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    ...that's responsive and user-friendly for the general public. First we need change some page html in react.js. than we will build an webapp with. Key Requirements: - Building a new web application: The primary goal of this project is to develop a new web application. Experience in building user-friendly and intuitive web applications will be crucial. - Responsive design: The application must be built with a responsive design. Ensuring that the application looks great and functions well across various devices and screen sizes is a top priority. - General public target audience: The web application is intended for use by the general public. This means that the user interface and overall user experience should be designed with a...

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    ...designed with a clear, user-friendly interface and include the following features: - Reminder Notifications: Users should be able to set up reminders for their upcoming periods, ovulation dates, or other relevant events. - Pregnancy Tracking: It should have a feature that allows users to track their menstrual cycle and predict fertile days for better family planning. - Symptom Tracking: The app should also enable users to log and track their physical and emotional symptoms throughout their cycle. It's important that the app adheres to specific design requirements that I'll provide. I'm looking for a professional who has experience in Flutter development and mobile application design. It's crucial that the developer can efficiently implem...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to completely revamp my current music page. The project will involve not just a fresh, modern look, but also reorganizing the structure for a more streamlined user experience. Here's what you'll be working on: - **Design/Layout:** Ideal candidates for this project are those with: Before placing your bid, please share examples of your work. This will allow me to assess your style and see if it aligns with the vision for my music page. I look forward to your proposals!

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    I need a developer who is proficient in Python and familiar with API integration to update my current automation script. I'm looking to add a user input functionality. Additionally, as an extension of this function, I'm interested in having textual data scraped as an output. Ideal Skills: - Strong Python programming skills - Experience with automation scripts - Familiarity with API integration - Knowledge of data scraping, particularly text data. Please note, specifics regarding the data to be scraped will be provided upon project initiation. Previous experience in similar projects will be highly regarded.

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    I need a developer who is proficient in Python and familiar with API integration to update my current automation script. I'm looking to add a user input functionality. Additionally, as an extension of this function, I'm interested in having textual data scraped as an output. Ideal Skills: - Strong Python programming skills - Experience with automation scripts - Familiarity with API integration - Knowledge of data scraping, particularly text data. Please note, specifics regarding the data to be scraped will be provided upon project initiation. Previous experience in similar projects will be highly regarded.

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    ...utilizing Canva and my brand's design kit, guiding the initial design process. I will provide a number of example posts to inspire future development. Outlined below are the project specifications: - Design Brief: I will provide a specific design brief for each individual Instagram post. Your creativity will be leveraged within the boundaries of these guidelines to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing post. - Theme: The general theme of these posts revolves around product promotion and education for viewers. - Information Conveyed: Each Instagram post should effectively communicate product features and benefits, upcoming sales or discounts, and user call-to-actions. Ideal applicants possess a strong understanding of Instagram marketi...

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    My goal is to launch a practic...practical, appealing business website focusing mainly on the Home, Services, and Contact Us pages. It should display a unique blend of minimalistic, colorful, and professional design, to offer a seamless experience to our visitors. Ideal Skills for the Job: - Proven web design and development proficiency. - Experience in combining minimalism, color, and professionalism in design. - Deep understanding of customer journey on business websites. - Ability to deliver a responsive, user-friendly interface. Key Deliverables: - Build a user-friendly Home, Services, and Contact Us page. - Ensure clean and colorful minimalistic design. - Ensure the website is professional and communicates our business brand ef...

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    ...system is able to generate invoices, track payments, and provide billing reports. It should be highly efficient and streamlined to ease our accounting processes. UI Design: - I have a preference for a modern and clean design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The system should also offer customization options to reflect our brand identity. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing comprehensive ERP with CRM systems - Expertise in inventory management, customer relationship management, sales order processing, and billing - Strong UI/UX design skills with a focus on clean and modern interface - Experience in developing customizable systems I'm looking forward to working with a professional who can under...

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    I a...this project is the public, so it's crucial that the design is appealing and user-friendly. Key Responsibilities: - Create high-quality UI/UX designs - Implement front-end development techniques to create a seamless user experience - Enhance brand image and service offerings - Optimize the design to increase conversion rates Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in UI/UX design principles - Strong experience with front-end development - Prior experience with e-commerce or conversion-focused projects is a plus - Creative and innovative approach to design - Experience working with a wide audience range is preferred I am looking for someone who can bring a fresh perspective to my brand and services,...

