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    from client Hey bud I'm with a Non For Profit called The Fallen Outdoors. We are s national 501c3 veteran based hunting and fishing org. We get vets outdoors on trips. We have teams all across the nation and last yr we got 200k vets out. This yr due to covid it will be much smaller and we have lost a lot of donations. But we are wanting to change up our logo a bit and create so...

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    Web Site Build 5 dni left

    I need a professional Logo and web page designed. [prijavite se za ogled URL] The online store will allow people to list their pre-loved shoes for sale. 1. I need to be provided with all the source code and MYSQL scripts on completion that I can install on my server. 2. The site has to use Bootstrap and be responsive. 3. The web page needs to be developed using pure PHP, JS and MYSQL. 4. The si...

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    I'm an aspiring entrepreneur. I have a design for a fishing rod holder that snaps into place on a wall and on a car top mount. I would like the design created in CAD. I will share designs further into selection process.

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    Boat decal 5 dni left

    Looking for a modern version of this rough draft I put together. My boat is built by manufacturer Sea Fox and the name I gave the boat is 'VIXEN' meaning female fox. I will be doing a lot of fishing. The fox/sea creature should have female features. The color accents on my seats and soon-to-be top is Teal or Aquamarine. Black accents are fine. The fish in her paw/claw should be a tarpon....

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    I need to drawing for sculpting relief with the theme of pearl fishing in the Persian Gulf 220 cm height 12 meters length

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    This watercolor and oil on paper work by Paul Klee, entitled "They're Biting," 1920, shows a cartoon style scenario of a boy fishing with his dad. The boy has caught a fish, a larger fish is about to take the hook of the father’s line. Following the lines from the fishing rods is a little bit like games found in children’s puzzle books, where the loops and curves must b...

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    I have a YouTube channel ( Fishing Western Australia ) which i need help in gaining subscribers and also the look and feel of the page along with gaining viewers [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    Need help with Art -- 2 4 dni left

    This watercolor and oil on paper work by Paul Klee, entitled "They're Biting," 1920, shows a cartoon style scenario of a boy fishing with his dad. The boy has caught a fish, a larger fish is about to take the hook of the father’s line. Following the lines from the fishing rods is a little bit like games found in children’s puzzle books, where the loops and curves must b...

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    I need illustration of 3 fish on the logo. I will answer your questions in the chat. It should be cool for teaching people on fishing.

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    Hi we need an updated media packet for 2021. Yellow black color scheme. Updated text and images. Concept designs before production. Attached is last years Media Packet and a pdf of statistics for the fishing league we will be participating. I want to combine the information into a new design. I also have the original Indesign files if needed

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    by inviting them to partake in specific activities like milking a cow. Fishing is allowed at the Rimbi Falls so tourists who like fishing can try their hand at it. The Yuma meditation centre is a great place to not only learn the benefits of meditation but also 5Days/4night Incorporations - 4*hotel remain - Transfer through Cab - Meal Beginning FROM :27999/ - INR Pelling is a lovely town ne...

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    looking for a logo which consist of a crystal ball, with triquetra (celtic knot) on the stand for the crystals ball. Also would like some crystal clusters on either side of the ball and the name of the company (The Emerald Revolution) within the circle of the crystal ball. Also some smoke or mist around everything would be great

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    Trophy icon Designs for brand T-shirts. Končano left

    Looking for a few T-shirt designs for my fishing brand. Please feel free to either use my logo or alter my logo in the design. My logo is not mandatory by any means. The focus is bass fishing. Looking for modern layouts. Some references would be Googan squad, Columbia fishing. I will be picking multiple designs. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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    Motorhome logo Končano left

    I would like a logo to use to print stickers and tee shirts. A drawing or cartoon of our 4x4 motor home, with a mermaid sitting in front of it. A merdog somewhere in the pic and a man with a very short beard fishing from the top of the motor home trying to catch the mermaid. Somewhere on the motor home it needs to say... 4X4CASA. Added some pics of us so you can see what the beard looks like and t...

