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    ...need someone to implement a simple Flutter App in plain DART that can run on iOS, Android, macOS & windows. It should be a simple Image Gallery app with the following features: - load images (thumbnails) from sqlite database based on SQL query (using the moor/drift library for database IO) - pinch to zoom gesture (on iOS/Android) to scale the gallery element size (+/- keys on desktop) - infinit scrolling ListView as base (using pagination) <- core work package - very simple search field on the top to start a query on a 'year' column - all images shall be cropped to a square format It is very important and will be of highest priority that the resulting code is: - efficient and low memory footprint - well structured into classes and files - documented in code - min...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and capable website developer that is able to edit my unfinished Sheldonglobal website project for $200 USD. It must mirror the scrolling interaction similar to (The attached video shows the scrolling interaction that I want to achieve for my website). Sheldonglobal has a total of 10 brands under it and the brands will appear in a similar way on the website as - DM me for more details on this. Other changes to the website need to be made as well such as logo size ( will be provided ) and brand page layout. This is the current unfinished website: Information to note: 1. Photos and videos will be provided to input into the website 2. Working files will be included 3. Unlimited revisions for at

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    I need a responsive HTML / CSS /JS page built that has features such as carousels, parallax effects, custom font, text animations and transition animations. It is a one-page build. I will require all the folders and the files to upload the HTML into an existing website. Once I have the path where the css/folders will be hosted, I will supply the link to be updated in the HTML. Turnaround needed: Tuesday July 5.

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    Task ID - 802, looks page does not work. Worked 3 weeks ago. - 799, customer checkout cart is not showing missing information. Guest and customer cart is not scrolling up when missing information. Customer is not having marks on missing information - 731, Creatre rating filters (only, the others exists). Module for these filters exists, Manadev. - 797, indicate missing parts in customer cart and fix view ports (resize screens) - 787, previously working, now random showing is gone and only showing 3 is visible in the footer - 650, server optimisation, in the second document There may be one change in one API that needs to be done, but it will be on a time and material basis. Ways of working: Work via github (install Magento 2.4.3 p1 via composer, THEN pull our git commit on top an...

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    Web Scraping the memes and all their comments from 9gag including sub comments and storing them in the same order so that we can recreate the comment section again. I've already done the coding for scrolling the page, clicking on the comments part and sub comments. The program can get most of the comments and some sub comments. It’s missing on the starting comments maybe because they are being hidden as we scroll the page down. I need help with getting all of the comments without missing any.

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    1. If you go on PageSpeed Insights and make a speed test there () then you get this issue: Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance 2. and are already made up, but u have to connect them for sending a message to work.

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    ##### Start your bid with: "I am an Elementor expert" to be considered for this project. ##### You will need expert knowledge of Elementor to fix this! There are 2 Elementor sections that when clicked should trigger scrolling to specific positions, but the scrolling is buggy and behaving weirdly. I cannot find the problem. 2 other devs have also tried. Please see attached PDF where the scrolling positions for the 2 sections are specified.

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    I have a responsive template website which uses CSS and html and have the following requirements: Landing Page: to include background logo – central and responsive Age verification set up. Like Example 4: Wine CS...html to include background logo – central and responsive Age verification set up. Like Example 4: Wine CSS - Menu - rd-navbar-nav On all pages the menu for fixed and static needs to be in a row and central. On hoover the Underline does not work on product pages only – This seems like its CSS code for parallax-container maybe. Mobile: Menu COLOURS – main colour of the text is blue – this needs changing to grey.

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    ...(standard page for future stuff, different style elements images, tables) Disclaimer/legal stuff/cookies policy Gdpr compliance The template must make use of the divi functions like global settings for footer (elegant & lightweight), menubar including language selection or divi sections that are elements in the library for easy reuse. We prefer a a hidden menubar at the top that gets visible while scrolling down. The template must make use of the divi builder possibilities to centralized define all the colors and fonts and their sizes including definitions for heathers and so on. We want to be able to change and fine tune settings after the page is built. The purpose of our company is to actively support climate change and ensuring energy at all times for our customers (pri...

