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    I am working on a Flutter SDK project that involves user authentication, registration and push notifications. I am looking for a skilled developer who can work on this with me. Key Project Components: - Implement user authentication and registration functionalities - Set up push notifications within the app I would like to see: - Your past experience with similar projects - A detailed project proposal demonstrating your understanding and approach to this project Communication: - I prefer to communicate via email, so availability to respond in a timely manner is important. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Flutter SDK - Experience with implementing user authentication and registration - Familiarity with setting up push notifications within mobile applications -...

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    Integrate payment gateway. Payment gateway dont have suitable sdk for flutter. Flutter App.

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    ...writing a poem. Webhook: Sends the request to your webhook. GPT-3 API Call: The webhook calls the GPT-3 API with the user's command. Response: GPT-3 generates a poem, and the webhook formats the response. Dialogflow Fulfillment: The webhook sends the formatted poem back to Dialogflow. Google Assistant: Reads the poem aloud to the user. Tools and Technologies: Google Assistant SDK: For setting up and configuring Google Assistant. Dialogflow: For natural language processing and managing conversations. Node.js/Python: For writing the webhook server. OpenAI GPT-3 API: For generating content based on user input. Example Code Snippet: javascript const express = require('express'); const bodyParser = require('body-parser'...

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    1-I implemented application UI dynamically so it behave. 2-I also implemented new firebase chat system and deleted all agora code and sdk , 3-I also fix the exception and error from the project.

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    Zatca phase 2 8 dni left

    zatca integration sdk library and demo use code

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    We are seeking an experienced Flutter developer to integrate 's video and call streaming services along with Firebas...Flutter developer to integrate 's video and call streaming services along with Firebase database into our existing Flutter application. The primary tasks include implementing 's features for seamless video streaming and call functionality, as well as utilizing Firebase database for efficient data storage and retrieval. The ideal candidate should have prior experience with SDK and Firebase integration. Additionally, the developer will be responsible for updating the app to meet the requirements for submission to both Apple Store and Android Store. If you have the necessary skills and expertise in Flutter development, we'd love to hear from you.

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    When you bid on this project start your bid with "I CAN DO THIS" There is so much automated bids that it just wastes time. Also bid responsibly and don't ask " What's your budget" Bid what you think it's worth to you. I want a clean new Quasar Application that you load "@anthropic-ai/sdk": "^0.21.0", and makes a call using Setting up a demo Quasar app takes less than 5 min. my sample code: async sendMessageToClaudeChatbot(message) { this.Claude_question = "Claude Question"; const anthropic = new Anthropic({ apiKey: process.env.CLAUDE_COLAB, }); (anthropic); const anthropic_message = await ({ // mode: "no-cors", max_tokens: 1024, messages: [...

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    ...Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions. Optimize backend processes using Golang for enhanced system performance. Ensure the integration of frontend and backend systems for seamless user experiences. Containerize and orchestrate microservices using Docker and Kubernetes. Skills: Blockchain Proficiency: Expertise in blockchain technologies such as Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint with a deep understanding of decentralized application development and smart contract implementation. Fullstack Development: Strong capabilities in both front-end and back-end development for creating end-to-end solutions. Golang Mastery: Proficient in Golang, optimizing backend processes for enhanced system performance, reliability, and scalability. Communication: Stro...

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    ...Account: - Sign up for a Twilio account to enable both sending and receiving SMS messages. The purpose of this is to enhance customer experience by allowing them to receive notifications or updates via SMS. - Laravel Installation: - Ensure you have a Laravel project set up. The project is primarily a customer support portal and will require the Twilio integration. - Twilio SDK: - Install the Twilio SDK for PHP for seamless communication and interaction between the Laravel project and Twilio. The project is intended to provide a reliable and efficient customer support platform, which is why the SMS integration is crucial. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in Laravel - Experience with Twilio or similar SMS service providers - Str...