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    Custom Shopify Store Overhaul 6 dni left

    Our Shopify store needs a proficient hand to guide an extensive revamp. We're aiming to: - Boost sales figures - Ramp up customer interactivity - Widen our br...We're aiming to: - Boost sales figures - Ramp up customer interactivity - Widen our brand's presence Tailoring is crucial to us, that's why we're seeking somebody who can: - Design a custom theme for us - Personalize product options and pricing For the theme, our focus is on: - Layout and navigation preferences to ensure a seamless user experience - Specific features and sections on the homepage to cater to our clientele's needs We're seeking an experienced Shopify developer, with a keen eye for design and understanding of effective eCommerce strategies. Expe...

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    I want to establish a robust online presence for selling my digital services. I am seeking a skilled web developer who can design an intuitive and user-friendly website with my preferred brand tone, personality, and colors. The perfect candidate for this project should have: - Exceptional skills in website development and design - Understanding of brand aesthetics and consistency - Experience with ecommerce sites - Proficiency in setting up online payment processing systems - Knowledge of how to incorporate instant digital product download capabilities -Application of branding voice and personality to website The website will primarily serve these purposes: - To sell my suite of digital services - Client-friendly payment exchanges - Quick and efficient digita...

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    I'm in need of an expert Wix website designer who ca...for employers. The primary target audience includes small businesses, enterprise companies, and startups. Your task will involve: - Enhancing the website's existing look (its been built by us on Wix by us but needs to look better) - Making the design visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly - Ensuring the SaaS platform is effectively marketed to our diverse audience Ideal skills: - Strong track record in web development and using Wix (we don't want to move off Wix for now), particularly with SaaS platforms - Proven experience in UI/UX design Here is the Please only apply if you're able to deliver a professional and attractive website that caters to a varied audience, keeping...

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    Scam Exposure Website 6 dni left

    ...that rip off customers. User creates an account and story, and can tell the story in a summary format & with as much detail as they link. It would be nice for the site to also break down the case in a "story-timeline" format. So a user can create/edit in time line points along with the event. Key Features: - Users should be able to register, log in, and submit their stories. While narrating their experience, they should be able to set it in the context of an event chronology. - Stories should be summarized and displayed based on various filters, namely business or entity involved, user ratings, date, or the type of scam/crime/problem involved. - The platform should also provide information about scamming entities' social media and alias...

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    ...Update the Wordpress version. Please note that the link to update Wordpress expired and you have to do it manually. Perhaps it is the reason why it will not allow us to make any changes to the General Settings. Remove plug-ins that are no longer in use as well as older pages or blogs not related to Commercial real estate loans or Business loans.. 2. Redesign the homepage to make it more attractive, user-friendly, and professional. It should appeal particularly to professionals in the age group of 35-54. We are looking for something dynamic that pops out in reference to commercial real estate and business loans. Perhaps an areal affect. Please submit examples of what the website front page may look like. 2. Create an input form that our clients can fill out to send us a loan...

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    --- **Title: Seeking a Web Designer for a Mobile Car Detailing Service Website** **Description:** We are launching a mobile car detailing service that offers exterior, interior, full detail, and deluxe detailing packages, specifically catering to sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Our goal is to create a professional and user-friendly website on SquareSpace that showcases our services and enables easy booking for our clients. **Key Website Features to Include:** - **Home Page** with a striking hero image and a clear call-to-action for bookings. - **About Us Page** detailing our background and introducing our expert team. - **Services Page** with detailed descriptions of our detailing packages and what they entail. - **Interactive Booking System** integrated with an availability calendar ...

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    I want to develop a highly engaging and user-friendly pet website from scratch, ensuring a modern and clean design. It will be a platform where various individuals and businesses in the pet industry can interact and offer their services. The website is to incorporate the following features: • User Sign-up and Profiles: I want individuals interested in pet services to easily create profiles on the platform. • Business Listings: Exclusive spaces for Trainers and Walkers to create and manage business listings. • Rescue Pages: Rescue organizations should be able to construct a dedicated page, and list available dogs for adoption. • Stripe Integration: An embedded payment gateway for processing subscription fees is required. • Additional Page...

