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    need a designer who knows coral draw and can design the label for pharma company

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    Adobe Illustrator edits 6 dni left

    I need a simple label created in .AI and .pdf. I have the template. I also need someone to do on-going small jobs for creating labels and things.

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    Jitsi Video Integration 6 dni left

    Integrating Jitsi in PHP web application. This will have only 2 users per video call. Functionalities :- Video, Chat, Audio, Document Sharing, Saving Notes, Saving chat, Extend Time, Remaining Video Time, Recording of the Video, Network Quality Status, End Video Responsibilities :- - Responsible to install and setup Jitsi on Linux server - Responsible to integrate Jitsi with PHP...Audio, Document Sharing, Saving Notes, Saving chat, Extend Time, Remaining Video Time, Recording of the Video, Network Quality Status, End Video Responsibilities :- - Responsible to install and setup Jitsi on Linux server - Responsible to integrate Jitsi with PHP application - Responsible for Unit Testing - If we found any bugs or issues then is expected to fix them ASAP - White label...

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    Looking for a designer to create moving, interesting videos to accompany dance music records for use on social media. Short, repeating graphics, syncing with beats in the music. I have attached 20 examples for inspiration. The videos should tie in with the existing artwork created for the song, provided to you for each piece. Examples of our artworks are availabl...designer to create moving, interesting videos to accompany dance music records for use on social media. Short, repeating graphics, syncing with beats in the music. I have attached 20 examples for inspiration. The videos should tie in with the existing artwork created for the song, provided to you for each piece. Examples of our artworks are available on our catalogue here:

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    VB Basic () 9 ur left

    ...hearts. In the game of 21, the player closest to 21 points without exceeding 21 wins. Cards 2-10 have their face (pip) value. J, Q, and K each count as 10 points. The A can be 1 or 11 points as the player chooses. Each player is dealt two cards face up. Then as many more as desired, one player at a time, starting at the dealer’s left. You will play the game against the House plus four other players. Label the six players as House, Playerl, Player2, Player3, Player4, Me. Create a graphic for each card dealt, such as a rectangle of the proper color (clubs, spades = black; diamonds, hearts = red) with the suit and value number/letter in the rectangle, or you may prefer to get card images from the Internet. Each player should have the capacity for six cards dealt. Use a random...

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    Comercial - Website 6 dni left

    I need create only the design of website not the implementation. Is for company that offer mobil app white label for restaurants.

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    I need an artist that can design a beer label for me. The name of the beer is American Amber Ale. The company is Mark's Beer Stand. I intend on having the name of the beer in patriotic letters. The artwork needs to be the American flag with a bald eagle. I want the company's logo in the lower right-hand corner. Please make the label 3.5 " X 4.7. Be sure to have the company's log transparent where the image indicates. I will include the logo for a reference.

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    Hello there, I would like you to design my label pantry. Eventually, my spices jars too... I send you an example of what I like. I would like a different font; something classic, sophisticated and with more details and more ornament overall. Something natural, Zen, organic you know ... You can start with one design label and if everything is good I will send you the list of my pantry. To get an idea I only have 24 canisters in total. The size of the labels is 3 X 4 IN in rectangular form. Well I trust your creativity and your expertise Looking forward to working with you. Rachel

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    ACKO! We are looking to launch a new product. A scented body oil...iON AROMA. Would love to have your help exploring this new area!

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    1. These stickers are to be used in coconut oil bottle and perfume compound bottl...coconut oil bottle and perfume compound bottles of size 30 ml, 100ml and 1 Litre (3x6 cm, 6 x10 cm, 10x 15 cm, all in base x height). Label sticker design of 3 sizes for Aluminum container and Plastic Bottles. Mock up samples, photoshop, illustrator or corel draw can be used So 3 label size x 5 variants x 2 bottle mock up (Aluminum and White or Transparent plastic bottle) = 30 labels total All design should be easy to edit in future just to edit name and price and ingredients 2. Logo Simple design needed (Image attached) Circular shape logo needed. 3. All design should be send in jpg and psd format 4. Total 30 labels and 1 logo = 31 images completes the project All...

