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    Hi Md! I would like to enhance a copy of my id card. It is a copy but i need to it to look original! I need your magic! Please, chat me and so we can discuss more details! Thanks!

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    I have a total of 27 photos (NEF) Raw material, i need the photos to be made absolutely perfect!

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    We need a contemporary, modern image designed. We have attached the LEAP image as a base idea. The heading is The Essence of Leadership. The four factors are Emotional Intelligence, Inspire Direction, Instil the Values & Deliver Results. We don't need any other text. The other attachments are profiles we already have and we do not want any of the colours in these to be used in your design. We want a maximum of 2 colours, a white background with no background enhancement. All designs must be delivered in jpeg/png and you may be required to make simple changes if your design wins the contest. Thanks

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    Hi! I'm looking for a designer to create an amazing carousel ad for instagram. It's for a food startup making ready to prepare meal kits. I will provide all the words and phrases needed, and will share initial thoughts on the goal of the ad, so you can create some magic! Please note: The purpose of the ad is to get conversions, so that will be the primary focus, over how nicely the ad looks. Function first, beauty next.

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    MMORPG Survival Demo Game 5 dni left

    I have a UE5 project I am working on. I am using the marketplace content for a 3d realistic mmorpg 3rd person demo game. What I need is UE5 content migrated into our core game. Here are the links to the core game and the additional content we need merged. This is the core game: https://www...crafting stations, armor, and weapons. 4. Program a mounting system with mounted combat. Can use if it would be faster. 5. Populate the map with woodland creatures that can be killed for meat and resources. 6. Populate the map with 2 boss creatures one that uses the melee system for attacks and one that uses the magic system. We have the artwork for the creatures. All content above I already own and ready to be used.

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    Hi Freelancers, I'm a magician from Austria and would love to have a simple app that does the following things. It should be a fake liedetector. In normal state it shows a picture like "listen...would love to work with you. Here are some links so you get an idea of what I would like to achieve with this app. For this trick they use props - I would like to use an app on my mobile phone. All fake liedetectors I found in the appstore do not fit my purpose. Thank you in advance, all the best and magical greetings Philipp PS: The app should also be used offline and it should be update save so please make it as simple as possible ?.

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    I have an Android and iOS word game in Unity that I would like to be able to run on a Magic Leap.

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    add magic link, payment gateway 4 dni left

    add magic link login to the site, and integrate payment gateway. for react site with astrojs. tailwindcss

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    Saya ingin membuat 3d modelling utk produk mainan dengan tema magic sand dino. Jadi anda perlu membuat 3d model utk magic sand atau yg sering dikenal sebagai kinetic sand dan gambar dinosaurus untuk produk mainan. Utk foto produk kami sudah ada, tinggal mengikuti foto produk yg telah kami berikan nanti.

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    Magic Wheels 2 dni left

    A fictional account of a true story about kids that are disabled who meet accidentally and learn to sail a yacht which brings them through healing and unity and enables them to feel whole regardless of their disability . These kids are from the wealthiest environment in Newport Beach, Ca to kids from an poor living conditions including an orphanage. Ive been working in this book for too many years . I need someone who can edit and complete it by pulling all together. The book is practically finished and includes about 9 chapters. I need a quote as t how much this will cost. Thank you, DanaBless

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    Create a cool character that is smoking weed and dabbing on wax. I also need to see mushrooms, gnomes and aliens in a magic garden. The words "Craft Care Packz" need to be on top because that is the name of my brand. No do not put the " " symbols in the brand name lol The slogan under the brand name needs to say "Quality Is An Understatement" Thanks in advance!

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    ? We are growing our global team and looking for our next SUPERSTAR Illustrator. Interesting? Read on! ? We are Space Age, ...illustrations for websites, marketing materials, and explainer videos ? Has a Dribble & Behance accounts with personal portfolios ??? ???? ??????: ? Design First & Always (Rule Number One) ? Bravery (Do What’s Right Especially When It’s Hard) ? Purpose-Driven For A Brighter Future Beyond Sustainability (People, Planet & Profit TBL) ? Curiosity (Exploring The Human Condition and Celebrating The Magic of Creation) ? Authenticity Makes Genius (Embrace Our Inner Weirdo) If that sounds like a potential fit, please apply, and don’t forget to submit your public portfolio as a link (we won’t be downloading files). We look for...

