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    ...home battery manufacturer - we make batteries to store solar power and allow customers to use that solar power later in the day / do other things with it. We're currently in the process of developing a mobile app for our customers to interact with their systems and see the impacts (financial and environmental) that their systems are having. As part of this app, we're introducing an element of gamification and badges, aiming to get users to positively change their behaviour and ultimately improve the impact their systems are having. We are looking for badges that can be displayed on a mobile screen. I've attached badges from a previous app I made using a previous employer), and we're looking for a similar aesthetic - hexagon badge shape outline with a reasona...

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    3D character design, gamification high quality detailed character including animation

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    I need a fast working 2D illustrator to make level and background art with a cartoon style e.g. similar to where's wally artwork: * Vector based artwork * Hand drawn outlines * Basic 3 or so colours on an asset, no gradients * No lighting or shading on the assets * Ba...background art with a cartoon style e.g. similar to where's wally artwork: * Vector based artwork * Hand drawn outlines * Basic 3 or so colours on an asset, no gradients * No lighting or shading on the assets * Background art is places and objects no people or characters * Assets to be cleanly created in own layers and editable * Illustrator compatible .ai files as there will be some mashing for gamification purposes Initially I am only after a few game art / level pieces to see how this goes, let me know i...

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    Hello, I am needing a protoype (proof of concept) of an innovation I've proposed for my capstone. My innovation involves use of gamification strategies to provide youth (adolescents and young adults) with real-life inspired experiences in simulated, safe spaces, connecting them to vital knowledge, resources, advocacy and support throughout their transition to adulthood. Marketed as a 3D multiplayer online video game and social networking platform, the design, called North of Neverland, would motivate users to develop key life skills, build a reliable support and resource network, and sustain a wellbeing focus during the period of transition. I imagining something along the lines of SIMS with educational components. I have about 6 weeks to deliver a first draft of the prototype,...

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    Dating App 1 dan left

    I'm looking for a developer with experience building and publishing dating apps (iOS and Android) along with associated admin and manager dashboards. It's not a swipe-app, but shares many aspects with one. The MVP version of the app will not include monetization, gamification, or ads. I have a detailed MVP document for the app, admin dashboard, manager dashboard, etc.. I have a more extensive series of questions to ask, but please: 1. Be open to delivering a dating app (along with associated dashboards) with very specific requirements - that may may not fit a cookie-cutter object model or structure 2. Have experience with coding standards and framework 3. Have back-end experience 4. Have experience with rigorous end-to-end QA 5. Have experience with scalin...

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    The dark age 3 ur left

    We have some amazing gamification website ideas, and would like to launch by mid/late Feb 2022. We are looking for artists to help us realize some gamified- and animated- style figures and parts. Our core value is to create distinguished interacting immersed website pages. Also we are finding some native/fluent English writer and speakers can provide community feeds and run twitter/discord community.

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    I run a blog and online magazine on the topics of games-based learning (GBL), mainly in the adult, corporate learning space, and gamification. I need to produce 11 high quality and well researched articles every two months for the issue -based magazine, as well as a couple of reviews on books, games, courses or similar relevant to games-based learning professionals. Each magazine is loosely themed around a specific topic which is approached from the context of GBL and gamification. E.g. recent issues have been themed 'Economics' and 'Futurism'. Additionally I also need to produce around 2 - 3 articles per week to be published on an ongoing basis outside of the time-bound issues. While I will be writing many of these myself, I need some help becuase of th...

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    Hi,I want to develop custom lms Which should have following Features: 1)Course & Content Management This feature is a must-to-have in an LMS because it helps the teacher/tra...collect all the material and complete the course at their own pace. Analytics, Achievements, Statistics, Surveys Having a feature that can provide detailed analytical reports regarding the progress of a student/employee, their achievements report, and overall statistics of the entire class or at an individual level. Teachers and students can also conduct a survey using this feature. Gamification With gamification in long and dry subjects, you can get more engagement from the learner. Social structure This feature helps students connect with teachers and other students. Please share your approach, ...

