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    I have a CAD drawing of our Arcade Machine, and we're looking for 2 things: A) Modify the CAD file to create the inside structure of our machine to be used for CNC tooling and protyping. B) To prepare the files so all parts have the nessary bolts, screws, and can fit together.

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    i need the Machine learning.. coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

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    Auto packing machine for 25kg-50kg,

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    Extract Web Data and generate CSVs 6 dni left

    I have a wishlist stored on Etsy that needs to be turned into a CSV spreadsheet using "web scraper" chrome plugin (by ). Deliverable would be Sitemap that I am able to import on my side and run it on my machine whenever I want.

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    Logo Design 6 dni left

    The Learning Tree is the name of the project.

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    ====================================================================================== Please do ONLY apply if you can perform this project WITHIN the given budget. There will just be one milestone, payable at the end of the project. ====================================================================================== Hi, For a learning project in C# I've created 30 classes (file attached) that represent a standard SQL database structure with foreign keys. I would like to: 0) I will be using the Neo4j Developer License on a Windows pc (version with Enterprise capabilities but just running on just one pc behind a firewall) 1) create a Neo4j Desktop database based on my above mentioned classes (there are no relationship's objects yet) 2) import data from a csv file (you h...

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    We want to create a community for our students and we need help to develop it.

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    Graph Database with Neo4j in Matlab 6 dni left

    ====================================================================================== Please do ONLY apply if you can perform this project WITHIN the given budget. There will just be one milestone, payable at the end of the project. ====================================================================================== Hi, For a learning project in MATLAB I've borrowed 30 classes from a C# project (file attached) that represent a standard SQL database structure with foreign keys. I would like to: 0) I will be using the Neo4j Developer License on a Windows pc (version with Enterprise capabilities but just running on just one pc behind a firewall) 1) create a Neo4j Desktop database based on my above mentioned classes (there are no relationship's objects yet) 2) import data...

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    Let me help turn your dreams and wildest imaginations into a visual reality! I'm here to serve you your dreams on a silver platter, or even a giant canvas if you would like your family and friends to feel the same feelings that you had in a dream or a vision. Literally, describe to me in great detail the imagination that you want me to capture and I will send you 5-10 different versions that are GUARANTEED to grasp your interest enough to come to me with every dream that you have to see if real life! Welcome to Wonderland and allow me to be your guide. Also, let me know if you would like for your vision to be a canvas art portrait and made into a home or office decor.

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    I have the GSAP code created, however the animations are not playing when they should so this needs correcting. The mobile layout will need to be created as it is also different to the desktop layout. This is quite an urgent request as the deadline has actually past and the client will need to remote into my machine as the code is stored locally due to the setup. There may be further gsap work to come once this has been completed.

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    Hi Yassmin, I have another project. There are two parts to this project. I need 3 signs. 20x24 will do. Part 1- Sign 1-Explore – the new school opportunity Engage in STEM learning Experience the possibilities The posters should only have the main word on them. For example, Engage. You can represent stem learning in pictures. Part 2 -Make our Calendar look good (log, design). I've attached our calendar and an example. calendar.

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    ...deep learning project (adversarial deep learning). We have successfully completed the code as well as the paperwork. However, we have yet to complete the result section. In other words, we've already begun the result section, but we still need to style it, add and arrange the images, and add them to my document. I simply need two or three pages. I have the outcome and need you to incorporate it into my project. That's all. There will be no more work to be done here. For example, the part I'll need to put here will be: 1- CNN image classifier architecture specification 2- Performance appraisal 3- Evaluation of performance using all images from the dataset 4- Explanation of the dataset That's all I need. Please, I need someone who is familiar with adve...

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    I would like software developed to scan my emails and convert a particular type of attachment to a draft email, including customized wording in the draft email. MACHINE LEARNING (ML) SETUP 1. ML model will be trained on pairs of documents. Each pair includes a .pdf document (not text searchable format) of known format and a MS Word document. The content of the MS Word document is not the same as that of the .pdf document. However, the content of the MS Word document is based on the content of the .pdf document. 2. The ML model will need to learn a mapping between content in the .pdf documents and content in the MS Word documents. 3. The ML model will then take a new .pdf document and produce content based on the learned mapping. That content should be inserted into the body ...

