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    ...COREPACK_HOME: '/app/.heroku/corepack', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592915+00:00 app[web.1]: npm_config_node_gyp: '/app/.heroku/node/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/node-gyp/bin/', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592918+00:00 app[web.1]: PATH: '/app/node_modules/.bin:/node_modules/.bin:/app/.heroku/node/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/@npmcli/run-script/lib/node-gyp-bin:/app/.heroku/node/bin:/app/.heroku/yarn/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/app/bin:/app/node_modules/.bin', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592919+00:00 app[web.1]: NODE: '/app/.heroku/node/bin/node', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592919+00:00 app[web.1]: npm_package_name: 'owera-portfolio', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592919+00:00 app[web.1]: MEMORY_AVAILABLE: '512', 2024-05-09T03:45:06.592919+00:00 ...

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    I need the online / offline sync to work seamlessly. We have a react native app using mongodb realm. There was an instance where a few records where created and then after pressing home those records vanished. They weren't synced to mongodb and where no longer present in the app. There is no delete functionality in the app...sync session with mongodb. There is a frontend indicator which shows the realm connection status and the network connection status. At the time of this error it was reported the indicator which shows realm is connected was flashing both offline and online rapidly which may be the cause of what happened. i think the issue resides in Providers > RealmSubscriptionProvider Instructions yarn to install then yarn android to spin up dev env, api key w...

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    Code: iOS build (yarn ios) fails - see attached logs. Requirements: - fix iOS app build - android build should stay untouched - it need to build iOS app without errors - no library should be removed - existing libraries should work as they are - React Native version cannot be downgraded - it should build with Xcode 15 - it should build on MacOS 14

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    I'm in need of a unique and engaging logo for my mermaid themed craft business. The logo should feature a cartoonish and fun style, showcasing myself as a mermaid with a black tail and blonde hair. The mermaid should be holding a slightly opened treasure chest, which reveals craft supplies such as yarn & crochet hook, paint brushes, seashells, and pearls. Key requirements: - A cartoonish and fun style - Mermaid with black tail and blonde hair - Holding a treasure chest with craft supplies - Earth tone color scheme (brown, green, beige) - Suitable for online (website, social media) and print (business cards, flyers) usage Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in illustration and graphic design - Experience with cartoonish design styles - Strong understanding of color s...

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    ...Android 10 (API level 30) to Android 14 (API level 34). The App currently compiles and is working fine and already previously submitted and approved to google playstore. The app needs now to be updated to work with Android 14 (API level 34), as one of the new requirement to submit to Google Playstore. Ideal Candidate: 1- Experience in Android JAVA 2- Experienced React Native developer 3- Experienced Yarn/npm 4- Experienced latest Android Studio Iguana | 2023.2.1 Patch 2 5- Experienced Google Playstore App upload/submissions 6- Experienced Identifying any potential issues that might affect app stability and promptly address them. NOTES: Work/Project is done on a Remote MacBook Pro Android Studio and will be done online with the Supervisor Manager attending to support the Freel...

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    ...installed, but only when accepted by me. Like in this URL above. Product is the package of yarn, that the customer need to be able to change product between all of the products with a specific collection or tags. And should only be yarn. For this example i need to be able to put together a bundle with variations, for sizes only. But the most important is to be able to change products (yarn) For example: BUNDLE/KIT/: Sweater Size S: 8x - Nature wool (yarn Product) 3x - white (yarn Product) 1x - yellow (yarn Product) 5x - Denim (yarn Product) 1x - Black (yarn Product) Size L 11x - Nature wool (yarn Product) 3x - white (yarn Product) 1x - yellow (yarn Product) 7x - Denim (yarn Product) 1x - Black (...

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    ERPNext Development Končano left

    As a growing business, I'm looking for someone who can help me develop a CRM using ERPNext or any other better software. The project should be tailored to meet the needs of a small sales team, numbering between 1 to 10 users. It includes manufacturing , POS, Payrol, Purchases and Sales etc. A brief about our company. 1. We buy Yarn. 2. We use the yarn to manufacture Fabric. 3. Then the fabrics come to stores. 4. From stores they go to multiple small garments. 5. From the Garments they come back to stores. 6. At stores, we check QC, Ironing, Packing, labeling, etc. 7. From stores they come to Retail shops. 8. From the shop we sell to customers. 9. POS system needed chich includes Discounts and Loyalty point for customers. 10. The POS should be able to input customer d...