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    Gamification Končano left

    Hi, I would like your help with an idea. I have a course on the hotmart website and I would like to know if it is possible to make a knowledge trail that as the student progresses through the classes, he will receive prizes or some bonuses. Would you help me?

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    We are looking for freelancers to create a hybrid mobile application (IOS and Android). We have a clear vision of our product, an SRS, wireframes and some design. It will be a CRUD Quizz App with a bit of gamification (levels, groups, batles...). The app will be freely available but will offer free and paid content. Stack: IONIC, VUEJS, GRAPHQL, APOLLO, REST & GraphQL, SQLlite Functions: - Account creation, - Profile update, deletion, - Quizz (Start/ongoing/finished) - Progression and history - Score - Results (correct/wrong) - Favorites Other requirements: online and offline storage, reliable, scalable, user-friendly, secure Following best practices and standards Start as soon as possible

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    BancEduInvestTeens Končano left

    Its mainly a tab/mobile based app. The app allows children and young ones to do banking virtually and also teaches them how to save for future targets. This is gamification of bank and banking.

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    Need to keep developing existent platform, incluind new functionalities, such as payment, teacher's control, chat, etc.

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    We have developed the content that should be needed for our proprietary on line adult education offers. That means we need a creator/innovator to get our clients engaged and "acting differently" with this exciting knowledge. If you are skilled with technology, (may even have an interest in gamification techniques), you may be a good match! Looking at an end product of 4- 6 modules. Values-based foundation, course content information includes change imperatives, self & situational assessments, scenario building, solution development, and action planning. Self-paced, self qualifying with normative comparisons peer reviews, the potential for program follow up after the experience. Not building a Rolls Royce - need new approaches- fast, creative, and ...

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    Salesforce Gamification and Engagement App development work

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    Salesforce Gamification and Adoption App

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    I need a platform created for a financial e-learning university that has a large number of courses and tests with gamification capabilities.

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    We are a tech company.. We need a writer who is able to ideate, research & write articles/ blogs related to > New age marketing > Extrinsic & Intrinsic rewards > consumer behavior > Gamification > Industry-wise marketing blogs

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    For our health app we want to introduce gamification on block chain. We will create token and smart contract on fantom

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    Gamification adgame Končano left

    Client SİNPAŞ GYO Project Goals Create an advergame project idea for mobile platform. To promote a novel (imaginary) residence complex which includes famous brands in its shopping malls. To inform customers about the nice habitat that is going to be constructed for them within the complex To inform about sport facilities around the site & the modern life that they would experience More can be deduced from their web site if need be. Main selling point The shopping malls located at the ground level of the residence buildings (which may allow people to shop without dealing with the hustle of İstanbul for instance) Important Notes You are expected to create a draft advergame project idea for the assignment and not an ad campaign. The gaming element is required but the main...

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    Hi, I am looking for an experienced developer who can help development this project. The project contains development of NFT wallet transaction function/NFT sales platform (creating a platform that's like opensea)/NFT smart contracts. Then we want to integrate a forum with chat room functions into this entire site. Lastly, we want to develop gamification that also connect with the usage of NFT. Also, we are looking at 10K-20K+ people using the site at the same time, so the site has to be able to run very smoothly under this condition.

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    ...and the web app Features and functionality – phase 1. Completion 1 month Redemption codes (discounts, free membership, upgrades etc. – one time use, time options Various membership levels male (free, basic, free upgrade, premium, gold, lifetime member) female & Trans ( free, paid premium) Couple Free/Premium Payment processors (papal and stripe) one time payments only not re-occurring Gamification of site features and enrolment / also information gathering where basic info is gathered initially and 1 or 2 questions are then asked on a log in or time sensitive basis to gather additional information Smooth flow Modern contemporary look and feel Web, Web app, IOS and android versions ( all submitted and approved on the app stores) Event guide Affiliate scheme...