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    This is all white label work. Should be very experienced in Wordpress customization, Laravel, and PHP. Should have a great UX/UI person. Team should also have excellent SEO team that produces excellent results that are verifiable.

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    Pre-Shipment Inspection in 320089 Rozzano , Italy Date: ASAP - During a week and Morning Address: Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate S.p.A. Via Trebbia, 22 20089 Rozzano (MI) Italy Scope : Visual Inspection: freelancer shall take photos of items (each reference one photo of the general appearance of the product and item label) (A list of Item will be provided) quantity checking: freelancer has to check quantity against our list and take photos that show total quantity exist, Freelancer shall Take photos From each reference packing and marking: freelancer has to take photos of items labels and the condition of packing (Internal and external) short report: in one page regarding each section in English., all photos shall submit through whats app during inspection...

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    Pre-Shipment Inspection in 26016 Spino d'Adda, Italy Date: ASAP - During a week and Morning Address: 1) Fugazza & C. S.p.A. Via Milano 22 26016 Spino d'Adda (CR) Italy Scope : Visual Inspection: freelancer shall take photos of items (each reference one photo of the general appearance of product and item label) (List of Item will be provided) quantity checking: freelancer has to check quantity against our list and take photos that show total quantity exist, Freelancer shall Take photos From each reference packing and marking: freelancer has to take photos of items labels and the condition of packing (Internal and external) short report: in one page regarding each section in English., all photos shall submit through whats app during inspection...

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    Product Label 4 dni left

    Looking for an expressive Product Label for Jars.

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    A RESTFul API server written in .Net for the purpose of acting as a mediator for connecting to an Electronic Shelf Tag label system. Please make sure to refer to the ESL SDK Application Manuel v1.12 for details on to setup your local development environment with the correct .NET dependencies. This is the link to the restful api specification attached is the SDK file to communicate with the ESL Access point..

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    "You Make Me Crazier" is the song title and I attached a record label stand for the cover as well. The stamp should be small but readable some what. The Artist name is "David Pedroso" so please add that somewhere as well. Please provide a PSD (photoshop file) and PNG and provide any fonts if neccessary. Dimensions must be 3000px X 3000px EDM song electronic music

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    ...(for every patient with cancer) with the least number of features (1..7) that could help determine (with 100% probability and 0% FPR) whether patient has cancer. The smaller the number of features used (ideally <= 7) the better. The chosen combination must not be present for patients without cancer. Final results of the Python (CLI) script should look like this: patient_id, predicted label, expected label, cancer_features patient_id, 1,1, (feature_3, feature_4, feature_17, feature_18, feature_20, feature_22) patient_id, 1,1 (feature_8, feature_9, feature_13, feature_14, feature_24, feature_25, feature_28) patient_id, 0,1 (feature_7, feature_9, feature_18, feature_19) patient_id, 1,1 (feature_1, feature_4, feature_11, feature_12, feature_43) patient_id, 1,1 (feature_5...

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    Logo Design - Hand Sanitiser Label 3 dni left

    Hi I'm looking for a modern and minimal logo for a line of hand sanitiser bottles. Hey, Looking for a well balanced, Simple, Minimalistic Logo to great created for a hand sanitizer bottle. Logo Name - Fvck Germs Concept - Slightly edgey spin on staying clean and safe during these times. Colour - Please pic between the 3 colour palettes attached' DREAM BIG

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    *Notes on theme -Standardize all designs based on the red theme when developing the UI, including the design for all input, button, table, menu etc *Notes on Global/Shared component -Top & Side navigation menu to be fixed &static when scrolling the page/screen -Reuse shared component (eg Top & Side navigation menu) across all screen -Side navigation should not have "Login" menu -Current menu should be highlighted in Side navigation (as well as sub-menu) Refer to XD file -Logo in Top navigation menu is an image instead of label -Able to control the show/hidden flag of backdrop for a modal -For Table, able to: loop a list of records into the table based on the number of record in that list support word-break inside table for long content control the flag ...

