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    404,783 yahoo store design najdenih del, po cenah EUR The first character is an Alchemist posing as a snake oil sales man in the old west, and the second is his assistant who is the face of the store. - The Alchemist Levi: I've included a mini that I had created in hero forge as well as a reference picture for where I got the idea from. He is perpetually tired from working in his wagon for long hours mixing potions and such so id like to have him look very tired and exhausted from all the work. Bags under his eyes and a bad posture things like that very messy with his work, usually why he is always covered in different mixes and liquids. I've also included a pair of goggles and a gas mask design that I liked. As for clothing and things Id like to stick to the old western style, vests, long coats, boots. The W...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with setting up my Printify acct and Etsy store. We are just starting so we need help putting our design on printify products and creating store. I posted a similar ad this week but really need prtify help too. Requirements: - Experience in setting up online stores, specifically with Printify and Etsy - Knowledge of product listing design and optimization for SEO - Ability to work within a tight deadline (within a week) Tasks: - Set up the store on both Printify and Etsy platforms - Incorporate my existing brand design into the store setup - Ensure the store is optimized for SEO If you have experience with Printify and Etsy, and can work within a tight deadline, please reach out to di...

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    I am looking for experienced app developers who can create an app for both iOS and Android platforms. The primary functionality of the app will be booking and reservation, allowing users to access our website through the app and make payments from within the app. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Strong knowledge of online booking and reservation systems - Experience in integrating payment gateways into mobile apps Timeline: - The app development should be completed within 1-3 months. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal for this project. Please write "understood" in your proposal so we know you have read everything. The website is still in development but well on its way. I can communicate this info ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to migrate my Bigcommerce store to Shopify. The project involves transferring all the products, customer data, and order history from the current Bigcommerce platform to Shopify. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in both Bigcommerce and Shopify platforms - Experience with migrating e-commerce stores from Bigcommerce to Shopify - Familiarity with handling product data, customer data, and order history during migration Ideal Freelancer: - Has a proven track record of successfully migrating e-commerce stores - Can provide examples of past work involving similar migrations - Demonstrates a deep understanding of both Bigcommerce and Shopify platforms - Can propose a detailed project plan for the migration process Deadline: - The migration deadline is fl...

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    Shopify Store 9 dni left

    Design a complete shopify store........

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an Amazon store for me. The store will be focused on selling fashion products. Skills and experience required: - Experience in creating and managing Amazon stores, specifically in the fashion category - Knowledge of Amazon's seller platform and guidelines - Ability to optimize product listings for maximum visibility and sales I already have a supplier and will be selling products that are already available on Amazon. I am looking to earn commission for selling these products. The store will have a range of 10-50 products listed. If you have experience in creating successful Amazon stores and can help me with this project, please submit your proposal.

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    WooCommerce live preview products 6 dni left

    Hello everyone, I need help with my ecommerce. I have a store that needs to sell personalized bags with the customer's name. I installed some plugins to make a live preview for these products but now the preview does not work. I need it to appear on each of the products I have on my current site. Thank you so much.

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    I have had this site up for four months with no sales. The pricing is very good and free shipping and I am getting visits but no carts, if you notice the problem let me know maybe a nice new store front

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    Amazon Store Manage 6 dni left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me manage my Amazon store. Tasks: - Product listing and optimization - Inventory management - PPC advertising The project involves listing and optimizing 1-10 products on my Amazon store. I need the project to be completed as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Experience with Amazon store management - Knowledge of product listing and optimization strategies - Proficiency in inventory management - Familiarity with PPC advertising on Amazon

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    Ecommerce Product sourcing shopify 6 dni left

    I require you to find me a winning product to dropship starting right away. It should be able to be sold for less than $70. Shipping time should b...Shipping time should be about 7 days. If the product is in the health and fitness niche that would be good, but I'm open to what's trending. I also want to understand how to find products for myself, so I will need some training so that I can learn and grow. If we need to spend some time on Zoom or with screen share, then that will be fine. I also need you to show me how to launch my Shopify store and start marketing for immediate sales. I'll need help to get my business off the ground and ongoing consultation to achieve success. After a couple of months, I want to switch my platform from Shopify to Woocommerce and...

