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    Izdelati je treba zanimiv, minimalistični logotip za redno uporabo, ki predstavlja mene kot DJ-a ali producenta, Bass House, Tech House zvrsti glasbe. Dadajam še primere logotipov, ki so mi zelo všeč.

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    Imam tekoče delo, povezano z najinim prejšnjim projektom 'Design my Logo'

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    I am seeking a logo designer experienced in minimalist designs for my brand "Only Developers." This is a coding education hub aimed at beginner developers, so the aesthetic must resonate with this demographic. The ideal applicant has: - Expertise in minimalist logo design - Proficiency in incorporating cool tones, specifically blues and purples - A deep understanding of how colour and design can reflect the brand's focus on coding education for intermediate-level developers - Innovative ideas to represent our coding education brand in a simple yet impactful design Your portfolio showcasing previous designs in a similar style will be particularly beneficial during the selection process.

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    I require an urgent yet exceptional logo design for my new YouTube podcast channel. The style I'm looking for is bold and colourful. The audience for this channel is predominantly General Public, Youth, Sportperson, Young entrepreneurs & working professionals. Key requirements: - Logo design for a YouTube podcast channel - Urgent turnaround - Bold and colourful style Ideal skills & experience: - Proven experience in designing logos - Ability to work with tight deadlines - Understanding of bold, colourful design aesthetics Your delivery will be the face of my new channel, so it must convey the energy and vibrancy that everyone can relate to. I'm excited to see your creative take on this project.

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    ...a talented designer to create a professional, minimalist letter logo for my private equity company. Company name: LGX Capital Holdings Key points to consider: - **Color Scheme**: The logo should predominantly be in a shade of blue, which is our preferred color. - **Style**: I'm looking for a minimalistic design, something that's sleek and modern, yet conveys a sense of sophistication and professionalism. - **Focus**: This will be a text-only logo, so the emphasis should be on the font and how the letters are creatively interwoven or stylized. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in creating minimalist, sophisticated logos. - Strong understanding of color psychology and how to effectively utilize blue in design. - Excellen...

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    ...Designer with 7-10 years of experience in both logo design and branding. Your skills should be highly adept in cultivating a classic and elegant aesthetic that will be the cornerstone of our brand's identity in the Food and Entertainment & Film industry. This project will require both online and offline design capabilities. If you're based in Delhi, it's a plus as we'd like to have 2-3 face-to-face meetings to discuss our vision in detail. Main responsibilities will include: - Creating a universally identifiable logo - Establishing a comprehensive brand identity Ideal skills and experience: - 7-10 years of experience in Graphic Design - Strong portfolio showcasing expertise in Logo Design and Branding - Experie...

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    ...creative and professional graphics designer to develop an impactful logo to increase brand recognition. The project's core aim is to craft a design that's synonymous with our brand's identity and easy for our audience to remember. Essential Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo and branding design - Ability to create a unique and effective image - Strong understanding of branding strategy - Exceptional creativity and innovation - Excellent time management with respect to deadlines Applications will be more favorable if they include: - Examples of past work showcasing excellent branding and logo design capabilities - Detailed proposals highlighting how they intend to increase brand recognition through the designe...

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Dhana Food Products Logo Design'

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    Cartoonish Caricature Logo Needed 6 dni left

    I'm in need of a unique, cartoonish caricature logo. I am looking for a skilled professional that can handle this task quickly and efficiently. Key Requirements: - Design a cartoonish style for the caricature logo. Please note that the project is on a tight deadline and must be completed as soon as possible. A prompt and responsive freelancer will be a great fit for this job.

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    ...a captivating logo and letterhead for my natural cosmetics specialty website. - Logo Design: I'd like a captivating logo that combines the concept of a cosmetics laboratory with elements of nature and florals. - Color Scheme: Earthy hues, like green, violet/pink, and terracotta are preferred. - Imagery: Your design should incorporate laboratory equipment, flowers, leaves, or other botanical patterns. Abstract, not too complex designs are preferred, as the logo needs to be adjusted for various sizes (including a favicon for the webpage). - Examples: here are two example logo categories about the laboratory + natural elements: and - Letterhead Design: Alongside the logo, I need a professional

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    I'm looking for an experienced logo designer who can create a unique and innovative logo for my company. You'll be working with a blank canvas, as I don't have any specific colors, words, concepts, fonts or styles in mind. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in designing professional, innovative and trustworthy logos - Ability to work creatively and independently - Strong understanding of design principles and trends Please include a portfolio of your previous works.

