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    Hello! We have an autocad that contains many blocks with alpha numeri information within them (Attributes). Due to the many crowders of the blocks (a display of water lines and urban sewers), the Attributes load is created, and we need to manually arrange all the attributes. Of course this is an action that takes a lot of time and resources. We are looking for meticulousness with experimentation in writing LISPs that will write to us such a command. We will do a zoom meeting with the appropriate freelance to explain the content content more accurately. But, the idea is that there are 10 blocks that need to be arranged, with their length in their length, in their location (which will not fall on each other for example) and the kind. I attach two examples here and after. If you think you can...

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    Me interesa una rutina en Visual Lisp para exportar desde un DWG a PDF con capas con las siguientes características: - Los parámetros de la rutina son los siguientes: => Unidad de medida (milimetros o pulgadas) => Tamaño de papel (anchura x altura) del PDF => Escala de conversión (unidad_dibujo:unidad_real, por ejemplo, 1:10, 1 unidad de dibujo son 10 unidades en el PDF) => p1, p2 (puntos extremos de la ventana de designación dentro del DWG) El PDF se generará con todas las entidades abarcadas por la ventana de designación cuyas esquinas son los puntos p1 y p2 => Directorio donde se guardará el archivo PDF => Nombre del archivo PDF - El archivo PDF tiene que tener las mismas capas que e...

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    Prolog-lisp project Končano left

    Someone who is proficient with prolog and lisp language.

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    I would like to develop a small autocad LISP application that does the following - At the beginning I will have selected a part of the elements of the drawing. - I want the program to detect which are linear text objects and join in a multiline text object those texts that are at a smaller distance requested by console. - Remove the old texts and leave only the multiline texts.

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    AutoCAD Applet Končano left

    We need to develop an autoCAD applet in order to automate a tedious task of making cable lists. Knowledge of AutoCAD is required for this job. Please also refer to the attached files for reference. There is no preference on the type of the applet (may be lisp or exe or anything)

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    I am after a CAD template, and possible LISP programming to draft our cad deliverables. Our job entail underground utility services, that are surveyed by a surveyor with GPS. The data is exported in dwg and csv file with Easting Nothing and various attributes. Depending on the attributes, the data needs to be drafted in 3d linework while adding various callouts.

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    Project for Manh P. Končano left

    Hi Manh P., I hope you are well. You made some LISP. I am doing a job with it and getting an error. Are you able to tweak the LISP so it works without the error?

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    I need someone to do auto lisp coding programme for a furniture drawing I have on autocad.

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    Lisp parser, interpreter in C Requirements share in private chat

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    C++ lisp parser Končano left

    help in c++ coding on lisp interpreter or something

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    Attached a file with the project details. As soon as someone’s interested, will send off the necessary files

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    Rutina LISP Končano left

    Ttengo entre manos un pequeño proyecto que exige que el programa (rutina LISP en AutoCAD) cree en un conjunto de simples polilíneas 2D unas líneas perpendiculares a una distancia de exactamente 1,000 m y que esas líneas aparte de ser perpendiculares tuvieran una longitud exactamente de 10 cm a cada lado (ver fichero adjunto)

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    Need to solve few basic question in the following languages

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    Hi Redwan E., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. need a lisp file which can create intermediate chair height points for a PT tendon. Input: Internal or external span. Start and end point of a tendon. High point at both ends and low point in between. Output: High points at both ends, low point and intermediate points in between them at maximum 1m spacing, based on parabolic equation of PT ( note i need all units in Inches)

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    I am a jury consultant who wants to leverage a LISP program to model some of the psychology that influences juror decision making. I do have access to the code associated with the program that is written in LISP. The issue/work will be executing the code and adding in some contextual information for each case.

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    The task is about solving Sudoku puzzle in LISP. Please check the PDF file I uploaded. If you can handle it, please feel free to chat me.

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    Download portacle IDE for lisp. Instructions are in the PNG file. Look at the Functions As Data, a.k.a. Higher-Order Functions part of this link for further references Copy the directory of where you downloaded these files CL-USER> (load "c:/Users/Steve/W10/CommonLisp/portacle/Project02/solution2.lisp")

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    I want an expert in the LISP programming language

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    The A* algorithm to solve the problem; create at least 2 heuristic functions, the Manhattan distance and another one (proposed/chosen by the person).

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    Hi Im looking for a script that would ask for user to select a rectangle and print/export a png with the 4 corners coordinates embeded in it thanks

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    I need an expert to create a LISP for AutoCAD. the Lisp Command should divide a polyline in equal lengths as required if the line is straight. if the line has a bend it should divide it until the bend. options should be made available to give dimensions, if required.

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    Autocad Lisp Končano left

    Two Lisp need to be created 1. Automatic Placement of groups into existing boxes. 2. Attribute updates on sequential click.

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    Create Autcad LISP Končano left

    I need to have a LISP created to clean my CAD drawings up. Quite simple for an experienced LISP builder. Delete Hatching, small lines, small arcs, small circles. Make the lines all the same. Attached is a detaled requirements

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    I have a dwg file. In that file there is a red box and some yellow lines. I want a lisp file that aligns those yellow lines perfectly with the red bounding box. The sample is also shown in the AutoCAD file attached. Please remember that I want a code which is a Lisp file. So when I will load that lisp file in my drawings it will automatically correct all yellow lines. Bid only if you know how to generate a lisp file in AutoCAD. You will probably need to code a little bit.