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    Digital marketing expert 6 dni left

    I am seeking a digital marketing expert to assist with a social media marketing campaign on Facebook. The primary goal of this campaign is to drive foot traffic to a retail store. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated expertise in social media marketing, specifically on Facebook - Proven track record of successfully driving foot traffic to retail stores through social media campaigns - Strong understanding of target audience analysis and segmentation - Proficiency in creating engaging and compelling social media content - Knowledge of effective social media advertising strategies - Ability to track and analyze campaign performance metrics - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work with the client and other team members.

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    i have bought a script and already setup the laravel admin panel, firebase store (blaze) and flutter app. i need some adjustment where i can make the admin don't take commission from transaction but only paid based in prepaid

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    I am looking for a Shopify expert who can help me build a successful online store along with finding successful products. (i would like to brainstorm ideas) I am planning to sell both physical and digital products. Branding: I do not have existing branding, so it will need to be created from scratch. I am looking for someone who has experience in creating visually appealing and cohesive branding for online stores. (I have a tag GreatGoodsMaster that i would like to try and brand for my products) Product Sourcing: I need assistance with product sourcing. I am looking for someone who can help me find reliable suppliers for my products. Experience in product research and supplier management is highly desirable. (i know we could use Oberlo, Mineta, etc. i would not like to use Aliexp...

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    Title: Mobile App and Online Platform for Calculation and Analysis Overview: We are looking for a skilled developer to create a mobile app and online platform to replace our current spreadsheet system. The main focus of this project is to provide efficient calculation and analysis capabilities. Features: - Data Entry and Storage: The app should allow users to easily enter and store data for analysis purposes. - Calculation and Analysis: The platform should have advanced calculation functions and provide users with insightful analysis tools. - Reporting and Visualization: It is essential that the app offers clear and concise reporting features, including visualizations to present data in a user-friendly manner. Preferred Platform: - iOS: We require the mobile app to be developed ...

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    ...can help me publish my Android app on the Google Play Store. Here are the project requirements: Platform: The app has been developed for Android. Google Play Store Account: I do not have a developer account on the Google Play Store, so I would like the freelancer to handle the account setup and publishing process. App Assets: I have all the necessary app assets ready, including the app icon, screenshots, and descriptions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in publishing Android apps on the Google Play Store. - Familiarity with the Google Play Store policies and guidelines. - Ability to handle the account setup and publishing process. - Attention to detail to ensure all app assets are properly uploaded and displayed on the store. If ...

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    ...content of a Chrome browser tab, capture the HTML of the page, and log user interactions such as clicks. This project requires a deep understanding of Chrome's extension APIs, JavaScript and a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Key Responsibilities: Extension Development: Develop a Chrome extension capable of recording the content of a browser tab. Implement functionality to capture and store the HTML content of web pages in real-time. Create scripts to detect and log user interactions like mouse clicks, recording details such as the element clicked and the time of the click. Privacy and Security: Ensure the extension requires explicit user consent before recording. Implement robust data handling and storage practices, adhering to privacy laws and security stand...

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    I am looking to create an Electronics Store with a small storefront of less than 1000 sq ft. I am open to suggestions for the design and theme of the store. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and setting up storefronts for electronics stores - Strong understanding of the latest trends in electronics retail - Ability to optimize the use of space in a small storefront - Knowledge of effective merchandising strategies for electronics products - Familiarity with customer flow and layout optimization in small stores - Creativity in designing a visually appealing and functional store layout

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a large outdoor sign for my front store. The sign should be made of plastic material. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and creating outdoor signs - Knowledge of different types of materials used for outdoor signs - Ability to create visually appealing and durable signs - Proficiency in using design software and tools for sign creation - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific design instructions

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    I need a Shopify developer for a long-term project. my budget is 2 AUD per Hours. if you agree this budget then place a bid. The specific tasks I need assistance with are theme customization. I have specific design requirements in mind for my store. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Shopify development - Proficiency in theme customization - Strong understanding of design requirements and the ability to bring them to life - Ability to work on a long-term basis