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    ...supporting various file types (.csv, .docx, .html, .md, .pdf). 4. Configuration & Settings: - The configuration must allow users to specify the path to the directory of documents and their OpenAI API key. 5. Implementation Language & Tools: - The entire connector should be coded in TypeScript to ensure compatibility and performance. - Necessary dependencies should be managed via npm or yarn as suitable for the project. 6. Code Examples & Structure: - For reference on structure and setup, please review these existing connectors: - - -

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    Adult size Končano left

    Hello! My Name is Santiago Lasko, I am creating an independent short film and am in need of a monster! I am looking to create a person sized monster that resembles a large pile of red yarn with a mouth full of jagged teeth and a pair of piercing eyes. The costume will need to be worn by an actor for certain scenes and left on a tripod for others. This is because I intend to use stop motion to make the red yarns appear writhing like worms. I imagine the headpiece of the monster to have a solid structure underneath so that it can be worn on the shoulders and head of the actor. For everything below that, I imagine it is just a blanket of red yarns that drapes down like a poncho. Or perhaps constructing a type of corset that retains the pile like shape of the monster if that is fea...

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    Position Overview: We are seeking React and related technologies. Requirements: Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience working with React in a professional capacity. Expert-level proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Strong understanding of React concepts such as component lifecycle, state management, and virtual DOM. Experience with modern front-end development tools and libraries, including Webpack and yarn. Familiarity with version control systems such as Git. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Effective communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Nice to Have: Familiarity MongoDB and RESTful API design principles. Experience with unit testing frameworks such as Jest, Enzyme, or React Testin...

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    Trophy icon Detailed Icon Designs for Web Shop Končano left

    I'm in need of a proficient graphic artist who can create less than 10 detailed icons for the categories of my online store. We're working on enhancing the eCommerce experience for our customers by adding visually appealing and easily recognisable icons. Create icons for the following categories: Wool Sock wool crochet yarn Knitting books Knitting needles/crochet hooks Knitting accessories Buttons Sale Sets (consists of the wool and the corresponding knitting or crochet pattern) Key tasks: - Collaboratively conceptualising icon designs that align with each specific category - Providing design suggestions based on your area of expertise - Producing detailed icon images The icons should look like on the following page:

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    I'm in need of a skilled animator who is proficient in BLENDER or equivalent software, to finalize my yarn animation project. The specific tasks needed for completion include: - Speed Adjustment: The pace of the animation needs a bit of tweaking to suit the intended speed. - Font & Size Modification: Consult with me on font style options and subsequently resize the call outs to my specifications. - Additional Details: Although not specified earlier, the font style for call outs will be decided amidst project progression. Ideal candidates will have a keen sense of color, speed translation in animation, and typography. Past experience handling similar projects would be highly regarded. Communication is key, as this project requires frequent consultation for precision. A...

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    11 ponudb, Dynamic Content Pages, and eCommerce/Product pages. The ideal candidate would possess: Must have a Bachelor Degree in IT Must be very good in English communication in verbal and writing. 1+ years proven commercial experience in Fullstack development focus on Next js Familiar with GitHub Competent in and TypeScript Practical knowledge of installing modules and packages with npm/yarn Proficient in using hooks, callbacks, promises, and async/await Experienced in using REST APIs or GraphQl Services Skilled in error handling Knowledgeable in routing and dynamic routes Proficient in static generation and server-side rendering Experienced in using authentication, including social media logins Familiar with databases including Mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase and GraphQL ...

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    ...based on this: Key project aspects include: - The script should request some user inputs during execution for things such as domain name, passwords, database setup etc etc - The bash script should install all the requirements in frappe for ERP Next. - Yarn often needs to be installed before frappe and not included, this can be done with 2 commands. sudo apt-get install yarn sudo npm install --global yarn - System should also install Let's Encrypt with snap The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience working with bash scripting on Linux-based systems. - Working knowledge of ERPNext and its respective modules

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    Id like to set up a little crochet store as a hobby with my partner, the only thing im missing is a logo. I have a rough idea that i think might look nice, here are the details: • Preferred Colors: Earth tones, such as browns, greens, and oranges. • Essential Elements: I'd like the yarn ball to be in the centre of the sunflower and the root to be yarn ends that either hide behind or wrap around the word 'Vertos' • Design Style: Whatever you think would be best! Its more of a stand in logo until i can think of something better haha. Though it depends how good it ends up looking i suppose :) Thank you for your time, I appriciate any interest in this commission!