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    Hi. I am looking for a professional, easy-going individual to help me build my website. I am not talking about marketing or sales just yet. I am in need of someone to help with basics, more like a guide. A Shopify expert. Help me get my pages together, filter clothing, upload clothing, organize clothing, make website easy to access for customers. I am looking to imply gamification to my website also. Gamification is installing bonuses, awards, coupons, etc. This person needs to be great at communication and ask me for pointers, so i can get what I need. You need to be skilled in SHOPIFY TEMPLATES, SHOPPING CARTS, ILLUSTRATOR, LOGO DESIGN,HTML, basically those sorts of things. My biggest concern and need is to upload products from amazon, alibaba, etc. and to organize my websi...

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    Build a MVP for a Metaverse in a Technical Training Gamification Experience - To build and delivery a MVP for a company platform where all technical training revolves around gamification - Training content and requirements will be provided by me - Creative brief and a MVP will be provided by you. - Project completion deadline and milestones can be discussed and agreed on together

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    I would like to have small research (4-5 pages), prepared on PPT or PDF, written in English. The studyresearch will briefly present applications that deal with the stock market but those that do so in a way that combines games (gamification), competitions, learning through experience etc. It can be combination of gamification effects and concept. The studyresearch should includes at least 5 different Apps.

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    Fitness App Project Končano left

    ...related to sports activities and nutrition. The user needs to choose a task, set a target by inputting a goal value or a certain date, and then specify the action that they need to do to achieve that goal. The app also shows the task performance statistics for the last week. Metrics Notifications Sharing So the users can share the results on Social Media. 9.Gamification Reward system that everytime user achieves a goal. (For Ex. Gets most training time) platinum, gold silver. And results has to be shown. Joining is optinal. (it has tobe adjustable) Results: a. Training type b. which club c. Time d. Day or Month or year. 10. In App Community meet like-minded people by joining interest groups; find friends who already use the app; post updates about their

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    For this project, I am in need of a website designer. I am looking for creativity and gamification. I have two websites. The first website is , and is a clothing boutique. For the first website, I need gamification implied into this website, meaning I need bonuses, awards, or coins programmed on my website. I am new to this and don't know where to begin. The second website is my personal paintings store. I am looking for originality on this particular website. The website will contain of my personal paintings, and I will also be selling paint supplies. It will be a blog, combined with a shop. I need help putting my ideas out into reality. Thank you in advanced. Here are my websites: Clothing Boutique: Paint/Shop:

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    We are looking for a designer to handle the gamification part of our mobile application LifeOfGirl. We have a reward system and levels for users to achieve. We need the designer to work on these levels, characters and the look

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    Looking for an expert on Tokenomics for a gamification of an NFT drop. We are a well known and established group of artists and developers looking to add a Tokenomics expert into the team. It is imperative to have launched a few ICO's. Please note that we are looking for an expert in monetary policy to help us shape the reward system within the game, so a knowledge in P2E games is needed. We are not looking for blockchain developers. To be a best fit for this project you need: Ability to communicate clearly. Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner. Write “I am a human” at the top of your proposal. Attention to details. Willingness to sign an NDA. Plus points if you speak spanish.

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    ...and have a few potential brand names. These include: 1) POJO 2) REACTA 3) SLAPBACK TO BE CLEAR the above are individual names. The company will not be called Pojo Reacta Slapback ... you can choose one of these names per design and create entries from that ONE name. We are looking for a logo, colour scheme, and some branding ideas for the app. The app is similar to snapchat but has some gamification introduced. It hits the same age group audience and as such needs to be fun and fresh. The branding has to be strong, simple and appealing. The UX and UI is focused around creating content by camera and this will lead to further work developing icons and screens etc. The home screen of the app will be the camera view, likely front facing camera. The app is focused on getting c...

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    Goohead721 Game Končano left

    We are seeking an AI expert with gamification experience. Please DO NOT reply if you don't have extensive AI programming experience and can provide a portfolio of AI projects you programmed! We are working in the VR space. Our main goal is to encourages fitness adherence beyond 20 weeks for a demographic aged 6 to 12 years of age

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    3 pages for 3 shops and gamification research based on Octalyis mode

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    Hello, Following a personal health challenge, I've shaped a mobile game concept that makes it fun for people to take meaningful daily actions in the health challenge of their life, by using the latest medical research, behavioral changes methodologies, and Octalysis gamification framework. I'm looking for a creative game artist, with proven experience, to establish a long-term relationship. The first project is 6 professional photos that represent the main game parts screenshots. I will use these images in a business presentation. I will provide a very detailed specification for each image. Skills & Requirements: - Sketching concept designs and key elements of the visual style - Experience building 2D models for the game assets - Problem solving both creative and te...