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    iOS Test Flight Project Purpose: - The purpose of this app is for testing purposes. Apple Developer Account: - Yes, we already have an Apple Developer account. Stage of App Development: - The app is nearly complete. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in iOS app development. - Knowledge of Test Flight for testing and beta testing. - Familiarity with the Apple Developer account and App Store distribution process. - Attention to detail and ability to identify and fix any bugs or issues in the app. - Strong communication skills to provide regular updates on the testing progress. - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver a high-quality, fully functioning app.

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    I need to have a custom page on my Shopify store, which will be a multi-step purchasing process using specific Shopify collections. The collections to be used (which have been created beforehand) and the process to follow are outlined in the following Figma mockup: We need this to be done in the most optimized way possible, following each step outlined in the mockup.

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    ...will be very simple. It will return a message when a GET is received. This is Service A The same applies to a different Spring Boot application (supplied). This will return a different message. This is Service B 2. Upload image to ECR. Document any steps in setting up ECR 3. Create a cluster in EKS. 4. Create a persistent volume. 5. Service A and Service B should also mount the PV so we can store local files if we need to 6. Create another service running MySQL (or postgres), storing the data on the PV 7. Create a secret to hold the MySQL username/password 8. Create the Service A & B. This configuration should set some example environment variables and the Secret values for MySQL 9. Create an Ingress so that will direct to Service A and will direct to Service

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    ...list of compliance requirements and allows them to answer each item as a question, supported by documentation or statement evidence, which we need to capture and store. The spreadsheet will need to be updated to assess responses and produce a heatmap and spider diagram to show status and progress towards an industry certification; this enables some value add for management reporting for the clients and auditors in the future. So in short our MVP needs to: • Be available through a web portal via account setup, payment option and login credentials; • Be a web based spreadsheet with up to 300 questions to answer; • Be a doc/evidence store to capture information provided by the clients; • Be able to generate compliance readiness reports and diagrams to dem...

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    Hello good morning! I am Joel Osorio, I have a brand approved by Amazon and I also have the domain And I would like the product that I sell on Amazon to be purchased from the Amazon store from the website. I don't understand anything about web development. I live in Paraguay, in case you speak a little Spanish, it would be of important help, otherwise I use Google Translate. I understand a little English and I speak it too. My idea is the following I would like to develop a website with the name of my store on Amazon and also develop the brand on Amazon seller central.- It is a project that is starting with one product and then it will scale

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    ...with Card Tapping Functionality Project Description: We are looking for a skilled freelancer or a team to implement a comprehensive system for bus fare collection with card tapping functionality. The system will involve a combination of hardware and software components. Here's an overview of the project in software terms: Database Management: Utilize a database to store user information, card details, and current balances. Design tables with fields such as UserID, CardID, Balance, TripHistory, etc. Card Management System: Assign a unique identifier (CardID) to each passenger's card. Implement functions for card registration, user association, and balance tracking. Recharge Functionality: Develop a mechanism for users to recharge their cards via a web portal,...

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    ...system, e.g. an online store, with a warehouse management system in order to optimize the management of product availability in the online store based on the stock level. As a result of this integration, changes in product availability in the warehouse should be automatically reflected in the online store and online orders should be updated in the warehouse system. Requirements: Online store - You can use any e-commerce platform or create a simple online store using technologies such as WordPress with WooCommerce or any other technology. Warehouse management system - You can assume that it is available as a web or database application (e.g. MySQL) or even available as an API. Integration - Use appropriate tools and technologies to establish integration...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to design and deploy a Woocommerce store in Hebrew. The store should have a modern and minimalistic design style. I have some ideas for specific features and functionalities, but I am open to suggestions. The website should also be mobile-friendly. This is digital keys store for software and games Need to have at least 50 products in the store All images pixel perfect Only illustrated images All pages need to be done, privacy policy, terms, refunds include page design Refund will be issued after 24 days from the purchase, if the key not activated Small description about the softwares like windows office etc No need description about games, as reference Skills and Experience: - Experience i...