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    i have a new startup with my husband for Ac repair. name: Arista Ac Repair Country US

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    ...osCommerce, WooCommerce, or something similar. Key Features: - E-commerce functionality: I aim to sell products on this website, so the platform should have secure, user-friendly purchase options. - Admin Panel: A robust admin panel for easy content management is crucial, allowing me to add or remove listings, manage orders, and so forth. - Responsive Design: The website must be fully responsive and render effectively on various devices including mobile. Prior experience isn't critical; I'm more than willing to give a new freelancer a chance on this project. However, a strong understanding of Linux, e-commerce solutions, and responsive design principles is essential. I look forward to your detailed project proposals including your approach, timel...

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    ...motorcycle and related items listings. Sponsored advertisements links to be included in the designs Key Features: - User Reviews and Ratings: It is crucial that users can give feedback and rate the vehicles they're interested in. - Photo and Video Galleries: I want to include the ability to display multiple images and videos of each vehicle. - External Link: The website should also integrate a link to a product selling website. The ideal candidate should have experience with: - E-commerce website design - Creating user review systems - Implementing multimedia galleries - Integrating external links. This project requires not only technical skills but also the ability to design a user-friendly and visually appealing website. Please, only ...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can develop process and interpret human language data. - Image Recognition: Implementation of image recognition would be crucial in our tool, to support various image-based tasks. Platform and Design: - The tool should be developed for Android and Web platforms. - A simple and clean design is preferred, ensuring a user-friendly interface and smooth user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI integration via API keys. - Strong background in developing Android and Web applications. - Proven experience in data analysis, NLP and image recognition. - Ability to create simple and clean designs for user interfaces. Please provide examples of your previous work...

    €2640 (Avg Bid)
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    ...create a web script that can process user activity data and generate reports based on that data. Key Requirements: - Automated Data Processing: The main functionality of the script should be processing user activity data. This data will be collected and stored within the system, and the script should periodically generate reports based on this data. - Report Generation: The reports generated should be detailed, insightful and visually appealing. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in web development and scripting languages - Experience with data processing and report generation - Familiarity with user activity tracking - Ability to design and implement an automated system - Strong communication skills for collaboration If you have pr...

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a project that involves the creation of a web application with the following features: - User Logins: The application should have a secure user login system, allowing registered users to access specific content. - Stripe Packages: I require the integration of Stripe payment packages into the application. There will be set packages that limit the number of 'IDs' that a user can enter that will be scraped. - Database Integration: The application should store user data in a secure database. Scraped information should also be stored in a database, along with the IDs that are to be scraped. In addition, I need a separate web scraping backend (I can provide code which queries the API and returns all of the information). It can be run separatel...

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    To fully implement the architecture for the three models—profile creation, event creation, and matching events with user profiles—on devices using DistilBERT, let's detail each component, including the practical data flow and model interactions. This structure will ensure privacy, efficiency, and adaptability of the system in real-world scenarios. 1. Profile Creation Model Architecture: Input Layer: Takes raw user data including textual descriptions and user activity logs. Processing Layer: Utilizes DistilBERT to extract features such as interests, professional background, and preferences from textual data. Output Layer: Produces a structured user profile with categorized data such as interests (e.g., AI, outdoor activities), professional back...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Wordpress developer to create a professional, formal website for my talent agency mainly focusing on actors. Key requirements: - The design of the site should reflect a professional and formal aesthetic. - Each actor's profile page on the site needs to include their contact information. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in designing and developing professional Wordpress websites. - Demonstrable user interface and user experience skills. - Experience creating talent profiles or similar would be beneficial for this project. Development can use WP Toolkit and I already purchased a template: This is throwing an error when installed and I need some support for that

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    ...Set up link personalization so that by clicking on a link sent from the site, the page opens only to the user to whom it was sent. If clicking on the link will enter the login information of another user, in this case it should not proceed. Configure the correct redirect to the necessary sites * insert a link to a document for download on one of the site pages (this document has already been generated and there is a download link on another page of the site) * Add generation of an invoice for using the site in pdf form (the form will be provided) with saving on the pages in the admin panel and on the user page. * Edit the account pages created in the admin panel, add a filter by user, month, account status and account number (these fields have been created...