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    I'm in search of an experienced full stack developer. The ideal candidate should possess profound knowledge and expertise in Vue, Yarn, Laravel PHP, GitHub and Vercel. Here's a summary of the project requirements: • Knowledge of both Vercel host and local machine for running the project. • Capability to emphasize on user interface optimization, database management, and performance enhancement during integration. • Aim to create a web application. This is the ultimate goal of the project. The successful candidate should demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently. Good communication skills are also essential as the project may require on-going adjustments and enhancements.

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    ... The site should cater to a blend of two audiences: 1) Yarn craft/knitting end consumers browsing yarn and pattern ranges 2) Retailers who can login via a portal to purchase yarns at wholesale rates for their stores Key Features: • Online shopping cart for Wholesale customers behind a login portal • "Find A Retailer Near Me" functionality using Google Maps and linked to yarns purchased previously by retailers • Marketing File Library behind login portal for retailers to download imagery/videos/files • Blog/news section • Customer reviews and ratings Ideal Candidate: • Proficient in UX/UI design • Experienced in e-commerce platforms • Proven track record in conversions optimisation • Robust understanding of k...

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    ... 2. Update All Dependencies: Along with upgrading the framework, all associated dependencies within the project must be updated to their latest versions that are compatible with 3.10.1. This ensures the application runs smoothly without any deprecated features or security vulnerabilities. 3. Transition to Bun Package Manager: We aim to migrate our package management system from Yarn to Bun. This transition requires the successful candidate to reconfigure the project's dependency management and build processes to fully integrate with Bun, taking advantage of its performance benefits and features. 4. Software Audit and Optimization: Given that the original codebase is five years old, a thorough audit is necessary to identify any outdated practices, inefficient code pattern...

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    I'm having trouble with my custom-built PHP Docker image—a V8 compile error keeps popping up. This problem is specifically related to yarn and the canvas module. The ideal candidate for this project will be experienced with: - Docker custom builds - Working with Yarn and Canvas - Troubleshooting Alpine compatibility issues - Rectifying PHP or JavaScript code errors Your job will be to identify and fix this issue to ensure seamless operation. Detailed understanding of yarn and canvas related issues is pivotal as well as understanding of V8 engines.

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    I'm looking for a Big data developer who can show me real life data pipelines using Airflow, Spark, Snowflake and Yarn over scree sharing. The person should also be able to spare time over this weekend of 20th May during early NYK hrs and talk about the workflow.

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    ...Control: - Segmentation of clients who request clothing manufacturing, those who make clothing, and clothing sales stores. Supplier Control: - Administration of input suppliers, and spare parts and machinery suppliers. Technical-Mechanical Control: - Management and monitoring of maintenance and technical repairs. Inventory Control: - Inventory management that includes inputs (fabric, yarn, threads, etc.), spare parts, machinery, and other essential elements not directly linked to production. Basic Input Control: - Registration and control of the type of input and its price. Basic Controls for Garments: - Administration of characteristics such as color, type of fabric, and distinctive characteristics of garments. Order Management: - Comprehensive order...

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    ...Max width possible: <Number> cms Wash care: - Order Management: We have 14 stages for any order to be completed. I want manage and overview of all the stages. Stage 1: PI generation. Enter the number SKU in the order. Generate an unique order ID for internal purpose. Stage 2: Advance/guarantee Received status. If yes, then enter number of days to complete the order. Stage 3: Raw material order or yarn order. If Yes, then enter the date of order. Stage 4: Dye of yarns, If yes, then enter the date of dyeing. Stage 5: Warp status. One SKU have One Warp. Date when the warp was prepared and name of the weaver. Stage 6: Date when Weaving start. For every SKU Diff or same. Stage 7: Date when Weaving ends. For each SKU Stage 8: Fringes knotting date. For each SKU Stage 9: Washing ...

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    Yarn and npm has been used to package and deploy a front-end application, after recent update of jenkins agent build step "npx graphql-codegen generate --config " failed with error: missing required arguments: schema, output. Got the following package was not found and will be installed message: graphql-codegen@0.4.0. I need help troubleshooting the error and bypass the issue over a call, I won't be able to share the screen etc so it'll be I'll pass the error and you need to help me to resolve the issue with graphql-codegen and any other dependency related issues with the pipeline.

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    ...The Hadoop administrator will be responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Hadoop system and optimizing its performance. - The candidate should have a deep understanding of Hadoop architecture, configuration, and troubleshooting. - Experience in managing large-scale data processing and storage environments is required. - Strong knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem technologies such as HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, and Hive is essential. - The Hadoop administrator should be proficient in scripting languages like Python or Bash for automation and monitoring tasks. - Familiarity with cloud platforms and distributed computing frameworks is a plus. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment are necessary. - The candidate should be pro...

