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Design "Mr Avocado" for Children's Book Design the central character for a children’s book series entitled “Mr Avocado”. The character is a ‘cartoon-ish’ avocado with human attributes. Eleven (11) separate images of Mr Avocado, in various poses, are required to be produced in vector format by the contest winner. Please see the attached PDF for detailed information relating to what is required at the various... 8 Book Artist, Karikature in stripi, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator Jun 25, 2018 Danes6dni 15ur €158
Draw a super hero with my company symbols Looking for an artist to draw a super hero with my company symbols. Some type of variation of the PE symbol from my logo on him 3 Book Artist Jun 25, 2018 Danes6dni 15ur €64
Book Illustrations - Children Book Illustrations - Front and Back Cover Design Greetings all, I am Linc. I am American senior , retiring soon and doing what I enjoy, writing, and now publishing some of my stories. Today I need the assistance of a good illustrator. The work will include designs of the entire book really; Front cover, 10 pages of color illustrations (8.5 x 11 inches) based on Illustrator's interpretation of the story, and back cover (with my info on it... 68 Grafično oblikovanje, Photoshop, Ilustracija, Karikature in stripi, Book Artist Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 20185dni 11ur €153
Illustrate Something - Anime style poster Design a picture where it is the face of the main character (Zai - attached - black hair/grey eyes) front on - in the style of [login to view URL] with a black top similar to Itachi - just black. With one eye open (grey) and one eye closed with blood trickling down. And the words The Wildan written in caligraphy style 4 Book Artist, Karikature in stripi, Oblikovanje konceptov, Ilustracija, Illustrator Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 20185dni 7ur €43
I need a professional freelancer I own and run Smoke N Phire Productions, we are mainly a band & tour management, contract negotionations and general business company. Although we do provide artist development, promotions, and booking. At the moment our booker is on leave and we 3 big tours to plan and book, with one band coming from out of the country. I need someone who can plan routes, book venues, oversee the events, ... 8 Vodenje projektov, Socialno mreženje, Pogodbe, Marketing na socialnih medijih, Book Artist Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20184dni 8ur €171
Need artist for book cover and promotional images I'm a writer who is working on his second book. It's a weird mix of adventure, romance, satire, and a little bit of sci-fi. The title is "Solvuntur". For the book cover, I would like a very Aryan looking man in a business suit spray-painting a perfect white skull on a red wall (I have an example if you don't understand my description). I want the man to be looking directly... 70 Ilustracija, Book Artist Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20182dni 2ur €117
illustrator some image got this image, please illustrat it 19 Book Artist, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Urejanje fotografij, Photoshop Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20181dni 16ur €9
Make your Vote Count Need a three page website to sell a book. The first page is a long scroll down page. The second is a survey and the third is to purchase the book. The copy has been written an idea for the layout is done. We need the artist to select type for the copy and headlines an give opinions to improve layout 7 Book Artist Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20183ur 15minut €141
Window Decal I have a photo of a window decal I saw on a car. I want to copy the idea but with a Christian perspective. Photo 1: Example on car Photo 2: The cross to be used Photo 3: What a prayer rope looks in real life. Your photo should look like balls/knots. Photo 1 isn't very clear with that. Word doc: Instructions on where everything is to go and what's to change. Where there is curren... 24 Book Artist, Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 201822dni 20ur €19
Create a Logo Project goal: Design a logo for Sky High Prep, an SAT college test prep company. Slogan: Take your test scores to new heights Logo: Simple mountainscape (1 to 2 peaks) with a hot air balloon (or a bird) in flight. **No mountain climber **No trees 260 Book Artist, Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop May 9, 2018 May 9, 20181dni 6ur €98
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