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    I have been working in the Social world for a year! For some time I have been trying to understand where some agencies are able to find SMMA panels to resell in the Italian market, from which they send Views / Likes / Comments etc. for all social platforms. What comes to my mind is that someone somewhere in the world is constantly generating pages through a program. And through another program ...

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    $200 3D renderings of modern home, exterior. FOUR different home configurations of the repetitive panels. All configurations the house is exactly the same dimensions. Renderings to be realistic as possible. Plus auto rotate. We have all the dimensions of the home, widths height length. It is quite symmetrical, rectangular and will likely be easier to input/render for that reason. The ho...

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    Hi all, I need you to design me a logo for my Construction Company “PSM Urban Infrastructures” Company Name: PSM Urban Infrastructures. Logo idea: You have two options. 1. Since this is a Construction company, Construction related logo have to be used along with Swan Bird (Auspicious sign). 2. Else You need to use only Swan Bird in your Logo d...

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    Your task will be to configure a whole network, with IPv4, IPv6 addressing, static or dynamic routing and DHCP or DHCPv6. its for an exam

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    Designer gráfico 3 dni left

    Procuro designer gráfico para me ajudar com minhas demandas de papelaria e cards para mídias sociais. Precisa ter olhar refinado para detalhes. Entrego imagens, modelos já criado aberto em psd para seguir padrão, manual de marca, copy e imagens de depositphotos, Adobe stock, freepik Premium e envato. Basta enviar o link do arquivo que disponibilizo. Quero orçame...

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    Packet tracer 3 dni left

    Your task will be to configure a whole network, with IPv4, IPv6 addressing, static or dynamic routing, and DHCP or DHCPv6. it's for an exam on Monday (17th may). you will get 1.5 hrs for the test. i can show you some examples.

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    Fix email marketing going to spam 2 dni left

    Hi, I have a guitar lesson site that uses email marketing. I am finding that the emails we send out are going into SPAM folders. I need somebody to dive into this for me. I don't want just generic answers I can find by a simple Google search. I need somebody to understand the issue and present a comprehensive strategy tailored to my site for addressing the spam issue. You will be asked to: ...

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    Trainer required for website design development in WP and HTML CSS PHP MySQL having 2-3 Yrs experience to offer training online. Should be speaking Telugu Upgrade from basic knowledge Clearing Practical Issues by online connectivity Addressing Customer Issues by online connectivity Proper Guidance on Task Assigned Looking for interested candidates having good time slots for rendering services...

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    I need a logo, visiting card, and letterhead designed for two data scientists with names Nanduri V P S Anirudh and Subramanya Manjunatha. For entry to be considered all designs should be submitted, i.e. 2 sets of design where each set consists of design for logo, business card, letter head, envelope (optional). Note: 1. The logo being designed should be in a way that suggests we are data scienti...

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    Ongoing Bootstrap, PHP/SQL project 1 ura left

    We're looking for some developer resource and technical support for an ongoing project. This will involve reviewing and addressing any bugs (PHP, HTML, CSS) or database issues (MySQL) that arise, and also taking responsibility for ongoing product development. We're looking to establish a long term relationship here with a confident and committed individual, who is positioned to quickly...

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    Would like to modify a envelope template in AI with 7 icons in EPS files

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    Hello, I represent an online shop selling small items International. We are based in Malta but due poor postal service we ship items from FRANCE. We put the items in an envelope and put a LAPOSTE stamp on it. we put all our letters into a box and send it with DHL express to FRANCE, where someone has to receive it and bring it to LAPOST and ask for an invoice for sending the items. The items ar...

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    Hello, I represent an online shop selling small items International. We are based in Malta but due poor postal service we ship items from FRANCE. We put the items in an envelope and put a LAPOSTE stamp on it. we put all our letters into a box and send it with DHL express to FRANCE, where someone has to receive it and bring it to LAPOST and ask for an invoice for sending the items. The items a...

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    Suppose we are designing a new MARIE instruction called SUBTI X to perform subtraction with indirect addressing (similar to ADDI X). a. Give the RTN of SUBTI X b. Show your hardwired control logic diagram. c. Show the changes/insertions to be made in the microprogram.

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    1200-word essay to address the following points: NOTE: first choose ONE developed country and ONE developing country to use to answer the questions below. (i) (400 words) Discuss the impact of international, economic environmental and political issues on the diagnosis; prevalence and management of CHD in one developed country. • Diagnosis – Can you find any international, economic, env...

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    Dividis a fast growing tech company based in Bulgaria. We created a unique social media platform changing the face of the advertisment business by implementing a sustainable revenue model based on circular economy. As we are expanding worlwide, we are offering a limited highly profitable sales opportunity for highly motivated and experimented sale agent. We need to sell 2000 of those cash b...

