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A shell script is a script written for the shell or the interpreter of the operating system. Shell scripts are usually used to automate some common tasks on UNIX-like operating systems. If you are into shell scripting and need help with shell scripts, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post detailing your shell script job and let experienced freelancers bid on your job post! Najem Shell Script Developers


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    I'm looking for a developer to write a script to add SSL certifications upon adding a domain in my link shortening platform. Please reply with the answer to 4+4 to be considered. I'm looking to start asap.

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    I need a sheel script developer 1 ura left

    I have a small php script and I want it to convert it in bash script. Can anyone do it

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    I need a freelancer who can show me how to do the following task. Final result includes the step by step task and final script needed to perform the following tasks: How to convert 1. Download JD Central feed by the link below - 2. Filter out non-fashion products by product type field <g:product_type> - Extract products for Clothing/Bags/Shoes for Women & Men’s fashion Extract following fields in XML <g:image_link> <g:link> <g:title> <g:sale_price> <g:id> 3. Change field name and convert XML to csv file 1) image_link -> image_url 2) link -> product_url 3) title -> name 4) sale_price -> price 5) id -> product_code 4. create 1 converted csv files: 5. Upload the converted csv to the uploa...

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    cPanel Shared License 5 dni left

    I would like to make a script which use to update cPanel license from any other licensed server, means other server license sharing, share one cPanel license on multiple servers, License sharing through proxy or any other way. Sharing server would get updates directly from cPanel I also ask for other scripts to be agreed after the price. (if work is done well)

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    It is maintanance come development project

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    I need you to take this free software, DBAN, it comes as a .iso file and add my custom to it that will launch an .exe file I give you when the CD is put into a computer. The CD also needs to be bootable to launch DBAN when a computer is restarted with the CD in it. This is a very simple project, no real coding is needed. The deliverable is a bootable and autorun capable .iso file. The file will contain this code: [autorun] open= icon=,0

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    We need someone to craft us a perl or bash/shell script that will move a wordpress site from one cpanel account to another using the various Cpanel API's and linux commands. basic flow would be Run script - takes required inputs 1. Zips current WP website file structure 2. Dumps current WP website DB 3. Copies Archive and SQL to new Account 4. Chowns Archive to new account user 5. creates mysql DB and user and assigns rights on new account with Cpanel API 6. Extracts archive in new web root 7. Imports Database to new DB which was created 8. Serialized find and replace on database (old URL > New URL) 9. Updates wp-config in new account with new database details 10. Updates several wp-config settings if present 11. Updates some .htaccess settings if present User needs experienc...

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    I am looking for a programmer who knows about networks, proxies (Squid). I have several CenOS7 with connected /24 Ipv4 subnets which are reformatted into proxies in https (IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD) format. The configuration should be a little more complex Enclosed you will find a document of how the script can look. We want to add a database to it so we can sell them through our website.

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    Build a new Issable Image 2 dni left

    Scope of work : all the extension, inbound routes and outbound routes (outgoining calls should be made from 4 different phone numbers - users should be able to choose phone number through dial prefix) 2. We have SIP Trunks that needs to connect to the new Issable image. 3. Follow the image for the IVR flow and create the IVR flow 4. Creating Ring-groups 5. Configuring Standard firewall. Sip traffic should only traverse the firewall if the other side of the call is outside of the office or at a remote location accessible by VPN 6. Make new recordings according to the script provided. 7. Create a xml file for contacts which will be integrated to the system so that when contact added / removed from the file it will be automatically refreshed. 8. A shared voicemail for sales and tech accessi...

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    Unix admin 1 dan left

    Need someone who is interested in career change and experienced in Unix admin

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    Saw a really clean style of error checking but trying to get the syntax straight and made it kind of self documenting? (something like this - just two lines he did it and looked very organized" # below is the statement and checked somelinuxcommand $$ x=$? if x!=0 echo "error with somelinuxcommand$x" fi anotherlinuxcommand $$ x=$? if x!=0 echo "error with anotherlinuxcommand $x" fi somebluecommand $$ x=$? if x!=0 echo "error with somebluecommand $x" fi redredredred $$ x=$? if x!=0 echo "error with redredredred $x" fi SINCERELY WOULD BE NICE TO MEET YOU PLEASE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is hope you can give your “be...

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    Openconnect websocket Openconnect Openvpn websocket Openvpn Pptp L2tp Any connect

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