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    I need to export all the hyperlinks from all sites within a SharePoint online environment. Hyperlinks : the links within documents , lists , pages I know there are tools like replace magic does broken links. But I have a request to get all the hyperlinks and not just broken links

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    Hi Aveliya, Inside pages illustrations for the Magic Balloon Book. Thanks Karen

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    Smack Mag 3 Končano left

    Hi Marta, we are done with the Smack Mag 3 - contentvise- at least ;-). Please let some magic happen with the design side of the Mag It is 40 pages long this time, Let me know if there are any questions, thnaks a lot GAbriele & Henriette

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    ...logo to be fully editable. We’ll provide the original logo (via Canva) and a doc with instructions on the adjustments we’d like to make to the Photoshop version of it. As a final product, we would need: (1) a color version of the logo and (2) a black version and (3) a white version. If your creative energy produces some great results, we may decide to extend the project and see what additional magic you might be able to conjure up. ...

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    A freelancer wrote us DelphiMVCFrameWork project that works fine. All classes are created now using , (instead of which was used in DataSnap). However it turns out that certain ...certain applications calling the DMVC service end up getting the same SessionID in subsequent calls. When called close one to the other, causes the same classes to be used and they conflict with one in the other. This Rest server uses Advantage Database Server - Include in your proposal if you have worked with delphimvcframework, datasnap REST, advantage database server Include the word blue magic in your response and don’t bid above $250 If you sound like a good fit for this project I will send you the source code and some test examples that shows how it crashes

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    €238 - €713
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    Hi Nadia B., Im looking to have a pathfinder character design made and was wondering if you would be able to help. My character is a female astral dragon (anthropomorphic) not dragonborn Class is psychic Want a prideful and nobal look with a little arrogance, similar to the ice queen type Character is going to be a student at a magic academy Feel free to ask anymore questions for details Is this something you think you could do? what would be the price and timeline if you are able?

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    Hi Antonia G., Im looking to have a pathfinder character design made and was wondering if you would be able to help. My character is a female astral dragon (anthropomorphic) not dragonborn Class is psychic Want a prideful and nobal look with a little arrogance, similar to the ice queen type Character is going to be a student at a magic academy Feel free to ask anymore questions for details Is this something you think you could do? what would be the price and timeline if you are able?

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    Hi Evansil B., I liked your art Im looking to have a pathfinder character design made and was wondering if you would be able to help. My character is a female astral dragon (anthropomorphic) Class is psychic Want a prideful and nobal look with a little arrogance Character is going to be a student at a magic academy Feel free to ask anymore questions for details Is this something you think you could do? what would be the price and timeline if you are able?

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    Trophy icon Logo Creation "Avacado Restaurant" Končano left

    I want a logo for my restaurant , name i picked is AVACADO which stands for the fruits as well. i want the fruit to be integrated to the logo as well and also have the slogan where its a restaurant and also a bakery as well. you do the magic to it.

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    looking to get a logo/brand design for a cannabis cigarette company brand name is 'Wonka Slims' torn between something simple silhouette style or having some color/magic elements

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    Hi all I know this is a long shot but my bil passed before his sister got married and I would like to try to have someone insert him into the photo of all the siblings however I have no full length photos of him and was hoping someone could work there magic and use the bottom half of the brother on right ?? & if we could please remove the wedding sign also that would be amazing. Thank you

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    We are currently using Apparel Magic “AM” which is one of the QBO apps. They have an existing API written but it is not working correctly and does not bring over all of the fields in QBO that we need. For starters, the “customer type” field is erased in QBO when the API is synched. AM absolutely refuses to look into this and has told me that it is a QB issue. They have told me that their API does not write to the Customer Type field at all. I disagree with them. I populate the field in Quickbooks and when the API synchs – it wipes out the customer type. I need one of the fields in Apparel Magic to populate the field in QBO. The Sales Rep field is also not mapped to QBO at all. Taking it a step further – it would be really really helpfu...