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    I'm seeking a logo designer who can create an ingenious blend of text and icon elements to showcase the identity of my style and wellness coaching brand. My preference leans towards a luxury, innovative, and creative aesthetic —distinctive, yet communicates the essence of style & wellness. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Experience in innovative logo design with a portfolio showcasing their work. - A creative and abstract thinking process - Knowledge of the style and wellness industry trends - A good understanding of how to merge text and icons appealingly. In return, you have the opportunity to let your creativity shine and craft a logo that stands apart in the style and wellness industry. I'm excited to see your vision f...

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    ...proficient graphic designer to create a compelling logo for a business dealing in phone accessories. The logo should embrace a color scheme of black and silver incorporating a detailed design style. Here are some specific needs for this project: - Proficient in creating detailed designs - Ability to develop a logo that incorporates a phone accessory icon - Excellent sense of visual aesthetics, specifically in the context of logo designs - Understand color theory, particularly relating to black and silver hues Success in this project will be a logo design that captures the essence of a phone accessories business while being visually striking. I look forward to reviewing your proposal and past graphic design work. Please include a...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer to create a stylish and functional reusable baby diaper bag. The design should feature a convenient and reusable cloth diaper. The diaper itself will be made primarily of cotton, a durable and washable material that is ideal for baby products. Infographics: - Usage Instructions: I need clear and well-designed instructions on how to use the diaper. These should be easy to follow and visually oriented. - Cleaning Instructions: To make this diaper truly reusable, I'd like infographics on how to clean it properly. This is imperative for maintaining hygiene. - Sustainability Benefits: I'm also seeking infographics that highlight the diaper's environmental advantages. This can include facts on how using reusable diapers can reduce was...

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    Logo: Write Now Tutors 6 dni left

    Looking for a logo designer to improve upon the existing mockup or else submit their own design. Logo should include the words: Write Now Tutors. The logo should make use of a clock motif. Designer may choose to incorporate pencil/pen into clock motif, (substitute writing utensils for clock hands). Colors: please use your own tastes in deciding the color scheme. I would prefer a striking color palette to catch the eye. Bonus points if the palette can be used effectively while designing a future website.

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    I'm in need of an experienced graphic designer to craft an effective logo and matching letterhead focused on creating a strong professional identity. Both should incorporate the following: - Company Name: This needs to be a prominent element in both the logo and the letterhead. - Symbolic Representation: I want to integrate a symbolic element that is unique and meaningful to our brand. - Color Usage: Teal (a shade of blue) should be used as the primary color. Ideal freelancers for this project should be well-versed in creating symbolic, yet clean and professional designs. A sound understanding of color psychology, specifically the use of blue shades for evoking trust and reliability, is a plus.

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    I'm searching for a talented graphic designer to create a classic, meaningful logo for a new initiative called "Padmaja Tutorials". The design brief is quite precise: Padmaja Tutorials is a space offering Tutorial Services. The Tag line of Padmaja Tutorials is " Deep Dive into Accounting Concepts with our enlightening tutorials". - The logo concept 1: A stylized "PT" flag that symbolizes our mission, held by a student who is climbing stairs. These stairs should get progressively narrower as they ascend, symbolizing the journey from a strong educational foundation to a higher level of knowledge and success. The logo concept 2: A simple, modern design with "PT" flag integrated into the student figure, climb...