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    Machine Learning Expert Needed -- 3 6 dni left

    I need an expert who is good at machine learning

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    Text Classification and Tagging 6 dni left

    ...skilled software developer with experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create a text classification model in C#. The model should be able to predict the output from a given unstructured text input based on a set of input/output training data. Responsibilities: Develop a C# function that takes input/output training data and creates a model that can accurately predict the output from the input using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques. Ensure the model takes into account a structured list of tags associated with each input. Test the model to ensure it's functioning correctly. Requirements: Strong experience in C#, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. Knowledge of regular expr...

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    Build a Website (e-learning site) 6 dni left

    ...set up with all of the lessons including complementary materials such as readings, videos, documents, etc. If there is a way to integrate a live lesson or meeting platform such as Zoom, that would be awesome. I also want to ensure that the site is set up to administer quizzes and tests on the Moodle, and that students can upload work and assignments. Teachers should be able to submit marks and Learning Skills (as per the Ontario Ministry of Education requirements) and admin should be able to produce report cards that comply with the Ministry of Education requirements (including setting up comment banks for each teacher to use when they are completing their report cards). There would likely be some other reports that I would like to be able to pull but it should not be too difficu...

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    I want to design a vending machine wrap for my vending machine. I've attached the template which consists of Left Side, Front, Right Side. This should be a quick and easy job for someone with the right tools. The main thing is ensuring its in SVG so when it's enlarged to go to print, it retains image quality. I have also attached a cool design I found on the internet that I want to see if I am able to do something similar? I am wanting this done right away. Thank you

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    Thank you for the opportunity to work on the project to search for new images. It has been a great pleasure and learning experience. Count on me for future listings.

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    set up second ip /22 on my network 6 dni left

    I have a udm-pro and exsi running on one of my servers. I need someone to set up my second ip on the esxi machine to be seen on my local network.

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    Hi Kevin G., So excited to have you join the Learning Genie Team!

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    Hi Luis R., So excited to have you join the Learning Genie team!

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    Looking for someone who could teach a 2-10 hour class to a group of engineers, detailing high level principles and practical realities of semiconductor manufacturing.

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    ...deliver on time as requested by Green Translations. I understand Upwork allows up to 15 days to Green Translations to release funds from escrow after work completion. Payment in full of the task specified is contingent upon the quality of the services provided with the assigned task. Green Translations reserves the right to reduce or cancel payment if all conditions are not met. No translation machine work will be accepted nor paid. -- Thank you in advance, Green Translations, LLC...

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    I need somebody to set up a 64-bit Debian Linux server as a virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox. Please read the PDF below for more details about what you have to do.

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    Using machine learning(pytorch) develop a model and try different model to predicate the wind condition following step will be consider Data exploration and Data Visualiztion Simple machine learning model Raw Data(CNN) Evaluating Pipeline Multi-task mode Important point this is thesis project, Maybe some point change here and there. We will be working as team.

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    Data Science and Project Management 6 dni left

    Hi I need someone expert professional at Data Science and Project Management to do my project Science Plan: Build a Data Science Strategy 4. Prepare a Technical plan for your data science organization a. Data and Data Architecture Strategy b. Machine Learning Architecture And so on Please professional only with original work Thank you

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    Nest Js immediate fix 6 dni left

    I'm learning Nest js by working on sample project. I need to create Migration in my project but getting some error can someone could help ?

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    Job Description: • Supporting the Brand Team to craft right marketing mix for each market (including pricing, positioning, product & packaging). • Work with Cross-Functional P...Agencies). • Be a part of 360-degree asset creation (TV, Print, POSM & Digital) Skills Needed: • Global brand/mix development with experience at interfacing with countries and driving execution. • Experience in FMCG/Personal Care/ Skincare. • Experience in new communication & business models i.e. Digital centric communications, E-commerce, selective channel. • Analytical acumen, proven learning ability and can-do attitude. • Strong bias for action with an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. • Strong on collaboration. • ...

