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FileMan SuperHero I am a document management consultant known as the FileMan. One of my clients in the UK used my persona (FileMan) to advertise to his customers. I am going to seek client of mine to continue the analls of the FileMan 7 Drawing Mar 20, 2018 Danes6dni 15ur €748
Game App Images I need three separate colored drawings for a 2D game I am making. 1) A sports-themed background - view from the sideline (not a birds-eye view). Simple is best 2) A soccer ball (has to look gamified and not taken from the internet - will check). 3) A soccer player's leg (similar structure to the arm in 'Pancake - the game' where the pan is the player's shoe). 1 Corel Draw, Drawing, Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje v Photoshopu, Sketching Mar 20, 2018 Danes6dni 15ur €41
Magic show poster artist needed to help bring concept to life Hello I am a producer of a magic show and I need the help of an artist to design my idea. I would like the name of my show Wonderment to be spelled out in the stars in a connect-the-dot style. Below the Wonderment sky I would like a city skyline or a world, and below that, room for cast photos. Please see my attached pictures so you can get an idea of the connect-the-dot styles and the flow of the... 11 Book Artist, Drawing, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Oblikovanje plakatov Mar 20, 2018 Danes9dni 13ur €816
i need a writer to write a story for my nieces 3rd birthday im 13 and my niece loves the colour purple, peppa pig, suisie sheep and gourge. her favourite food is bugers and chicken. her favrouite drink is strawberry milkshake. i would love you to write a story for her by the 15th of april or very soon 26 Drawing, Writing Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20185dni 14ur €26
A competition for Samples of Character illustrations for a children's book I've written a rhyming picture book about a little girl (age 7) who gets lost in the forest and meets 1) a posh plump (rounded) fluffy English Rabbit - wearing a blue bowtie (and possibly a just a waist coat and specs;) 2) A cheeky freindly Irish Monkey (wearing a bright green cap and possibly just a green waist coat 3) and a black and white stray kitten-cat with green eyes. I am runni... 5 Drawing, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20183dni 13ur €68
Flat Design Characters I'm developing an MBTI personality type-thingy website. A little bit like [url removed, login to view], and I need the characters for each personality type. I'll need a total of 32 animal characters. But for now, I'll go for 6 characters first to test if it's what I'm looking for. If I take your design then I definitely let you draw the rest of the animals. I have the ... 11 Karikature in stripi, Drawing, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 201828dni 9ur €98
I need a Trippy Floating Emerald City design with a Wizard of Oz theme. My name is Michael Giles and I run Truth Printing I have a Screen printing and embroidery business and we are wanting to have a cool psychedelic design done before an upcoming event. 6 Drawing Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 22ur €105
Riyadh, need an illustrator for children's book I need someone who can draw, I'm writing a children's book and I need some help. The book is going to be in Arabic but the communication between us can be either English or Arabic. If you have lots of free time snd enjoy drawing for children, please contact me. 23 Drawing Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 16ur €409
Need someone to do a few line drawings for instructions on how to use a product Line drawing for instructions on how to put on a backpack correctly. Approximately 6 different line drawings are needed as per example below. 16 Drawing Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 14ur €327
I need 3 short, 10 seconds each videos of a hand drawn animation of a donkey. The project is about 3 short 10seconds each 2d animations about a donkey. The story is that the hand drawn donkey does something funny for example running and falling down, singing or laughing really hard. It needs to be done in 3-4 days if possible. This is the reference: [url removed, login to view] 40 Ilustracija, Karikature in stripi, Drawing, Sketching, 2D Animation Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 13ur €211
Anime Graphics - The Librarian We need some original artwork in anime style for The Librarian. (3 anime-style full or half figure images.) The Librarian is a collection of sampled drum sounds and instruments for young producers looking for fresh sounds to making their next major hit. We started The Librarian because we felt like we weren’t being taken seriously in the industry and we wanted to prove that it doesn&r... 24 Karikature in stripi, Drawing, Sketching Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 13ur €192