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    ...should be able to handle and manage background services effectively. Skills/Experience: - Strong background in software development, specifically on Android and iOS platforms. - Proficiency in Java/Kotlin, Objective-C/Swift and ReactNative. - Prior experience in building bridge software is highly desirable. - Ability to deliver quality results under a tight timeframe is essential. Drivers: IoT SDK for BeaconSET+: Password: minewtech Documents: Reference: @pasinduyeshann/native-module-for-react-native-using-kotlin-1f169372b6d3 Please note that this project has an urgent deadline, so I am looking for a committed and experienced

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    Añadir SDK FACEBOOK 3 dni left

    Necesito el sdk de Facebook para poder hacerle publicidad en Facebook ads y tambien añadir android auto en la app

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    Tenemos una aplicación desarrollada con los siguientes componentes: sdk-version: titanium CLI android:versionCode="43" uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" android:targetSdkVersion="28" Queremos que se compatible con Android 33-34 (13,14), actualmente como se menciona la versión mas alta que soporta es 28 (9). Quedo atento a cualquier duda.

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    I have a simple iOS app with subscriptions enabled, I would like to track conversions in real time by integrating mixpanel to my existing code. Should be an easy job if you know how to integrate mixpanel sdk and conversion tracking on the current code. Looking for someone that already integrated this successfully on an iOS app

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    Objective: Develop an audio-video chat module using WebRTC for Android and iOS platforms. The module should facilitate real-time communication between users with support for audio and video streams. Platform Requirements: Android (Java): Target SDK: Android 6.0 (API level 23) and above. Development Environment: Android Studio. Libraries/Frameworks: Google's WebRTC library for Android. iOS (Swift): Target iOS Version: iOS 17.0 and above. Development Environment: Xcode. Frameworks: WebRTC framework. Functional Requirements: Send a text message with URLs, which will preview automatically in a small box in their chat window. Send an image from their camera or gallery Send a video from their gallery Send an animated gif via integration with Tenor or similar Start a video call ...

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    I am seeking a qualified developer to build an online Rummy game specifically for the Android platform, equipped with a multiplayer feature: Key Game Specifications: - Multiplayer functionality: T...Specifications: - Multiplayer functionality: The game should facilitate multiple players at the same time to mimic real-life game play. This project does not require complex graphics - a simple, user-friendly interface with basic graphic detail is sufficient. Ideal candidate skills: - Experience developing Android apps - Understanding of multiplayer game architecture - Proficiency in Java and Android SDK This is a fantastic opportunity for developers interested in card games and multiplayer game structures. I look forward to seeing your proposal and sample works of similar charac...

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    I urgently require an Expert Kotlin Developer to assist in one micro module. Mapbox Integration: Utilize Mapbox SDK to display interactive maps within the application. Offline Map Downloading: Implement functionality to download offline maps based on coordinates received from an API. Path Generation: Develop logic to create paths using GPX files fetched from an API. Real-time path follow : Enable users to follow paths generated from GPX files in real-time. Navigation Information: Display essential navigation data including distance covered and remaining, speed, and current elevation. Graphical Representation: Create a base graph at the bottom of the screen using GPX data and link it with the displayed path for better visualization. Ideal candidates should have: - Expert lev...

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    I'm looking for a skilled software developer who is proficient in Java and familiar with the DJI drone SDK. Seeking individual with HTTP and DJI SDK experience to add features to DJI Ground Control Software. The application must transmit and handle HTTP REQUEST to server, display popup messages, play notification audio, and auto-upload waypoint to a selected drone. Key requirements: - You must have experience in software development on Windows OS. - Proficiency in Java is a must. Experience with DJI drone SDK is highly preferred. - The main feature to be added to the software is automatic drone flight path planning. Key responsibilities: - Integrate the DJI drone SDK into my existing software. - Implement automatic drone flight path planning feature. T...