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    ...Title text field, Icon upload, Text area field, button name, button link, dropdown to choose between an image or a youtube video link (to be displayed as embed video on front end). SECTION 3 (Right text with image/video) - same as SECTION 2, except text is on the right column instead of the left column SECTION 4 (Center text with background image + slideshow) - Icon upload, background image with parallax effect, Title text field, sub-title text field, Text area field, Slider images upload (gallery pop up on click of these slider images) SECTION 5 (two column content area - title, subtitle, text, image/video) - Left Content SECTION 5 (two column content area - title, subtitle, text, image/video)- Right Content SECTION 6 (steps, title, text, image/video) SECTION 7 (full width windo...

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    ...Vimeo (link in google drive) 10. Contact Page: Reduce the length of the lines for Name_____ Email______ and Messages ______ to match closer to the .PSD 11. Make images and text fixed so they don’t change proportions when changing the window sizes on a computer. The responsiveness should only be working on mobile devices, not on desktops. 12. On Product SUB pages, please make the testimonial scrolling action to be smooth when clicking on the arrow buttons. Currently, it jumps/flickers from page to page, It needs to be a smooth scroll carousel. 13. Add Shop We need to update one of the shops in the stores page. Under HONG KONG, can you please add this shop: 14. The header currently vanishes very fast when the footer appears. But.. this should be a gradual vanish.

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    Heyy! So I am scrolling through your page and OMG your art is honestly amazing. Recently our artist for our project dropped out for personal issues but we weren't far into the art. We sadly are only doing payments in cuts of the project which for the artist (hopefully you lol) is 12.5%. The Mint price will be 0.05 ETH which by the end of the 10,000 will be 62.5 ETH the artists cut. We are happy to show you our Roadmap, Website and future plans if you would like to go through with this.

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    ...that speak differently to our customer. We would provide you with a marketing message I want to deliver to our audience, and you would create different images we would then go and use to run ads. Our images are designs to grab attention, educate, excite and ultimately get a click. Otherwise can be know as "ClickBaity" style ads. They are honest and truthful, but designed to make someone stop scrolling and click. The reason I require someone with creativity is because there is no black and white one way to do things in marketing and advertising. We are constantly making brand new styles of content to see what people like to engage with. If you think you can do this, I would love to start on a paid trial basis. If you are interested please reach back out and we can get...

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    Home - logo + menu - to be "sticky" while scrolling down - section 1 - here will be a slider of 3 photos. Text in html. During scrolling, the form should turn into a sticky button, like here - section 2 - html text - section 3 - in the middle box I showed how the hover should look like - section 4, 5 - text + photos - section 6 - counters, please count from zero - section 7 - icons may appear slightly when popping up with jQuery - section 8 - jQuery gallery - section 9 - on hover effect - e.g. opacity for photos 50% + black BG. - section 10 - html form + text Investment […. I will add a description in a moment ... ..]

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    Hello, i need some updates for my iOS radio app - SDK Updates - Admob Ad code updates and improvements for latest requirements (adding latest ads styles and adaptive banners) - Code updates for lates...latest iOS version - Add some functions to app : ... Allow users to delete account. ... Add timeout limit to play stream url, after timeout display error. ... When any stream is not playing is displays error message but play button is not working , we should active it so it can try again) - Carplay improvements (displaying categories/favorites on carplay screen and loading radio list while scrolling (should work same as app)) - Fixing facebook login problem and updating social logins for latest sdk's Please dont bid and dont let me loose time if you dont have experienc...

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    Build me a website Končano left

    I'm looking for someone to develop a very professional website for my IT consulting company that I am planning to start up. As an example of what I am looking for, it would be similar to another website like this: and I would also like to implement features from what Apple does on their website like here: (the scrolling effects and other things like that). Of course, the website must also be seamlessly responsive to users on mobile.

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    I have a schedule in Sheets, where I can assign my guides and sort groups and sizes, and need an option so they can easier see and access their shifts for th...have a schedule in Sheets, where I can assign my guides and sort groups and sizes, and need an option so they can easier see and access their shifts for the day and upcoming days. It would be nice if it can be shown by day, and optioned in AppSheet to see "My Shifts" when they are logged in with email that is added in sharing, and there are listed shifts for the day, and a few days in advance. Scrolling through endless pages of sheets is just time consuming and tiring. I have attached a Microsoft document on how our current schedule looks, if it can be made similar with the AppSheet function that is mentioned, I&#...

