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    Project Title: Creation of a Labeled Hair Color Dataset Description: The objective of this project is to create a high-quality, diverse, and labeled hair color dataset. The dataset will be used for the development and testing of machine learning algorithms related to hair color recognition and classification. This project will take place in two steps: Step 1: Initial Testing Phase We require a collection of 500 high-quality images, with 100 images for each of 5 distinct hair colors.(Black, Brown, Blond, Red, Gray) This initial batch is intended for quality assurance to ensure our requirements are met. Step 2: Expanded Dataset Upon satisfactory completion of the first step, we would proceed to the second step which involves the collection and labeling of 20,000 images - 500 ima...

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    I am searching for a creative designer to conceptualize and develop a distinctive logo for my online shop, Meecart. My core desire is that the logo should communicate a strong sense of trustworthiness to my c...to our brand. - Simplicity: The logo should be simple but powerful in communicating our brand's identity and trustworthiness. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in logo design and brand identity. - Strong creative and conceptual skills. - Understands color psychology in branding. - Ability to interpret and translate ideas into practical design. The finalized logo will be the face of Meecart, and a representation of our commitment to our customers. Therefore, creative originality and a keen sense of branding are key. Looking forward to seeing your idea...

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    I need a complete Course on Cisco ISE. Videos will be screen recorded to teach working with your voice but no face. Audio should be noise-free and video should be high quality. I can suggest you the tools. The language will be English. This should be original videos with 10% theory for the introduction section and 90% practical work recorded on the screen. For theory, ppt slides can be used. You can refer these videos: The course outline is attached. You can check. Total Duration can be from 6 Hours to 13 Hours but it depends upon the topics and your estimation. The main focus should be quality content.

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    Drowsiness Alert Driver App 6 dni left

    I am seeking a proficient mobile app developer to build a simple Android application that helps detect driver drowsiness using the availble open source codes. Key Features: - The app primarily serve to alert the driver when signs of drowsiness are detected no need for extra features - Utilize facial recognition technology to detect the early signs of fatigue.

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    I am excited to find a qualified creator for AR face filters that will be featured on Facebook and Instagram. The primary intent behind these filters is to generate interactive experiences for my followers. Key Responsibilities: * Design engaging, interactive face filters * Make these filters compatible with both Facebook and Instagram Ideal Skills and Experience: * Extensive experience in AR filter design * A strong portfolio demonstrating previously designed AR face filters * Knowledge of filter designing for both Facebook and Instagram platforms * Experience in designing filters aimed at interactive experiences * A creative mindset, able to blend innovation and interaction effectively.

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    I am seeking immediate technical assistance to resolve an ongoing issue with the installation of a driver for my TP-Link USB Archer T600U Nano adapter. Despite following the standard installation procedures and attempting various troubleshooting steps, I continue to face an error that prevents the driver from being installed correctly on my Windows Details:The device repeatedly shows Error Code 56 in the Device Manager after attempting to install the at updating and reinstalling the driver manually have been network troubleshooting steps have been taken without Wi-Fi option is not visible in my network settings, indicating that the adapter is not being recognized correctly by the Goals:Diagnose and resolve the driver

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    Trophy icon Versatile Logo Design Needed 6 dni left

    I require a unique logo that serves as a strong representation of my brand. It should be both professional and attractive, while ensuring the brand is easily recognizable. Brand name is OLOPIK. This is an online store business. Key Requirements: - The logo should embody the qualities of professionalism, attractiveness, and brand recognition. Color Scheme: - I'm open to various color options. The design should be versatile and look good in different color schemes. Design Direction: - I don't have any specific symbols or icons in mind. I'm looking for creativity and originality in the design. I'm looking for a skilled designer who can create a modern, versatile logo that embodies these qualities. Experience in creating logos for brands is a plus.