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    I work with autocad electrical, and I've built blocks for the schematic and panel menu. I'm looking for a programmer to build a LISP that automatically draws when entering the data

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    Hi Sardar I want pacman python code implement on lisp using deep learning and with all the levels implemented. Is this something you would be able to do?

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    We are needing someone to help us generate an automation in Visual Lisp for a plane in Autocad, in general it is to apply a Decurve to some lands and also export its coordinates in an excel. If you have the technical ability to do it, please connect with me and we can define a way to work together.

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    Hi i need to hire s.o. good in haskell and Lisp language for my project

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    Hi If you are avaialble to do racket, lisp, scheme , prolog task please message

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    Looking for an expert who knows well about CI LISP.

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    Looking for Autocad programmer, who can develop the program/lisp to move the autocad block based on the topography files.

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    Lisp programmer Končano left

    Our society need a LISP per AutoCAD the script must produce a CSV or Excel file containing the areas of the individual polylines contained within a wider polyline and list them by single layer. If possible, an application with automatic updating based on the drawing updates could also be assumed.

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    I need something like this (AutoLisp - AutoCad 2019) please watch this movie

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    AutoCad Lisp Končano left

    I need a lisp for autocad 2019. Lisp is supposed to move the texts to common area of two intersecting layers.

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    This project is to maintain and develop existing tool for AutoCAD. C++ and LISP skill required. name of the project: this tool allow LISP programming allows programmers to access more powerful functionalities and allow a more scalable dynamic interface than the simple native DCL code of AutoCAD.

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    Pogodba o nerazkritju informacij
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    Requerimos generar automáticamente en AutocadMap o SImilar (ArcGis) un programa, script o herramienta (LISP, VBA u otro) que permita la generación de Perfiles Transversales. Estos perfiles se deben generar a partir de un dibujo en SHAPE que está compuesto de lineas que representan una caracteristica y atributos que nos permitirán obtener los datos necesarios para generan el dibujo final. Se adjunto un archivo con mayor detalle.

    €382 (Avg Bid)
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    See above S system of old but working programs need to be able to run on oc

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    5 ponudb
    Rutina auticad lisp Končano left

    Preciso de un experto en autocad que desarrolle una rutina autolisp para completar cajetines de planos de autocad a partir de la infomración contenida en un archivo excel.

    €364 (Avg Bid)
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    The title says it all: I am looking for a programmer proficient in emacs lisp who can help me with any kind of issue I have. This might range from trouble-shooting over getting old packages to work to writing own packages. I value clear communication and a touch of perfectionism. This is explicitly not a single job but rather an offer for a long-lasting collaboration.

    €27 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 ponudb

    I need to write a few programs for Bricscad.

    €83 (Avg Bid)
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    3 ponudb

    Este vorba despre un proiect pentru lucrarea de trebuie scrisa in LISP.

    €250 (Avg Bid)
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    We have several lisp routines that are tailor made build for Autocad/ Bricscad. Because we are changing from 3D cad drawing to Pytha we need to have these routines rewritten in Lua.

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need to devlop so e lisp for autocad for repeated task

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to devlop so e lisp for autocad for repeated task

    €14 (Avg Bid)
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    5 ponudb

    I need to write a few programs for Bricscad.

    €62 (Avg Bid)
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    Require someone with strong assembly skills to build a quick project. Any experience with C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, Clojure or Lisp would be great. Need someone who is very agile and responsive to help me complete this project.

    €164 (Avg Bid)
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    5 ponudb

    I need to write Lisp app for Bricscad (21 and higer).

    €37 (Avg Bid)
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    Estimados necesitaría una programación lisp, que dibuje una pline entre dos bloques que tengan el mismo valor de tag conectados entre varias plines encontrando el camino topológico de unión. la idea es seleccionar valor del bloque origen y que se dibuje una pline hasta el otro bloque que tenga el mismo valor del tag. También necesitaría que por cada bloque donde pase la pline se inserte un texto contabilizando las distancias parciales desde el primer bloque origen. Y finalmente que pueda insertar un bloque sobre la pline creada a determinada distancia desde el bloque origen. Tener en cuenta que por cada bloque que intercepta la pline se le debe sumar a esta y dibujar con un zigzagueo las unidades correspondientes al numero de reserva que...

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    1 ponudb on this project thereby enabling you to bid on this project "for free" (without spending one of your bids). Please wait *patiently* for up to 48 hours for me to invite you because I do *not* have a bot; I would need to manually invite you to bid. ✻ THE PROJECT ✻ You do *not* need an ESP32 (which is similar to Arduino). You will help me build a consumer IoT (Internet of Things) product using Lisp for microcontrollers on the ESP32. ESP32 is a microcontroller (similar to Arduino) but ESP32 is generally better and more powerful than Arduino. ✻ DAILY PAYMENT ✻ I repeat: I will pay you each day for every hour you work with me. That is probably *very* beneficial for you. Obviously this will almost completely eliminate the risk that you will be unpaid for your work...

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