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    I am setting up a new software consulting company. I need a professional logo (letters on the logo will be given later) and a web site prototype designed. I am a coder myself, but not a designer, so if I get a nice web site with logo, javascript menus with rollover effects, I will be able to complete the website on my own. I don't want it to be put

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    ...key aspects of its content management schematic more simplified. The Design and Content Management aspects of the site should be completed by the same coder/design team. The payment for this project is broken into three parts: $250 - Given for the design and layout (Includes logo, layout, buttons, menus, scrollbars, etc) $500- Given for developing

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    I'm looking for design of a company logo. The company provides consulting and technical writing services. The logo should be suitable for business cards (two color) as well as inclusion in letterhead, email and website. I'm looking for a professional but simple logo that will scale in size. Some concepts that I'm interested in include curves and si...

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    ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scheme 1. Standard membership, no cost, limited access to website, forum and services. This will typically be a free site membership, you will be able to order payslips, some duplicate documents. Forum access will be restricted. Scheme 2. Premium membership

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    Website Design Končano left

    I am just thinking of getting a professional design for my website: www.beckex.com. I will need the the following pages: HOME*ABOUT US*SERVICES*CONTACT US*ACCOUNT APPLICATION*JOB BOOKING. I will also be needing a logo for [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    SITE DEVELOPMENT · Web site design (creating a visual concept of new site) · Flash/High Tech Intro with “Let’s get ready to rumble” .wav or similar · Dramatically Improve Site with Graphical/Textual Images (professional look) · Active Nav Bar (Java-expandable subcategories) Improve easy of user’s navigation throughout

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    ... 1. Flash intro under home section. Home section should also include a small intro text and a section for latest news and events - any java script for this? 2. Under services for each of the section we will have some case studies, see if you can come out with a nice layout/framework for that. We plan to include some screen shots (small) of our

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    Create Web Site Končano left

    I am seeking a web professional to design a web site, create a usable logo and install some of the JavaScript which I would provide. I would provide all content, and only some of script. My hosting solution is Unix. I am hoping to get this site up and running within 2-3 weeks. I have a small budget for this project, but would be willing to use the professional

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    Company Website Končano left

    ...Frontpage compatible), JPG, Fonts, Logo symbol, ALL SUBPAGES, Flash 6 swf and fla files. . Each template set will contain several pre-designed pages. Template set 1 is primary template design; template set 2 will be used for page structure of Hosting service; template set 3 will be used for page structure of Web services. You modify template set 2 and

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    ...need a webdesign for a photolog/moblog site. You can take [prijavite se za ogled URL] as an example for the content of the first page, the design needs to be a lot better than this. Information about the site: The site for which the design is needed is a mobile photolog site like mobog.com. Content is various and can be 18+. Images are send to the site by MMS

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    Hello, We are looking for the high quality graphic design for the website open4web.com. This site is going to be a business portal with the many different services in it. They'll help people to earn money and to promote their sites. Maybe this info will help you to get an idea what we are looking for. Our requirements are: 1. We'd like you to use

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    Need a website design for the site ComputerHelp.com. The site will be for a commercial website so it needs to be 100% professional and clean looking. Here are the details: Site layout for [prijavite se za ogled URL] The logo that we will be using in PSD format is: [prijavite se za ogled URL] What it will be is a site that consumers can search

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    ...for my site which is currently in design phase. This site provides .net development and hosting services. I would like to incorporate the road or driving down a highway in this flash intro. A possible slogan could be "Driving your business on the internet". The flash would also require integrating my business logo as well (see attachment). ## Deliverables

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    I need someone to design (and for me to obtain all rights to) a logo featuring a lion. The logo is for a business related to legal services and the law, so the logo needs to inspire confidence, strength, and trust. For printing cost purposes, a one- or two-color logo is preferable (colors at your discretion). The logo should be clean and easy to

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    ...and entertainment services over fixed, mobile and Internet platforms. Driven by a passion for listening and providing what customers want, [prijavite se za ogled URL] endeavors to bring affordable and premium quality services with innovative and useful features to all its customers such as Internet access, voice, portal and business services. We are looking for

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    Logo Design Končano left

    ...for a logo design for our business. We are a small, local, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services business. Our name is from the bible and basically means, "doing things according to God's plan." So, we would like our logo to some how reflect that. Some requests from partners is that a flame and cross be incorporated into the logo de...