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    I need help organizing, designing and implementing engaging, entertaining courses for busy perimenopausal women on lifestyle changes (diet, exercise) to help minimize symptoms of menopause and Perimenopause. Each course will be based on a specific symptom. I have just about all of the research and informational content. I have drafts of courses that are not very entertaining. I may need help with making it less technical and more relevant to the layperson. I will have a specific, calming theme for the site that I would like to carry into the course. The site itself will be based in Squarespace.

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    Innovative production idea biological fuel. The second aspect concerns the quality of the product: oi...production idea biological fuel. The second aspect concerns the quality of the product: oil produced in the field conditions from fresh grain will be much better than that produced from grain that is processed for a fairly long period after harvesting from inevitable losses from fungal diseases and rodents, which causes the need for additional efforts to store grain and seeds. Seasonal use of the machine for 10-15 days each year during harvesting harvest has a higher economic feasibility than a conventional grain harvester harvester development and the realization of the prototype of the oil harvester in metal requires about 50 mln. Sincerely, the author of the invention is Mykola...

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    ...Cryptos, how to trade stocks, how to trade forex and how to trade cryptos. I have some courses I would like to promote. I want someone with expertise to create and manage campaigns, create and manage landing pages and advertisements and funnels created. My budget for advertising is not high; I am not a big company so I just can't and won't pay dollars per click. My target is people interested in learning how to trade, buying trading courses and education in the financial markets. Countries: the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe. We would need to target specific countries and test how it goes. I need someone with the expertise and experience to do this. Someone that will also suggest changes to my website, create the landing pages and the banners and new ways to r...

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    // Android App // 6 dni left

    ***VERBAL Communication in English is a MUST! ***Don't bid if you can't speak English! ***Freelancers Only! No Agencies! I'm looking for an experienced Android developer to develop an Android app for school. The app has ~40 screens. 90% of the screens are already designed. High command of Java for Android. Experience in OpenCV and Deep Learning is nice to have. Russian speaker is nice but is not a must. Please start your message with the words: "I speak English and Java too!"

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    I need the expert Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data Sales for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    €6 - €64
    €6 - €64
    17 ponudb

    I need someone who knows how to use autocad, the job is to separate parts of a drawing for cutting planes in a water jet machine. Ideally, people who have already worked with laser cutting machines, water, etc. I have several jobs, depending on the freelancer's performance, he may join the team. Preciso de alguem que saiba mexer em autocad, o trabalho é separar peças de um desenho para planos de corte em uma maquina jato d'agua. O ideal são pessoas que ja mexeram com maquinas de corte laser, agua etc.. Tenho varios trabalhos , dependendo do desempenho do freelancer, este poderá entrar para a equipe.

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    ...please check the below details: Language Needed (You MUST be NATIVE in (English US): Gender: Males and Females. Scope of work: This project is for AI training; therefore, we need a big volume of data entry (Voice recording). This project is now ongoing. This project is focusing on collecting voice recordings in order to develop face recognition machine learning. The recordings will help to train and fine-tune the created model of machine learning. This is an entry-level freelance job that allows freelancers to work flexibly whenever they want. End Date: We need you to deliver the 200 Audios within 3 Hrs. from receiving the go-ahead email from our PM team(in a Wave Format) for more details and if you are interested to participate in this project, pleas...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Need content developers for our learning platform . Video content, graphics presentation.

    €275 (Avg Bid)
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    The thesis is almost done. But I need more technical contents. e.g formulas, flow charts and the derivative process.

    €136 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for long term full time web developer with experience on wordpress, php, mysql, css, html, javascript, jQuery, ajax, Shopify. Developer able to customize theme, work on elementor or visual page builder. Able to work or customize shopify themes as required. Developer must be able to speak Tamil or Telugu.

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    You need to create a anti-virus scan for the software in c# and also the method of the scan in by using the machine learning

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need a web application to be built which will take form elements as input and using the CAD sdk in the backend it will generate a BOM (bill of material) drawing for the given specification with accurate measurements. You...application to be built which will take form elements as input and using the CAD sdk in the backend it will generate a BOM (bill of material) drawing for the given specification with accurate measurements. You can choose the tech stack to build this and it can be an offline desktop application also. There will be multiple types of units for which the drawings will need to be generated like vessels, machine parts, etc. I have attached a kind of result the web app should provide. Please apply only if you understood and are confident about delivering th...