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    ...Endpoint which is a piece of code that allows us to receive JSON data via an HTTP POST request and store it in our Firebase Database. First, we need to create a Firebase project in the Firebase Console. After that, we need to install and configure the Firebase SDK for our endpoint. This will allow us to connect our endpoint code to our Firebase project. We then create and configure an endpoint that will receive the incoming JSON data via a POST request. Once the endpoint is set up and running, we will need to parse the incoming JSON data and store it into our Firebase Database. This is done by writing code that will read the data from the request body, store it into an object, and then store it into Firebase via the Firebase API. Finally, we need to deploy...

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    Modern Interior Design for Small Coffee & Chocolate Shop - Desired Aesthetic: Modern - Colors and Themes: Open to suggestions - Budget Range: Low Project Details: Dears, we plan to open a coffee shop in Skopje, North Macedonia. There is a space in a building we can use. We need to separate it from the current store. We also need an entrance from outside. The total area is 27 sqm. I'm attaching photos and a plan for the shop. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you already have experience with it. It is going to be a coffee shop, that sells handmade chocolate and artisan sandwiches. We prefer modern design. Best

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    Copy & Paste React Native apps 6 dni left
    VERIFICIRAN/A ensure all components are working as expected. Submit to Stores: Follow our detailed guidelines to submit the apps to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Post-Submission: Monitor the submission until it's approved and live. Note: Each step comes with comprehensive documentation and a community of developers for support. So, you're never alone in the process! Benefits Ease of Work: The job mainly involves copy-pasting and following guidelines—no need to build anything from scratch. This means less stress and a quicker turnaround for each project. Skill Development: Learn the basics of React Native, mobile app development, and app store submissions—an excellent stepping stone into the tech industry. Flexible Hours: You get to ...

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    ...the world of digital commerce. **Key Responsibilities:** 1. **Product Management:** - Physically attend our retail store to understand our product range. - Upload new products to our WordPress website, ensuring all technical aspects are handled efficiently. - Regularly update and manage the online product catalogue, including stock levels and pricing. 2. **Photography and Descriptions:** - Take high-quality photos of products for online display. - Write compelling and accurate product descriptions that reflect the brand’s tone and ethos. 3. **Marketing:** - Develop and implement effective marketing strategies to promote products both online and in-store. - Utilize SEO principles to enhance product visibility on the website and search engines. ...

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    PAYOUT ON COMMISSIONS ONLY CREATE SHOPIFY PAGE AND MANAGE IT MANAGE META ADS TO GENERATE REVENUE. PAYOUT WILL BE AFTER REVENUE IS GENERATED AND AS A % OF REVENUE (NOT AD SPEND) I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with managing ad campaigns and optimizing product listings for my Shopify store. Tasks: - Managing ad campaigns to drive traffic and conversions - Optimizing product listings to improve visibility and sales - Tracking sales and analytics to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in managing ad campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads - Knowledge of Shopify and experience in managing Shopify stores - Strong analytical skills to track and analyze sales and performance metrics - Abi...

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    I am looking for someone to physically attend our retail store and assist with the following tasks: - Uploading products to WordPress: The ideal candidate will have experience with WordPress and be able to efficiently upload products to our website. - Taking photos: The candidate will be responsible for taking high-quality photos of our products. - Writing product descriptions: Strong writing skills are essential in order to create compelling and accurate product descriptions. - Marketing knowledge essential: The candidate should have a good understanding of marketing principles in order to effectively promote our products. In addition, the candidate will also be required to perform basic edits on the photos before uploading them to WordPress. The project involves uploading more ...