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    Book Cover Redesign 6 dni left

    ...with Terry, who I would say is roughly 6 feet 3 inches. 5: On the opposite sides are two prosecutors, Barbra Doe and Red Bauchman. Barbra is in skinny jeans with a plaid sweater, and fake cowgirl boots. She has long red curly hair and comes up to the shoulders of Red. She has a cowgirl hat, is a bit heavy, and is 25 years old. She is looking over at Keirah and Terry with a look of anger on her face. 6- Red is in a black tailored suit and looks like a "goth". He is mid 30s and has a pale complexion. His hair is slicked back like the guys in the movie Grease and has a notebook with red check marks in one hand, as he has his other hand in his opposite pocket. 7- In the background is the audience. I would like for some to be looking angry, shocked at evidence re...

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    Social Network Mobile APP For Food Suppliers and Chiefs ( Ios - Android ) With AWS Backend 125 Screen ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^users be able to login - via phone number - via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) - via SMS activation code/link - Face/Touch ID - Suggested list of users to follow - Onboarding screens ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^allow users to manage their profile - General data for profile - Edit email and name - OTP verification - Manage biometrics access - Turn on/off notifications - Close an account - T&C, Privacy Policy and other pages - Upload/ change profile picture - Add pictures to profile (Take a photo, Select from Gallery) - Import picture from Facebook/Instagram profile - Add info about yourself - Select an area on the map ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^users find a place around ...

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    I need a talented designer to add a 'teethe smile' to my face in an existing photo. This is for an important personal project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in photo editing and manipulation - Ability to enhance image aesthetics in a subtle and professional manner - Strong understanding of facial anatomy and proportions - Attention to detail and creativity

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    I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer to create a custom banner for my online platforms. The purpose of the banner is to enhance the brand's visibility and recognition. Key Requirements: - The design should reflect an elegant and luxurious style, in line with our brand image. - The banner must be suitable for online display, ensuring it's visually appealing and impactful across social media and the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating sophisticated, luxury brand designs. - Proficiency with graphic design tools and software. - Strong understanding of online design requirements and trends. - Excellent communication skills to understand and deliver the vision for the brand. If you have a creative eye for detail and expertise in ...

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    I need a cutting-edge freelancer able to design a funky, creative business logo that will give my company a professional image. The design should encapsulate the vibrancy of my brand and be bright and colorful. Ideal Skills: - A knack for creating catchy, impactful designs. - A strong understanding of how color can influence bra...colorful. Ideal Skills: - A knack for creating catchy, impactful designs. - A strong understanding of how color can influence brand perception. - Proficiency in graphic design software. - Strong understanding of corporate branding and image portrayal. This is an opportunity to bring your creative instincts and design principles to the forefront to create a bright and vibrant logo that will be the face of my brand. I cannot wait to see your colorful ...

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    ...suitable candidates, ensuring a smooth and engaging recruitment process, and speeding up the overall hiring process. - Performance Evaluation: The AI in the software should provide objective performance metrics, analyze employee feedback and identify areas for improvement. - Employee Engagement: The software should also be designed to boost employee engagement, potentially through features like recognition programs, feedback mechanisms, or other strategies that would enhance the overall employee experience. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in AI programming and development. - Previous experience in developing HR management software. - A good understanding of the recruitment process and performance evaluation in a business context. - Strong communication skills to ensure the softw...

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    Those freelancers who can find similar realistic faces can message me personally with their findings to ask for rewards!! I'm seeking an artist who can find ?REALISTIC face photos from social media using the photo search engines below to get near exact similarity to my provided photo. The primary focus is on the facial structure. To nail the job, you will: TASK: - Utilize my provided material as the primary reference (Each of the face in this folders, I want to find very similar realistic face from social media: ) - Be permitted to source from additional references, provided they are from the specified sources I will list out - Need to have a keen eye for detail especially in identifying and replicating facial structures The ideal candidate

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    I'm in need of a modern and minimalist logo that will serve as a visual representation of my brand. This logo will be the face of my business and needs to be distinctive and memorable. Specifics: - The logo should predominantly cater to the need for brand identification, reflecting the essence of my brand with a modern and minimalist style. - I'll be using the logo across various mediums, online for websites and social media, as well as in print for business cards and flyers. There's also a possibility of putting it on merchandise like t-shirts and mugs, so the design must be versatile enough to work well in these contexts. Skills & Experience: - Experience in logo design, particularly for brand identification purposes - Proficiency in modern and minimalist des...

