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    ...historical weather data (just temperature and precipitation/rainfall amounts) for 19 zip codes in the United States. I need the data starting from January 1, 2017 through March 19, 2019. Closest weather station to the zip code will be sufficient. these are the zip or postal codes. 92064 92078 92129 92025 91902 92131 92592 92054 92071 92584 92024 92108

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    Hello, i need a java tool which anonymous data from csv/.zip with conditions. The zip will have many csv datas. Each csv file has data from tables. Your work: read each csv (line for line) from the zip than anonymouses this with the conditions than write a new csv with the new anonymouses. There a different conditions for different tables. The conditions

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    I need to create a meta search website and app that uses offline data like prices and locations and online or live data like geographical location using locate me or zip code. Idea of Trivago and hotels but in different industry.

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    Image Zoom 5 dni left

    ...looked at zoomify and although it accomplishes the task it takes much too much time/effort for the image administrator to zoomify (create tiled images) and upload images as a zip file then unzip the zoomified images. We want to simplify the process - upload a single image to a process folder then execute a PHP script to create the 'image tiles' or whatever

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    I would like to understand and replicate this online sticker designer ...uploaded. If you are interested in the project I'll give you access to my hosting server and send you the local copy in zip format. You can use Google Chrome or any other tool to analyze the backend of this software. You'll have to read JS code and figure out how it is working.

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    ...script) Step 2: Start Data mine session in each city per segregated by category… output data: Business Logo + (Business Name, Full Address, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Plus Code, Website, Phone, Email, Latitude, Longitude, Category, Hours, Has Virtual Tour ?, Is Claimed, Rating, Review Count, Amenities, Number Of Photos, Image URL, URL) + category

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    Optimize Widget Visual 1 dan left

    We would like to have the existing widget in the .ZIP file optimized to something similar of the reference in the image attached. Attention to: - File should be delivered in RAW HTML/CSS/SASS PURE - We should keep the Exit option "X" - It should look great and grab attention from website visitors Please contact me with the image of your proposal

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    ...maintainable, documented and have good exception handling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE DATA: • Input data is enclosed in the zip file in a file called: [prijavite se za ogled URL] • The input file provided contains an acceleration trace (in G) from a train passing over a sensor located on a

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    Excel Programmer Končano left

    I would like to automate a spreadsheet with daily, updated data from a website. Also, I would then like to match the names to postal addresses (append address) based o...would then like to match the names to postal addresses (append address) based on the limited biographical information available (including race, birthday, city , state, and zip code).

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    I have a free flash directory found here that I would like to scrape. company name contact name title street address city state zip code email website [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    php mysql project Končano left

    ...for visitors on the site that will work as followed: 1. The visitor will choose the size of their home (2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms.... 2. The visitor will choose the zip code of pickup and zip code at the destination. 3. The visitor will receive an estimated price for his move. here are some examples of what we are looking for: [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    I need 20-30 frequently used free plugins all put in a zip named as free-plugins, such as contact form 7, mailchimp etc - type aura1 on top of your bid and put your price for 1 hour's work

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    Google Map Code Končano left

    We are looking for Data Entry Specialists who are able to conduct Web Research as well. Simple knowledge of HTML code is a plus as this person will have to cut and paste specific code from Google Maps into an Excel spreadsheet. The job will include using Google Maps to search for various businesses in the city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson

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    Events Project Končano left

    ...describing this event) 4) Date of Event: (What date does this event take place) 5) Start Time of Event: 6) End Time of Event: 7) Address of Event: 8) City of Event: 9) Zip Code: 10) Name of Event Venue: 11) Event Phone Number: 12) Official Email for Event: (Only list if the event or the venue has an email address, if not skip this step) 13) Official

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    I need a Linux script to control a PTZ camera which...working but I need to get PTZ going. The camera is a QuickCam Orbit AF with pan tilt. Once the job is complete, you must provide a list of all packages required and zip up the final build code so that I can make changes if needed. Show me what you can do and this could lead to a lot more work.

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    ...organizations within a 4 mile radius of zip code 91731 (California, United States of America) for marketing. This list will be used as a contact database for marketing our adveritising and community engagement services. The list must be in excel format and contain the following columns: Name of Organization; Address; City; Zip Code; Website Address (if available);

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    ...add/delete/move/hide these categories & members). For providers (P1), different price options => Customers (P2) see it on car list pages. Search tool box - Location (by city & state, by zip code, or by address) -Pick¬up date -Trip duration (days) Car Search Results Map­view to show rental results along with list results in a vertical side panel. Followin...