Illustraton for map of area to be produced in vintage Cigarette card/ railway card style We’re trying to show this is not a cheap caravan storage on a field but a dedicated custom built storage facility within the grounds of a Medieval Manor house (survived English civil war siege) Only access through one massive Security gate, Customers park the caravan themselves in a huge pick up /drop off area (plenty of space to reverse!) The staff then come along in a pretty red tracto... 31 Illustrator, Ilustracija, Drawing Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20184dni 11ur €190
Line stickers for a language school We would like to offer Line stickers for our students to use. Here are the guidelines: [url removed, login to view] We need: 1 main image - 240x240 32 stickers - 320x320 Chat thumbnail icon - 96x74 The concept would be to have recurring characters of 5 nationalities (Thai girl, Chinese girl, French boy, Japanese boy and English boy, these are the languages we teach). The style we'... 4 Karikature in stripi, Kreativno oblikovanje, Drawing, Ilustracija, Oblikovanje nalepk Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 201827dni 2ur €277
Adult Coloring Book of Execution: The Brazen Bull I'm making a coloring book of executions in the ancient and medieval world. The 1st page is THE BRAZEN BULL: [url removed, login to view] I need a black and white coloring book illustration depicting a male victim being roasted alive inside one of the awful contraptions. Cut-away view OK. It should be set during the Roman Empire and be outdoors, possibly in a public square or at the foot of ... 3 Drawing, Ilustracija Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20183dni 21ur €24
Illustrate a book I’m writing a children’s book and I need an illustrator. 23 Drawing Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20183dni 9ur €458
Draw tattoo Shears with a rose tattoo 4 Drawing Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20182dni 21ur €86
Group caricature illustration I need an illustration for a female friend's birthday. She is a musical performer, very smart and determined, positive, joyful and hardworking. I was thinking about a scene set on a stage of a theatre; she should be singing and dancing in the front and all spotlights should be on her, while performing something concerning musicals. In the back there should be all her friends, who are ... 8 Karikature in stripi, Drawing, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Sketching Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20182dni 15ur €50
Drawing, Slikanje, Photoshop Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201810dni 13ur
Drawing, Slikanje, Urejanje fotografij, Photoshop Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20185dni 11ur
Emoji Designs I will need a small portfolio of 50-100 emoji designs that will be used to create an emoji app keyboard. 82 Grafično oblikovanje, Mobile App Development, Photoshop, iPhone, Drawing Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20182dni 1ur €347
simple office simple office three basic parts ,first manager office ,second assistant and a sale that have some office for empolee and a meeing table for important table. 46 Gradbena arhitektura, Oblikovanje doma, Notranje oblikovanje, Drawing, Sketching Mar 15, 2018 Mar 15, 20181dni 21ur €14
Drafting and CAD Drawing We require precast concrete moulds designed and drawn to our specifications. There is about 10 moulds to draw and it will include generating models that we can review in PDF and DXF's and Step files for the laser cutters and folders. Example drawing attached. Ideal if you use Solidworks, as all our current moulds are drawn using this program. 46 Skiciranje osnutkov, Drawing Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 201822ur 20minut €229
label design Redesign an existing label. I have a ready label but i am not happy with the look of the logo. I know it could be done better. 1 Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Splošna dela, Drawing Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 201816ur 51minut €33
Graphic designer needed. I need 6 graphics. A full character and some half, or less detailed. I also need backgrounds and elements. This needs for an animation, so it should be in ai. format with separated layers. You can use stock graphics in some parts just change the color and some shapes. I attached the requirements. The Budget is $50. 28 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Ilustracija, Drawing Mar 14, 2018 Mar 14, 201810ur 51minut €69