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    Looking for an experienced Graphic Designer who has demonstrated their ability to take client direction and successfully apply it to the work they deliver. This project is for a Family and Estates Lawyer and includes the following: - logo design with icon for use on website and all branding - business card design - letterhead and envelope design Please provide a cover letter that includes your y...

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    simulation report Končano left

    packet tracer, Switches, Routers, Workstations, Operating systems, Routing protocols, IP addressing: hosts, subnet addresses, broadcast addresses, Router-based DHCP server, NAT/PAT, FHRP, Ether channel, VTP, STP

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    We are a start-up company developing a personalised products platform, with a focus initially on sports and animals. Applicants must have VERY HIGH level of understanding, written and spoken English. No Company bids please. Only individual freelancers apply. Must be organised, follow process and generate good documentation via issue tracking (github), take responsibility for developments and do ne...

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    packet tracer, Switches, Routers, Workstations, Operating systems, Routing protocols, IP addressing: hosts, subnet addresses, broadcast addresses, Router-based DHCP server, NAT/PAT, FHRP, Etherchannel, VTP, STP

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    Build me a webapp. Končano left

    “Did you ever feel going on twitter and ranting about your issue with a product or service?” If you relate to the above problem, then you must have also thought why the brand is so careless or why the customer support team is so useless. Similarly, there are many other consumers who might have felt the same at some point of time. The options for them are either go to social media and...

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    For this project you need to be an expert level C and Java programmer, blockchain developer in the NFT space (Binance, Trustswap, OpenSeas, etc.), technical aptitude and a minimum of two Android mobile phones to test and run the app which is the basis for this project, as it both creates art works and saves or sends encrypted messages as artistic images We’re preparing to launch (now in Bet...

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    Trophy icon Tee shirt design contest Končano left

    I am in need of an artist to bring to life t-shirt design ideas so I can sell online. I intend to launch the design within 60 days of the end of the contest. The winner of this contest will be paid immediately and also get first shot at any future designs. These jobs will pay the same or more as the contest as I would prefer them all to have a consistent and unique style. If they are successful (s...

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    I have started the project and I am done with research question and data , I want to complete final research paper. Description of project - •Identify a topic of interest •Identify a narrow question in that area. •Translate the question into a regression framework and identify the hypothesis that can be tested. Please keep in mind that the selection of functional form ...

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    case report Končano left

    review this article: [prijavite se za ogled URL] Then use the following prompts to structure your report: 1. Describe aspects of a cultural web relevant to this scenario. Apply systems thinking to demonstrate the complex and interrelated nature of the organization's various parts. 2. Describe leadership behaviors exhibited in this scenario. Evaluate leadership behaviors exhibited in this ...

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    Hi there I have a task regarding to computer architecture which includes some of the following topics : 1-Bus Structures, Performance of CPU. 2-Fixed and Floating Point Representation 3-Machine Instructions and Addressing 4-Central Processing Unit 5-Memory System. 6-Input /Output Organization

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    Hi I need someone who understands the subject and should also have a good knowledge in : 1-Bus Structures, Performance of CPU. 2-Fixed and Floating Point Representation 3-Machine Instructions and Addressing 4-Central Processing Unit 5-Memory System. 6-Input /Output Organization

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    Hi I need help in The procedure will be for you to have an essay, not more than 2 or 3 pages in length, addressing this issue: Dante's Divine Comedy seems to be a tour of the Christian afterlife, with encounters with the damned, the blessed, and the penitent suggesting the ultimate fate of human beings in the Christian worldview. but there is much more to the poem than a tour of the after...

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    I would like 4 programs of them whatever you want. Use Microsoft assembler 6 & above MASM 6.x & DosBox All programs should be done MASM 6.x The .lst files should be delivered including: 1. TITLE (assembly directive): Title of program...., by: Nikos Karellas..... Date: .... 2. Comments for each line or group of lines if more understandable, using a semi-colon (;) for each line Program 1...

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    Logo for Ministry Končano left

    Daughters of Destiny Ministry, Inc. is dedicated to creating a comforting environment for women. A safe haven and non judgmental zone to safely express their thoughts, feelings, and issues. Addressing every issue with a solution and clear steps to complete goals. Encompassing ones true self is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can uplift ever...

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    3 questions Task2: this task is about Assembler. Assembler is a program that used to convert the assembly code to machine code (binary code) and delivers it to Linker. In this task, am asked to explain the Machine- dependent Assembler features and Machine- Independent Assembler features with supported examples of them. With some research papers and videos I will solve the task in the following p...

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    Need you to help build a RFID diagnostic tool prototype. Please read, understand and ask questions in your bid response. We can procure the HW you suggest or you can and it will be paid. (If not specified, we shall assume you are including the HW in your bid) HW : Must be openly, readily available - like RTL-SDR (Software Defined radio) or similar. Direct connection to PC, Mobile (iOS, Androids) ...