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    ...websocket server source code to nodejs-10.15.3 compatible source code. Source code is single file of 409 lines including comments and blank new lines(see attached zip file and instructions below). Modules used in include envy, express, cluster,websocket,crypto which should be upgraded to latest stable versions. 1. Current source code works on node-v0.10

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    The Java8 program must take a zip file as input, which contains a directory structure with each directory containing one or more word documents Each word document contains product information in a mostly consistent format. The requirements are as follows: - use maven (probably need some word document reader library) - must be able to run as an AWS

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    Need to create an API or we can get from google. Need a form that auto-populates city, state and zip code. Only USA region.

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    18 ponudb at all • Ability to create specific special/limited time pricing for items and bundles CHECKOUT • Have checkout option for delivery with different rates automated by zip code (or as granular with custom map, if possible) o For shipping add a check box/radio button that they are interested in shipping and to contact the shop (or we can contact them)

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    ...mail is defined as follows: Each decimal digit in the ZIP code is encoded using a sequence of three half-height and two full-height bars. The barcode starts and ends with a full-height bar (the guard rail) and includes a checksum digit (after the five-digit ZIP code or the nine-digit ZIP+4 code), computed by summing up the original digits modulo 10

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    Company Website Končano left

    ...the user. • They will get asked if they want to login, register, or proceed as guest • First they get asked what type of Event they want to plan and the general location (zip code) • For that Event they will be asked what services they require • For each service they will be asked what their budget is • Finally they will receive a list of all the vendors

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    ...purchase one product (I will provide test keys). - To be able to add tags (zipcodes) to the product - Search feature to find that product using the codes (zip codes). - If the product has the zip code, then the search feature finds it on the homepage or another page and you can make payment through stripe. Similar to this: [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    XML Parser Končano left

    ...ready-made libraries. For example, include the following code: <product> <name language=“French”>trompette no 6</name> <price currency=“Euro”> 420.12 </price> <address format=“XL1245” language=“French”> <street>31 rue Croix-Bosset</street> <zip>92874</zip> </addre...

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    ...and email and question/message (three fields). However I do not know how to get the script/code for the form to send the message to me to my email address? I would like someone to make this work for me please. I have the full site in a working self extracting zip file. You can see the web site here at the link below and you can see the form on it that

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    Candy for Adult Končano left

    I need a WEBSITE where customers can create account and make purchases of special items. Each available item is available for purchased based on selected zip code (ZIP CODE IS SET BY SPECIFIC VENDORS WE ADD TO OUR LIST). In other words; customer logs in, creates an account, MUST upload a driver license photo AND then is able to add SELECTED ITEMS

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    Hi PHP expert, I have small test task as following. Please find attached the zip archive containing the test code. - Identify as much as possible bad practices used in the code and explain why. - Refactor the application to have a cleaner codebase and easier to maintain / evolve (meaning: use OOP and its design patterns well). It is not allowed to

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    ...excel spreadsheet to get you started. I require "customer search keywords", "problem search keywords", "geographic location keywords" (town name, city, county, state, zip code, area code) and combination keywords. Once the list has been created, the most searched keywords will need to be analysed (I am only interested in keywords/phrases with...

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    1st task: Site 1: I have the files of a full hosting (that has 1 single wordpress website), I have deleted the whole hosting now but i have all its files in a Zip folder. Only website moving experts that have already moved lots of sites between hostings and that guarantees to be able to do the work correctly to apply. 2nd task: Site 2: I have a website

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    ...of our team member! REQUIREMENTS FOR BIDDERS: As you bid, please: (1) start your reply (bid) with the word “Houston”. (2) research and include in your reply our company’s ZIP code (3) send links (give examples) of similar work you did earlier with reviews, if possible. We will check that it was indeed yours :) later. The selected bidders will be given

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    ...explaining the algorithms and the code 4. can provide a working demo before 12 of march we need the application in a week or so at least. Attachments: 1. word file with more depth and explanation + interface design photos 2. a zip file of an application I attempted to make (you can use it as a base or start with a new one) 3. a zip file with images needed such

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    AB Website Testing Končano left

    I need to complete the foll...any browser (including Chrome). - Code should be written in Javascript and feel free to use a framework for building the page/application. Any cookie functionality should not be abstracted by jQuery or any other module provided by NPM or the like. I have already started - just need to complete it. ( attached ZIP file )

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    ...person), name, RFC (this field must be divided in 2 inputs one contains 10 characters and the next one contains 3 characters must be divided by “-“, State, City, Street, Number, Zip code, phone number, email, comments , a field called Credit (it means this customer is authorized to get products and pay some days after) and one field called Days of credit (the

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    Base64binary zipfileinput stream convert. Into zip file to be save in local disk.