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo Končano left

    I am a professional Scuba dive instructor, and my business is a youtube channel, a website, and Electronic magazine. For that i need a logo related to the diving, fishing and boat trips in general. My brand name is Aquamarine. Here is an example i liked i found online

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    I run a side business, Stella Fishing Charters, out of Montauk NY. It’s a small part-time fishing charter business and I get nearly all business from word of mouth referral and Instagram (@stellafishingcharters). I want to create more of a brand, logo, and expand the business to get more charters but also possibly sell gear, clothes, etc. for additional revenue. Would you have some time ...

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    Looking at getting a small banner made like the one I’ll post but just looking nicer with my logos and Instagram and Facebook logo added aswell. It’s a fishing company and the banner will be used to go on the side of my Ute, so wanting all writing readable from side.

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    I am supposed to write about why fishing is important to me. Also, they want me to include why it interests me, and by who. which the who is my grandpa. He's the only one who ever took me growing up. Now that he's gone, i'm able to carry on his tradition with anyone I choose to go fishing with. Or i get to enjoy it on my own with some music. I love to go with friends and have some m...

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    I am supposed to write about why fishing is important to me. Also, they want me to include why it interests me, and by who. which the who is my grandpa. He's the only one who ever took me growing up. Now that he's gone, i'm able to carry on his tradition with anyone I choose to go fishing with. Or i get to enjoy it on my own with some music. I love to go with friends and have some m...

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    PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION - What Is Your #1 BEST Unique Passion/Knowledge/Hobby/Expertise/Experience THAT YOU HAVE BEST REAL LIFE EXPERTISE/EXPERIENCE IN AND 2) WHAT IS YOUR PROOF OF EXPERIENCE/EXPERTISE? --- Hello, We ARE HIRING 100+ OF GHOSTWRITERS AS WE PLAN TO DO 100's of videos for ALL topics from A to Z! (You must write with PASSION & PERSONALITY!) (If you do an EXCELLENT JOB, th...

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    Design a Logo Končano left

    On-line clothing store that caters to a local Boating Community, the name of the site is "Do Tices" or "Do Tices Shoal" my goal is to keep it simple so the logo will drive the name if Do Tices is shorter and you can work with to keep it simple I am good with that. I would like either a boat image in the letter O of Do or The Do Tices rounded text around a boat illustration see ...

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    I need a fishing game site

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    I need a talented graphic designer to assist me in developing a small range of T-shirt sand hoodies for our exciting sport fishing brand.

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    Trophy icon Voice Talent (female) for Movie Končano left

    Need a low pitched FEMALE vocal talent for a movie character. Just speaking one short phrase of the following 4 words. “What is bothering you?” The movie character is an older Chinese lady working on a fishing boat. So a slight Chinese accented English or any Asian accented English would be ideal (though not required). Most important is the vocal sound is lower-pitched, older soundi...

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    Hi i need a logo done for my seafood selling company ( not a seafood restaurant ) named AlYazaf fish trading ( اليزاف لتجارة الأسماك) . Things that need to be in consideration for the logo designer. The designer should be aware of Arabic language and Qatari fishing culture. It should be a mixture of modern and traditional design and unique. The design colours can be light navy blue,light brown an...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo Končano left

    I’m creating an outdoor recreation brand called waterbird it will be covering A variety of items used in camping, fishing, diving, free diving, boating ect. The name of the brand is Waterbird and i need a logo created that reflects the outdoor lifestyle and name.

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    Glamping camping outdoor fishing

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    Glamping camping outdoor fishing

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    I need a discord bot to be written that can give outputs based on a video game level xp chart, multiply it by an amount of coins and output a cost for gaining levels from one point to another this is for the game Runescape All you need is this spreadsheet & some rough plans: The levels are as follows & all we require the bot to do is work in this way: %help = brings up a list of command...

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    I need a logo designed for a Ladies tuna Fishing tournament. We catch yellow fin tuna and big eye mostly. I’d like it to be simple for printing and clean. Slightly feminine. Tournament name is “Tuna and Tiaras” It will be used for banners, clothing, stickers, flags, website etc. over 500 people expected to participate. The fish are caught in the Atlantic Ocean. We use “...

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    Fishing Shirts Končano left

    I have a following of about 36k on my fishing tiktok account, and constantly get asked about when I’m making “merch.” Instead I want to creat more of a laid back line of clothing for fishermen with catchy (maybe even silly) sayings and maybe some type of graphic of course. I have no business started and really want to potentially expand it past my following, so it doesn’t h...