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    YouTube ASR Transcription 6 dni left

    I'm seeking a professional proficient in Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to transcribe a batch of YouTube videos. The main language in these videos is English. The aim is to create a searchable text resource for each of these videos. Key Responsibilities: - Transcribing videos using ASR to ensure accuracy - Format transcribed text to include time-stamps so I know where is the text I want in the video Ideal You: - Expansive knowledge and experience with ASR - understanding of the English language - Experience working with YouTube videos - Excellent attention to detail While accuracy is highly valued, I do not require a methodology for transcription verification for this project. Your specialised skills and experience will make you an ideal cost-effectiveness...

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    Swedish voice recording project. 6 dni left

    Hello Dear freelancers I have Native Swedhish voice recording project. Recording sentneces- 1147 sentence (Short and Long phreses) Each. payout - $40 Deadline - 1st May all work through in our application. For this poject we need 10 sentneces as a sample work. Note: In sample files we only check enviroment we will not check your acc...enviroment we will not check your accent . So please apply only native swedish people for this job) we release milestone when we will get feedback ( after 15-20 days). this is Two time project it means each candidate participate twice time and payout shoud be $80 each [if you do this project (1147*2 = 2294 sentences) twice time only]. We accept correct pronounceation and after feedback if you face redo you have to do redo work first then we will p...

    €28 - €234
    €28 - €234
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    I'm looking to boost my brand's presence and recognition through a targeted, engaging social media campaign. Key Points: - Main Objective: My key aim is to improve brand awareness within distinct age groups - young adults, professionals, and seniors. Therefore, it's crucial that the campaign is tailored to resonate with each of these demographics. - Platforms: The primary focus for this project will be social media, particularly channels such as Facebook and Instagram. I believe these platforms are ideal for reaching the intended audience and building a strong online presence. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in developing and executing social media marketing strategies, ideally with a focus on brand awareness. - A solid understanding of how to tailor content for di...

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    As the face behind the project, I am in need of a talented freelancer who can collaborate with me to develop a meaningful and well-structured orientation presentation for our leadership team. While I'm still unsure whether the output should be interactive or static, the main focus of the presentation is to dive into our company's history, perks, benefits, safety procedures, policies and procedures using visual aids. As such, some of the key skills required would include: - A formidable understanding of corporate policy structures - Expertise in creating visually engaging presentation content - An ability to create or source relevant paperwork visuals that depict our daily operations Main Responsibilities will include: - Developing a comprehensive presentation which emph...

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    In examining course materials, the various methods to counterterrorism are introduced and the need to remain vigilant in the ever-changing face of terrorism is reinforced. To demonstrate the ongoing counterterrorism efforts globally, identify a current event, reported by a news source within the last 12 months. The selection should focus on anti-terrorism activities or counterterrorism activities and include some an appropriate level of detail for an analysis to be completed. The news source can be a written news article published on the internet, a video news source, or audio news source; any selected source should be cited. In a 4 to 5 page (not including cover, abstract, or reference page) paper discuss the current event you have selected, specifying the counterterrorism activi...

