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    Hi! I'm in need of a developer to rework an Unreal Engine plugin to work with dedicated server builds for Linux (potentially Linux client builds in the future, but servers are the main focus at the moment). Must have experience with Unreal Engine 4 plugins as you'll need to have a source build of UE4 to work. Here is the plugin that needs to be worked on: - [prijavite se za ogled UR...

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    Make an IOS App using swift code language (similar to [prijavite se za ogled URL]) Requirement: - display my web (inbox me for more information) - camera and write external memory card permission. (allow the user to use a camera or post a photo directly to the web page) - Mark favorite page ( example: [prijavite se za ogled URL]) - a separating tab for calculating interest rate (example: [prijav...

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    User Data Tool 6 dni left

    I need a user executable file that collects the following system specifications from a user pc without being installed and automatically posts the results to a webpage and Firebase database. The data to be collected is: 1. System Model details, serial numbers etc 2. Complete CPU details 3. Baseboard details 4. Disks/Filesystems 5. Network interfaces 6. Available Network Bandwidth 7. Software deta...

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    Trophy icon EP Covers (1 front and 1 back) 2 dni left

    Hi I am a musician and will releasing a new EP in a January. I just loss my younger brother due to a motor accident so I decided today to change the name of my EP and name it after him; KARTEL. On the front cover I would like a simple but catchy background with the title KARTEL centered. Use a cool font for his name. Also, feel free to test out some ideas where clouds are incorporated to give a He...

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    C Project - Memory allocation, pointers, and arrays of pointers. - VisualStudio Code preferred. - Please consider the specific requirements at the bottom of the attachment.

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    The idea is to code a piece of software to run an RFID control access systems, mainly for private household buildings. This system should run in the ESP-32. Also the JSON database should be stored in the flash memory of the ESP-32. There should be web-page as user interfase (for installer and maintenance only) where users can be added, deleted or modified. This web-page should run allso from the ...

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    good day please l need an article l want you to write for me and the key word is "food that can boost memory"

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    We are looking for an expert VUE JS developer to help us solve app freezing happening in iOS in PWA mode and Safari due to high memory usage. You should have experience profiling and performance tweaking SPA apps Deliverables A document containing feedback on how to improve app performance in ios to prevent freezing

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    1 Entrance Entering your program will be a non-directed G (V, E) graph representing friendships on a social network. The input file will be a text file to contain one edge per line. Below is a small example: # Undirected graph # fromNodeId ToNodeId 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 1 1 3 5 6 7 6 In the input file lines starting with # are comments. Each other line contains an edge, which is represented by the node ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. Project details When you send text message or whatsapp msg to target mobile number it’s should clean phone and memory card Program should execute without target mobile number . Fixed price . Target mobile android os

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    ESP MESH using ESP-NOW 5 dni left

    [prijavite se za ogled URL] should leave back atleast 5000 bytes of heap memory after mesh is created. [prijavite se za ogled URL] node should be able to communicate to router using wifi server maintaining connection with peer nodes. [prijavite se za ogled URL] devices should be able to communicate to root device at any instance . [prijavite se za ogled URL] should be adaptive and extendendible up...

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    1 Project Overview We need to keep track of phone numbers. To do this, we will use an array based list found in chapter 3 of the text book. Total Points: 40 1.1 Requirement #1 Create a class called AddressBook: • Attributes: – All of the variables which are necessary to support this class based on the template found in Chapter 3 – An array of AddressEntry pointers with a maximum a...

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    Hello There I need a poster for an event. The size has to be big as it will be printed in 24'' by 36'' vertical Foam Board. I need the format in .jpeg and in Photoshop or Illustrator if that is the program that you will use. The aspect is a chalkboard poster I am attaching reference images. INFORMATION: LOGO (attached) IG user: @pascalesjams TEXT: Boost your Health wh...

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    Hello i am having issue on my server as it suddenly every 1-2 days showing error database connection i believe its RAM used all memory or something like that so i need expert to fix it perfectly

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    Require a freelancer to write a code in C language (SDCC compiler) for Digital Weigh Balance using cs5460absz and 8051 (w78e052ddg nuvaton) Microcontroller. Display on six- 7 Segments. Features to be of standard digital balance- weighing scale with memory (EEPROM)nd 8051 (89S51/52) Microcontroller. Display on six- 7 Segments. Features to be of standard digital balance- weighing scale with memory ...

