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    We are currently working on a project to create a medical smart watch for demented people. We need help with the program code - software. If you have experience with programming and creating a smartwatch please contact us: (Removed by Freelancer.com Admin) /Izdelujemo pametno uro za zdravstvene namene in potrebujemo nekoga, ki obvlada programiranje in nam je pripravljen pomagati pri pisanju programske kode oziroma software. Če ste zainteresirani, nam prosim pišite na mail: (Removed by Freelancer.com Admin)

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    I need a tictic app expert to be work for, i have many modification need to be done. If you are tictic expert pls contact me. I'm looking for an experienced developer with a proven track record in modifying existing features in Tictic app. The task at hand is to mo...proven track record in modifying existing features in Tictic app. The task at hand is to modify the 'Promote' function within the app. Key Responsibilities: - Modify the existing 'Promote' function in the Tictic app - Ensure the feature modification is seamlessly integrated into the app Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in customizing mobile apps - Strong understanding of the Tictic app's architecture - Proficiency in relevant programming languages for mobile app development - Strong ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient Python developer with expertise in applying Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms for a software testing project. The focus will be implementing Stable Baseline Algorithms. The ideal candidate will: - Possess strong Python coding skills. - Have a deep understanding of Reinforcement Learning algorithms. - Be able to work efficiently to deliver the project within two weeks

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    I'm in need of an experienced embedded systems developer who's well-versed in Arduino and Atmel. The task at hand includes: - Utilizing C and C++ to write the required code for the systems - Implementing functionalities like data logging, sensor interfacing, and communication protocols

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    Database Architecture 6 dni left

    I'm in need of a full-stack engineer with strong proficiency in Database Design, Python and AWS. The project will involve the development of a blockchain on Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, or Corda. You'll be responsible for implementing core blockchain functionalities, such as smart contracts, token creation, and decentralized storage. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python and AWS - Experience with Database Design and Development - Strong understanding of blockchain platforms, preferably Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric or Corda - Knowledge of smart contracts, token creation, and decentralized storage Your role will be crucial in ensuring the Database is secure, scalable, and efficient. Please only apply if you have relevant experience in Database Design and development.

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    I need a proficient Windows software developer to create a medium-sized accounting application to facilitate invoicing, billing, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Key requirements include: - Expertise in developing Windows-based software. - Understanding of accounting principles and processes, as well as financial software development. - Skills in developing an application that supports, but doesn't fully automate, invoicing, billing, expense tracking, and financial reporting functions. - Given the size and the complexity of the functionality required, previous experience with building accounting software would be a major advantage. - There's no existing accounting software to integrate with, but the application should be built w...

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    I require a talented software developer to design a windows software capable of controlling and collecting data from universal testing machines. The software should be able to: - Control Tensile, Compression, and Flexural testing machines. - Harvest data related to Load, Stress, Strain, and Displacement. - Relay this data into comprehensible graphical and numerical outputs. Experience in developing scientific or engineering software, capabilities in data visualization, and familiarity with universal testing machines are paramount for this task. Perfect understanding of key testing metrics (load, stress, strain, displacement) is a pre-requisite. If you've experience controlling hardware tools via software, that will give you a considerable edge.

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    I am seeking a skilled Civil/Interior E...recommendations. Requirements: • Proven experience as a Civil or Interior Engineer with a strong background in reviewing and improving AutoCAD designs. • Proficiency in AutoCAD and other relevant design software. • Strong understanding of building codes, regulations, and industry standards. • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely. • Attention to detail and a keen eye for design aesthetics and functionality. Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture, or a related field. • Previous experience in similar review projects. • Certification...

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    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create a Windows software for managing and organizing my study materials. The software should enable me to input the time frame within which I want to finish a book and subsequently provide a PDF study guide divided by day - based on my requirements. Key Features: - Ability to load and manage databases of books in text formats. - An option to input the timeframe (in days) I intend to complete studying a particular book. - Provide a “Play” button or similar function to generate a PDF study guide. - Generated PDF files should be for viewing only and not editable. - The software should have the ability to automatically divide the book evenly across the study period. Moreover, it should also allow me the...