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    Dynamic form design in MVC c# 3 dni left

    I want to create dynamic form which have Label, drop down,check box ,Text .. User can design any type forms like in WordPress .. form need to save with all values and when open again it come with same values .. he can edit ,delete , add data in design form.

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    THE FOLLOWING RESEARCH AND WRITING TASKS ARE FOR WORK PURPOSES AND SHOULD BE CONDUCTED IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER. APA FORMAT CITATION IS A MUST. Task 1: The attached image depicts the workflow for loan processing which shows flows for the load application and which accept or reject being the possible outcomes. Answer the following: - Using a tool of your choice draw and label a workflow which depicts a student submitting an assignment to the professor and the possible outcomes. * Cite any source in APA format. Task 2: Database systems are in use everywhere in our society. Having this in mind, answer the following: - Think about your week's normal activities and discuss one example of a transaction that you engaged in within the past month and what database the data was stor...

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    I have a file that is designed in photoshop for a product label for printing purposes, i want it to be done in illustrator, copying is not allowed i want the file to be made again from scratch, product name should be editable, copying is not allowed, reply with (0) if you read the description ,any reply without a 0 will be ignored project is so simple, budget is $20

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    We are looking to Create our Mascot to be used in the following aspects: - Foot print with data label -> for stickers and emoji - Astronaut leaving the foot print -> t shirt (we need to adapt the drawing I will attach, to be print in a T-shirt) - Data mascot -> for presentations (full body), background (full body), NFT (full body, and customization) - Social network (full body) and as a logo (if possible rounded with "Data" word in some part of the logo) Our Idea of the mascot is a Dachshund Dog, as an astronaut, standing in the moon. (will send illustrative picture) And then we have an Astronaut from the back, leaving a footprint that says Data, and we want to put that drawing in a T-shirt. We would love you to adapt it as you think is necessary to use it in a b...

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    Hello, we need a designer who wants to help us with the creation of a logo and also a bottle label. We need one Logo for the new company and one Logo for the sweet white wine. The name of the company: - Moseldream characteristics of the logo: - the Logo should contain the name and it should also contain a cloud which is connected with the name. The font color should be gold on a Tiffany blue background (compare with example from upload files). But also if you have a better idea, feel free and be creative. Characteristics of the white wine name: The white wine should be called 'süße 17' what means sweet 17. It should express the lightness of the wine and the font should also be gold. The logo should look quite aristocratic and elegant. I have attached a...

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    Trophy icon Redesign of a product label 12 ur left

    We have developed a product label design but are not satisfied with the overall look of the final packaged bottle. The label doesn't look visually appealing on the existing bottle shape. The shape of the bottle is fixed and cannot be changed. We would prefer the bottle colour to be "milk white". The color of the cap can be changed if required. We need the label to be restaged without disturbing the broad construct of the existing label design. The color combinations can be changed, the colors can be altered, the fonts can be reworked. The existing label is transparent and we can change the label from being transparent to paper/ metallic etc to improve the look

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    ...existing specification if there is a change in any process, food safety, quality or legality aspect. 5. Maintaining PIFs for all products. 6. Destuffing reports and pallet notes. 7. Ensure the existing shipping instructions are updated when any changes are informed. 8. Maintain existing suppliers as and when required. 9. Send shipping instructions and bag labels to old and established supply chain, label review. 10. Supplier shipping docs/COA review, send to Tayper, Supplier docs review as and when need be inwards repot saving. 11. COAs to customers. To be a best fit for this job you need: Tertiary qualifications in Food Science or related discipline. Knowledge and experience of QA programs (BRC, HACCP, auditing) Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Excellen...

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    Need to make label sticker design for Hazelnut choco spread with my brand name.

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    I'm creating a brand and i need a logo and a Laber for a one gallon container.