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone to work with on a long-term basis who can produce blog content for a medicinal mushroom blog. SEO friendly posts will be between 700 and 1,500 words long and cover topics such as: - is Amanita Muscaria Legal? - The History Of Amanita Muscaria. - What Are The Effects Of Magic Mushrooms? Payment is $20 per 1,000 words. However, this rate will increase the more articles that you produce. For example... First 50 articles = $20 per 1k words 51-150 articles = $25 per 1k words 150-300 articles = $30 per 1k words 301-400 articles = $35 per 1k words 401+ articles = $40 per 1k words Bonus if you can create and distribute press releases for increased authority and website traffic. Thanks

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    Use the attachment as a starting point. Use your creative skills to enhance the attachment and turn it this Powerpoint into a video that will get attention! Please do not just translate the Powerpoint into an mp3. Please enhance it. Inside you will see narrative, these represent the words. Winners will probably get additional projects.

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    Somos una agencia de marketing y publicidad en busca de crear un departamento de atención al cliente y ventas con el fin de poder implementar estrategias de venta efectivas y campañas de captación de leap

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    14 ponudb because we are more inspired, we learn more from people with different perspectives, and because we work in diverse groups and serve diverse societies. Design First & Always (Rule Number One) Bravery (Do What’s Right Especially When It’s Hard) Purpose-Driven For A Brighter Future Beyond Sustainability (People, Planet & Profit TBL) Curiosity (Exploring The Human Condition and Celebrating The Magic of Creation) Authenticity Makes Genius (Embrace Our Inner Weirdo) Please, add some links and timelines of the previous brands you are most proud of. We are looking forward to seeing your application!...

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    Trophy icon Design a game logo Končano left

    Need a logo designed by a professional graphic artist to make our game stand out from the crowd. The game itself is a survival open-world role playing game on a deserted island. The game incorporates magic, archery, and sword fighting combat in a fantasy base realm. The name of the game is Valorwood, we're open to creative freedom with the design providing it fits well with the game and UI graphical styling.

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    ...across multiple platforms (whether personal or professional) Demonstrated history in growing either personal or professional social media channels Up to date with the ever-evolving and changing Social Trends Confident with video editing, design software, and relevant Social Media platforms A true innovator – you have the ability to grasp our brand aesthetic and add your creative flair to make magic Passionate about creating content that helps to educate and grow our audience Eager and confident to present fresh and new ideas to put ACSF on the map Excellent communication skills both written and verbal Excellent time management with the ability to work independently Okay, So you're in? Submit your application including your resume and cover letter today. We ...

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    Before you read: This is not for coding. This is Graphic design only to design home page for a website. Thank you I'm looking to hire someone full time that can deliver high end home page designs only. We have a specific style we are looking for and will send you some examples. We can start off with 5 desig...looking for and will send you some examples. We can start off with 5 designs and see how it goes from there. We will try to be detailed when sending you the requirements. We want you to be focused on your creative talent. We understand that everyone needs time to create and we are open. You let us know and we will go by that. We don't have a pressured environment. Lets work together and create magic! Note: Please only take on project if you are able to deliver ...

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    Magic Worl is an agency that offers service to autism children. Autism log, children

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    I’m looking for a one-stop-shop where I can hand over a wooden toy train, and with some magic, receive a one minute marketing video that will get the viewer (purchaser) smiling, giggling, and passionate about the product. The product: is a wooden toy train. Yes, the type that goes on those wooden tracks. But, this train is a tad bit more. It’s made sustainably, it’s battery operated (built in rechargeable), and oh yes - it makes a steaming effect from water vapour, has a LED headlamp, and makes sound! There was a lot of thought that went into this product. The goal was to limit the use of plastic, reduce waste, and build a long lasting quality product. The wood is Gaboon Ebony, which gives the toy a traditional dark black look of an old fashioned steam locomotiv...

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    Copy writing Končano left

    Daniel Chan is an internationally renowned, Danielaward-winning magician and mind reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dan Chan started off his career billing himself as “Dan Chan The Magic Man” but later pivoted to “Dan Chan, Master Magician.” He’s performed over 500 virtual shows since 2020 and received media attention from publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Hustle, CNBC twice, and Business Insider four times. Buzzfeed even dubbed him “Silicon Valley’s Favorite Magician.” To understand how Dan and his wife Kat, his son James, and his daughter Grace got to where they are today, you’ll have to understand where they started. Dan and Kat both started out their careers in the corporate world and ended up in en...