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    We’re looking for a top-notch Senior Backend Engineer with plenty of hands-on experience building python backend systems and services. You will be working remotely as part of our R&D team, which is composed of experienced (and extremely talented) software engineers. You will be working on the bleeding edge of the evolving LLM ecosystem, building a platform for benchmarking, evaluating and monitoring LLM based systems. You will be building services that run complex evaluation algorithms, running constantly and serving large volumes of requests in parallel. This role will provide you with unique and unparalleled experience with the emerging field of LLM systems and LLMOps, taking a lead on building a first-in-class product in this field. What we seek: * Full time availabi...

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    I need an OpenAI chatbox embedded on a webpage. I already have the OpenAI assistant programmed and trained, and I have the API key for it. I just need someone to build a very simple webpage which has a chat window to interact with the AI assistant. It also needs a button which will paste the clipboard, wait for the AI response, and then copy the response back to the clipboard, all in a single click. The webpage should be password protected, and not rely on any 3rd party services (other than OpenAI).

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    ...INVOLVES. *** I HAVE PERSONALLY DONE SYSTEMS, WEB & UI, DEVELOPMENT FOR 2O YEARS, SO YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH AN IDIOT. ======== The TNF 'Coming Soon' Page (by the excellent PI, Nifty) is currently disabled, so you can see the current TNF development site as is. TNF site is using the Blocksy Theme. The TNF Site has a very simple flat structure with its core function, the Inoreader RSS API embedded/integrated on the Home Page, plus several Menu Options for mainly static Folders of information/images, using File Manager Advanced+FMA Shortcodes, some Menu Options using Forminator Pro Forms (done), and simple WP-Members Membership +Subscriptions+Payments set-up (done). The TNF website allready has completed Main/Top/Footer Menus. (check live dev site). Also caref...

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    C# to VB.NET Desktop App Conversion 6 dni left

    I'm in need of a highly skilled developer who can help me convert an existing C# desktop application including thid party (DevExpress and Infragistics) to VB.NET. Key Requirements: - Expertise in both C# and VB.NET - Experience working with desktop applications - Strong understanding of the .NET framework The project is already identified and the purpose of the application will rema...Key Requirements: - Expertise in both C# and VB.NET - Experience working with desktop applications - Strong understanding of the .NET framework The project is already identified and the purpose of the application will remain the same after conversion. The nature of this project is more technical, so the ideal candidate should have a good understanding of programming language syntax and software...

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    I'm in need of an expert in data scraping with experience in traversing the Wayback Machine. The aim is to comprehensively scrape textual details, embedded PDF and video files from several live and defunct crowdfunding platforms. This project is not only for data extraction but also for gathering documents that will fuel my research purposes. We will specifically focus on: - Project details - Funding amounts - Backer information - PDF and Video files - Company related data Considering some of the targeted platforms are inactive, understanding how to exploit a Wayback Machine and retrieve shutten-down webpages is a prerequisite. Ideal freelancers have strong experience with complex scraping tasks and have tackled challenges relating to the scraping of multimedia files...

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    emcad Embroidery Software Guidance 6 dni left

    I'm a beginner with emcad Embroidery software of dahao, and my goal is to master its advanced techniques and features. I'm seeking an experienced freelancer who can provide personalized, one-on-one online sessions to guide me through the learning process.

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    ...develop a sound localization software for a gas leak detection system. The goal is to virtually listen to different areas using microphone arrays, identify noise sources by amplifying sound from specific directions while suppressing noise from others, and create real-time noise maps. These noise maps should be overlaid on a video image, enabling the visualization of the noise emitted by various sound sources. We shall have ...... Key Responsibilities: Software Development: Design and implement a sound localization algorithm that can process input from multiple microphone arrays, freq range 100hz to 80khz This is the mic we are thinking of using. If you have an alternate, please suggest. Develop software to create noise maps in

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    I need an expert to manage and streamline my contractor management software. In particular: * Handle Incident Reporting - Setup and manage the incident reporting feature in our system to ensure easy and efficient safety monitoring. * Oversee Training Records - Manage these effectively in our software, adhering to required standards for our less than 50 workers. * Conduct Toolbox Talks - Using visual aids like slides and films, you should be able to present clear and concise consultations to workers regarding our Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices. Ideal Skills: * Strong knowledge of contractor management software. * Prior experience in incident reporting and training records. * Proficiency in conducting toolbox talks – particularly those relating to ...