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    Build me a website Končano left

    The About us page – link to Pictures, short BIO of the 3 main Consultants The Service page - link to our three core services: Consulting Training Education Resource Hub - Is basically a Shop where clients can buy materials online Upcoming Events-Link to Events Calendar with facilities to register and pay for selected events A scrolling Banner at the Top of the Homepage to allow us to highlight particular services / events Contact us page – Social Media, Info, emails, phone numbers etc It must have Backend access to allow us to make minor additions etc It must have Mobile View as we know 80% of prospective clients will view the site in their mobile phones We have a registered domain name already. I would just like to have a basic quote on how much this type...

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    On my website, I have 8 full-height sections. Each section is 100vh. I need javascript code so when the user is scrolling through the website, it scrolls down section per section, not free scroll. I have a full example website of what I mean.

 I will chat with freelancers and send the link.

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    Creating a landing page prototype for an ecommerce site. It needs to have 3d animations and effects for example parallax scrolling etc. Reference Website:

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    Hello I am looking for person/team who can build website from base to top with really good On Site SEO. This web site will represent luxury charter agency so it needs to be appropriate to it. This site will have: Starting page -Slide show when scrolling down with possibility to enter page immediately. -welcome video automatic play when entering website ( making video from other video materials should be on you or me as per deal) - Filters for dates, type, persons etc. - On main page list of yachts with basic details, movable pictures for each yacht and possibility to enter on each of them ( when i scroll page first pictures scroll and than page) - Collapsable menu (small devices) and normal menu (big devices) on left side of page Menu will contain more links leading to other ...

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    I require 5 x Elementor Landing pages to be built for top level menu items for my website. Pages must be scrolling webpage and integrated into site via existing mega menu. Pages must show pricing of product embedded in the landing page. Landing page must have a get quote form as per example. I have example page. Only bid on this project if you are a talented and skilled web page designer that can design a very attractive and fast loading page, and integrate a top level landing page into my website, using Elementor.

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    Dan here, I added a file that I suggest you guys check before giving your bid. 1. I have a book that I like and want to recreate a similar video with scrolling through some of its pages. 2. Please mention exact budget/deadline 3. Please mention the word pink to increase your chances of being awarded Thanks

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    We require a new product page template designing. Product image and thumbnails should remain visible while scrolling down until you reach the page break highlighted in green Please see a live site where we have taken inspiration from Please see attached image 1. Center Thumbnails 2. Restyle price 3. Change Variations from dropdown to boxes, when an option is selected the background will change colour to #40505e with white font. 4. Resize position Add buttons (add to wishlist

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    web designing Končano left

    Build the layout of a single page application. With scrolling effects use external cascading style sheet. • build the navigation menu at the left top of your side, create a logo on your own • create links in menu , home, about, services, contact • first section is must be of the home details • second section is must be about details • third section is must be for services details • fourth section is must be a complete form(and make sure to handle the form validation, make every field required for user) • Whenever user click on each link the page must scroll smoothly to the particular section. • Build footer at the end of the page. • build an onClick side menu on home page including navigation links • Place a background fixed image on...

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    I need two changes in my flutter app 1....increase scrolling speed of pdf. 2....Force logout function.

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    ...storybook series Ophelia. Unity/Corgi Engine seems a good choice, since I can possibly tweak parameters if I need to. I don’t know any code languages. To make the game not take so long to develop I had an idea to make most of it focused around battles like you find at the end of Mega Man games where there are ways to teleport to enemies. Some parts could include parallax backgrounds and platforming. Ophelia is a 10-year-old demigod girl with a big magic paintbrush that if swirled in front of her can make a portal. I figured she could use it 2 ways: 1. she can spin her body and make a portal at the same time as a way to evade enemies, and 2. She can leave a portal on the screen that can capture an enemy’s projectile, which can open again and release the projectile

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    Hi Ciesto Solutions, I had some work done on my website by you and just need a few small changes. These are the changes I need: Team photos updated (3 team members), change to 2 of the scrolling header images, change of names of classes (5 classes in total) and change to the membership link. Here is the website:

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    React native expert Končano left

    I wanna react native developer to develop a React native app for me. There will be thousands of a messages in one thread. Scrolling and loading should be smooth.