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    ...but heavily on performance too. To encapsulate this vision, I'm looking for a logo that exudes energy and dynamism. Key requirements and details: - The main sports we cater to are football (soccer) and gym work, so our logo should be versatile enough to represent these pursuits, but we do not want a sport specific logo. - Our target demographic is young adults, so the logo should be fresh and appealing to this age group. - The primary emphasis of the logo should be on energy and dynamism, capturing the essence of sports performance and drive. - The logo should be a very simple and clear logo for use on clothing tags, web site and social media, without small intricate details, and limited to two colours. The logo could incorpo...

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    I want my existing website to be redesigned to have a modern, new look. The existing website is one page, bu...want the content to be split into sub-pages: Home, Features, Compare, About and Buy. These sub-pages shall have the current website's content. The design must support Dark Mode / Light Mode selection similarly as the current existing website does. This project is only for the design, there is no implementation. If I like the design that you make, I will also hire you to do the implementation. The implementation will be no CMS, just PHP + Bootstrap + jQuery. If you want to use any third party resources (fonts, images, libraries, modules etc), they must be pre-approved before using them. This project does NOT include logo design, the exist...

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    ...PREMCON We prefer not a text logo as the logo however exceptions will be considered for creative design. I am after a badge or logo to go with the brand to be cross represented/utilised with other company names such as premcon group, premcon constructions and premcon developments. PREMCON logo can be featured as a subentry with the words Premcon Developments tied together and/or Premcon Projects. Also careful consideration can be given to featuring the words underneath banner adds with: Resi, Commercial, Industrial to state the areas the company operates in. Key requirements: - A minimalist design style: I'm looking for a clean, simple, and uncluttered aesthetic that can communicate my logo clearly without confusion. - A com...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    ...designer to craft a logo, letterhead, and visiting cards that will serve as the foundational components of my brand. The primary purpose of these materials is to establish a strong and memorable brand identity for my business. Key Details: - **Style Preference**: I'm looking for a minimalistic, modern design approach. The design should be clean, simple, and visually appealing. - **Audience Focus**: The branding materials should resonate with business professionals, conveying a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. at the beginning we need Logo, Visiting Card & Letter Head Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. - A strong portfolio ...

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    I'm in search of a skilled logo designer to help me bring my vision to life. I'm looking for a modern, minimalist logo design for my brand. Key Requirements: - The logo should be minimalistic in design, reflecting a modern aesthetic. - It should incorporate both my company name and a symbol or icon that aligns with my brand identity. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating modern, minimalist style logos. - Strong understanding of brand identity and the ability to translate it into a visual representation. - Proficiency in graphic design software for creating high-quality, scalable logos.

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    ...designer to create a unique, eye-catching logo for my epoxy company named Epoxy Solutions CLT. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to choose a specific color preference, so I would appreciate your professional advice on the best color combination. Key aspects of this project: - Swift completion is of utmost importance, as I need the project completed as soon as possible. - Logo must be compatible for all usage including website, social media, print, and business cards. - Prior experience designing logos, particularly for the epoxy or construction industry, will be highly appreciated. - Strong communication skills are a must to ensure an efficient completion of the project. I look forward to your creative design ideas and prompt delivery. Thanks. (Logo C...

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    120 vnosov

    I'm looking for a creative logo designer to craft a bold and contrasting logo for my morning radio show. The logo should convey an energetic and fun mood as it represents the show's essence. Key Requirements: - Color Scheme: Bold and contrasting - Mood: Energetic and fun - Symbol Preferences: Incorporate a microphone, sunrise, and a megaphone within the design. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating visually appealing, iconic logos with a strong understanding of color theory. They should be able to capture the energetic and fun nature of a morning radio show in the design. A background in working with media or entertainment brands would be a plus.