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    The developer should have the following skills and experience: 1. Proficient in Java, Kotlin and other programming languages; 2. Have a deep understanding of Android platform, familiar with Android SDK and related tools; 3. -- If you have an already published app you can! Out -- for s-a-l-e! . If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and look forward to further communication with you.

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    I'm searching for an experienced Android developer to work on a self-help app that targets elderly users. The primary goal of the app is to track the user's progress. Key Features: - User Regis...straightforward registration and login system to ensure user engagement. - In-App Purchases: It's essential that the app supports in-app purchases to enable users to access premium content or features. The developer should have the following skills and experience: 1. Proficient in Java, Kotlin and other programming languages; 2. Have a deep understanding of Android platform, familiar with Android SDK and related tools; 3. -- If you have an already published app you can! Out -- for s-a-l-e! . If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and look forward to furthe...

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    Android App Developer 1 dan left

    I'm seeking an Android developer with a strong grasp of Java programming, Android SDK, and UI/UX design for a straightforward project. Key Features: - The app should be capable of user authentication. Primary Goal: - The main objective is to create a basic calculative with admin approval of features and scrollong images which can be changed application. App is similar to video attached The ideal candidate will have experience in developing clean, user-friendly Android applications with a focus on accurate calculations. Experience in UI/UX design is a plus, as we aim to provide a sleek and intuitive user interface.

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    ...need to worry on researching that, just ask. Using PPSSPP emulator to test everything. Ready to start: immediately (ala right now); download the files get setup in PPSSPP. paypal or cashapp only; no crypto/others, sorry I'm paying also for patches made to eboot and a gui wrapped mod tool that edits all game data, so it will more than 1000, too; especially if you can also work with source code, SDK and emulators. Just DM me if you can/available; want/need something to do, they're open. preferably faster on discord: derricktri Respectfully, please only DM if you can actually do; I don't want your or my time wasted. Console: PlayStation Portable Game: FINAL FANTASY IV: The Complete Collection Version: V1.0 ID: NPJH-50414 Region: NTSC-J (includes English by default...

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    I am in need of an expert React Native developer to upgrade my existing app running v0.59.9 and bring it up to date with the latest version of React Native v7.0+ In addition to the platform upgrade also need to: - Upgrade Facebook SDK for FB login to continue working - Adjust query in 'My Activities' to only show activities created in the past, while 'Latest Activities' should only show future activities from all users within radius Skills and Experience: - Proficient in React Native - Experienced in upgrading apps to support multiple platforms - Familiar with the latest version of React Native

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    Objective Develop and integrate a SIP telephony client within the Milestone video recording software as a plugin using the Milestone SDK. This SIP client will allow the configuration of connection data with the PBX and enable the functionality to automatically answer calls so that they are recorded by Milestone. Project Scope Development of the SIP Client: Implement a SIP client that can be integrated as a plugin into the Milestone software using the provided SDK. Ensure the compatibility of the SIP client with current and future versions of the Milestone software. SIP Client Configuration: Add a user interface in Milestone to configure the SIP client. Configuration parameters should include: SIP server address. Connection port. Username. Password. Additional options such ...

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    I am looking for an experienced Ionic Developer to fix my app. i have an issue with my app that can't be build to Android SDK 33+. I've tried uninstall some plugin which is end up crashing at splashscreen as it only display a white blank. The job is to make my app can be build to Android SDK 33+ and compatible with lower SDK, no more error, crash and missing current feature i.e running in backround, notification, GPS. You have to make detail documentation on how you do it and what setting did you use, the timeline is 4 days and i'm willing to pay you $120 and that's final offer. And please, APPLY IF YOU UNDERSTAND WELL THE CASE AND WILLING TO BE PAID AS I OFFERED.

