Experience using OpenCV allows an individual developing an application to incorporate the features and algorithms provided by OpenCV. OpenCV is an open-source library of such features and algorithms that enable computer systems to interpret visual information such as images and video, and process it into usable information.

The use of OpenCV can benefit any business requiring automation of intelligent image and video processing; by use of this software development time can be reduced and focused on the differentiating aspects of the application being developed rather than standard routines. It is a specialized skill that needs to be accompanied by an advanced understanding of programming and benefits from experience developing artificial intelligence.

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    opencv based blood velocity scale differences have to change

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    I have a new detection model methodology and i need somebody who has good experience in detection algorithms like (yolo - yolov2-yolov2 tiny-yolo-lite-yolov4-tiny) to implement this model with 2 data sets and get three parameters 1-Amp 2-FPS 3-Time

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    Hi I am looking for an experienced AI developer to develop an integrated solution for vehicle detection and vehicle classification. Need to have knowledge on the Qualcomm or any other hardware processor. Lets discuss in detail.

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    Hi, i have two python programms. One is using matplotlib to make a LUT table. The second one uses a LUT table to modify a image. Both use numpy and openCV. Now i want to integrate those two to: 1)Using the plot change the whole image 2) Using the plot 3 times to change each colour (R, G, B) 3) Modify the plot to make a curve (Instead of two clicks make 3 fo make a parabola)

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    Write a program in C++ implementing Conway's Game of Life in C++ in parallel by using more than 1 processors. You must use OpenMPI and OpenCV. Do not generate the output on terminal. Instead, create a Mat image using OpenCV. There should only be 1 image whose color keeps on changing depending on the number of dead and alive cells. Run the program for image size 300X300 and Number of iterations 1000. The program should also work for 1 processor.

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    I need a GUI program that allow the user to active a face tracking whit servos of the PanTilt camera kit just like this (). Then the program need to makes profiles of faces that recognise and when certain conditions occur starts certain actions (like "Profile1" is 3 meters from the camera, --> start a script (python script selected from the Pi desktop); or acrtive flashlight, starts audio file, ecc.) I've already a code that dosen't work the freelancer don't want to work anymore (he take the money already). maybe some portions of the code can speed up the realizzation of this project. More details on chat.

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    We are going to develop AR web application with react. Placing a 3D model of ring for each finger. This is reference site.

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    We are going to develop AR web application with react. Placing a 3D model of ring for each finger. This is reference site.

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