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    A streaming services management platform where users can create an account to access, consolidate and manage their streaming providers ac...broadband provider cost (internet). Third, the user will be able to connect with chatroom communities per interest category in the app. The chatrooms will bring the user to access the app more often, get more interested in more content. The UI/UX must be great, user friendly, interactive and easy to navigate. The design must crisp and attractive. The library must not be overwhelming and an endless scrolling of infinite information. Each page should intuitively direct potential users to the next page within the tunnel. The application must be integrable to multiple devices. In sum it should be interactive, accessible, informative, simple and...

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    ...different categories, to search program of study, level of education, location (country, State/Province, City), price range, duration of study, etc. 2) Profile page for the universities and language schools that we represent (with logo, images, description, programs, etc) *#1 and #2 could be with Elementor Pro and CrocoBlock (JetPluglins) like JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, etc. 3) FullScreen Scrolling 4) Responsive website for mobile devices (important that looks and works as good as on desktop) 5) Application Form where students can apply and upload files like passport copy, transcripts, diploma, translations, etc. 6) In the Language Schools section, it should show some promotions that we want to offer and clients be able to add to cart and buy. **We currently use WooCommer...

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    ...platform called PeoplesMedia. It is a unique social media platform that combines all the good features from different platforms into one platform to make users experience unparalleled and eliminate the need of going to many different platforms. Our platform offers data security, privacy, freedom of speech, reward program for content creators, long and short videos, messaging app. We are also adding scrolling videos, live streaming , and Metaverse, free movies and free music in the near future. We are also releasing peoplesmedia mobile app and Mobile Chat App very soon . We need 1 million users in 3 months, current users are around 10,000 Target platforms to advertise Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube , please check out our platform by registering at

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    ...(first column). >> Able to loop a list of records into the table (as per existing Table component) >> Checkbox, dropdown, label are required to be placed accordingly as shown in the expected screenshot >> Able to support word-break inside table if the content is too long (as per existing Table component) >> Able to control the flag of whether the table header need to be fixed and static when scrolling the content (as per existing Table component) >> All the dropdowns and inputs for a specific record can only be editable when the checkbox is checked >> Checkbox in first column can be checked by default (depends on the TableData that passed from @Input) >> "Track Events" is containing label only. >> The checkbox is ...

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    shopify expert Končano left

    turn sliding banners into parallax .

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    Trophy icon Worship Dance Journal Cover 13 dni left

    Hello, Need a Beautiful and Elegant, P...SHOULD be copyright free. The winning cover designer should be able to make any changes or amendments as requested upon completion and deliver all relevant files. The title and subtitle are not finalized but will be confirmed to the winning entry. The cover should illustrate enjoyment and confidence from women's view. My main requirement is - the cover should be catchy and attractive. someone scrolling thru the page should be able to stop when they see this cover and should feel an urge to check it out or click on it. Title - Worship Journal s (this is not finalized and can change, so just a place holder for now) Author: Shantea Strong & Shantiva Durrant No Cross or Dove or ballerinas on Cover 8.5 x 11 cover in size include the...

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    I have a WP site using the North theme and WPBakery Page Builder. I want someone to create a 1 page site for me with a large parallax header, an About Us section, another section called Our Brands, and then a contact us form. You only have to find an image for the header. We'll provide the rest of the images. And just create sample text for us to fill in later. I want someone who can build this within the next 2-4 hours.

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    I need to create a Parallax Scrolling Homepage for one of our development projects. The homepage you can find on A failed attempt to create it, you can find under: - and - More info: - I just need it for the home page and only in the desktop view (no responsive effects needed) - There are mainly 2 parts of the home page that need an effect: 1. middle part: moving the bag towards the star-daigram 2. bottom part: have the steps 1-2-3 appear with a nice scrolling effect As a reference for the scrolling effects is the new iPhone 13 landing page (in a much smaller scale of course), there you can find both effects within the page: To make sure you have read so far, please address your bid to "Dear Advantive

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    Hello i have a collectionview but it's not scrolling smoothly, check screenshot; can someone improve it?