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    ...within a larger initiative. We're seeking a developer eager to establish a long-term collaboration as we revolutionize content generation. Core Functionalities: Intuitive Input: Design a streamlined user interface enabling the input of core information and custom prompts for ChatGPT. ChatGPT Integration: Utilize Power Apps' connectivity to seamlessly interact with the ChatGPT API, sending prompts and receiving generated content. Dynamic Output: Present ChatGPT-generated content in a clear and adaptable format, incorporating user inputs and refinements. Ideal Candidate: Power Apps Mastery: Extensive experience developing custom Power Apps solutions, with strong UI/UX skills. API Integration Expertise: Proven track record of integrating Power Apps ...

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    ...individual who can combine creativity with practicality to build an application that enables users to converse with an AI in multiple languages. Ideal Skills and Experience: • App Development for both iOS and Android • Experience with incorporating AI into app design • Knowledge of various languages for programming AI is beneficial but not necessary as this question was skipped • Portfolio that demonstrates a mix of standard and bespoke UI designs (as a mix of both styles is desired) Applications should include their relevant experience, along with any work they've done that demonstrates the necessary skills for the job. As design will play a vital role in this project, a portfolio showcasing your previous work is highly app...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a ride-sharing website similar to with a few distinct features. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The site must have secure and seamless user authentication for all users. - Customized Design: I'm looking to differentiate my platform through unique branding and design. Target Audience: The primary audience for this project is daily commuters and ride/courier service providers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in front-end and back-end development - Extensive experience in building and customizing similar platforms - Understanding of user experience and brand identity

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    We need an online Virtual assistant to help us with our company tasks such as social media posts, research data entry etc... The tasks are very simple, however, this will be ongoing, daily work for the foreseeable future. Must be reliable and consistent in order to be successful in this role.

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a developer who is proficient in Python and familiar with API integration to update my current automation script. I'm looking to add a user input functionality. Additionally, as an extension of this function, I'm interested in having textual data scraped as an output. Ideal Skills: - Strong Python programming skills - Experience with automation scripts - Familiarity with API integration - Knowledge of data scraping, particularly text data. Please note, specifics regarding the data to be scraped will be provided upon project initiation. Previous experience in similar projects will be highly regarded.

    €26 (Avg Bid)
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    11 ponudb

    I'm looking for a skilled web designer/developer to help revamp a current WordPress site with a focus on improving user experience and enhancing the visual appeal. The new template will be based on the latest version and a fresh install of wordpress/woocommerce. I will be working closely with you throughout the process as project manager. AGENCIES NEED NOT APPLY. I am looking at working with a single individual who can deal with my basic website and ecom. If you read this and understand this, start your reply with "not an agency". Any reply that does not start with "not an agency" will be deleted. I am looking for a designer that can see the vision in the product and has the ability to represent it online in the best possible way. Also, any ...

    €316 (Avg Bid)
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    179 ponudb developer who can help me create a social media application akin to Facebook. Exclusive features we are focusing on are: - News feed: An advanced News Feed feature that allows news posts, comments, and user reactions will be crucial. The feed should be engaging and intuitive. - Multimedia: Our users should have the ability to upload photos. It's essential to build a user-friendly interface for this upload process. - User profiles: The ability to create and customize user profiles needs to be incorporated into the app's design. Applicants with prior experience building engaging, user-friendly social media apps will be preferred, especially those with a strong background in including custom news feeds and profile creation fe...

    €3911 (Avg Bid)
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    NEED URGENT. NEEDS TO START WORKING NOW. I'm in need of a Laravel expert to assist in customizing a legal management software. The purpose of the software is to streamline the management of legal c...streamline the management of legal cases, documents and time tracking. Key Features: - The key features I'm looking to include in the software are client management, billing and invoicing, and document automation. - However, I'm looking to make some specific customizations related to User Interface modifications. Ideal Candidate: - The ideal candidate for this project would have extensive experience working with Laravel and developing legal management software. - A good understanding of user interface design and customization is also critical. ...