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    I am looking for a developer who can optimize my webpack file. The current size of the file is less than 1MB. It is 400kb and need to be below 200kb. At the moment the is generated but not added to the project so its not using the bundle, i need someone to connect the bundle to the project upon yarn build. A benchmark on tells me that I need to reduce unused javascript. I used react bundle analyzer to find that biggest js chunk, and turns out it is actually the react-dom package. How can I fix that? Skills and experience required: - Experience with webpack and optimization - Familiarity with React library, as it is included in the bundle

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    My project is aimed to address the challenge of removing resorcinol formaldehyde latex from aramid+nylon 66 synthetic yarn. Specifically, I am seeking an ideal biochemical approach to solve this problem as current biochemicals in use yield unsatisfactory results. Task requirements: - Develop a biochemical solution for effectively removing resorcinol formaldehyde latex from synthetic yarn - Ensure the new solution overcomes the inadequacies of the current biochemicals - Provide a detailed method of application for the proposed solution Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in biochemical development and yarn treatment - Previous experience in dealing with synthetic yarn materials - Strong background in environmental safe biochemicals to ensure we are not ...

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    Trophy icon Design logo Končano left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my brand. Brand/Company Name: Syd’s Stitch CO (This is a brand for sewing and crocheting). Logo Style: I would like a whale crocheting in a simplistic cartoon design. Adding yarn around the logo could add some color too but I’m open to suggestions. Color Preferences: pink, teal, soft colors etc., open to suggestions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo designs - Ability to create unique and eye-catching abstract designs - Knowledge of color theory and ability to suggest suitable color palettes - Attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of the brand/company in the logo design

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    Description: We're seeking an experienced developer to transition our administrative interface from AdminJS to the new Minimal Dashboard template: Project Specifications: Reverse Proxy: nginx. Database: PostgreSQL version 13.3. Application Server (API): Node.js version 18. Platform: Node.js version 18. Framework: NestJS version 9. Package Manager: yarn. ORM: TypeORM. Mail and Marketing: Brevo/SendInBlue. Logging and Alerts: Sentry. Authentication: with JWT. Payments: Stripe. Administrative Panel: AdminJs. Maps: Google Maps/API. Object Storage: AWS S3. Main Tasks: -System Analysis: Evaluate the existing AdminJS interface () to understand all the features and capabilities we currently use. -Function Migration: Transfer all functionalities

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    ...OPP. An FP library is not required but fp-ts is welcomed more concerned with using JS built-ins such as a map rather than a switch, no nested branches, reduce, no try/catch/throw, pure functions, use of eslint-plugin-functional, etc. The two Storybooks and the Playbook app do not need to use a monorepo task runner unless the CICD option is implemented, but PNPM should be used rather than npm, yarn, or others. Example of Astro and Decap integration [2]. Use of Cloudinary’s DAM is welcome. TailwindCSS, prefer htmlx for interactivity. HATEOS is preferred but if JS state is really needed, interested in using nanostores. Pagefind or similar for search. Astro with Pagefind example [3]. The usual suspects such as: astro-auto-import, astro-seo, astro-compress, @as...

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    Yarn Fiber Quote Končano left

    creation of 3D Model of Synthetic yarn fiber

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    As the owner of a fashion studio, I'm searching for a logo to represent my brand. The name of my studio is Lotus Yarn, and I'm looking for a modern logo to capture the feel of my business. In particular, I'd like to incorporate pastel colors and feminity in a mature way into the logo's design. Referencing high fashion and runway trends, I'm hoping to have the perfect logo designed for me that will truly capture the uniqueness of my studio and arrive at the perfect visual representation of my business.

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    Logo Design Končano left

    I am looking for someone to design a logo for Lotus Yarn. Its a Fashion Boutique for are looking for an illustrative logo with pastel n feminine colors . Am looking for a mature look. I am open to any ideas and creative solutions. The logo should be able to capture the essence of the name n work of the company and integrate well with our brand. We would like to use the logo for our website but also have the flexibility to use it across different platforms as needed. We are open to suggestions for the shape, type, and imagery used. We will need a high-quality logo that will be used in all digital channels from web to social media, and any other printed materials such as business cards, brochures, also need the logo to be delivered in a format that is easy to use online

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    greeting cards Končano left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create greeting cards for the upcoming Christmas season. The cards should have a rough idea/theme, but I am open to suggestions. Requirements: - Experience in designing greeting cards - Creativity and the ability to come up with unique de...Requirements: - Experience in designing greeting cards - Creativity and the ability to come up with unique designs - Attention to detail to ensure high-quality cards The project will involve creating 1 greeting card to share with all our customers for holiday season/new year. The freelancer will have the freedom to explore different design options while keeping in mind that we are a producer of textile yarn and stretch woven fabrics. The final deliverables should be visually appealing and suitable for the holid...