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    Hi folks, this project is focused on the gamification of analysis/ charts on dashboard using the Squid Game dataset. Kindly read carefully and let me know if you have any questions. An idea for Gamification for tableau dashboard is the Escape Room, where it includes building a dashboard with charts and key metrics (KPIs), along with a few questions users will need to answer in order to complete the game. The Escape Room reference is here: Work expectations and what full project must include: The above reference is difficult hence I would need help from someone who is very good in Tableau to - simplify the escape room theme game with some good charts and key metrics (and dashboard of chart and metrics must look good according to Squid

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    We are currently developing an app for a gamification approach to environmental learning for a nature park. Different challenges are set up in a treasure hunt fashion but not linear, so the players can see either a list of challenges or a map with icons for the different challenges. We have started with a design that we used in our concept for the project. After the first tests the customer wants a more “secret-agent” - tech-style - look. At this point we only need some variants of specific icons and a mockup for a basic layout. (detailed description in the attached pdf). We need the mockups for the next meeting with our Customer on November 21. If we are happy with the designs and the work/communication we will post the complete UI-UX-Design as a separate job. In ...

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    I would need someone to write me about: 1. Ecommerce (theory) 2. Ecommerce in B2B (general theory) 3. Current status analysis in eCommerce in B2B (application how it is already implemented)

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    84 ponudb, but some functions of this website, will be implemented on the 2 others websites. In addition, the user and usermeta databases of the current website will be shared with the 2 new websites. The main website is a social network using Peepso. Currently, on this network, we use Learndash (for courses), Paid Membership Pro (for subscriptions), WooCommerce (for payments) and Gamipress (for gamification). Learndash will be integrated on a new website and has to continue to interact with the main website about the users database and with others plugins. The second part of the project is to improve the speed of the website. We use currently a VPS server and the Litespeed cache, but the social network using Peepso is not smooth as we expect, especially for notifications and ...

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    ANY BIDS THAT ARE COPIED AND PASTED WILL BE REJECTED! THIS IS ALSO KNOWN AS A COOKIE-CUTTER RESPONSE! I'm looking for a WordPress expert located in the United States. My WordPress website must have the following... -Buddy Press -Woocommerce -User roles with ( frontend / backend) permissions - Multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace. - User Referral system - Activity achievement badges "gamification" -E-learning -Services ( allow users to find and hire professional services such as babysitters, plumbers, etc ) WordPress theme must be built in React. It must have day/night mode for end users. It must be compatible with the programs listed on this project. The WordPress website should also have the ability to allow users to create and manage their own... -Jobs list...

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    Pogodba o nerazkritju informacij
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    Piri Reis is a Turkish sailor who lived in history. He guided the sailors of the period with the map he drew. In a science center project, we want to project the map drawn by Piri Reis onto the wall and add gamification with the help of Kinect. For example, visitors can move ships with their hands. We welcome your offers and suggestions.

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    The Best App EVER! Končano left

    Flutter platform with Firebase & Google Cloud functions backend. App is a mini social media app with gamification implemented. It's NOT a traditional game with animations and physics, more of an interactive game between 2 users. Project is already 50% complete. Need an expert developer to help get it over the finish line. Functionality includes: user to user direct messaging, user profiles, in app stats tracking, image/video uploads, friend requests, follows, likes, in app marketplace, ads, synchronization of users accounts, real time messaging, real time updating, and in app notifications.

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    1. Either we need a loyalty card app, which you register for in the same way as a loyalty card, but online. And the app offers a 3% discount, it allows customers to buy on account and also Capital can send birthday greetings and that's it. Or 2. a loyalty card app that r...Newsletter integrated sends birth day greetings Or 3. a Stamp me App customisation. Digitises traditional "buy X, get Y" loyalty cards. "Contactless" loyalty card (safer for customers and employees). Easy to set up and use Encourages repeat business and increases sales Simple and intuitive user interface Customised stamp icons* Set up multiple offers* Push notifications and SMS* Gamification* Birthday club* Access to customer data* Integration with your email p...