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    Trophy icon Logo for Bombay Ent. 2 dni left

    It is an entertainment company... music label, comedy shows, clothing line, & more. I like red & black, I want a cherry bomb as the "O" in Bombay... also I like graffiti style lettering.

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    I want to start an Amazon FBA , I am looking for an expert who done it before! Need someone who knows all about Amazon FBA. From A->Z. I've got around 40 products and i would like to sell them on Amazon USA So need Listing Creation and optimization, brand registry etc.. You should be Equipped with Premium Amazon Tools

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    Package Design 4 dni left

    label design for your products , Soap And Lipbalm

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    Design a label for craft beer 1 dan left

    We need a craft beer label where we turn a team photo into cartoon characters/karikatures of the real people.

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    brawn protein 1 dan left

    I need a designer to get the sticker label designed for my product.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Končano left

    I need a logo for a record label startup. We make Edm electronic music. Dark Decay Records

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    CLASSIC NLP ENTITY EXTRACTION & LABELLING USE CASE FOR HEALTHCARE NICHE We want to extract and label entities within text. Data is provided in an excel column, containing html of input text (100-5000 words per unit). Total units of text - 1k to start with. Use of for extraction. We expect output to be - Html text now modified with 1)Spell checked with automated replacements for suggestions with high confidence (have a couple of tools in mind but need suggestions, keeping in mind the medical nature of queries). Use of medical public dictionaries, if applicable. Options - But we have to see if they are cost effective. Prowritingaid seems to be fine, if it works

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    13 ponudb doesn't recognize CSS and/or JavaScript. The "honey pot" technique use a non-visible field to fool the less-intelligent robots whos automatically fills out all the input fields prior to submit the form data for further processing. <form action="" method="post"> <p> <label>Name</label> <input type="text" name="your_name"> </p> <p> <label>Email</label> <input type="email" name="your_email"> </p> <p class="fax"> <label>Fax</label> <input type="text" name="your_fax"> </p> <p> <label>Comment</label> <textarea...

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    Create a packaging sticker design to be used on a roll of athletic tape. Size for the primary design will be 90mm H x 105mm W It will consist of Brand Logo, Title, Subtitle, Barcode, Product Details, Small Icons Once this design is approved we will have you create 4 additional versions with different dimensions.

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    Trophy icon Refresh beer label design 20 ur left

    I would like to have my beer series "Mariagerfjord" refreshed. I like the idear of the large logo in the background - but I think the is a exampel of how it looks on one of my other beer-series. You can use the right part-text, barcode on your sample-labels. The redesigns should stay close to the existing colors see here: But I think the background and front logo could looke better - therefore I seek a redesign :) "2021 - mariagerfjord - øster " is my existing design logo and so on. Dark beer names: Hadsund (Amerikansk Brown Ale) Hobro (Irsk Stout) Helberskov (Nøddebrun Ale) Lighter colored labels: Øster hurup (Gylden Ale) Visborg (Märzen) Als (Lys Pilsner) Mariager (India Pale Ale) Bramslev Bakker (Pale Ale)

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    NING Plattform-Entwicklung 15 ur left

    Entwicklung und Betreuung einer NING Community Plattform. Komplett "White Label" ohne irgendwo die Nennung von NING und mit der komplett eigenen Domain Die komplette Seite/Plattform in eigenem Design mit eigenen Farben und Schriften. Landingpage (grafisch und textlich von Marketingagentur vorgegeben) mit Präsentation/Spirit/Regeln & AGB & FAQ Bewerbungsformular Landingpage zum ausfüllen (Automatische Auswertung, ob jemand aufgenommen, abgelehnt oder ihm die Warteliste angeboten wird - Parameter werden geliefert) Nach der automatischen Auswertung, direkt auf der Landingpage: Annahme oder Ablehnung oder Wartelistenangebot - Text wird geliefert (Diese Auswertung mit internem Tracking) Bei Annahme ein Beitrittsangebot mit vom Bewerbungsformular ü...