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    ...entertainment-minded creative designer to create a logo for a _GREAT_ new retail business. Target applications for the logo include retail signage, web sites, print advertising collateral, and PowerPoint templates. (Though for now, we're only asking for someone to help us create a world-class logo...) Candidates should expect to submit a minimum

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    Logo Design Končano left

    ...consulting services, which we need to replace our existing bland logo with better/hi-tech logos. 4 different Logo designs based on two criteria as described below: - (2) Corporate symbols (for two companies) - (2) Combined of corporate symbol and names. Will provide TWO company names to winning bidder to get started on the logo design project. The logo ...

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    Find-a-Partner Končano left

    I need someone to design me a DATING and PARTNER FINDING website. Essentially, the site needs: 1.) To look EXCELLENT!! Possibly some sort or Flash/HTML combination. 2.) The site needs to be VERY EASY to use. 3.) Users login and either search for a partner, or post their own particulars and have prospective partners contact them through the

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    ...because most of the work has already been done in the attached zip file and a pdf file found here: [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL] I need a home page design, and a design for secondary pages, using the attached pdf document as a guide. The pdf file consists of marketing materials and shows the basic look my husband's company has decided

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    Hi - I need two simple templates for a specific medical supply site. Site colors should be taken from the attached logo. Navigation elements will include "About the Company", "Products and Services", "Info for Physicians", "Local Pharmacy" and "Contact Us". The designs on each template should be markedly different, but clean and pro...

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    We need an attractive business website **mock-up/templates** designed for our startup. Also, the business card design templates will be useful. The site and cards don't have to match exactly. The company is going to help non-technical companies define their projects and match them with correct technical development firms. So the audience is 75% techie

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    [prijavite se za ogled URL] I want the following 1. Touch up the logo, the files can be found here [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL] I want a slogan "Practical Computer Solutions That Make Common Sense" on it I want variations of this design. Try having the sphere and heartbeat top in the middle and PC Jolt below

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    web design Končano left

    ...site including logo design and 15 more icons with the home / main page design: logo should be 175 X 50 size which should reflect the making of friends with simple curve graphics. sample logs are attached to give an idea how the logo should look like. The theme is making friends and it is designer responsibility to create the a logo based on the

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    ...that way... :-) This will be a serious project for those who are already familiar with this utilitie's functions and capabilities. ***I need the FOLLOWING SERVICES RENDERED please: 1. A LOGO for the software itself...within the program and to be used within a website...and for advertising purposes as well. (Information will be provided to you upon

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    We require an experienced website designer to create an elegant, professional ecommerce website for a growing gift and services company. Because our deadline is not flexible, the relationship with the chosen coder will be probabationary for the first 7 days of the project. If work is not progressing appropriately, the coder will be paid for usable

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    ...navigation link) it will be fairly simple to do. What I want: Complete redesign of the site to have a more professional look Logo design for the site Two 468x60 banners and two 120x60 buttons created for advertising the site Design needs to be done with Adobe products and the relevant PSD (or equivalent) files provided. No flash sites, I want this to be

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    We need this site: [prijavite se za ogled URL] completely redesigned AND a "certification" logo design added. The "new" site needs to be light, not dark (NO dark backgrounds), and look corporate professional: it must reflect the fact that Tiger Investigations is a company consisting of Law Enforcement professionals - guys who carry

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    I need a professional logo and site design for a website that will be used to solicit, collect and analyze data for various debt management and credit programs. Site should be professional looking and easy to update and maintain. Navigation should be well thought out and easy to modify as various partners and/or services will be added to the site in

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    ...business. I will provide marketing and advertising services in the laser tag industry. I will operate the business under my name "Jason Bock" with the catch phrase "The Laser Tag Guy." I need someone to design a logo or icon to go with my name and a one-page HTML web template that complements the logo. The icon can be cartoonish or modern, d...

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    ...everything connected to language) including control over font size, face, weight, colour etc. / and also the logo must be linked to the selected language by the means of language files or data base. The project is a combination of the various services above and will be used for posting ads for buying and selling businesses including matching service. There

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    ...corporate site. We provide web services like hosting, custom programming etc and is a holding company of few sites providing similar services. I need a template, banners and a logo for it. Here are the specs for each of it; Template/Site design: Template Fully sliced and coded in html One main page 2 subpages • Design for the home page of a business

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    I need a very good artist who can design 4 different advertising posters or flyers that will communicate to our customers what we do in pictures using cartoon characters. The completed work should fit on both A3 and A5 (both landscape). The aim is for the potential customer is to get the key points of what we are about. I will be interested in

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    Ecommerce Website Končano left

    We require an experienced website designer to create an elegant, professional ecommerce website for a growing gift and services company. Because our deadline is not flexible, the relationship with the chosen coder will be probabationary for the first 7 days of the project. If work is not progressing appropriately, the coder will be paid for usable work