Artwork Portfolio I'm in love with a girl who's an artist. Told her I used to be something of an artist myself, which isn't true. Now she's insisting on seeing some of my work. So, I basically need 15-20 original, unsigned art pieces to create a fake portfolio. They don't have to be custom made. They can be old pieces you have laying around. I'm not looking for relationship advice or a... 75 Ilustracija, Karikature in stripi, Slikanje, Drawing Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 2018Končano €618
David Mighty men redone I need to update a picture to look more modern with some changes 7 Drawing Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 2018Končano €92
Drawing of seaweed We want to make a poster with 10 different seaweed types from scandinavian, you need to draw them in vector graphics as we can scale them up. - after that you need to place them beautifully so the poster is beautiful at home 42 Photoshop, Kreativno oblikovanje, Design, Drawing, Adobe Illustrator Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 2018Končano €85
conceptual drawing for Real estate development project Hello, I would like to make a conceptual drawing for a real estate project. Its a beach resort with a golf course on an undeveloped lake in Cambodia. 51 Grafično oblikovanje, Gradbena arhitektura, Design, Drawing Mar 13, 2018 Mar 13, 2018Končano €155
texture and detail design and enhancement Our company is looking for a texture artist to go over previous artwork and add extra detail and textures. To be able to take an already great drawing and make it that much better. 40+ pages of work are needed. The work is in a graphic novel that will reach a worldwide audience. Please see the example for the style and quality. Main focus will be on the character enhancements, however small a... 21 Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Karikature in stripi, Digitalno oblikovanje, Drawing Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Končano €281
Draw an image I have a small pies and pizza bakery. I need to draw a personage which image I'll use in SMM for promotion my production. I need several pictures of it, probably in different poses or situations. We'll discuss it. 44 Photoshop, Design, Drawing, Corel Draw Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Končano €20
TOY GUN DESIGN, Make this gun look very Similar but more like a Toy gun Design. l really like the design so need to keep it very similar to the picture, but l need it to look more like a toy gun design. l will be looking at getting this toy gun made here as well, a fully working prototype toy gun that will shoot toy bullets at 150fps, if interested in making it let me know. 26 Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje proizvodnje, Oblikovanje izdelka, Design, Drawing Mar 12, 2018 Mar 12, 2018Končano €149
I need a freelancer Graphic designer To create graphic designs and drawing for kids books 27 Umetnost in obrt, Slikanje, Drawing Mar 11, 2018 Mar 11, 2018Končano €355
Require someone with Building/Drawing Knowledge to complete some building questions Require someone to complete a few exercises based on an A3 floor plan. These are to be very simple. Nothing technical/too detailed. But you do need to comply with all the necessary criteria. Should be drawn on 5mm paper. I need the first two exercises by the 15th of March, and you can complete the rest during whenever (preferably within a week or two). I can provide you with more details. Please ... 12 Gradnja, Gradbeni svetovalci, Gradbeni oblikovalci, Drawing, Sketching Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018Končano €94
Join an exciting creative team to launch a celebrity driven 6 issue graphic novel! We are seeking a series of diverse comic book artists to collaborate on a project that will leverage several unique audiences. The project is a 6 issue warrior, sci-fi epic that was inspired by a true life story. This project is helmed by a celebrity in the field of fitness and television and will receive broad scale exposure. The release date will be July 19th at this years San Diego Comic Con... 8 Grafično oblikovanje, Umetnost in obrt, Drawing Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018Končano €1781
HANDS FREE DRAWING Looking for someone who can help me put a design i have in mind onto paper professionally. Small task Thank you! 71 Inženiring, Illustrator, Gradbena arhitektura, Skiciranje osnutkov, Drawing Mar 10, 2018 Mar 10, 2018Končano €92
Artist wanted I need someone who is really good at painting and drawing 8 Karikature in stripi, Slikanje, Drawing Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €21