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    NITS Informatics Private Limited is an IT Solutions Company focusing on resolving Business Process issues and minimizing IT Infrastructure costs of Small and Medium Sector Enterprises across industries in India. NITS helps enterprises accelerate their Business Digitization in a secure, efficient, and cost-optimized manner. Being a certified partner of AWS Cloud Platform, NITS aspires to modernize ...

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    Trophy icon Logo creation Končano left

    Name: JANAB Apparel Type of business: superior clothing for men & women; Janab Meaning: Janab is the polite way of addressing both men and women in Urdu language; Translation of the meaning can be titles like Gentleman, Lady, Mister& Madam; Janab (جناب) is also rank title in Persian, which may be rendered as Excellency. ... The compound style Janab-i-Ashraf (Ashraf being a provincial aris...

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    The development of a company logo and elements of corporate identity are required. List of identity elements: business cards, letterhead, envelope, folders for documents. The execution style is minimalistic, strict. The firm provides legal services, is a lawyer association. The name is "LAWYERTY". When executing the logo, please avoid "legal symbols" - antique columns, scales,i...

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    Hello, I am looking for a designer to develop a Brand Identity and Stationery Pack for a Premium Wine E-commerce. The itens to be developed are as follows: 1. Logo 2. Typography 3. Design and Brand Guidelines 4. Letterhead A4 5. Letterhead US Letter 6. Postcard A6 7. Business Card -88.9 x 50.8 mm 8. Envelope - 220x110mm 9. Presentation Folder - 228.6x304.8 mm 10. Paper bag - 430x120x12...

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    We are searching for a personable, thorough Appointment Setter to contact prospective clients via telephone, e-mail, LinkedIn etc. The Appointment Setter's responsibilities include ascertaining whether potential clients might be interested in our products and services, and then scheduling a time for our Sales Representatives to do a demonstration with each client. You should also keep a log ...

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    Hi my name is Maria and I have a wix website. My business is in travel and my website URL is [prijavite se za ogled URL] I have two tours that i need to amend the purchasing process. The tours are the Odysseus: I’m coming home tour and the Sailing the Saronic Myth. Can you please review and provide a quote? 1. Enquiry form for the Odysseus tour and the Saronic myth need to be modified. Ple...

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    I need business card, Letter head, Envelope, And Company ID card designed fro my business. Logo is ready, it got to be in-that brand colour only.

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    Write Report Končano left

    An integral part of starting or developing a new business or strategic business unit is to design and implement a creative and innovative business model- These are usually referred to as Hybrid Business Model. Examples of some of these models include but not limited to;- AIRBNB; UBER and others. Here the emergence of these models explores complex variables. To that end, you are required to desi...

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    I need some one who complete 3D model I have it olredy and prefer to use Archicad software.-it’s okay if not- I'll show you some picture and I need only the 3D "out envelope No need for rendring The task is simple but I need it in 5-6 hours I’ll buy 60$ Thank you

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    Hi Mahamud R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. It’s basically a letterhead and envelope design for a Corp. I already have logo

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    The purpose of this course is to introduce the information technology students to computing systems below that of a high-level programming language. The material covered can be broadly separated into the categories of assembly language programming and Computer Organization. Topics include: number representation, basic organization of the von Neumann machine, computer instructions, memory organizat...

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    Job Title: Enrollment Coordinator Reports To: CEO Employment Status: Part-Time (20 hours per week) About Khan’s Tutorial Khan’s Tutorial is a New York City based, on-line tutoring company for K-12 students that strives to increase knowledge, encouragement and community in it’s students and families. With 26 years of experience in tutoring, test prep, and community programs, Khan...

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    Responsibilities 1. Predominantly communicating with customers by email: • Communicating about progress of their jobs; • Sending a comprehensive quote; • Following up on artwork; • Addressing questions around product options, features and pricing; • Confirming if all invoicing is up to date; • Processing requests for design work; • Processing and sending invoic...

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    Write a short paper. General directions for this paper are listed below. Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs) – Should describe the background for the disease (cause, molecular and cellular basis for disease, symptoms, transmission, affected population, etc.) based on the information in the review and science news articles. Write a paragraph about primary research article that you chose by ad...

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    Upon checking the front end, there are some js errors. The back end is working fine. the data from back end is delivered successfully. your store is missing a dependency for a jQueryUI widget. Identifying and addressing the dependency will drastically improve the performance of your site.

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    GGIR is an R package for the analysis of research-grade wearable movement sensor data. It is popular in the health research community: https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=GGIR . To sustain GGIR I work as independent consultant ([prijavite se za ogled URL]), which entails developing new features or helping researchers to implement GGIR in their research. I am now looking for help to improve the cod...

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    Seeking the development of a web interface whereby a user visits (creates an account) then reviews some sample form letters and selects one and then chooses the mailing options. The user may use the sample letter provided, or they can modify the letter themselves by selecting which lines or paragraphs to keep OR they can insert their own sentences or paragraphs. What is pre-filled in with the l...

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