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    Android Studio Flutter & Dart Fix 22 ur left

    I've already installed Android Studio in my Windows machine and have been successful with Flutter, but now I'm facing some issues that seem to be causing a hiccup. I've tried various solutions from different forums, including Stack Exchange, but nothing seems to be working. I believe the issue lies with the Flutter SDK path errors and the launching of emulators. Specifically, I'm looking for a professional who can help resolve the following: - Investigate and fix Flutter SDK path errors - Solve the issue with the emulator not launching applications I need someone who's proficient with Android Studio, Flutter, and Dart on Windows, understands the mechanisms behind these tools, and has experience in troubleshooting similar issues. Your ability to co...

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    ACAP SDK Application Development 14 ur left

    I'm looking to hire a freelancer who can develop an ACAP SDK application using Docker and the C/C++ language. Key Requirements: - Develop an ACAP SDK application - Utilize Docker for the development - Proficiency in C/C++ Language If you don't have the experience in acap and docker and the requirements please dont bid Thank you

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    ...Features * Support for multiple languages and locales * Customizable user interface and branding * Integration with other Microsoft tools and services (e.g., Office, Azure) * Security and compliance features (e.g., encryption, access controls) On-Prem Client: * Quivr Agent * Programming Language: C# or C++ * Framework: Windows Desktop (.NET Framework or .NET Core) or macOS (Xamarin or macOS SDK) * Database: Azure Storage or Microsoft SQL Server (local instance) * File System: Windows File System or macOS File System * Networking: HTTPS (TLS 1.2 or later) * Installation: Windows Installer (MSI) or macOS Installer (PKG) * GitHub Solution: * Local Data Storage * Azure Storage (Blob Storage or File Storage) * Microsoft SQL Server (local instance)...

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    ...with our advertising SDK, catering to the affiliate marketing industry across various sectors including gambling, betting, utilities, and finance. Please check before applying: Opportunity Details: - Contractual Employment: Work with us on a project basis, with compensation provided for each completed application. - Flexible Workflow: Our development process is streamlined with our workflow system, which includes defined statuses and access to our order management system. Quality Assurance testing is conducted at various stages to ensure product quality. Your Role: - Development: From understanding project requirements to application development, you will handle all stages independently. - SDK Integration: Integrate our advertising SDK effortlessly with

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    I'm searching for an expert in both C# and Linphone SDK integration. The applied platform for this project would be Windows. I am looking to implement voice call functionality via the Linphone SDK in my C# project. Specific requirements for voice call quality were not stipulated. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in C# - Experience in working with Linphone SDK - Familiarity with Windows software development - Knowledge in implementing voice call functionality would be a huge advantage. Your responsibilities would include the integration and testing of the Linphone SDK into my project, ensuring seamless voice call functionality. The successful delivery of this project would be a fully functioning integration of Linphone's voice calling f...

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    I am in need of an experienced app developer to create an Android educational app with user accounts. - The app's primary function is...interactive on a mobile platform. - User accounts are a key part of this project, as I want users to have personalized experiences and be able to track their progress. You should be able to design and implement a user account system with profiles and login functionalities. - Experience with Android app development is essential. You should be comfortable with Java and/or Kotlin, as well as the Android SDK. A good understanding of Material Design principles will be a big plus. Please provide examples of previous apps you've developed, especially if they are educational. Your ability to create a user-friendly interface and a smooth user ex...

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    Need some to program me a small function in this sdk to add RFID verification & then open gate for the user using following SDK.

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    integeration Woosim Printer SDK Into Electric Bill System

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    IoT SDK Development Končano left

    I'm in need of an SDK designed specifically for IoT devices. This SDK should be compatible with C++ and JavaScript for ease of integration with a variety of IoT applications and platforms. The primary focus of the SDK should be on ensuring seamless data communication between IoT devices. This is crucial for ensuring that devices can exchange data efficiently and in a standardized manner. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong experience in SDK development, particularly for IoT devices - Proficiency in C++ and JavaScript - Understanding of data communication protocols used in IoT systems - Ability to deliver a well-documented and easy-to-integrate SDK - Familiarity with security considerations in IoT systems (though this project ...