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    I urgently need to develop a comprehensive set of documents needed for software development. The main documents I require are: - Business Requirements Document: This document should outline the high-level business needs that the software must meet. This includes the business goals, objectives, and constraints. - Functional Requirements Document: This document should specify the detailed functionalities that the software must include. It should be comprehensive and provide a clear understanding of what the software should be capable of. - User Stories: These should include a series of simple statements that outline the user's perspective on the software they are going to use. These are vital for understanding the end-user's needs and expectation...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can fine-tune GPT models, create embeddings, and deploy AI solutions. Your expertise in Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is paramount in this instance. Key Responsibilities: - Fine-tune GPT models: Your primary goal here would be to customize responses for specific domains. This means making the model more aligned with the industry it's intended for. - Create embeddings: Your ability to generate embeddings of the processed data will be crucial for the efficient functioning of the AI. - Deploy AI solutions: Your experience with deployment will be instrumental in integrating the AI into our current systems. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Strong expertise in fine-tuning GPT models, particularly in customizing respon...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer with expertise in modern architecture and realistic rendering to create multiple independent modern facade designs for my villa. Key Requirements: - Consistent modern aesthetic: Designs should embody sleek, contemporary lines and features. - Creative Variations: Different, innovative designs to compare and choose from. - Realistic Daylight Renderings: The visuals need to be rendered in daylight, showcasing the design in its best light. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in modern architectural design. - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software. - Ability to deliver high-quality, realistic renderings. - Strong communication skills, to understand and incorporate feedback. - Previous work with villa facade design is ...

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    Tengo una empresa consultora pequeña, nos especializamos en bienestar y felicidad organizacional, necesito crear un software de medición (medición de clima organizacional, Felicidad laboral, cultura organizacional, test de bienestar personal del empleado y mas).

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    ...**Preventive Maintenance Scheduling**: An essential feature for this software would be the ability to schedule regular maintenance tasks to ensure our equipment is in prime condition and minimize unexpected downtime. - **Asset Tracking and History**: The software should provide a detailed history of our assets, including maintenance records and any other relevant information. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in front-end and back-end web development - Experience in developing enterprise-grade software - Prior experience in asset management software development - Strong understanding of database management and security The software will primarily focus on managing equipment, so prior experience in equipment management software develop...

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    ...projects for college and university students. Key Project Details: - Expert in software popular among commercial architects, such as Autodesk Revit, Sketchup - The content should be focused on practical learning, enabling students to apply architectural theory in real-world settings. - It should be curated specifically for college and university level students, so a broader and deeper understanding of architectural principles is vital. - The projects should be designed to be interactive and engaging. They should provide more than just theoretical information, but also allow for hands-on learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills development. Required Skills and Experience: - Proven background in architecture or architectural design, preferably in an educati...

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    ...freelancer to guide me in selecting the best equipment and software that fits within my budget. Your responsibilities will include: - Analyzing the space available in my studio to recommend the appropriate equipment - Providing a detailed list of essential music production equipment and software - Advising on the best brands and models that offer the best value for money - Helping me understand the technical requirements for running a successful music production studio - Crafting a budget plan that maximizes the use of funds for quality equipment and software purchases Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in music production and sound engineering - In-depth knowledge of current music production hardware and software - A track record of sett...

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    We are looking to transform our current React web application into a robust desktop application using Electron. The ideal freelancer should be proficient in Electron and React, capable of integrating the current web functionalities into a seamless desktop experience. Responsibilities include: 1. Reviewing the current React web app to understand its architecture and functionalities. 2. Developing the desktop version using Electron, ensuring it aligns with our quality standards and functional requirements. 3. Performing tests to ensure the app's stability and performance on various desktop platforms. 4. Providing documentation for the updates made. Skills required: JavaScript, React, Electron, HTML5, CSS3 Budget: [Specify your range based on what you're comfortable with] ...