    €510 (Avg Bid)
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    As a business owner, I'm looking for a talented web developer to create an intuitive, clean, and easy-to-navigate informational website. The main goal is to provide beneficial information about my business an...information about my business and its services to a broad audience, as there's no specific targeted audience mentioned. The website should include the following main sections/pages: - Home - About Us - Services - Contact - Testimonials The ideal candidate for this project would be proficient in creating sites that are visually pleasing and user friendly across various devices and web browsers. Experience in SEO best practices and user experience design would be beneficial. Apart from this, I'm looking for someone responsive, com...

    €119 (Avg Bid)
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    ...seeking a web designer to revamp our website with the primary goals of enhancing user experience, increasing traffic, and improving conversion rates. The project involves: - Adapting a user-friendly design: The new website should cater to our diverse audience, which primarily consists of the general public. - Retaining brand identity: While the website requires a fresh look, our brand logo and is an essential element to keep. - Overhauling content: While current content/products and product images are relevant, they may need restructuring to align with the new design. The ideal freelancer would have a proven track record in web design, with a focus on enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates. Experience in...

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    Simple HTML Calculator Integration 6 dni left

    I need a simple calculator with basic mathematical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This a provided template pack - Ensure the calculator is compatible with a range of common browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Brave Please note: - This is a small budget project - Design aesthetics are important, so the calculator should be minimalist and clean - The calculator must be fully functional with the above-mentioned operations. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Experience with designing and integrating widgets into websites - Able to ensure cross-browser compatibility for a seamless user experience If you have any further questions, feel free to ask and I'...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create an Author Dashboard for my book publishing company. This dashboard should be an all-in-one platform where authors can easily manage ...Submission Tracker: Authors should be able to track the progress of their manuscript submissions. Cover Uploading Functionality: - Authors should be able to upload their book covers. A preview of the uploaded cover is necessary to ensure it meets our quality standards. I'm looking for a developer with experience in creating user-friendly dashboards, especially in the publishing industry. It's crucial for the dashboard to have a clean and intuitive design as our authors may not be tech-savvy. Experience in real-time data tracking and good understanding of security conce...

    €71 (Avg Bid)
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    ...upcoming tasks or events should lead to seamless organization. - RSVP Functionality: Incorporate a system that allows users to RSVP or sign up for tasks or events, thus ensuring a steadfast and dependable participation record. The ideal professional for this project will have excellent skills in IOS and Android app development, experience in crafting user-friendly interfaces, and a strong sense of creating a ‘clean and professional design’, which I prioritize. Prior experience with non-profit or task/event management apps would be an added advantage. Please only bid if you can deliver such uniquely implemented features with a professional being. Please see attachement for clear overview of what the organization is trying to accomplish through th...

    €1293 (Avg Bid)
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    ...bugs present in my project. Key Tasks: - Resolving UI/UX issues: I'm encountering difficulties in user interactions within the app. Your role would involve identifying the root of these issues and implementing solutions that enhance the overall user experience. - Fixing Functional Bugs: On top of the UI/UX issues, there are a number of functional bugs that need to be addressed. Ensuring that the app is smooth and error-free is crucial. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in React Native: You should have a proven track record of working with React Native, and be able to demonstrate your skills in fixing UI/UX and functional issues. - Strong Understanding of UI/UX Principles: A good eye for design and an understanding of how users interact with apps is essen...

    €476 (Avg Bid)
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    118 ponudb

    ...professional ML web developer to create a user-focused website specializing in career suggestions. This project will leverage the power of AI and machine learning to create a personalized experience. Key functionalities: - User Registration: A secure, easy-to-use user registration/log-in interface. - Personalized Career Suggestions: Implement machine learning algorithms to suggest careers based on users' distinctive skills and interests. Please note, I'm not seeking to include past job history or education level at this time. - Career Path Details: Each suggested career should include a basic yet informative description. In-depth information or exploration of growth opportunities is not necessary for this project. Ideal candidates should posses...

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    ...interface should be colorful and vibrant. An ideal choice for this job should have experience with color schemes that pop, yet do not overwhelm. The goal is a bustling, yet comfortable online retail store environment. - The online store should be seamless and user-friendly, retaining the essential features of a successful e-commerce site. This includes a straightforward product listing, simple navigation system, and an easy check-out process. Key Skills and Experience: - Expert knowledge in Shopify store creation and customization - Proven track record with e-commerce platforms. - Prowess in design, especially with vibrant, eye-catching visuals. - Understanding of marketing to an adult demographic. - Prior experience in creating stores selling physic...