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer who can create a retro 3D logo for a nightclub. The logo must be characterized by bold and vibrant colors to bring a modern touch to the vintage style. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Expertise in graphic design and 3D modeling - Proficiency in creating logos with a retro or vintage theme - Ability to use bold and vibrant colors effectively - Portfolio of previous work that demonstrates expertise in similar projects is a plus The logo should incorporate the following elements: - Retro typography - Aesthetic appeal that is consistent with the nightclub industry - A retro or vintage feel, but with a modern twist The end result should be a visually appealing, 3D logo that conveys the essence and vib...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a lively 3D logo for my nightclub promotions and entertainment business. While I didn't specify a color scheme, I am open to your creative input; however, the design should reflect an energetic and exciting vibe inherent to the nightlife industry. Here's what you'll need to bring to the table: - Proficiency in 3D logo design - Experience with nightlife or entertainment industry branding - Ability to create lively, eye-catching designs I didn't denote any specific symbols to incorporate into the design, giving you the freedom to showcase your creativity. Just ensure the logo resonates with our clients, emphasizing the energetic and enthralling experiences our nightclub pro...

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    I'm in need of a talented logo designer who can create a modern, sleek logo for use on my website and social media. Key Requirements: - Modern Style: I'm looking for a logo that embodies a modern aesthetic. - Icon Only: The design should be icon-based, without the inclusion of text. - Digital Optimization: The final logo should be optimized for online use, ensuring it looks sharp and professional on both desktop and mobile screens. Ideal Skills: - Experience in modern logo design. - Proficiency in creating iconic logo designs. - Strong understanding of digital optimization for logos. Please provide your portfolio when applying.

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    ...create a simplistic yet striking logo and sticker design for my brand centered around natural aquatic micro-invertebrates. Business name: Phillips Fish Works Website: Looking for 6 to 10 sticker designs that include our website somewhere small on the sticker. We sell freshwater micro-inverts like scuds, shrimp, daphnia, moina, aquatic isopods, snails, a few different fish and others. Attached are some ideas for stickers. For a logo I'm thinking a simple fish outline (see attachment) with our name wrapped around it or open to ideas. - Needs to be high resolution. - Needs to be your own work that is not copyright - The design should be minimalist in nature, embodying a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. - The primary purpose of this design is to...

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    Hi Shaz. I am creating a project for the Load Ready project. Please upload ALL of the graphics in their FINAL formats in the usual 4 folders: 3D Box, Icon, Splash Screen and Logo. There are too many graphics sent to me by WhatsApp that it's confusing. This way, I can more easily retrieve everything from Freelancer. Thanks for understanding.

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    I'm seeking a skilled logo designer to create a modern and playful logo for my burrito concept business. Key Points: - The design should incorporate a burrito and burrito bowl(round bowl). The burrito and bowl must have a face, arms mustache and look hip and cool. Giving each other dap or a high five. Maybe a sun on the horizon. - The color scheme should be inspired by a 'Fiesta Theme' - think Red, Baby Blue, Lime Green, and Yellow. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience with logo design, particularly for food or concept businesses. - Proficiency in using color to create eye-catching and thematic designs. - Ability to execute a playful style while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Please include a link to your portfolio or relevant examples ...

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Square Sticker Design 6 dni left

    "Cody Sones Pottery" Create a funny sticker with a qr code to my website that says "local pot dealer" I make pottery just trying to make funny stickers to stick around to get peoples attention. I attached my logo as well if theres a creative way to use that in the design. Thank you!

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled graphic designer to help create an outline logo for a t-shirt campaign. The design will be based on a real photo, with a focus on certain elements. Key Details: - The logo should be a minimalistic version of the photo, with attention to details like building outlines and shrubbery. Style: - The design should adhere to a minimalist aesthetic. Think simplicity and elegance. Color Scheme: - The logo should be in black and white only. Ideal Skills: - Strong graphic design skills and a good eye for details. - Proficiency in creating minimalist designs. - Experience with t-shirt design is a plus. - Ability to work from a real photo and translate it into an outline logo. Please include samples of ...

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    Trophy icon Bold Fenixx Clothing Brand Logo 6 dni left

    ...unique, bold and edgy logo for my clothing company - Fenixx. Here's what you'll need to know: - Color Scheme: I skipped the question about the color scheme. I'm hoping to see what the designer will propose. Both monochrome and color logos will be considered. - Design Style: I'm wanting the logo to reflect a bold and edgy vibe. Think unconventional and daring. - Elements/Symbols: I haven't decided on specific elements or symbols. Feel free to experiment with what you think best reflects the company's bold and edgy vibe. Ideal Skills: - Creativity and Originality: I'm looking for a unique design. - Versatility: The logo needs to fit various mediums. - Understanding: An ability to capture our bold and edgy aesthetic....