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    We need somebody to write 7 persuasive descriptions (each ~250 words) for 7 psychic/magic related services. Please provide examples.

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    Excel Magic Končano left

    Remove All Excel File Types Error, Highlight Duplicate Data and Sort by Workday

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    This project will be produced on Unity 3D and deployed onto Magic Leap 2 (Custom app on Magic Leap platform) Deliverables include: - Introduction Screen + Floating Menu - Interactive Map System with Checklist of visited location (20 locations with information, users hover over spot to get information and tap to activate that locations experience and ) - 20 AR Integrated Locations (Coordinates provided by client) - Create AR Experiences on location (Assets provided by client) - Each AR Experience will include a combination of: 1x 3D Mode, 1 x Video, Buttons, and basic UI add-ons. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in this project. Thanks!

    €1427 - €2854
    Izpostavljeno Zapečateno Pogodba o nerazkritju informacij
    €1427 - €2854
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    HMI Programmer Končano left

    This is not a very large task, it is generating the software for a Kinco HMI which needs to be connected to a GIC Genie PLC. I have used a Genie PLC to control the central heating in my house, and want to add a user friendly inteface. This is because I generated the software in the PLC, and I know what is going on, but to everyone else it is Black Magic?. I have attached the drawings and a copy of the software that I have done, along with an idea for the HMI pages and some technical information.

    €275 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Darko M., I have another project for you. This is Alice from yesterday. I need more magic on another photo

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    Magic Software schafft die Voraussetzungen, um Unternehmen zu vollständig datengesteuerten Organisationen zu transformieren. Wir sammeln, kontextualisieren und analysieren organisationsübergreifende Daten, so dass Entscheidungsträger auf allen Ebenen mit verlässlichen und aktuellen Daten Entscheidungen in Echtzeit treffen können. „Data-Driven-Decision-Making“ und die digitale Transformation für die produzierende Industrie liegt Ihnen genauso am Herzen wie uns und Sie haben Spaß an Business Development/Telemarketing? Dann sprechen Sie mit uns! Aufgaben - Sie identifizieren am Telefon oder auf Veranstaltungen potenzielle Kunden und generieren qualitativ hochwertige Leads im Manufacturing Bereich. - Sie überzeugen in dem Thema daten...

    min €49202
    min €49202
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    Trophy icon Create logo - 07/11/2022 22:07 EST Končano left

    I have a private bartending service called “the mixing magician” I had a few thoughts on the logo may be a martini glass or shaker with fog coming out from dry ice with a Magicians wand or some type of stirring tool for bartenders over the drink like creating a potion. Or a martini glass with a woman’s silhouette sitting on the edge with a magic wand in her hand over business name or MM. I’m creating a magical drink

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    I need someone who can work some magic on a headshot I just had taken for work. Help!

    €48 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Create Logo Končano left

    I'm looking for a Logo for my company I'm doing Bitcoin Asic Mining hosting and I'm offering all services related to crypto sphere My company name is BITLAB I like this logo without "Crypto" I m just looking for something simple just with the name BITLAB but with a magic touch :)

    €35 (Avg Bid)
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    Magic Rose Perfume Packaging by Naomi

    €33 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I would like to create an animated intro from the logo attached below, it's for a film distribution company, so to get inspirations you can think of Pixar, A24, Dreamworks, etc... I'm looking for something in that direction. As you can see the logo is inspired by Charlie Chaplin and the magic of films. If the animation/video could include elements related to films, Charlie Chaplin, etc, that would be ideal. Excited to see the ideas!

    €48 (Avg Bid)
    43 vnosov

    Create a simple poster for a family shabbat dinner with a magic show theme. I've given an example of a poster from a different organization- something bright.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Wordpress Website Končano left

    Personal WordpreLorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Website

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    I need a full user login/registration/forget flow coded using spring cloud gateway, OAuth2, Sign in with Google, etc. implementing token propogation and all that good jazz. But I would love if it were commented on a way that helps me understand when the Spring libraries are doing some magic behind the scenes.

    €99 (Avg Bid)
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