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    i am manager of medical services company in usa. i need 2 designs for my site each design has the following: 1- one main page for the front page (this page will include news, comment about each section of the site and some other notes for new visitors) 2- internal page design (that will be a template for a program generates the site for us) 3-each

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    I am a small startup consulting company who is looking to get a basic 5 page website design complted. Nothing too fancy, I would like a flash introduction page to the website. I nice looking logo and business card designed. I will disucss with the winning bidder the specifics of the website and how I would like it to look. Also, there is the opportunity

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    Phpmanager Change Končano left

    ...also for my web design and any other products/services from my co, I need different client types with different templates. I would also need the script to be able to create new bill/invoice work for exisiting customers. To have all invoices to be in pdf format and being sent to customers. (Pdf file should have my company logo and information)

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    Web site design Končano left

    I need a redesign of [prijavite se za ogled URL] The structure should be as follows: -Home -Services [prijavite se za ogled URL] Software [prijavite se za ogled URL] --------Download Evaluation --------Quick Tour* --------Online Demo (link to a site I will provide) --------Live Examples --------What Other People Say --------6 Months Free Hosting ----SPROC Function Builder --------Download

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    ...business, 'Grimshaw Student Accommodation Services', requires a logo/brand image/signature for all brandable products and materials. The logo must work for business cards, stationery, website, clothing merchandise, small brand reminders (such as post-it notes, coffee mugs etc), and brochures etc. The design must use standard font(s) or at least be complemen...

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    I would like [prijavite se za ogled URL] completely revamped! Currently, it is a "website design promotion" site - it needs to be changed as follows: New logo and styles Main Page ------------ An area for "featured sites" with screen dumps and text links A large graphic with text link "Enter Shopping Mall" (this is the new main function of the site whi...

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    ...by an auction management company. The website has limited templates available from the host. I want my own website that I can change and add to as needed. Using Amazon web services ([prijavite se za ogled URL]) I can offer the products I sell on Amazon without using the current hosting/management company. Look at [prijavite se za ogled URL] to see a program

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    ...so I have the start of a website but I want a really professional header for the page. The header library item for dreamweaver will include the 1) company logo, name of company and slogan (logo should stay relatively the same but can be redone to make it attractive on the webpage. 2) The header should incorporate some type of simple professional graphics

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    ...on [prijavite se za ogled URL] and not published yet. I need to re-design my web site using a fresh new look. My site will provide database servirces and digital products for technical certification. The deliverables are: 1. Pages: Home (Home, Mission, Profile) Certification (5 pages) Database Services (4 Pages) About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy

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    Site Design Končano left

    ...commercial website for a small networking company that compliments their existing corporate logo. All text content will be provided by the client. The selected bidder should be able to procure and apply high-quality royalty free graphics to enhance the site's design. Completed work will include all necessary layout, graphics, CSS, HTML, meta information

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    ...having the internal pages using a different topframe design that is fine. The top menu must always be easily changeable so using frames or templates would be good. Photos are only temporary. Designer will be encouraged to use more appropriate images The company provides special piston services to motorcycles, marine, vintage cars and race cars

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    Logo Design Končano left

    I want someone to make a nice logo for display on [prijavite se za ogled URL] Please visit the following page. [prijavite se za ogled URL] The first ad on this page is that of Chrysalis Business Services (our company). The logo is pretty faint and unappealing. On the other hand, the logo appearing in the third ad (of Accounting Computing and

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    ...WebSite Design and Payment processing must cover the following: OS Commerce [prijavite se za ogled URL] Must cover product robustness: 1) maintain shop-session, add/delete product/shop information) 2) Admin and Level of Access security on the basis of the AES 256 Algorithm. 3) The Website Design changes would be minimal to accomodate the new store design. A WebServices

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    Hello, I need a logo design for "hands above the rest". Interpreting Service Company that provides their services to Medical, Government, etc... for deaf people (sign language). I would like to see examples of past work and possibly a mockup idea to get idea of your conception. This logo will be used in future for a website and business card, letterhead

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    ...six to eight pages. This would include a ... splash page (with a new logo design created in flash) contact page with feedback form about us page investor relations page products and services page and one or two other pages We require mock ups of a logo design and site layout to be seriously considered by our company! The name

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    ...I am too embarassed to discose the url publically. Even menu structure is bad! Person hired must be talented, organized and creative. I let my brother-in-law do this awful design. Please respond for private sprcifics. Are you interested? [prijavite se za ogled URL] I will put up on rentacoder Okay-menu is in but no href(links) Need pages created and linked to

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