    €19 (Avg Bid)
    201 vnosov

    I'm looking for an experienced logo designer who can create a modern and minimalistic logo for a new ecommerce company: Heal Recharge. We specialize in Saunas, Cold Plunge Tubs, Wooden Hot Tubs in the Health, Wellness and Recovery Market under the brand name and domain: A similar Ecommerce company domain is: Key Requirements: - The logo should be modern and minimalistic in design - logo design see: flame - color see; yin - fonts and style see: design elements: one looks like flame, one looks like water see: I am also open to flame ice logo being in front of the fonts - It should reflect the elegant and luxurious nature of the Health, Wellness and Recovery industry - The design should be versatile and suitable

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    ...general contracting business, I am in need of an appealing logo that effectively showcases the brand's name: Lakeridge Realty Group. Our mission revolves around providing luxury living spaces and superior property management services. Key Logo Details: - The color scheme is up to you but I prefer blacks and earth tones, with the flexibility to use varying shades of these colors for a striking logo. - The preferred design style is pop art, almost like street art, miami art basil inspired while still maintaining professionalism. Creativity and originality are highly appreciated. - The elements to be incorporated into the logo design should reflect some type of general real estate at first glance. Total freedom and creativity. The better this...

    €94 (Avg Bid)
    252 vnosov

    I'm seeking a skilled logo designer to help Design the following: 1. Visiting card template 2. PPT template 3. Basic marketing template 4. Letterhead template The new design should be modern, minimalistic using the existing logo and the colour scheme of the Company to the extent possible! Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design and branding - A strong portfolio that showcases modern and minimalistic designs - Excellent communication skills to understand and incorporate my vision Looking forward to seeing your creative designs!

    €42 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Revamp Existing Logo Design 6 dni left

    We have a logo that needs updated. The purple color needs lightened to be similar to the violet flower in the other attachment. Please lighten in both parts of the flower to be a lighter purple. Please remove some of the black in the flower also. The final deliverables should be in JPEG, SVG, and PNG format. It would be preferable if you have previous experience in logo design and can provide samples of your past work. An eye for design and detail is a must for this project.

    €48 (Avg Bid)
    50 vnosov

    Looking for a developer / designer willing to help with ongoing website building. Must be comfortable with Divi, whether building from scratch or from template. First, I need a custom WordPress website built, with Divi. The website is for a new business that manufactures emergency fire helicopter equipment. I have a logo and I need a website, and need you to start on it today. Second, I need sites built for clients that can be built from templates (ongoing). If you want to be considered, do not skip the ratings and questions below. I will pay you $400 per month, do not apply if you need more. I have the lifetime license of divi and they're releasing a big update (v5.0) in a month or two that makes it a lot faster & stable to use, so I think it's a good cho...

    €412 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a highly skilled traditional cartoon artist who can update the trademark/logo for my antique/vintage business. This task is critical for the branding of my business, thus I prioritize professionals confident in creating a design that would resonate with my audience and serve the purpose of the project. I have a design that needs to be updated to be more professional than what I can do. The design will be discussed at hire. Key requirements: - Experience in traditional cartoon art - Ability to showcase previous relevant work - Familiarity with logo design and business branding - Clear about salary expectations -Relinquish publication rights to my business. Good to have: - Experience in the antique/vintage industry - Exp...