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    I'm looking for an experienced script doctor to help me refine and rewrite parts of my existing screenplay. The genre of the screenplay is crime/drama, and in particular, I'm having trouble with the dialogue. I'm looking for someone with a great understanding help me refine and rewrite parts of my existing screenplay. The genre of the screenplay is crime/drama, and in particular, I'm having trouble with the dialogue. I'm looking for someone with a great understanding of storytelling and editing as well as experience in the dramatic genre to help me make the necessary adjustments to elevate my script. If you've got a knack for spinning a captivating yarn through words, I'd love to have you help me out. The script is inspired by a true story an...

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    I am in need of a logo for a knitting kit made with yarn from our island sheep . The logo should feature the colors blue, green, or purple, with specific elements. I am looking for a logo that is detailed and illustrative. My sheep should be accurately represented through the logo as I want the logo to be a reflection of my unique yarn Designers should be experienced with creating logos and be able to capture the essence of my knitting kit. If you think you have the experience to complete this project, please apply!

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    I am looking for a software developer to create a software solution for my knitted cloth business. The software should have the following features: - Inventory management: The software should be able to track the yarn (thread) that is given to job workers, as well as the knitted cloth that is received and the balance yarn that is left. - Order tracking: The software should be able to track the orders for fabric rolls, including the status of each order and any updates or changes. - Accounting: The software should have basic accounting capabilities, such as tracking expenses and revenue related to the knitted cloth business. In terms of integrations, I would like the software to be able to integrate with third-party services. This could include things like payment gate...

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    Big Data Project Končano left

    ...profitability. Real-World Implications • Optimizing Inventory: Know what items sell well in which regions. • Sales Strategy: Develop targeted sales strategies for different markets. Target Audience • Sales Managers • Business Analysts • Data Scientists Technologies and Tools • Data Processing: Pandas, Spark • Query Language: Hive • Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn • Big Data Technologies: HDFS, YARN Data Source The dataset includes: • Transaction Information: Region, Country, Item Type, Sales Channel, Order Priority, Order Date, Order ID, Ship Date • Sales Data: Units Sold, Unit Price, Unit Cost, Total Revenue, Total Cost, Total Profit Problem Statements Data Preprocessing 1. Null Value Elimination 2. Date Data Cleanin...

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    Big Data Project Končano left

    ...profitability. Real-World Implications • Optimizing Inventory: Know what items sell well in which regions. • Sales Strategy: Develop targeted sales strategies for different markets. Target Audience • Sales Managers • Business Analysts • Data Scientists Technologies and Tools • Data Processing: Pandas, Spark • Query Language: Hive • Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn • Big Data Technologies: HDFS, YARN Data Source The dataset includes: • Transaction Information: Region, Country, Item Type, Sales Channel, Order Priority, Order Date, Order ID, Ship Date • Sales Data: Units Sold, Unit Price, Unit Cost, Total Revenue, Total Cost, Total Profit Problem Statements Data Preprocessing 1. Null Value Elimination 2. Date Data Cleanin...

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    ...(file:///theme/node_modules/rollup/dist/es/shared/:9) at (file:///theme/node_modules/rollup/dist/es/shared/:26) at file:///theme/node_modules/rollup/dist/es/shared/:26 error Command failed with exit code 1. info Visit for documentation about this command. The command '/bin/sh -c yarn run build-only' returned a non-zero code: 1...

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    Landing page Končano left

    I can create the landing page for your Slip Stitch Yarn Company, In the landing page I will add your details and the logo, and also integrate the social media links.