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    Trout Twins Logo Končano left

    My brother and I want to start a youtube channel that focuses on our fly fishing adventures. I want to be able to make hats and shirts and other merchandise with a professional logo. I like simplicity and am hoping I would have options on and white is always good but I'm drawn to funky colors like lime green on dark gray, pink on gray (for woman), and other cool stuff. I wo...

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    Need a logo design Končano left

    We are a Northern Wisconsin based hunting and fishing company called "Reel North Outdoors". We need a log designed for merchandise and brochures. I will upload a sample logo that we would like somewhat replicated using high resolution images and more crafty/professional placement of images and writing.

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    Build a mobile app Končano left

    I am looking hire a developer who can create an app for my business. The app will be based around carp fishing. It will include a login page, a profile page, a page to upload information on latest captures including pictures. A link to our website for shopping. Also possibly further down the line a page for instructional videos and tips, and a page for chats/forums for users to discuss carp fish...

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    Fishing game Končano left

    This fun and magic simple game will make you happy all day! Belong to the game for all fish lovers! Show us your fishing skills! Try you best to improve your fishing skills to get more rare fish! How to play? So easy! Click the screen to drop the hook into the sea. As the hook rises, you need to do your best to move the line manually so that the hook can catch as many fish as possible!

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    Need all content written for fishing apparel website.

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    HighLiners Končano left

    I need a commercial fishing logo made for my start up business. It is gonna be rain gear and apparel.

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    I have the font already chosen, I am looking for a creative designer to put the logo together

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    I am looking for a sketch artist to draw some concept lures for me to approach suppliers for development. I will provide photos of the different fish that we need to transfer to a number of different shaped fishing lures

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    3 Bracelets designs ( Lotus Flower, Endless Knot, Buddha, Tigers ) 1 ring designs ( Geometric Tiger Head ) They will be hand made either in Silver, copper or brass in Kathmandu, Nepal

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    Trophy icon Design a Flyer Končano left

    Hi guys, im just after one-page flyer that can edited and displays something like the wording below, I've attached some images that can be used if you wish too. I was hoping to showcase something like an island retreat. The location is at the Houtman Abrolhos Islands. Live the Abrolhos experience with ABROLHOS ISLAND ACCOMMODATION Families, kids and people with disabilities. Lifetime exper...

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    Shaallo is a high end fishing apparel and gear brand focused on delivery unmatched quality, usability, and durability to its customers. Think of it as the Rolls Royce of fishing apparel designed for the most particular eye. Headquartered in Houston, Tx with a presence in the Florida Keys, Shaallo is poised to create a market for serious anglers who value style and quality.

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    Trophy icon New Logo branding 2 dni left


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    Demory Baits Končano left

    We are making fishing baits and need a logo. We want a circular or oval shaped outer line with the face of a snarling opposum in the center of it. Above the opposum I want the letters “Demory” and below the opossum I want the letters “Baits”. We want the color scheme to be a white background with the letters beige and we want everything to have a black outline.

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    Trophy icon fishing tackle website logo Končano left

    we want a logo for our fishing lure website. The website is called [prijavite se za ogled URL] we will be selling lures for catching predator fish (fish which eat other fish) and would like this shown in the logo. So the logo is to say " Big Predators"

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    I have a prototype being designed for a device used as an addition to a fishing line. I have the rough shape sorted but just looking to get someone to design a cool and appropriate look for the device. I don't mind whether it is graphics or the design can be introduced into the mould. The item will be made of plastic and will be a solid cylindrical shape or approx 50mm diameter x 120mm long (...

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    Back of shirt print Končano left

    I need a logo designed for a content/apparel company. The company’s name is DAYFORET. Ocean theme. Bodyboarding spearfishing fishing diving with DAY FOR ET written in the picture

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    Trophy icon Need a logo Končano left

    Need a logo for web store(BlazyOutlet) with almost every product you need in life like clothing, shoes,toys, wedding, outdoor, indoor, home decor, watches, wall art, art, hunting, fishing gear etc. Logo theme is Fire, Blazy, fashion, trust etc.

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    The project is simple. You will build my wedding website using the step by step websites hosts such s Zola and the knot. It should be a 2 day max job, and final price is $60. Yhe below websites offers a pre-done template, but you will need to copy my contents and photos. [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL] [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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