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    Pogodba o nerazkritju informacij
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    ...drop location does not exist on Google maps for example an exhibition hall is converted to a car body sporting hall. The client knows that she will go from pickup location to kabadi sport hall and does not have a clue that this is the exhibition hall of the city. G. There should be also reporting of the right time of every car/driver for accounting purposes . H. The software must be white label for the client so we can attach the logo OR the title of the event and for the admin. There is no need to load it in play store or iOS it could be an APK that the client will download from a predefined linked. It's important to understand that we are not looking only for one off development but for a longer term relation. The freelancer should have experience in the same type ...

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    We have designed a psd home page and we would need to develope a wordpress site template with woocommerce with dummy data, the real data will be put by us later. Our needs are: - Bootstrap (or Fondation); - No use of Slider Revolution; - No use of elementor or similar; - Use of Custom fields suite; - Fully Responsive; - Light and Seo friendly; - White label

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    I need editing for 2 images, I will also need some ad banners created

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    we would like to create a sustainable bamboo kids fashion line. No bells and whistles - sleek design with maybe a quote or label. We want a luxury feel, eco-friendly, sustainable and everyday wear.

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    Trophy icon Rock Concert Poster / Album Cover Art Končano left

    ...lines on a tachometer (RPM counter), hence the name. It is the maximum engine speed you can achieve that will not blow the engine ? Also this is the band’s new Instagram account Really looking forward to see what you come up with the band logo and flyer, Examples; We like what Andy Warhol did with every day items like a Campbell Soup label making it his own Or Salvador Dali with his distortion of a pocket watch, stairs, etc Dada artists used collages, photomontages, assemblage or ready-made objects. Surrealists painted illogical scenes or strange creatures using everyday objects. So really excited to see what everybody comes up with and wish we could award more. Best of luck & we hope to work with you on this and future projects

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    Sourcing an artist who understands the Chinese culture of gift giving, and the symbiology of Chinese New Year. keeping these elements in mind, we want an artist to design / illustrate a theme to hero this time of year. The art will be wrapped around a box and elements will be used on a label or used as a wrap for a 700ml spirits bottle. Attached are some references for inspiration only. We do not represent the brands listed in the references. And are only to be used to spark creativity.

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    Bottle Label Design You will design a beautiful label for our essential oil bottles. Sample image >>

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    Web Designer Končano left jewelry subscription company. We are currently looking for a team member that can help us design engaging and responsive page layouts and templates for our website. Responsibilities will include: • Designing engaging and responsive page layouts, templates, and landing pages • Producing design assets for use in social media and marketing channels • Developing and maintaining consistent branding • Making recommendations on UX/UI focused designs • Working alongside our Web developers to deploy designs • Properly label and maintain the database of design assets • Utilizing data and analytics in making design decisions Qualifications and Skills: • Understanding of graphic design fundamentals a...

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    Trophy icon Design a Wine Label Končano left

    We are a winedealer in Switzerland and need a wine label for one of our customers Dimensions: 120mm (width) * 190mm (height) The label will be put on the bottle attached. "Your" label comes instead of the current front label. It will be given to customers of a car dealer as a "Thank you" gift after buying a car. On the label needs to be: Logo of the car dealer (see attachement) text: "Vielen Dank!" (without question marks) You're free in the design. Label will be printed digitally. Follow-Up Orders possible.

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    Label Harshita Končano left

    Label Harshita is an online business startup to be run from Home. The Label mainly deals in women bags and accessories. Looking for a freelancer to help with graphic designing, business strategising and handling the social media.

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    We have been using a third party plugin successfully for many months. Recently (past several days) the plugin no longer allows anonymous users to add items to their cart from the plugin interface. It only works for logged in users. Here is are the steps to reproduce: --> "Buy Blank Label" button --> Choose any manufacturer --> Choose any printer --> Choose any size --> Choose any finish --> click add to cart button for any qty The add to cart function only fires when the user is logged in. We need someone to troubleshoot why. No major changes have been made to the website recently so this is likely a plugin conflict but will need someone to determine exactly where the problem is occurring.

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