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    ...versions, maintaining compatibility with Turvy's existing backend, frontend, and database systems. Replace Existing Mapbox with Google Navigation: Seamlessly transition from the current Mapbox maps to Google Navigation. It involves integrating Google Navigation into the Turvy app and ensuring a smooth transition for users. Integrate Google Navigation with Custom UI: Use the Google Maps Navigation SDK documentation to integrate Google Navigation seamlessly into the Turvy app. Customize the UI to reflect Turvy's brand identity, specifically adjusting the UI colour to #090949. Implement Automatic Road Tolls and Toll Charges: Develop a feature that automatically detects when a driver passes through a toll booth with a rider. Accurately calculate and apply toll charges to...

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    I'm on the look-out for proficient Java Developer with deep understanding of Linphone SDK. Given the information gap on my end, I'd prefer if he/she could recommend the most suitable Linphone SDK version for audio calls. Do note, my project demands specific focus on audio calls only. A background working with similar features would be valued. Recommendations on any additional features could be discussed. Let's chat if you have the expertise I need in order to make this a success.

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    ...both Android and iOS platforms. Hybrid app with website. Made in Flutter. The main components include: 1. **Comet Chat SDK integration:** The application is required to support real-time chat, audio/video call and file sharing features. 2. **Firebase Onboarding:** A secure onboarding process should be developed using Firebase with both email/password and phone number authentication systems. 3. **Subscription Service Integration:** The app must include subscription services utilizing Android and iOS native payment gateways. The ideal candidate should have strong experience in mobile application and website development, and expert knowledge in integrating Comet Chat SDK, Firebase, and native payment gateways. A keen eye for details, and a knack for delivering high-quali...

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    Hi, I am looking for some one experience in Truecaller SDK integrate to flutter app with complete process like key generat and approve from app level. Note - Mobile number validation purpose

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    50 Usd / Update form Exportation New Customer and dialog update due date 125 Usd / printer for development propose 300 USD / integeration Woosim Printer SDK Into Electric Bill System

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    This is a simple C++ command line program with parameters. I don't work with C++ on a daily basis and I need support. The program uses an external SDK, and I have header, lib and dll files. It needs to be connected and configured for everything to work. I present screenshots. This needs to be configured on my computer, I can share the screen remotely.

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    I need an experienced Native Android app and SDK developer to work on an existing wellness app. The main focus should be on health tracking, specifically heart rate monitoring. You should have prior experience developing similar health or fitness apps and be familiar with heart rate monitoring technology. Bonus points if you can provide examples of previous work in this field. Key skills required are Android development, SDK, Android Library creation, Java, Kotlin and health app design and development best practices.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Android developer to create an entertainment-oriented app primarily targeting young adults. This project demands a firm understanding of several unique features: - Social M...purchases should be built, driving revenue growth. - Live Streaming & Video Calling: Incorporation of real-time streaming and face-to-face communication capabilities are crucial for the app's entertainment component. - Private Room: An exclusive space in-app for private chats or activities is required. Candidates with relevant experience in 'entertainment app development' and a solid grasp of 'Android SDK', 'social media APIs' and 'streaming technologies' are preferred. Exceptional skills in 'UI/UX design' are a plus, a...

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    I am looking for a programmer that can work with UniSwap API. Connecting Volt Metamsk to UniSwap. Work with the swap section. Working with Pooling Liquidity. I should be able to do things like Creating a Pooling Liquidity Removal of a Pooling Liquidity And.... to do. If you have any questions, please ask

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    ...Swift developer to create a live streaming video app for iOS. Essential features for the app include: - Live streaming capabilities - Chat functionality that enables active interaction during a live stream - Social media integration for easy sharing and connectivity - User profiles for personalization The developer must be good working with SDKs. For this project, we will be working with this SDK: In order to truly assess your capabilities, applications should include examples of past work, especially projects that demonstrate experience in the above contexts. The successful app should also provide users with the ability to sign in through their social media accounts. This is an important aspect for me as this feature will