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    Hello, I have a website where I am using a sticky header with Logo, nav menu and a button. I want the header to keep being sticky but the logo changing when scrolling down and going back to the original logo when scrolling back to the top. Watch how I want it at Please do only bid if you know how to do it, previous sample urls might be solicited from you. Thank you.

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    I am a Professional Engineer and independent consultant serving clients in the mining industry. I require a standard template design that I can use. My Company name is Parallax Technology Solutions Ltd. I have uploaded my logo and some sample background photos for title and section header slides

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    I need basic editing for 120 min video content that includes (overlays, music adds, logo added, minor scrolling text, cut into 6-8 module clips for Teachable). Mostly finishing items to as the 3 camera video content is already complete. Markers/spilt screens are already there.

    €25 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    <html> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <title>Taken 1997</title><body><style="background-color:black;"> <iframe src="" frameborder="no" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" height="98%" width="100%" mozallowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no"></iframe> This is html code of online game. I wanna make it offline

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    Hello we are looking website developer to build a conference website template. It will be a single scrolling page made in wordpress.

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    Hi Freelancers !! I have a site needing the following => Move pages around keeping in mind hyperlinks match the new location for each page => spelling & grammar => homepage banner overlay images reposition symmetrically so banner is properly sized [no scrolling required to see entire banner] => content from xlsx to be added to specific pages [ i have each page content in an xlsx its just a matter of copy n pasting for most of it] => additional page to be added with form submission - information submitted to populate below form => *possibly classifieds [experience with Lisfinity is a bonus - Classified Ads WordPress theme features set up] Seeking well versed WP champion! Wasted so much time on scammers and liars...wondering of there are any real genuine servi...

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    I need 5 pages and a store for my website. Home - 2 scrolling pages About - 1 page Clients - 1 page Blog Contact - 1 page Storefront Ecommerce Store I have a logo and website text. I want a unique concept with a blended picture to background, art or some shape along with the photographs. I do not want a website that consists of only blocks/squares or a generic template. I want my website designed by a designer. I want it professional, approachable and unique. I want something creative with a matching color scheme that is easy on the eyes. I need a eccommerce store set up with credit card and paypal functionality to sell prints, canvases, mugs, bags and shirts. You only need to add a few items and I can add the rest.

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    Trophy icon Short 5 second Video in iPhone Frame Končano left email) from "Discovery Alert" - The text message is clicked and opened (don't use a finger to press on the text to open) - Inside the text message the information labeled "Discovery Alert Information" is to be shown - Using all the information inside the attachment labeled "Discovery Alert Information", Freelancers need to recreate the image to fit inside the iPhone in one frame (without scrolling). - The short video is to end on the "Discovery Alert Information" which is shown inside the opened text. Notes on design for "Discovery Alert Information" picture: - Feel free to recreate the layout & coloring of this image, just keep the design in line with the "Discovery Alert" theme colors which you wil...

    €131 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an issue to add vertical and horeziental scrolling for the tablets(IOS & Android) We have tool that helps users to add signature to the canvas I need someone who expert in Javascript to do the job

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    Navigate to - and wait for the page to load. Need to replicate the same functionality as shown in the website. Need a sticky footer with expand and collapse and after scrolling to down, the sticky footer need to be hidden, when paragraph heading "Important Safety Information" is visible on the page. And again sticky footer need to visible when scrolled above the heading "Important Safety Information".

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    The functionality of the site and the service are ready and working. You may need to add few PHP/Laravel codes to complete the following changes: 1. For the mobile menu there will be a sidebar containing a list of menu links 2. While scrolling fixed the nav bar and restructure the position 3. Call mega menu reference from the category table if the mega menu flag is 0 then the list of items will show horizontally, if the mega menu flag is 1, then items will be shown vertically with an image from the category banner 4. All styles and animation will be as similar as a given reference site.

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