input such as video transcripts, PDFs, eBooks, and online videos. - Utilizing AI, it should analyze these inputs to extract key information and concepts. 2. **Note and Flashcard Creation:** - Automatically generate detailed notes and flashcards based on the extracted informa...

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    Greetings, I am looking for a specialist to develop an integrated application with the ERPNext system to meet the needs of grocery stores. The required details for development are as follows: 1. Product Listings: - Develop an interface to manage product listings, including common items in grocery stores such as food, beverages, cleaning products, etc. 2. Inventory Management: - Include a feature to track expiration dates for sensitive items. - Automatically update quantities upon sale. 3. Point of Sale (POS): - Develop an easy-to-use and fast POS interface for customer transactions. 4. Daily Sales Reports: - Prepare daily sales reports showing the best-selling products, profits, and losses. 5. Supplier Management: - Develop a feature to organize supplier data and de...

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    I need a system developed that leverages artificial intelligence to review Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and locate vendors supplying specific materials. Key deliverables include: * Scouring, parsing, and analyzing RFQs for quality, price, and lead time of materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Carbon Steel, and Titanium. * A vendor locator which can map potential suppliers of these materials. * A separate category for any RFQs that do not meet the stringent criteria. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: * In-depth knowledge of AI and Machine Learning algorithms. * Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation. * Experience in supply chain management or vendor sourcing systems. * Familiarity with the types of materials mentioned. This pr...

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    I need a software developer proficient in creating desktop applications for Windows platform. The main objective of the software is task management. Key Requirements: - Experience in developing task management software - Familiarity with Windows platform development The software should have the ability to create, allocate, track, and manage tasks efficiently. If you've done similar projects before, don't hesitate to share your work. Looking forward to your innovative proposals.

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    Mobile App Data Extraction to Excel 1 dan left

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer that can scrape data from a mobile app and organize it into an Excel spreadsheet. This app only works in Spanish based countries. So only Spanish speaking programmers. Key Responsibilities: - Extract user profiles, product information, and reviews and ratings from the mobile app - Organize the extracted data into an Excel sheet - Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the extracted data I'm open to your suggestions on how often the data should be scraped, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Please outline your approach to this in your proposal. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in data scraping techniques - Expertise in organizing data in Excel - Strong attention to detail - Effective communication to suggest data extraction frequency.

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    As the visionary behind an up-and-coming project, I'm in need of a hardware engineer with a technical background who can help me validate my business idea and ease my doubts regarding technical feasibility and cost analysis. Here are the requirements: - Deep understanding of hardware requirements and potential pitfalls. - Experience in systems integration, especially with existing infrastructures. - Ability to help with miniaturization efforts. I have yet to develop any prototypes or proof-of-concepts, so this would be in your hands. Your guidance and expertise will be invaluable in securing the technical and financial success of my concept. Do you think you're up to the task? I'm really excited to hear your thoughts in our google meet just of 2 hours.

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    AWS Development for SaaS 1 dan left

    We're seeking a full-stack developer with deep AWS knowledge to help us finish our SaaS. If this is you, you'll play a important role to ensure we take our SaaS to market fast. Will you help us cross the finish line? Summary of the expert we seek: Type: AWS Full-Stack Developer Product: SaaS Stage: Nearly finished (95% done) Role: Support and Guide so our SaaS can enter the market this month (July launch is a must). Timeline for freelancer: 1-3 weeks, working on prepared tasks only alongside us Way to Work: Step-by-step tasks until launch to validate 100% functional SaaS without errors. We'd perform the tasks ourselves (unless we can't: then you'd jump in) with your guidance. About the Project We're so close to taking this SaaS to market that these final b...

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    Change programming of printer hp 18 ur left

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can modify the software of my HP FI-1000 printer. The primary goal of this project is to improve the printer's system to support third-party cartridges. The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have a strong background in printer software development - Be experienced in modifying printer software to add new features and enhance compatibility - Be familiar with the HP Fl-1000 printer model BUT PLEASE MAKE YOUR PROPOSION IF YOU REALLY HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH PRINTHEAD FI 1000, this is important.

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    Are you an experienced Blockchain Developer looking to join an innovative team at the forefront of cutting-edge technology? Look no further! We are seeking a talented individual to help us revolutionize the way we approach blockchain development. As a Blockchain Developer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting blockchain solutions for our organization. You will collaborate with our team to research and develop new blockchain technologies, as well as optimize existing systems. Your expertise in blockchain programming languages such as Solidity and C++ will be crucial in ensuring the security and efficiency of our blockchain applications. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in computer science, cryptography, and decentralized technologies. Pr...

    €33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a developer to create an automated lead generation and sales-qualification tool for my business, which caters to both B2B and B2C firms across various industries. The tool should be able to input industry name and type (B2C, B2B) and utilise AI to scrape the web. Key Features: - The ability to capture company contact information. - Implementation of a lead qualification scoring system. Data Scraping: - The tool should be able to scrape data from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Data Gathering: - The tool should be able to gather Contact Names and Email Addresses from the scraped platforms. Ideal skills for this project: - Lead Generation - Web Scraping - Understanding of AI - Understanding of the B2B and B2C platforms - Understanding of using Socia...

    €32 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €32 / hr Povprečna ponudba
    54 ponudb

    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can modify the software of my HP FI-1000 printer. The primary goal of this project is to improve the printer's system to support third-party cartridges. The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have a strong background in printer software development - Be experienced in modifying printer software to add new features and enhance compatibility - Be familiar with the HP FI-1000 printer model BUT PLEASE MAKE YOUR PROPOSION IF YOU REALLY HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH PRINTHEAD FI-1000, this is important.

    €968 (Avg Bid)
    €968 Povprečna ponudba
    25 ponudb
    iOS Expert Developer 4 ur left

    we are looking for iOS Developer for long term

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €4 / hr Povprečna ponudba
    23 ponudb

    Hi, I'm searching for a developer who can complete this 2 task for my Perfex CRM installation: 1) In all Sales Section, when creating a new sale item (Proposal, Estimates, Invoices), add after the product table selection a fixed product instance that has a price and should be like the other products but selectable with a checkbox input. Here an example of how I imagine the workflow: Open the CRM > Open a Sales Section, for example Estimates > Compile all the field > Choose the Item Product "Fiat Panda" > I see the price of the cars and all the details for the qty selected > Select a fixed product "Insurance" that should be visible like a checkbox with his name and his price "Insurance: 100€". In the table of total price I should see ...

    €287 (Avg Bid)
    €287 Povprečna ponudba
    36 ponudb

    As we venture into a new enterprise, we are seeking an experienced bot developer to design a bot for our Telegram platform. The primary function of the bot is open to discussion as it wasn't specified in the initial requirements, allowing room for innovative suggestions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in bot development, preferably on Telegram. - Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently to understand our business requirements. - A well-rounded understanding of data collection techniques, customer support functionalities, and content distribution methods. - An innovative thought process to propose the most efficient bot functionality. - Prior experience with startup enterprises will be a bonus. This project offers a great chance to exercise creativity ...

    €91 (Avg Bid)
    €91 Povprečna ponudba
    8 ponudb

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