    €358 (Avg Bid)
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    Get those people who want to learn Hindi language . The fee for the 2 month Hindi speaking and learning course is 100 $ I'll give you $ 20 for each student if you bring me over immediately but the requirement is that the student should know english ( I will tell you the rest of the details later )

    €19 (Avg Bid)
    €19 Povprečna ponudba
    1 ponudb

    ...slideshow (photo attached) on the homepage, a white & brown line appears out of nowhere and doesn't go away. I need this fixed. 2. Under "Latest Events", the photos are not the full size and this is also a problem with all the photos included in each gallery album. It's not showing the top of each photo correctly and i need it to be full sized photos. 3. On this page, i need the video galleries replaced with photo galleries which i have on homepage. 4. In the photo i've inserted with the zigzag line underneath the logo, i need the gap between the logo and text reduced by half 5. In the "Marry Me" photo that i've attached, i need a space inserted inbetween the photo and the text underneath (mobile version only)

    €33 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello Urgently need small project to be developed with python . Please apply ASAP if you can get it started today after hiring. Thanks

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    This project is working and it appears to be almost OK with small data (a few GB) and a small number of threads. However on the new machines we see problems. Load a few more GB of data (WAV files) and the RAM fills up with 10's of GBs. Add 7 GB of parallel data and it loads 50+ GB into the RAM (...this fixed AND the next stage is to load the program to the cloud. Additionally when the processing is finished the RAM can hang indefinitely holding at about 53 GB. It will only close the RAM when the whole program is shut down (it does not release the RAM when all the current processing is done). The program has been running for years on smaller machines and the real problem requires a larger machine to reveal itself fully. It is problematic on smaller machines but the problem i...

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    Most of the code is included in the link above. The image restoration must be performed using CNN model with no prior training given, other than the image we want restored.

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    Create a Private browser 5 dni left

    ...hardware and software information on the computer. I like to customize chromium source code. If you are interested, please talk to me to learn more about the job. 1 – Profile Setting OS: [Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11], macOS, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android. Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera UserAgent: Compare with OS and browser Screen resolution: compare machine type CPU Cores, Memory GB Main language : All Language (make default ) (example: en-US,en;q=0.9) Additional language: All language support Accept-Language: (example en-US,en;q=0.9) 2 – Proxy support: Socks5, Http, https, if you can. Can you help me support SSH(ssh tunnel -> socks5) Can check Proxy before connect 3 – Network Fingerprint • ...

    €2316 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking at using big data, machine learning , and predictive analytics to predict real estate sellers who will sell in the near future and buyers who will buy. Looking for someone who can find the data and use machine learning to accurately predict. Here is a competitor to get an idea of data im looking to get

    €457 (Avg Bid)
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    ...?s=20&t=jws3VN0zbqcoiAvbcGkRQg IMPORTANT NOTE: I will supply all the texts for the prompts that you just copy and paste here and check that the prompt works . This project of 50 PPTS is a small part of a larger project where I will be needing 10 more presentations of sets of 50 relating to different topics such as resume writing, email writing, and learning English, in TOTALover 500-1000 PPT presentations in total over the next couple of months so in total it is not a small budget- when you consider the number PPTS required . have several Freelancers working on this project already and I will be selecting the freelancer that provides the best service at the lowest cost. Use this link to create and test that the prompts are working and create the

    €27 (Avg Bid)
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    Consumer web app that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to provide on demand insights to users using Promp and Instruct Large Language models. Integration with a custom dataset is required. Tech stack will consist of OpenAI’s GBT-3 API for large language models, Python for backend, dataset extraction to be done via a combination of API’s and or CSV files. This project is starting from the ground up and we are looking to start with a very lightweight POC to prove out the business requirements and functionality. Only a subset of data will need to be extracted, transformed, and loaded for phase 1. Front end technology for the POC is negotiable. NDA will be required.

    €37 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Java Springboot developer -- 3 5 dni left

    Looking for someone who has a minimum 5+ years of experience in Springboot and 6+ years of experience in Java. Should be available in the CST timezone. (At least 2-4 hours ) . Should be good at delivering good code quality. Completely remote project. No code sharing. Should connect to remote machine . ***Available timing to connect between 2PM to 7PM US CST ***Very Impt

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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