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    Trophy icon discord automation 4 dni left

    My project needs a software that runs on windows. That Software shall have a browser or app log in so a user can log in with discord user/pass to discord. Software should take input from multiple discord server/channels from the user that logged in. There should be a selection GUI to select discord servers/channels that the user wants to monitor. Software has a keyword list and searches specifi...

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    Hi, I need someone to change the hooking and communication method for my driver. Infinityhook works perfectly for the hooking part. Communication cannot be threaded

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    [8:40 PM, 9/15/2020] Hari: Read the GO Memory Model paper in Week 4 and post an answer to the question attached to the paper and submit an original question of his/her own. Question on Go Memory Model Paper: Consider the following code from the "incorrect synchronization" examples: var a string var done bool func setup() { a = "hello, world" done = true } func main() ...

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    I need a Unity game developer with knowledge of Facebook SDK integration & firebase TCP server. In my facebook developers account I have the user_friends permission, which lets me access the user's friends that have installed the game... but some of the friends that do have the game installed, are showing up on other devices that have low friend count but are not showing up on the list...

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    Round Robin, shortest job first – SJF, Gantt, Shortest remaining time first – SRTF, SYNCHRONIZATION PROCESSES, Semaphores, Memory Management, Pagination, Ideal memory

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    Finishing half built website 3 dni left

    [prijavite se za ogled URL] Errors that need to be fixed: While filling information in the 'family info' portal, user should be able to input info for more than 4 siblings. there should be an option to add however many siblings as needed (no limit). In institution info, there is a calendar in 'joining date' from where you can choose the date, however the calendar does not show ...

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    Love Jewelry? Accessories? Browsing Pinterest for that next cute look? We're contracting WORK-FROM-HOME Independent Contractors who can serve as Jewelry Support Specialists to represent one of the world’s most Prestigious Jewelry brands. Compensation: $15/hr. Get paid weekly! Each Jewelry Support Specialist will be an independent contractor, working from home using their own computer...

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    C++ code debug 3 dni left

    I have almost completed this C++ code but there are some memory leak and other issues. So I need someone to debug it.

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    We have built a node ( currently running on v12.18.3 ) application in Ubuntu 16.04 . We have two databases connecting to our application. 1. PostgreSQL for master data (v9.6) 2. Cassandra for reporting Initially everything was good. But when user base increased, we started facing issues in memory management. "Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out...

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    Modify an Template for website multiple services and that can have the facility to pay online with visa, mastercard, paypal ,skrill and others. 3 profilies:Seller,Buyer,Admin It offers adding some business rules that are characteristic: - In the request for services, the client will open her mobile and see the nearby homes and select the closest home. - The domiciliary receives a notification o...

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    Hi, I need someone to make me a program that can read memory from my application. The problem is that the program should be fine to use even with games open or other applications. The memory reader needs to be a Driver that can communicate with a c++ or C# application. The driver is not going to be signed! Requires experience with EAC/BE

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    Looking for an experienced data entry specialist, with good knowledge of the Arabic language at a native level. Preferably with experience in teaching the Arabic language. The job entails to: • Input Memory questions in an online cms System, that are already prepared in excel (copy paste exercise) • Input vocabulary quizzes in an online cms system, that are already prepared in excel ...

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    Need for an expert fast C programmer who could implement a beautifully understood program [prijavite se za ogled URL] knowledge in dynamic memory management,pointers,structures,files.

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    SEO Trainer! 1 dan left

    I need you to train me on how to do SEO for my website. I've done this a long time ago on my other website, so now I need an expert to refresh my memory. I'm using Yoast SEO on WP. This is a small project - a few hours work with hourly pay. Please start your msg with the words: "I'm a SEO expert!"

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    Need A Training Website Build 1 dan left

    *READ WHOLE PROJECT DESCRIPTION* The bid you place should be for this project and I will be going off that bid when accepting. No changing the price. I am not sure what a project like this would take to make happen. I am looking to create a website like the one in the video that can also be an app later. I would like someone to make the site but I would still be able to go in to change things or ...

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    This logo project is near and dear to my heart and will represent the memory of my late father. The logo needs to consist of a fish integrated with a heart with the initials TEG somewhere in the design. Cartoon logos will not be considered and when designing the fish I would like you to google the following types of fish for the design “bonefish” “tarpon” “permit&rd...

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    I wanted to execute a query on MYSQL . and datbase is running on 96vCPUs and with 360GB memory so the server is really strong. The sql query is working great on small data .. but the real database containes lakhs of entries and in realtime i am not able to execute this query on the database .. it shows always in running status. I need help from someone experienced in large database and very comple...

