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    .../usr/local/nginx/html/[prijavite se za ogled URL] Inside the [prijavite se za ogled URL] we have this command: # Stream 123456789 - creates the sampled or "trans-rated" ffmpeg based video stream exec ffmpeg -i rtmp://[prijavite se za ogled URL] -c:v libx264 -profile:v baseline -b:v 1024k -s 1280x720 -f flv -c:a aac ...

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    ...can run the following lines of code to bring up [prijavite se za ogled URL]'s library however I cant seem to get a systemd script to work for it. cd /usr/share/html5-validator/validator exec python build/[prijavite se za ogled URL] --control-port=8889 run This is what I have been trying without success. [Unit] Description=[prijavite se za ogled URL] HTML5 Validation Ser...

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    ...using a web browser. The web app is just a simple 1 webpage which is used to upload a file (svm file), perform calculation on it using the java command "[prijavite se za ogled URL]().exec("NuSMV "+f);", and display its output in a HTML TextArea. In order to deploy this file, the NuSMV program must also be installed onto the Cloud. NuSMV is an opensource program

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    Hi icewarm2, I would like to invite you to work a bit again on my BMI calculator project. I'd like to have a jquery calendar instead of having to set day, month, and year...I'd like to have a jquery calendar instead of having to set day, month, and year. [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    Here is the project: [prijavite se za ogled URL] I need adaptive version on all devices. Project uses: PHP, ImageMagick commands through PHP exec, jQuery, CSS. Take a look and provide prices.

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    ...after work is fully done. Will be seeing the work myself and pay. Below are most of the modules missing from my server, picture attached. As well you have to configure this php configuration to ensure we are able to upload videos, we want to upload up to 2gb per file size, below settings are per script developer recommendation, but we want 2gb. safe_mode

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    Database creation for ME countries (UAE and Saudi Arabia), C-level exec contacts - 500 nos. Should include name of company, industry, name of person, designation, mail id and phone number.

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    . A 2 page exec education application needs to be reviewed for more professional copywriting, better sentence structure and grammar errors.

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    I want someone who can make my project usable by signing it with Apple Developer Certificate and Making a DMG file. This is going to be a very small project calling Web Se...can make my project usable by signing it with Apple Developer Certificate and Making a DMG file. This is going to be a very small project calling Web Service and using C++ EXEC.

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    Sales and Marketing Končano left

    I need some help with finding some leads. I'd like a list of software companies with annual revenues in the range of US$5-100 million. Please include website, CEO/exec name, email, and number of employees.

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    ...writer with experience writing proposals for technical cloud hosting servies. Please see the attached presentation for a discription and a sample proposal. Section to include, Exec Overview, current environment description, description of services and features and benefits. Also, to include a pricing section with three primary components. What applications

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    ...completed in 2264 ms but if i invoke the end point from url or from httprequester (tool of firefox) in eclipse console i read this message: 11:53:30,343 WARN [http-bio-8080-exec-19][code_jsp:?] {code="404", msg="/rss/[prijavite se za ogled URL]", uri=/rss/[prijavite se za ogled URL]} why i have 404 message? NB. i have start new project in liferay plugin ...

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    cpanel files info Končano left

    We provide cpanel info with server-name and login credential . I need SH script or any php cpanel api that return total js files , php files , html files and uses in kb. PHP script or linux command that i can run on php EXEC and get result . Only experience developer apply

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    I am a senior professional and leader in the online travel space. I'm updating my CV having moved from the US back to Australia and need help on the graphic design to make it look amazing and stand out! Needs to be super professional to appeal to C level recruiters, conference organisers and CEO's / Senior business contacts Feel free to play with the layout, I'm looking for so...

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    ...with PHP and database. I need some help with complete the project by doing those: 1) I want you to work on my script [prijavite se za ogled URL] to open each url to allow me to store the full information in a database without any data is missing. I have got a problem with insert the data into the database as there is an error "[22-Jul-2017 18:50:56 UTC] PHP Fatal

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    ...fixed the compile errors showed up during compilation. The kernel does boot but crashes during intialization. The output is the following: -------------------- RedBoot> exec -w 1 -c "init=/linuxrc config_addr=0x00060000:0x20000 root=/dev/hda2 rootfstype=ext2 ro console=ttyS2,38400 panic=5 debug earlyprintk" About to start execution at 0xa0008000

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    ...0]; var w = window; var lo = [prijavite se za ogled URL]; var hr=[prijavite se za ogled URL]; var ho=[prijavite se za ogled URL]; var se=[prijavite se za ogled URL]; var m = RegExp('[?&]cid=([^&]*)').exec(se); var k = RegExp('[?&]keyword=([^&]*)').exec(se); var cid = m && decodeURIComponent(m[1].repla...

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    need a secretary to answer phones for management company in brooklny-must have experience and can work from home as well

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    Seeking a bright, talented & highly-organized assistant to help me: *capture my deluge of creative ideas *organize project lists, and generally *'mid-wife' my ideas so they can be crafted into blog posts, a book draft, or similar creative projects... *then help me check stuff off the checklist so I can stay focused on the bigger picture. We'll be working symbi...

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    ...updating kernel and plesk to newest version.... Required settings. . . Software Dependencies PHP version: 5.6.30-0+centos PHP exec() enabled and working?: PHP "open_basedir": /var/www/vhosts/[prijavite se za ogled URL]:/tmp/ cURL version: 7.38.0 PHP cURL installed?: Yes DNS is OK?: Yes FFmpeg location: /usr/bin/...

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