    €302 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking an experienced graphic designer to bring my minimalist logo to life. A deep understanding and previous experience with minimalist design is crucial for this project. Key aspects of the project include: - Designing a minimalist logo - Presenting a range of design options, based on initial brief - Flexibility with revisions I've yet to decide on the color scheme, so creativeness and initiative in this area would be greatly appreciated. Demonstration of previous work with minimalist designs will be looked on favorably.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for New Company 5 dni left

    I'm starting a new company and in need of a logo. The company name is: Pillar Hydraulic Solutions Inc. I am looking for a logo that possibly incorporates the design of a pillar or maybe some form of piston. My other thought is just clean title of company name. please make it look unique. thanks ! Here's what I'm looking for: - **Color Scheme**: I'm open to different options, but I have a general preference for blue, black and white, and silver. However, I'm also open to suggestions, so feel free to experiment and propose alternatives. - **Style**: I didn't choose a specific style during the questionnaire, but I'd appreciate your expertise in this area. I'm looking for a design that's modern and clean. - **Complet...

    €153 (Avg Bid)
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    517 vnosov
    Trophy icon Vibrant Modern Record Label Logo 6 dni left

    I am in need of a logo for my Music Record Label. I'm looking for a modern, icon-based design that incorporates the colors black and pink. Key Requirements: - Modern aesthetic: The design should be contemporary, reflecting the spirit of the music industry and the target audience. - Icon-based: The design should be centered around an icon that is memorable, unique, and represents my record label. - Color Scheme: The logo should predominantly feature black and pink. Include three symbols down below -Vinyl -Diamond -Music note (double cleff) or (symphony ) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly within the music or entertainment industry. - A strong portfolio of modern, icon-based designs. - P...

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    17 vnosov
    Trophy icon Dhana Food Products Logo Design 6 dni left

    ...creative logo for my traditional food products brand "Dhana Food Products". Key Requirements: - The logo should be lively and engaging, as it's for a brand that specializes in traditional food products. - The primary colors to be used in the logo are Green, Blue, and White. These colors should impart a sense of freshness and trust. - I'm open to incorporating cartoon images of myself in the logo, which can add a unique and personal touch to the brand. And also include the slogans "Back to the Traditional" Need Working file aslo. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in logo design and branding. - Experience in creating engaging and unique logos. - Familiarity with color theory and its application ...

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    17 vnosov

    ...and minimalist logo which is a combination of text and an icon. It will primarily be used online, for websites and social media. Key Requirements: - Combination of text and icon: I am looking for a logo that includes both text and an associated icon. This should be crafted in a modern and minimalist style. - Modern and minimalist style: The design of the logo should be clean, simple, and sleek, capturing a contemporary and professional look. - Online usage: The primary purpose of this logo will be for online platforms, such as websites and social media. Therefore, it should be scalable and easily recognizable on digital screens. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in logo design: A professional who has a portfolio showcasing successful and ...

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    ...for various print materials - namely a table top display, table cover, brochure, and business card. Table Top Display & Table Cover: - Execute a design incorporating my company's logo and name, along with details about the products or services we offer. Please also include clear reference to our contact information. - The table cover should be sized for a 6-foot table. Brochure & Business Card: - These should be in line aesthetically with the design elements used in the table top display and table cover. The exact content details will be provided once you're selected for the project. Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, particularly in creating print materials. - Be able to provide a portfolio of previous ...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a versatile logo/badge that can be effectively used across my website, print materials, and social media profiles. Please visit for a better understanding of my brand. I do not want the Word TwinstartStunts as the logo or badge or images of stars. I am after a badge or logo to go with the brand (is one word using the Font IMPACT) Key requirements: - A minimalist design style: I'm looking for a clean, simple, and uncluttered aesthetic that can communicate my brand effectively. - A combination of text and icon: The logo/badge should be a cohesive blend of text and iconography, and be expressive of my brand's identity. Ideal freelancers should have experience in: - Creating versatile logos for a range of platforms - A ...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    Comfort Air Logo Design 3 different concepts in just 24 hours.

    €233 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a professional and creative logo designer to create a playful logo for my brand, Spider Monkey Lemonade. The logo should primarily feature the colors yellow and green, and should be aligned with the brand's fun, playful vibe. Key Requirements: - Professional logo design experience with a strong portfolio - Proficient in using design software - Knowledge of color psychology - Understanding of branding and design principles - Ability to creatively interpret the brand and its values Feel free to include your design portfolio or relevant samples in your bid. Looking forward to seeing your creative ideas come to life!

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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