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    Hi Harwinderpal, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. This document includes all relevant information about the system requirements, architecture, functionalities, and technologies needed for the project. --- # Self-Service Tanning Salon System: Technical Specification Document ## 1. Introduction ### 1.1 Project Overview The goal of this project is to develop a self-service tanning salon system that allows customers to book and control tanning beds remotely. The system will include a customer portal for booking sessions, an admin portal for managing the salon, and integration with IoT devices to control the tanning beds. ### 1.2 Objectives - Develop a user-friendly web application for customers and administrators. - Implement a backend server to manage dat...

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    I'm looking to have a long excel sheet complete with formulas seamlessly embedded into a Word document with appropriate page breaks. This is for my client, to create a user-friendly employee performance evaluation tool. Ideal skills would include: - Great attention to detail; the conversion needs to be flawlessly executed - Proficiency in both Excel and Word - Solid understanding of page formatting for a seamless viewing experience - available to perform the work within 2 days - Prior experience with handling business documents would be an advantage While information on past projects, experience and proposals would be handy, please feel free to bid if you are confident you can undertake this task with precision.

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    ...members. - Although I didn't specify a color scheme, I'm open to professional-looking, attention-grabbing combinations. Your proposal should include your suggested colors. - The newly designed logo will also be used as a sticker, so it should be clearly identifiable and impactful both large and small scaled. - would be fun if the flag of the Netherlands with the three colors red, blue and white are embedded Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Logo Design - Demonstrated ability to understand a target demographic (professionals in this case) and embody its characteristics in design - Creativity and ability to recommend colour schemes when not specifically provided - Previous work with energetic and bold designs - Experience with sticker-friendly design i...

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    I'm seeking a technical developer experienced in Opencart 3.03, capable of reviewing error logs, id... Key Responsibilities: - Reviewing error logs to identify and troubleshoot database connection errors and payment gateway integration issues. - Ensuring the website runs smoothly without any glitches. - Providing regular updates on the website's status and resolving any occurring issues. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Opencart 3.03 with a strong understanding of its architecture. - Extensive experience in identifying and resolving database connection errors. - Proven track record in fixing payment gateway integration issues. - Ability to review error logs efficiently and effectively. - Strong communication skills to provide regular updates on t...

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    External Link Integration in HTML 6 dni left

    ...conversions. I'm looking to integrate an external link into my HTML website, particularly directing users to a specific webpage. This link will function as a scheduler and potentially be inserted within an iframe. Key deliverables and requirements: - Integration of an external link in HTML - Link to direct users to a specific internal webpage - Implemented as a scheduler - Possibly to be embedded within an iframe Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proficiency in HTML/CSS - Experience with external link integration - Knowledge of working with iframes - Understanding of scheduler implementation in web pages It's crucial that the link is seamlessly integrated into the website's design and functions correctly, so attention to detail and precision i...

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    I'm seeking a software developer to create a customized software solution for my tour operator business. The software should include the following key functionalities: - Booking Management: The software should allow my administrative staff to efficiently manage bookings, including creating new bookings, updating existing ones, and tracking payment statuses. - Customer Database: A comprehensive database that stores and manages customer information, including contact details, booking history, and any special requirements or preferences. - Inventory Management: The system should help in managing and monitoring our tour resources like vehicles, guides, and other necessary equipment to ensure smooth operations. It's important to note that this softwa...