Local Artist for Tshirt Art I am looking for a Nashville local artist to design a tshirt for a convention coming up in April. We would need sample artwork and final images delivered by April 6th. 12 Umetnost in obrt, Kratke majice, Slikanje, Drawing Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €252
Drawing and colouring in MUMBAI/INDIA Looking for someone in mumbai. I will provide the paper, colour and other necessary material along with a picture in jpeg format that has to be drawn by hand. Rs.20 per sheet for 3 years. 5 Slikanje, Drawing, Sketching Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €15
Drawing and colouring I will provide the paper, colour and other necessary material along with a picture in jpeg format that has to be drawn by hand. 17 Slikanje, Drawing, Sketching Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €16
Illustrate/Design Shop Front Hi, I need someone to illustrate/design a shop front similar to the one attached. There will be some slight variations such as logo. 51 Grafično oblikovanje, Photoshop, Illustrator, Ilustracija, Drawing Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €20
Space Planner - office projects We are a UK based project/construction manager dealing with corporate clients who are relocating or reorganising their offices. Most projects require front-end indicative Space Plans, and/or Test Fits on shortlisted buildings, which we normally outsource but now wish to bring in-house. Projects are generally in the 10,000ft2 to 30,000ft2 bracket (1,000m2 to 3,000m2) Your experience of office de... 25 AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Drawing Mar 9, 2018 Mar 9, 2018Končano €194
Digital Drawing Exercise instructions for an ebook or website 31 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Ilustracija, Digitalno oblikovanje, Drawing Mar 8, 2018 Mar 8, 2018Končano €245
comics facebook ad Hello my name is Yossi I have an online baby store, I am looking for someone for a long-term project. I sell Facebook ads and I need someone to draw me comics story for every product that I test. the budget is for 10 products!! do you think that you can do it with me? if you can then tell me your best price. 14 Oblikovanje oglasov, Drawing Mar 7, 2018 Mar 7, 2018Končano €95
Spices storage organizer with 6 spices shakers Dear Freelancers. My name is Vladimir and i'm trying to bring new ideas on market. I believe you will help me to achieve my dream. Iam new on scene so apologise if there is anything wrong with my explanation.( Also English is not my native language ) I am looking to get manufactured my new product named Spice storage organizer for condiments with 6 spices shakers. I need someone to do 2D Dra... 29 3D modeliranje, Drawing Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Končano €154
I need a children's book illustrator 10 pages of fun artwork to go along with simple children't storyline. 8 Drawing Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Končano €20
pink gradient- verctor drawging - for activewear set like pictures. MAX budget 50$ I need verctor drawging - for activewear set like pictures. MAX budget 50$ 10 Modno oblikovanje, Modno modeliranje, Design, Drawing Mar 6, 2018 Mar 6, 2018Končano €47
Patent Draft Drawing I need someone to draw a patent from a photo of the parts. 46 Grafično oblikovanje, Patenti, AutoCAD, Skiciranje osnutkov, Drawing Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018Končano €29
Simple 3D (3/4 perspective) sketch of existing 2D drawing I have 3 different 2D characters. I need one simple 3D sketch in 3/4 perspective of each character. This needs to be done in photoshop. 13 Photoshop, Ilustracija, Drawing, Sketching Mar 5, 2018 Mar 5, 2018Končano €57
Storytellers wanted to create SIMPLE hand drawn storyboards related to violence and bullying Nonprofit storytelling organization ([url removed, login to view]) working for social change needs personal stories related violence/bullying presented in hand drawn 3 frame storyboards. Artistic skill not important (really!). One goal is to encourage non-artists create their own storyboards. Art that is too professional will not be helpful since we want anyone to believe they can draw well enou... 4 Konceptno oblikovanje, Drawing, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Storyboard Mar 4, 2018 Mar 4, 20184dni 20ur €16
Code I created needs Flow Graph I created a some code to run, but we our project members have no experience in designing flow graphs. Please see attached for information and examples. 2 Coding, Programming, Drawing, Graphics Programming Mar 4, 2018 Mar 4, 2018Končano €30
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