    €1129 (Avg Bid)
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    ...qualifications, and experience in the field. - Testimonials from past participants: Including testimonials from past participants can build credibility and help potential attendees understand the value of the workshops. - Course content videos, pictures, etc: Visual content like videos and pictures can help people visualize what they will experience and learn in the workshops. Link to sign up for courses that link to a jot form Ideal Freelancer: I'm seeking an experienced web developer who can create an engaging and visually appealing website. Key skills and experiences that would be beneficial for this project include: - Proficiency in web design and development tools - Experience in creating promotional websites - Understanding of user exp...

    €194 (Avg Bid)
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    Hypnotherapy Student Connection Hub 6 dni left

    I need a minimalistic, modern web platform dedicated to linking potential students to hypnotherapy training. Key features should include: - An online application/registration form to streamline student e...what's taught. - A comprehensive gallery showcasing training sessions, environment and events. - Detailed information on tutors, highlighting their qualifications and experiences. - Thorough syllabus content, displaying the full breadth of our course offering. The ideal freelancer for this assignment needs experience with web development and design, ideally with a previous portfolio in education-focused platforms. A keen eye for modern minimalist aesthetics is preferred. An understanding of user flow and navigation will be advantageous, to ensure easy access t...

    €166 (Avg Bid)
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    62 ponudb

    ...experienced Flutter developer to create a user-friendly mobile app. The design is already available and provided in XD format. The mobile app should attract and be usable by the general public. Key features required in the mobile app: * User registration and login. The app should secure user personal data, allowing for a seamless onboarding process. * Push notifications. The app should keep users engaged and updated by using push notifications effectively. * Payment gateway(later stage) Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in Flutter mobile app development. * Experience with UX/UI design principles. * Knowledge and previous experience with push notifications. * Excellent understanding of user registration and lo...

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    Danish E-commerce Webshop Design 6 dni left

    I need a skilled web designer to create a minimalist, Danish webshop for my business. This will comprise of 10 pages dedicated to selling a variety of products online including furniture, garden items, and CBD oil. Proficiency in creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is key. Previous experience in e-commerce and knowledge of Danish style design would be beneficial.

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    115 ponudb

    I'm looking for an experienced mobile app developer to c...categories: by title, genre, and author. - The app should also be designed with a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in mobile app development, especially with e-commerce or aggregator platforms. - Strong knowledge of both iOS and Android development. - Familiarity with integrating e-commerce features like preview options and search filters. - UI/UX design expertise to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively to achieve project goals. If you're confident in your ability to bring this project to life, please send your proposal detailing your approach, rel...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Windows software developer who can create a tool that is specifically geared towards automation of tasks. Key Requirements: - want to develop a software that automatically perform task on Google chrome, on a specific webpage....create a tool that is specifically geared towards automation of tasks. Key Requirements: - want to develop a software that automatically perform task on Google chrome, on a specific webpage. - The software should be designed to automate a set of specific tasks. - It should be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that even non-tech savvy users can operate it with ease. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in developing Windows software. - A strong track record of creating tools that automate tasks. - Ability to desig...

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    I am looking for a talented UX/UI designer to design a mobile application. I want to put it in presentation. I mean, I want images only, not a real application . that focuses on sustainable energy. This mobile application aims to spread awareness about renewable energy, provide energy usage tracking and energy saving tips, and foster a community of environmentally conscious individuals. Key features include: - Energy Usage Tracking: An easy-to-use interface allows users to track their energy consumption and identify areas for reduction. - Renewable Energy Resources Information: A section dedicated to educating users about the benefits of sustainable energy sources and their availability. - Education and Awareness: Engaging content to inform and inspire users to make env...

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    31 ponudb me customize certain features and tweak the design of my mobile application. Key Tasks: - Customizing the navigation menus: I need the navigation menus within the app to be revised and optimized for a smoother and more intuitive user experience. - Design modifications: The design adjustments will primarily involve changing some icons and refining particular app features. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Flutter: Expertise in Flutter programming language is essential for this project. - UI/UX Design: A good eye for design and experience in modifying app interfaces to ensure they are visually appealing and user-friendly. - Mobile App Development: A strong background in mobile app development and the...

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