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    We are seeking a highly skilled Software Developer to join our team for a SaaS project. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in web development, database management, and integrating third-party APIs. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain the SaaS platform’s core functionalities. Integrate third-party APIs and ensure seamless data flow. Optimize the platform for performance and scalability. Collaborate with the team to design and implement new features. Requirements: Proven experience in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Strong knowledge of backend technologies (Node.js, ). Experience with database management (PostgreSQL, MongoDB). Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

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    - Type of Renderings: Only exterior renderings of the structure are required at this stage. - Focus: The primary focus should be on showcasing the building structure. All fine details of the blueprint must be accurately and aesthetically represented. - Style: The architecture is already designed. You should be able to adapt your rendering style to match the existing architectural blueprints. Ideal skills and experiences: - High skill in 3D modeling and rendering - Proven experience in architectural visualization, particularly exteriors - Strong attention to detail and accuracy - Familiarity with various architectural styles.

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    I am pursuing engineered approval on my house plans that have been created by an architect already. The main purposes of this are: - Obtaining building permits - Ensuring structural safety - Meeting local building code compliance The files are available in PDF format. Ideal freelancers for this job should be competent in reading an...purposes of this are: - Obtaining building permits - Ensuring structural safety - Meeting local building code compliance The files are available in PDF format. Ideal freelancers for this job should be competent in reading and interpreting building plans, with a firm grasp of local building codes and structural safety principles in engineering. An ideal candidate will have experience in both architecture and engineering, with a focus on residential...

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    I’m seeking a seasoned professional with robust skills in Java to bring my software development project to life in the Technology sector. As an ardent freelancing professional eager to stay ahead of industry trends, I need to tap into your experience to aid me in these objectives: - Development of a highly functional software in Java. - A solution that is seamlessly interoperable across platforms. - Application of the latest methodologies and best practices intrinsic to Java. Ideally, you are a professional with an extensive background in software development, with a specific expertise in Java. You’re also knowledgeable about modern development methodologies and how to effectively execute them in building software that's both secure and highly...

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    Necesito alguien pueda resolver un problema de un software algo sencillo pago 12 dólares necesito alguien con experiencia que domine esto Experiencia en desarrollo Frontend con ReactJS Conocimiento de HTML5/CSS3 Experiencia con Bootstrap Conocimiento de ReactJS y Hooks Component Conocimiento de IndexedDB Conocimientos de consumo de webservices Experiencia con GIT Mentalidad orientada a optimizar procesos Familiaridad con metodologías de trabajo ágiles (SCRUM/Asana/Kanban/etc.) Conocimiento de TypeScript (opcional)

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    I am in need of an individual who can purchase a personal accounting software for me in the USA. I want the software to have several features like budgeting tools, expense tracking, accounting, bookkeeping, and preferably, be recommended by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Key Requirements: - Purchase a desktop-based personal accounting software - Software should include budgeting tools, expense tracking, accounting, and bookkeeping features - Software should be recommended by a CPA Please note that I am not sure whether I need multi-currency support; I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with personal accounting software, be able to understand accounting needs and be willing...

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    ...include: - Development of a basic layout in 2D. No need for detailed dimensions or interior furnishings. - Creation of an eye-catching, realistic 3D visualization. This should effectively showcase the additions and provide a clear sense of the layout. - The final 3D representation should converse a realistic design style that brings this property to life. Professionals with proven experience in architecture rendering and drafting, with strong knowledge of 2D and 3D visualization are encouraged to bid. It will be advantageous if you've previously worked on similar multifamily building projects. An eye for detail and a robust portfolio showcasing realistic 3D models will be highly regarded....

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    ...include: - Development of a basic layout in 2D. No need for detailed dimensions or interior furnishings. - Creation of an eye-catching, realistic 3D visualization. This should effectively showcase the additions and provide a clear sense of the layout. - The final 3D representation should converse a realistic design style that brings this property to life. Professionals with proven experience in architecture rendering and drafting, with strong knowledge of 2D and 3D visualization are encouraged to bid. It will be advantageous if you've previously worked on similar multifamily building projects. An eye for detail and a robust portfolio showcasing realistic 3D models will be highly regarded....

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    We're looking for someone to quickly test our simple software product.