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    Job Description: As a Client Acquisition Specialist, your primary responsibility will be to identify and engage potential clients interested in our customized software solutions. You will be the face of our company, representing our expertise and commitment to excellence in every interaction. Your role will involve: Responsibilities: Understand their Needs: Conduct in-depth consultations with clients to fully understand their requirements, objectives, and pain points. Ask probing questions to uncover underlying needs and preferences, ensuring our solutions align closely with their goals. Act as a trusted advisor, providing expert guidance and recommendations based on a thorough understanding of the client's business environment and industry trends. Manage their Expectations:...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create code using ASP.NET an...used on both laptops and mobile devices during class sessions. - Key Functionality: The system needs to automatically record attendance by recognising student faces and storing relevant data. - Identification: Specifically, the system should use facial recognition to identify students. - Data Capture: Apart from recognising faces, the system should also record student IDs and attendance statuses. Ideal applicants should have extensive experience with ASP.NET, VB.NET, and a strong grounding in developing systems using facial recognition. Experience in developing applications compatible with multiple devices, including laptops and mobiles, is also essential. If this intrigues you and fits your skill se...

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    Automate our business 5 dni left

    Hi there, I'm looking for an expert to help me tweak our WhatsApp system so that it can forward messages directly to our specific app teams A and B based on certain user details. Specifically, I need someone who can: * Extract u...can: * Extract user phone numbers from incoming messages. * Develop an intelligent system that filters and routes the messages to either team A or B based on the nature of the user inquiry. The ideal candidate will have: * Extensive knowledge of WhatsApp API integrations. * Proficiency in data extraction and message routing based on specific criteria. * A great understanding of user detail recognition systems. This project requires accuracy and keen attention to detail to effectively gather and use the appropriate user information for optimal m...

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    ...is on a business proposal and it should include: - upto 6 professionally designed slides - work history and progression within company - Current role, scope, and key achievements . - Critical success factors for growth of business The presentation is not a business model knowledge test rather it Is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your insights into the challenges and opportunities you face in your role and how you are addressing these issues, The panel members will be engaged by your presentation and will have specific questions on the presentation. The ideal freelancer will have extensive experience in the field of business presentations with a proven track record in persuasion. Expertise in graphic design and visually appealing presentation composition is essential...

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    I am...these platforms is crucial. -Tasks: You will be mainly involved in content creation and management of advertising campaigns. Your content should be engaging, creative, and align with our overall brand theme. -Goal: The primary objective of the advertising campaigns is to magnify our brand's awareness. The successful freelancer needs to have a proven record in increasing brand visibility and recognition using creative and efficient strategies. Experience in running successful ad campaigns and content creation will be in your favor. Skills in analytics and a keen understanding of social media trends is paramount. Your ability to work independently while keeping me updated is essential. I’m looking forward to seeing your previous work examples and hearing your inn...

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    I am in need of an expert logo designer to create a unique and memorable logo for my brand. - The logo needs to embody a minimalist, vintage, and modern style, if possible. - Colors for the logo are flexible, though I'd appreciate advice from a professional. - The primary aim of the design is to establish strong brand recognition, and to portray professionalism and creativity. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating unique, creative, and minimalist designs. - Expertise in logo creation with a strong portfolio of previous work. - Understanding of color theory and its application in branding. - Ability to interpret the client's vision and requirements. - Strong communication skills to guide through the design process.

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    I am in need of a skilled developer to bring my vision to life: an augmented reality mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. Key aspects of the project are: - Development of AR Features: The app should center primarily around marker less image recognition and tracking AR. Just think to something like ArtiVive. The app beahviour should be very similar, no complex user interactions are required. The images to be recognised should be 10. This could be a web app or a native app to be published on mobile stores. The app should support two languages for both menus and videos to reproduce when the target images are recognised. Ideally this could be the raw structure of the app: - splash screen at start. - opens the camera for target acquisition with a viewfinder on th...

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    ...experienced in sales we can help you be better & if you are fairly new to sales we can help you be one of the top 1%. We are a pioneering UK-based firm with a track record of delivering unique concepts that have empowered over 10,000 business clients. As we grow internationally, we are undergoing a transformative shift in our sales and marketing strategies. In addition to our traditional face-to-face approaches. Our online marketing techniques are helping us generate remote appointments. This is an opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing organisation. We are aiming to grow it to over 100 strong within the next 12 months. We firmly believe in promoting from within, offering a clear path to advancement for those with leadership aspirations. If you just want to...