    €287 (Avg Bid)
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    ...file from here [prijavite se za ogled URL] The template file also contains a document that explains this project in more detail. However, feel free to message me for any clarifications. I too am a C++ developer, but I don't have the time to write this library. I will test the code thoroughly to ensure that it meets the

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    1...changes in the results. Support for upto 10 searches and frequency of detection. For instance, every 10 min, 15 min, 1 hour, 6 hours etc. 2- This app needs to be able to input zip code and keywords in another app and execute certain, pre-defined actions. The actions DON'T need to be configurable. Only the keywords and search frequency needs to be.

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    ...I have found which are Property Management Companies. The next columns are for their home address which is indicated by street (column B), city(column C), state(column D) zip code(Column E) and phone number (column F). I have listed the company websites in column G so you could make sure you have the right company. The most important part of the spreadsheet

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    C++ Unzip A Zip Končano left

    Hi - using zlib and minizip I need source code for a project that can extract a .zip file Should be straight forward for someone skilled in C++ I know C# but my manager wants it done in C++ so it will work on Unix, OSX, and Windows.

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    ...this online, but it is not complete example for me. It only extracts the one file. I want to extract all files in a zip by using ZLib and minizip #include <zip.h> int main() { //Open the ZIP archive int err = 0; zip *z = zip_open("[prijavite se za ogled URL]", 0, &err); //Search for the file of given name const char *name = &quo...

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    I need Email Adresses, phone n...- write in the term - choos the first for example : Hotel: klick on it - choose the first hotel: and now i want to get all informations from this company: Name, adress, zip code, inhaber, email, maybe telephone number, and st-Nr: ATU Number- this all from 3 Websites and arround 400terms Can somebody do that job?

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    ...library that scans QR codes (you can find them on Github) 2. Use the demo code to create a web page 3. Click a button to start the device camera 4. Have the camera constantly scanning for any QR code 5. When it finds a QR code, stop the camera 3. Display the contents of the QR code on the screen (eg, print text on the web page) It must work on iPhone

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    Hi using C++ how can I extract a zip file using zlib

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...location in NYC and expanding to three locations by June. We offer World Class service and get our members RESULTS, but the world does not know about us, even those in our zip code. Its like we are the best kept secret when it comes to fitness in NYC. The goal would be to get us known and attract potential new members and skyrocket the growth of the

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    23 ponudb

    Hi - I am learning C++ and have installed MiniZip and ZLib - I am looking at the tutorial sample that is provided with minizip and [prijavite se za ogled URL] Is all I need to do is to populate these variables and all will be fine? const char *zipfilename=NULL; const char *filename_to_extract=NULL; const char *password=NULL; Will someone more skilled in C++ help out a noob here?

    €26 (Avg Bid)
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    2 ponudb

    I need a C++ project that you can hardcode a .zip file in the code and the project will use [prijavite se za ogled URL] to extract the .zip file.

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    6 ponudb

    Hello !I urgently need a car landing page ...urgently need a car landing page to collect consumer data while I work on a much more detailed website. I need "contact information collection " including person full name zip code or city and state phone number email type of car interested in down payment monthly payment credit score estimate Thank you.

    €24 (Avg Bid)
    €24 Povprečna ponudba
    28 ponudb

    ...for someone able to finish the work I've started to do with the theme that is mostly finished in my opinion, however and since it was my first theme it needs some rework and code cleaning. So the Services I am looking are: 1 - Fixing one issue that I have in [prijavite se za ogled URL] that does not allow me to fetch the post images and to stop swiper auto scroll. 2

    €322 (Avg Bid)
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    I am wanting to download a zip file from an intranet site using curl, but I am getting permission denied error. If I run curl on the Apache server from terminal the file will download as desired. If I run curl on any other computer on the same DNS I get a permission denied error. What do I need to change so that the file can be successfully downloaded

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    Must follow directions and be able to dev front and back end. All instructions and code are below. Hello! I have an issue and don't have time to complete a project. Can you take a look and get me a quote? [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL]

    €453 (Avg Bid)
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