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    ...on the Google Play Store. Care2home is an innovative platform connecting customers, doctors, pharmacies, and delivery personnel, offering seamless online doctor consultations, pharmacy services, and efficient e-consultations. Technical Details: Technology: REACT NATIVE Platform: Android (cross-platform for IOS) Features: Online Doctor Consultation, Pharmacy Services, E-Consultation, Delivery Services Application Reference: For a better understanding of the project, you can refer to the application details on Codecanyon here - Scope of Work: - Set up and install the Care2home application on our designated server. - Deploy the mobile application(s) on the Google Play Store. - Ensure seamless

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    ...create a website for my retail store in Ireland. The website should have the following main functionalities: - Appointment booking: I want customers to be able to book appointments online for services or consultations. - Informational only: The website should provide information about our store, including location, opening hours, and contact details. Skills and experience required for this project: - Web development: The developer should have experience in building functional and user-friendly websites, with a focus on appointment booking systems. - Design: As I have a specific design in mind for my website, the developer should be able to work with my design preferences and bring them to life. If you are a web developer with experience in building...

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    Gaming Shop Project I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my gaming shop project. The ideal candidate would have experience in the gaming industry and knowledge of various gaming accessories. Type of Gaming Products: - The main focus of my shop is on gaming accessories, including controllers, headsets, keyboards, mouse pads, and custom pc designs. Brands: - I am open to any brand of gaming accessories, so the freelancer should be able to provide options and recommendations based on their expertise. Inventory Management and Sales Strategy: - I require assistance with both inventory management and sales strategy. The freelancer should have experience in managing inventory and optimizing sales for a retail business. - They should be able to help me track and manage inventory le...

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    Project Title: Sales Generation for T-Shirt and Hoodies Store Target Audience: - Both men and women Age Group: - All ages Overview: We are seeking assistance in boosting sales for our online t-shirt and hoodies store. We are willing to pay per sale generated or profit shared. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in digital marketing and sales - Strong understanding of various marketing channels - Ability to effectively target and engage with both men and women of all ages - Experience in driving sales through social media, email marketing, and/or influencer marketing is preferred Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a comprehensive sales strategy to reach our target audience - Utilize various marketing channels to drive traffic and convert leads into sales - Monito...

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    Build a figm plugin -- 7 6 dni left

    ...convert any app into a design fram by cope/past linke from apple/android store. The Task of project: Build figma plugin (apps to design) Deadline: 14 days The buget: 350$ Pay role: Fixed price Milestone realase: After testing, ensuring feature-rich Figma plugin that aligns expectations. Project for team freelancers Not for Indviduale freelancer Features & Functions: 1-Documentation. 2-Exporting assets. 3-Extract design elements. 4-Prototypes all screen and interaction 5-apps to design all fram screen 6-Capture specifications, styles, fonts And layouts. 7-Orginize and arringe 3 frames verticaly And all frames horizintaly How to use the plugin? By cope like from iOS or android store And past it at Figm plugin. Design Assets:...

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    I am looking for an experienced WooCommerce / cj dropshipping expert to help me with various tasks related to my online store. Tasks to be done include: - Setting up WooCommerce - Integrating cj dropshipping - Mass uploading of products - Mass price changes - General maintenance of the store Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience with WooCommerce and cj dropshipping - Proficiency in mass uploading and price changes - Ability to perform general maintenance tasks as needed I already have a WooCommerce store set up, so the focus will primarily be on integrating cj dropshipping and performing the specified tasks to streamline it all. Maintenance and updates will only be required as needed, so the time commitment for ongo...

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    Promote app and get more installs 6 dni left

    ...appeal to a wide range of users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in social media advertising, specifically in promoting mobile apps - Strong understanding of gaming apps and the gaming industry - Knowledge of various social media platforms and their advertising capabilities - Ability to create engaging and attention-grabbing content for social media ads - Familiarity with app store optimization techniques to maximize visibility and downloads - Analytical skills to track and measure the success of advertising campaigns - Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to adapt strategies based on user feedback and market trends If you have a passion for gaming and a proven track record in social media advertising for mobile apps, we would love to hear from you. ...