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    We are looking for an app that can be deployed to apple watch to export the screen and UI control (Via mobile phone or directly to linux based micro PC), so that the watch can be controlled remotely, and we can run some automated test scripts against it (i.e Open a menu, click option 2, click the setting icon etc) We would like the app to use the same communication methodology as the STF platform...

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    Modify an available log parsing repo to support larger files without running out of memory [prijavite se za ogled URL] If the sample file can upload from s3->lambda->elasticsearch the job is complete

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    Market my website Končano left

    We are a medical memory device company. We have been in business since 2016. We have updated our memory device and added an app. The website is being revamped and the app in in process and should be available by the end of September. I am looking for a professional to promote my business on all social media. I need to know your experience and how you would promote my business to maximize reach to ...

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    amazon marketplace Končano left

    I need a freelancer to build an amazon market place for selling small goods such as usb drive, memory card, router etc

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    Hi Oksana, I'd like to get started on creating a branded set of stationary for our firm: Eau Claire Partners including: Pens, notebooks, letter head, folders, post-its, envelopes, USB memory sticks, calendar, desk pads. Also we could use a nice profile picture of our logo designed to fit our social media pages (Facebook page, Instagram, linked-in, twitter, etc.) Thank you

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    Build system that can store audio files transferred from phone and store on it.(~5-10MB) via BLE. Play back the same audio files on a speaker built into the same system. Operates with battery either 4 x AA OR 9V ( preferably rechargeable). HW Design ( component selection, schematic design,layout design) FW - build firmware and application based on requirement ME/ID - Not needed Support for Proto b...

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    We are already using the Panellum library for our viewer and its working fine but we need to optimize it so that it becomes more memory optimized. [prijavite se za ogled URL] The library works well for lower resolution panoramas but at high resolutions its really not very optimized. Reducing Pannellum's heap usage would reduce the need for garbage collection, which would reduce the...

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    I need to translate a file with 1666 words. It's Wedding photographer's investment guide. No complex structures or terminology. Need a translator who can translate English to Spanish TASK: Please translate this small extract below. "As a former bride myself, I know just how much time and energy goes into crafting every detail of your wedding day. And needless to say, I understan...

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    The goal is to copy texture to cpu on Raspberry pi4. VCSM (VideoCore Shared Memory) Buffers appear to allow us to share memory between the CPU and GPU. An example of a routine that should be faster than glreadpixels using vcsm buffers [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    Our store woocommerce fails to import products and throws errors when trying to upload images 1. Forbidden 2. Not Found On each import, atleast 40% of the imports fail with this error. See attached images for more contest. We are running our store on ubuntu 16.04 and wordpress 5.5.1. Our server has 8gigs of Ram with a 4 core processor, memory shouldn't be the problem for now. We are susp...

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    Azure Functions & Python I am looking for someone (or two) that has experience writing Azure Functions - specifically using the python programming language. 1) the first function will make a call to QuickBooks Online and in return will get access token, refresh token and realm_id (that is company ID) - then it will save that information to either SharePoint list or azure blob or onedrive (yet...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking to build a virtual classroom web based application that can run on desktop as well as mobile web. Following are requirements to be fulfilled within the application. 1. The application should be light weighted i.e. it should not consume too much of server memory as well as user memory. 2. The application should be stable and can handle many concurrent virtual classes (i.e. it should ...

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    Prosimo, vpišite se ali se prijavite za več podrobnosti.

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    My crazy life story Končano left

    I want to write my life story but I do not remember probably 90%, of it due to a severe head injury at 16 then started having strokes at 34... but through all that I've traveled alot that I don't remember.. i have short term memory issues too. Oh BTW I went from 9th grade to college i was extremely smart before my accident but after the accident I couldn't find the bathroom in my ho...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++.

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    We are already using the Panellum library for our viewer and its working fine but we need to optimize it so that it becomes more memory optimized. [prijavite se za ogled URL] The library works well for lower resolution panoramas but at high resolutions its really not very optimized.

    €421 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a C# dev who can install a +-30Gb game and use a .dll that does memory reading to extract data from that game... 3-4 Working examples of data being read from the game will be required, one of those should be reading items in inventory. More details will be provided via private message Type "i've read this on 06/09" to avoid bots.

    €2 - €7 / hr
    €2 - €7 / hr
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