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    The logo should include a ball of yarn, be primarily dusty pink, and the script should be cursive. Ideally the yarn will be incorporated to the text

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me complete the frontend design of my project and also devel...and also develop the DEX backend functionality. Front end - Next Js 13 - Typescript - Tailwind css - Yarn - Material Icons & Material Symbols - Tailwind Headless UI Existing Wireframes or Design Mockups: - Yes, I have existing wireframes and design mockups DEX Backend Functionality: - Order matching and orderbooks (Would explain more) -- Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in frontend design and development - Experience with wireframing and design mockups - Knowledge of DEX backend functionality, particularly order matching and Orderbooks Backend - Node 18 - Typescript - MongoDB - Mongoose - Express Js - Yarn

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help port the Google's Material UI library to R for use in a shiny web application. The programming language used will be R, and the desired end result is have the material UI library available to use in R Shiny. Details: I would like help porting Google's Material UI library using yarn and webpack to create a package in R that allows me to use all the components of the library in a shiny web application. The budget is negotiable and I'm willing to pay extra for great work. I look forward to hearing from you soon about how you'll help me achieve my goal.

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    I'm looking for a professional designer to create a unique logo for my yarn shop. The name of my shop is Stitch Yarn Co Ltd. and I have a rough idea of the design elements and themes I want for the logo but am open to creative suggestions. The color scheme I prefer is neutral, so I'm looking for creative ideas for black, white, and gray colors. I'm looking for a logo that is both eye-catching and representative of my business. If you think you have the skills and experience to help me create the perfect logo for my yarn shop, please let me know. Thanks very much!

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    Logo Design Končano left

    ...ideal candidate should have experience in logo design and a strong portfolio showcasing their creativity and skills. Company/Brand Name: Al Khaiyaat Specific Elements/Ideas: So it should be a logo and should have the name in Arabic and English along with the logo. The logo should be a corporate logo. My basic idea for the logo itself is to have a K . The straight line of the K should be a thread yarn and the two lines could represent two parts of a scissor and the straight line of the K should have a nice thread looking. Color Scheme/Aesthetic: The client prefers a bright and colorful color scheme for the logo. Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing logo design skills and creativity - Ability to incorporate specific elements or ideas into the logo design - E...

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    I need a simple HTM...I want the ability to select on my local a csv file which will then become my data. When I put a query/question into the input I want the response to come from the csv file. This is to be all done in JavaScript. You can write the response to the screen or it. I will need instructions on how to set up. Meaning tell me your step that it took to get to the final product—such as npm/yarn openAI—add Langchain—anything other steps or dependencies. So please give me a timeline and an accurate bid. I don't want questions like "What's your budget?"-- Bid what you think is fair. Please have experience in both OpenAI and LangChain. I already have a working openAI chatGPT Quasar application. Now I want to go to the next step...

    €57 (Avg Bid)
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    ...full set of specifications so that I can use the technical drawings for manufacturers to accurately produce the garments. To ensure accuracy, I am looking for this to be completed with a timeline of more than two weeks. I would be expecting the freelancer to understand garment construction, fabrics and patterns to produce details such as measurements, seam types, stitch types, sketch details, yarn count and strength, etc. in the tech packs. Additionally, the freelancer should also have a flair for design and strong creative skills to create tech packs that stand out. I am looking for someone reliable, with great communication skills, who is flexible and can think of innovative solutions. Furthermore, experience in creating tech packs for apparel and related products is essenti...

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    On our website , we are using CleanZone theme , originally written for Bootstrap 3.3.4. We rewrote the theme CSS to Bootstrap 4 few years ago and now is the time to migrate it to Bootstrap 5. Attached there is our NextJS app. You can start it using 'yarn; yarn dev'. Also try to switch to bootstrap-5 in pages/ and compare it page by page with bootstrap-4 version to spot the issues. If accepted, we will provide you login/password to dive deeper to the app. Please note that there is almost 200 pages in the app and theme CSS file has 5500 LoC. Most changes must be done in the template's file, although some slight changes in the app CSS, JS and HTML files might be needed as well. See also the Migration

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    I am trying to publish a version of my code for distribution. I am getting an error SQLITE_CANTOPEN. The distribution .exe file runs, but I cannot login because the database is not available. I need someone to guide me to fix it. I am using these versions: Operating System - Windows_NT(10.0.19045) - win32/x64 NodeJs - 14.19.0 Global packages NPM - 6.14.16 yarn - 1.22.17 @quasar/cli - 2.3.0 @quasar/icongenie - Not installed cordova - Not installed Important local packages quasar - 2.12.3 -- Build high-performance VueJS user interfaces (SPA, PWA, SSR, Mobile and Desktop) in record time @quasar/app-vite - 1.4.3 -- Quasar Framework App CLI with Vite @quasar/extras - 1.16.5 -- Quasar Framework fonts, icons and animations eslint-plugin-quasar - Not installed vue - 3...

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