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    I am in need of a react-native whizz who can figure out and solve the error messages plaguing my project post SDK upgrade. Detail-oriented and aggressive troubleshooting skills are a must for this job. Since upgrading my SDK from version 50 to 51, my project has been inundated with errors. My dependencies are up-to-date and compatible with the new SDK version, but a solution remains elusive. The errors appearing are related to syntax issues and styles import (hermes) Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in react-native - Comprehensive understanding of SDKs and upgrading processes - Excellent debugging capabilities Nobody likes bugs, so let's squish this one fast. Looking forward to working with an enthusiastic problem solver.

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    I need developer with skill in Ionic to build my apps, my issue is everytime i build my apps to SDK 33 always comes up different error but it's all around gradle. I've tried different gradle but still it don't fix the issue. Your job is to build my apps and be compatible with different SDK and devices also give me details documentation on how you do it and it must be done in 4 days. I'm willing to pay $120 and that is the final offer. And please, APPLY IF YOU UNDERSTAND WELL THE CASE AND WILLING TO BE PAID AS I OFFERED.

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    ...pairing or connecting. The app must have a high level of security using HTTP, SSL, TLS or similar, and must encrypt and decrypt all data during transit and at rest with advanced security features like LESC, and using systems such as, or similar to, FIPS 140-2 and AES-SHA256 cryptography. I would like to have copies of any written source code that is created by you or any details on the tech stack, SDK and APIs used. As the app could be using Bluetooth or BLE, I want users to be able to send and receive data without the requirement of having to prompt for, or give permission for, a “pairing” or “connecting” of devices each time they wish to send or receive data. If BT or BLE is to be used, the developer must have a high level of understanding of the various...

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    he developer should have the following skills and experience: 1. Proficient in Java, Kotlin and other programming languages; 2. Have a deep understanding of Android platform, familiar with Android SDK and related tools

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    Para este proyecto, estoy buscando a alguien con experiencia en integrar el SDK de Meta en una aplicación existente (desarollado en PHP, mysql, javascript, taiwind). La url es: Estas son las principales habilidades y experiencia que necesito: - Experiencia sólida en el SDK de Meta PHP y su integración - Fuerte comprensión de cómo seguir eventos con el pixel de Meta - Experiencia previa con la configuración de parámetros de eventos - Capacidad para trabajar con el servidor Godaddy Los eventos a configurar son: Comprar: Cliente llega a la página Iniciar Pago: Cliente llega a la página Agregar al carrito: Cliente llega a la página Ver Contenido: . Cliente llega a la página Agregar informaci&o...

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    ...the Zebra Devices SDK. The primary functionality of the app will involve integrating barcode scanning via the Zebra device, but the project will also entail: - Establishing an inventory tracking system: This is a crucial element of this project. A solid understanding of inventory management or similar systems would be beneficial here. - Seamless integration: The crux of this project is the smooth and effective integration of an Android app with the Zebra Devices SDK. Past experience in this specific task is required. Skills and experience ideal for this job include Android app development, SDK integration, experience with the Zebra Devices SDK in particular, and development and/or integration of inventory tracking systems in mobile applications. Project S...

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    ...elements building, this is already done. The SDK is designed for easy integration into any app or website. See info related to Age Assurance here: @arissian/luciditi-sdk We also have a react demo app which can be used to get an idea of how easy it is to integrate: See: The flow is as follows: 1) User arrives at Shopify Checkout with age restricted product -> 2) Authenticate and launch the Luciditi Web SDK U/I-> 3) Luciditi U/I handles entire age assurance process -> 4) Hosting shopify site processes the result-> 5) take payment and process order as normal if success OR retry/exit if fail age assurance. The work involves calling out to a JS SDK which performs all necessary functions required

    €873 - €1747
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    €873 - €1747
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