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    I'm looking to establish a strong brand presence/Content creation/Lifestyle/POV reels on Instagram. The goal is to create brand recognition and loyalty. I'd like to work with a social media marketer who has a good understanding of Instagram's algorithm and audience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a content strategy that resonates with my brand and target audience - Increase brand visibility and engagement on Instagram - Implement tactics to increase followers and drive traffic to my reels/Posts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in Instagram marketing - Understanding of Instagram's algorithm and audience engagement tactics - Ability to craft compelling and visually appealing content - Experience in working with e-commerce or brand-building is...

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    I'm looking for an experienced photo editor to enhance the quality of my wedding photos. Below are the specific tasks I need assistance with: The bride in the photo: - Edit a drooping eye - Colour correction on face - Eliminate a noticeable skin roll (Side boob) - Reduce bags under eyes The final edits should still maintain the natural feel of the photos. Moreover, the edited photos should be delivered in JPEG format with high resolution. Ideal Skills: - Advanced photo editing abilities - Ability to perform subtle edits that appear natural - Experience working with wedding photographs - Familiarity with JPEG formatting and high resolution images

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    I'm searching for a skilled graphic designer with experience in creating classic style logos. My project involves crafting an engaging, professional logo for my car company. Key requirements include: - Experience with a classic design style, lending an enduring and timeless look to my brand. - Incorporation of my company's name into the design, enhancing brand recognition. - Use of a black and white color scheme, maintaining a professional and sleek appearance. For this job, excellent graphic designing skills and a keen eye for classic aesthetics are crucial. Proficiency in commonly used design software, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of corporate branding are also advantageous.

    €83 (Avg Bid)
    7 vnosov

    I'm in need of a skilled social media designer who can create branding materials for our app on social media. The primary goal of this project is to significantly establish a constan...easy-to-read typography. - Visual Representation of Features: Use infographics and icons to visually represent our features. - - Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements like pops up out of the screen to demonstrate multitasking features and/or AI interactions. -- Consistent Branding: Ensure that all social media graphics align with the brand's overall aesthetic for consistency and recognition. - Brand’s tone of voice: - - Disruptive - - New experience - - Innovative - Brand typography: - - Muli - - Arial Rounded MT Bold - Brand colors: - - Please suggest some th...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    ...digital artist to create a realistic and believable face swap between a fish and a human. This project is purely for entertainment purposes and the final image will be added to my personal collection. Key Requirements: - The face swap must be realistic and believable, making the fish face seamlessly integrate with the human face. - The style should lean towards a realistic and believable aesthetic rather than cartoonish or surreal. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced graphic designer or digital artist with a strong portfolio of face swap or similar projects. - Proficient in Photoshop or other relevant graphic design software. - Able to understand and execute on the desired style of the face swap. If you're creative, skilled in realistic fa...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to create high-quality video content centered around Vedic...particularly in Mathematics, would be an advantage. - Strong understanding and knowledge of Vedic Mathematics. - Proficient in using an electronic pen and tab and screen recording software for creating video content. - A creative and engaging teaching style to ensure the content is captivating and informative. - Videos should be full HD, 16:9 ratio, no background music needed, no shaking, no need to show face or tell names. Don't record in mobile phone. I have added an ebook to guide you as a syllabus. Language of instruction to be English. I believe that showcasing relevant experience in your application will be key to securing this project. Looking forward to revie...

    €2 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...a unique and professional logo that conveys Cutting Edge Chef's brand. We'll mostly be selling high quality kitchen knives. Most of our target audience will be people who like to cut meat, grill meat, etc. Specific Deliverables: - The logo should be one color only. - We want the l;ogo as follow: - We want to see a chef knife, somewhat similar to the attached knife. But it should face right. - Above the knife, have the business name: "Cutting Edge Chef" - On the left of the logo, have the Japanece symbloe: 最先端 . That symbole should take the full height from the bottom of the knife to the top of the the business name. - The logo should still be simple enough that we can engrave it into the knives that we'll sell. - Provid...