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    Title: Part-Time Retail Sales Person for Clothing Store in Abu Dhabi Responsibilities: - Selling clothing products to customers - Providing excellent customer service - Assisting with inventory management Requirements: - Previous experience in retail sales, preferably in a clothing store - Strong communication and interpersonal skills - Knowledge of current fashion trends - Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment - Flexibility to work 20-30 hours per week, including weekends and holidays Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of meeting sales targets - Familiarity with Point of Sale (POS) systems - Ability to handle cash transactions accurately - Attention to detail in maintaining store displays and organizing merchandise - Ability to multitas...

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    I am seeking a Shopify Expert to help me set up my Ecommerce store. The main goal of the store is to sell physical products. I already have a specific design in mind for the store. Additionally, I require specific functionalities and features to be implemented. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Shopify platform and its customization options - Experience in setting up Ecommerce stores and optimizing them for sales - Ability to incorporate specific design elements into the store - Knowledge of Shopify apps and plugins to add necessary features - Strong understanding of Ecommerce best practices and conversion optimization techniques

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    Shopify Website 6 dni left

    I am looking for a skilled Shopify developer to create an e-commerce store for my digital products. I do not require any branding to be incorporated into the website design. Requirements: - Experience in Shopify development - Knowledge of e-commerce website design and development - Ability to integrate payment gateways for digital products - Familiarity with creating product listings and managing inventory on Shopify Skills: - Shopify development - E-commerce website design - Payment gateway integration - Product listing and inventory management If you have experience in creating e-commerce stores for digital products and are confident in your Shopify development skills, please apply for this project.

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    I am looking for a Shopify expert to update my store to a new template with enhanced design. I am open to suggestions for the specific template to use. During the update, I would also like to have some specific features added to my store. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Shopify and experience with template updates - Strong design skills to enhance the overall look and feel of the store - Ability to suggest and implement additional features based on my requirements

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    ...Storage: Store purchased tickets within the app for easy access during events. - Personalization: Allow users to save favorite events, set preferences, and receive event recommendations. - Notifications: Notify users about upcoming events, ticket availability, or event changes. Common Features: Integration: Data synchronization between the website, organizer app, and ticket buying app. User Authentication and Security: Implement secure login and data protection measures. Responsive Design: Ensure compatibility and usability across various devices (desktop, mobile, tablets). Customer Support: Provide contact options or FAQs for user queries and support. This scope outlines the primary functionalities and features for each part of the application. Further detailed planning...

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    Need to remove google adds from shopify store asap

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    Hi, I need to hire someone to help me put 300 inventories on my webite every month. I have a website that sell digital planners and I need help with listing the planners to my Shopify store. Job is extremely easy and you can work anywhere. I made a video showing you how to do the job and when the job is finish, I pay you right away. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Attention to detail to ensure accurate product listing information - Ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines - Must have a computer - Must understand some basic English - Must have skype to communicate with me PAY: $30 to list 300 projects (the more you work, the more you can make) If you are intested, please watch the video below. It will give you an intro on what the projects requires. ...

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    56 ponudb help me set up a new website. I have a general idea of the design, but I need professional input to bring it to life. I also have existing brand guidelines that need to be followed. Requirements: • Proven experience with both Shopify and WordPress platforms. • Advanced knowledge of Shopify & WordPress theme code edits. • Strong understanding of PHP, HTML, and CSS, with a focus on Shopify requirements. • Familiarity with e-commerce website development. Responsibilities: • Modify Shopify stores based on client requirements. • Customize and modify Shopify plugins to enhance store functionality. • Proficient in adding, deleting, and modifying products on Shopify and WordPress. • Handle administrative tasks related to ...

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    i need calculator that calculate based on adress where package is going plus 2$ fee( profit for me on top of the rate)

    €28 - €232
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    I am looking for a Shopify expert to set up my art store, specifically for selling photography. I have specific ideas for the design and layout of the store, and I also have specific features in mind that I would like to include. Reference websites are my own existing website - and a Shopify website of another artist - I also want to install the Artplacer widget (which I have already subscribed) on my Shopify website. A reference website for this is - Skills and Experience: - Shopify expertise and experience in setting up online stores - Strong understanding of photography and art market - Ability to customize and design the store according to specific ideas and requirements - Knowledge of integrating

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