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    A software to support gyms and martial arts schools. Similar to with gamification for members as ad on.

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    We are in need of BEP-20 Smart Contract. The Smart Contract BEP-20, Binance must be developed with Solidity. You will work with our in-house developer who is busy currently with other tasks, so we need assistance from you. You must also comment and d...Binance must be developed with Solidity. You will work with our in-house developer who is busy currently with other tasks, so we need assistance from you. You must also comment and document all works. Be aware, it must be a very secure BEP-20. Secure Blockchain smartcontract. INCLUDING FEATURES: Smart Contract - with loyalty (staking) - with liquidity - configurations per token Airdrops - gamification (% per task) Give-a-ways - selected users Affiliate - on token airdrops - on token purchases BUDGET: $250 - $400 TIME: One /...

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    Hi I am looking for gamification mobile games developer which can be integrated to website as well. Which would enable students to learn concepts through games. This project requires 5 such games in 2 months. Please mention charges for both hybrid and native apps separately. Thanks.

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    the ebook has to be about the game of the website, 5 habits to choo...portions, bullet journalling(call it the hypnosis diet, as when you write, you tell yourself), or smoothie snacks, meditation or hip flexors, the minimum amount of exercise to do everyday... this is ebook is a lead magnet, so it has to promote Seven Second Weight Loss, and also promote our 5 habits, to integrate into lifestyle, find some time for yourself... the gamification of the weight loss & health/fitness industry SSWL is the encouragement we need to keep going, and blast thru weight loss plateau... please reply with ##i'll-do-it... p.s. would really like awesomely placed relevant graphics throughout the ebook and a cover... SSWL's theme colours are bright green and bright purple...

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    Features: – Trending app design (cards style) – Gamification, 5 levels, rewards for the action and achievement of the user; – Full native android source code (Kotlin); – Advanced admin panel where you can manage everything. (supported English and Russian language ); – Add your own custom CPI offers; – Firebase analytics; – Lucky Wheel; – Scratchers; – Intro screens; – Anti-fraud system; – Integrated ads networks with Rewarded video, Interstitial, Offerwalls; – Referral program; – Daily bonuses for users (push-notification); – Quizzes and mini-games with the possibility of earning for users; – Withdraw money system for the user (Buy gift cards); – Push notification with FCM – Custom ...

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    Hello! We are two guys who just started a new company and want to create a better way of learning IT-security for the employees within organizations. Our product is based on gamified learning(gamification), which focus more on interaction and engagement. The result is making it more fun for the end user. Also, having a digital product, it is easier to update the content that represent the cyberthreat landscape. The focus will be on 3 modules. Password, phishing, and URLs. With the total of 7 different games and interaction. All the ideas are mapped out. The goal is to make a product, which is accessible easily through a website, that will boost the security culture within an organization.

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    Hi Krystian B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. It is a medium sized project, we can discuss via chat. Are you familiar or have worked with gamification or had any gamification products?

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    Hi Miodrag S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. It is a medium sized project, we can discuss via chat. Are you familiar or have worked with gamification or had any gamification products?

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    Hi AddonVision infotech, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. It is a medium sized project, we can discuss via chat. Are you familiar or have worked with gamification or had any gamification products?

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    BUild me an App Končano left

    ...basic golf swing lessons split into different levels A camera app that can measure a students height and subsequently place a template on the camera app screen. The App then has to identify the position and have a repetitive function i.e. the student must attain a certain position 10 times in a row. A voice over for each lesson A written instruction with space for a sample video for each lesson Gamification. A character to be designed to run you through each lesson and give feedback on the student completing/failing each lesson. E.g. “Great Job, you can now move onto the next level”. A visual map of where each student is in their progress and a view to where the next level is. Payment page for add-ons (additional lesson packs) The camera app would need templates for...

    €44 / hr (Avg Bid)
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