    €70 (Avg Bid)
    334 vnosov

    I require a creative and skilled video artist to generate a 5-second proof of concept video in .webm format. Key components: - A .webm video with transparency, approximately 5 seconds long. - The tiger is from the image (attached). Note how the centre of his face is translucent. - The tiger's head fades in and moves around the centre of the screen, perhaps in a circular motion, or possibly moving from side to side or looking from side to side. - Rays emanate from the tiger, similar to how I have indicated in the file (attached). - Note how the rays are translucent. - The tiger zooms to fill the screen whilst fading away to full transparency - Refer to the video :li:activity:7138000473952854016/ - The proof of concept does

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    Unique Logo Design Request 5 dni left

    I'm looking for a talented designer who can help me create a distinctive logo. The primary goal for this logo is to significantly increase our brand recognition. I'm working on a new reality show based on the game of dominos. The name of the show/brand is "Los Domineros", and I have used Canva to create the logo/name you'll see attached. but I would like to take that same concept and get an actual logo created, preferably something that can be animated, but ultimately would be used during the broadcast of the reality show, on the upper or lower corner, etc. For the animation part, I would like if domino pieces can be included, and the logo should be the initials (LD), or something of that sort. I will accept creative ideas. I am Hispanic (Dominican Republi...

    €23 - €47 / hr
    €23 - €47 / hr
    66 ponudb

    Job Description: As a Client Acquisition Specialist, your primary responsibility will be to identify and engage potential clients interested in our customized software solutions. You will be the face of our company, representing our expertise and commitment to excellence in every interaction. Your role will involve: Responsibilities: Understand their Needs: Conduct in-depth consultations with clients to fully understand their requirements, objectives, and pain points. Ask probing questions to uncover underlying needs and preferences, ensuring our solutions align closely with their goals. Act as a trusted advisor, providing expert guidance and recommendations based on a thorough understanding of the client's business environment and industry trends. Manage their Expectations:...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Fuzzy Logic Matlab Task 5 dni left

    I need a professional with extensive experience in Fuzzy Logic and Matlab. Since I haven't defined the exact task or domain, I anticipate your ability to tackle various applications ranging from control system design, pattern recognition, forecasting, robotics, financial analysis, to traffic control. The final output, yet to be specified, could be anything from improved system performance, enhanced decision-making, or better data analysis. Since the assignment specifics are yet to determined, I require someone who is flexible, creative, and solutions-oriented. Matlab proficiency is a must.

    €15 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a modern logo that will help establish brand recognition for a Car Detailing Business. The logo should be: - Modern: I'm looking for a design that is sleek, simple, and contemporary. - Use of Warm Colors: I'd like the logo to incorporate warm colors like red, orange, and yellow.

    €41 (Avg Bid)
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    103 ponudb

    ...is no unsubscribing. I also will provide a previous email I sent using there service years ago to show you how it looked. I have provided some pictures of a service that used to have this feature but they stopped their service. I would prefer not to create an entire new website but instead you create the feature and I embed it into my current website. Please start your proposal with a smiley face to ensure you read everything thoroughly!...

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    ...looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a modern logo that will be used across various platforms. I am an owner of an American football recruiting service called “Trust the Process Recruiting”. I am wanting a logo that has a football, hands shaking to show the “trust”, and the words “Trust the Process Recruiting”. I am only replying to the freelancers that start there message with a smiley face, to ensure you read my message thoroughly. I have provided a previous logo I had but I did not like how it looked “childish” or “bubbly”. I would like it to look more aggressive with sharp edges. Additionally I have also provided some old Nike logos that I like to give you an idea. Also the logo should be easily print...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
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    131 ponudb

    I'm in search of a Photoshop expert who can give the classic poster of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation a modern twist. The core task involves replacing the faces of the characters with 7 new ones. These replacements need to look as realistic as possible. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Photoshop with a strong portfolio of similar projects - Ability to create high-quality, realistic face swaps - Experience with detailed photo manipulation - Proficiency in editing text on images Text Modifications: The text changes on the poster are focused on: - Replacing the movie title - Altering the tagline and credits It is essential that the final result is polished, professional, and aligns with the original style of the poster. Please only apply if you have the necessary s...

    €78 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented designer who can craft a minimalistic logo for my brand. I have played with GPT and came out with some logos ideas that I would like to combine into one final logo Key Responsibilities: - Develop a minimalistic, sleek yet eye-catching logo design following the guidelines recommendations I have generated with GPT - Provide iterations based on feedback until s...recommendations I have generated with GPT - Provide iterations based on feedback until satisfactory conclusion Ideal Freelancer Should: - Showcase past work demonstrating design abilities, particularly in minimalistic logo design - Have experience in logo and graphics design - Have a knack for color coordination and branding Looking forward to sculpting a powerful, minimalistic logo inspiring brand r...

    €28 - €234
    Izpostavljeno Zapečateno
    €28 - €234
    86 ponudb

    ...to create an image recognition model tailored for hand gestures and symbols. The project will be entitled Real Time Sign Language Translator and will translate America Sign language to Recognisable alphabets and display them on the screen to be able to form words. Key Requirements: - The model should be optimized for high accuracy, exceeding 95% in recognition of the specified hand symbols and gestures. - It should be able to differentiate among various hand symbols and gestures, recognizing them accurately. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing and training image recognition models, particularly for recognizing hand gestures. - Proficiency in working with machine learning frameworks and tools, particularly those catered towards image r...

    €101 (Avg Bid)
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    ...proxies, primarily residential proxies, for various purposes. However, we encounter frequent failures when the receiving system identifies our requests as originating from PROXY IPs. Challenges: 1. IP Score Impact: We’ve observed that IP scores play a significant role in request success. While requests from CLEAN or LOW Spam Score IP addresses often pass, those from HIGH SPAM score IPs face rejection. 2. Recognition as PROXY IP: Our solution must not only allow requests to pass but also prevent them from being recognized as PROXY IPs by the recipient system. Project Objectives: 1. Effective IP Masking: Develop a solution that effectively conceals our original IP address during requests. 2. Anonymity and Privacy: Ensure that our requests remain confidential and protec...

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    Laravel Web App Revamp 4 dni left

    I've purchased a Laravel web app from CodeCanyon and it needs some modifications. This project will include design chan...will involve User Registration/Login and Payment Integration. While the app already has these functionalities, refining them for a smoother user experience would be ideal. - Bug Fixes: As part of this assignment, I'll need bugs identified and fixed to ensure everything operates smoothly. Familiarity with Laravel and web app troubleshooting are critical. Skills & Experience Needed: - WordPress recognition - Laravel framework - Payment integration - UX/UI design skills - Proven troubleshooting and debugging abilities. Should you possess these skills and can deliver quality work, I urge you to bid. Looking forward to seeing the Laravel magic in my ...

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    AI-Generated Video Artistry 4 dni left

    ...HAHN (late 30s, graceful beauty) sleep in bed. Thomas mumbles, lips quivering. A nightmarish FACELESS PHANTOM stands next to him. His mumbling becomes louder. ***Thomas sleepwalks out of bed and into the Faceless Phantom as if dissolving into the entity. ***The Faceless Phantom slowly fades, leaving Thomas standing at the same spot. ***He stares at sleeping Faye with glazed eyes. ***Body rigid, his face twists as if tormented. Mouth wide open as if fear clogged his throat. ***His head sags. Goes back to sleep, still standing erect. FADE IN: INT. POLICE DEPARTMENT - INTERROGATION ROOM - DAY Cold and stark with a table and two chairs. There is a one-way mirror window on one of the walls. Thomas, haggard and disheveled, with dry bloodstains on his clothes, slumps in a chair. Across...

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