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    ...Analysis & Visualization: - Calculate OEE, production rates, and machine health metrics. - Develop intuitive dashboards and customizable reports. - Provide alerts for critical metrics. 3. User Interface: - Create a user-friendly web and mobile interface. - Ensure secure login and role-based access control. - Enable historical data analysis and trend visualization. 4. System Architecture: - Design a scalable, robust backend. - Ensure high availability and fault tolerance. - Implement efficient data storage solutions. 5. MQTT Integration: - Use MQTT protocol for real-time data communication. - Optimize MQTT broker configuration for performance and reliability. 6. Security & Compliance: - Ensure data security with encryption. - Comp...

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    We are looking for a highly skilled Backend Engineer to join us and ride the AI wave in creating the next generation of e-commerce giants. Skills & Experience: - Experienced in working with Large Language Models (LLM) and capable of using related technologies to solve complex problems. - Excellent backend architecture skills, capable of designing and building stable and efficient backend systems. - Proven experience in creating high-concurrency e-commerce apps and familiarity with e-commerce business processes and technical requirements. - Proficient in web data scraping techniques and effective API integration to achieve data interaction and sharing. Qualifications: - Extensive experience in relevant fields, with successful cases preferred. - Ability to complete tasks indepe...

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    Classic Logo For Webplat Software 6 dni left

    I'm seeking an experienced logo designer to create a classic and professional logo for my software company, Webplat. Our main focus is on developing software solutions. Key Requirements: - Classic and Professional Design: I'm looking for a logo that exudes a sense of timelessness and professionalism. - Reflecting Software Development: The logo should subtly convey the idea of software solutions. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proven experience in designing logos, preferably with a portfolio of classic and professional designs. - Understanding of software development industry and relevant design principles. - Ability to incorporate a subtle, yet clear, representation of software solution within the logo. Please include your relevant port...

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    I am looking to develop a digital scoreboard software. This software will be controlled via an Android tablet placed at the side of a playing pitch. The software should also run on the LED scoreboard. Here are the specific requirements of the project: - Creation of a digital scoreboard software that can be controlled by an Android tablet - Ability to perform real-time scoring updates - Inclusion of a game timer For Irish GAA sport. 1 Goal = 3 points. Abilty to change the clock to 15, 30 or 35 mins per half the duration of a GAA hurling or Gaelic football match is generally 60 minutes long. That is for most adult club games, as well as minor, under-20 and underage games. It is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each. However, senior inter-county football ga...

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    Sales Expert in software industry. 6 dni left

    I need an expert who can help me close deals in the technology sector from both businesses and consumers. Key Responsibilities: - Generate, qualify, and close leads in the Mobile Application (Flutter) & Management systems (Laravel) - Develop and implement sales strategies to meet and exceed targets Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in sales, particularly in the software Industry - Strong understanding of both B2B and B2C sales - Exceptional negotiation and communication skills - Ability to develop and implement effective sales strategies NOTE : We will work on a percentage basis, which will be fixed in advance. The percentage will be paid after the sales, project are closed and will be deducted from the project cost. Read description first carefully

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    Jewellary ERP Software Development 6 dni left

    I'm in need of a customized ERP software that can handle inventory management, accounting, human resources management, and billing, tailored to the needs of a large team of 51+ users. While we do not require mobile access, it is essential that the software is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive for desktop use, ensuring it can be easily adopted and utilized across the organization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing and implementing customized ERP solutions - Strong understanding of inventory management, accounting, human resources management, and billing processes - Experience in creating user-friendly desktop software interfaces - Ability to cater to the needs of a large user base. We have multiple stores

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    I am seeking the development of a video conferen...development of a video conferencing tool for internal team communication within my organization. This tool needs to not only support live audio and video sharing but also the sharing of screens. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting a suitable architecture and design for this tool. - Implementing video and audio sharing features. - Integrating screen sharing capabilities. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in video conferencing software development. - Proficient in real-time communication protocols. - Excellent understanding and experience in software architecture and design. Freelancers who have previously created similar solutions will be highly preferable. Documentation already exists and will be provided init...

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    ...experienced Laravel developer to build a robust order management system using Laravel's latest version, with a frontend built on Livewire. This project aims to streamline the process of adding products from multiple suppliers to the shopping cart, optimizing both order and shipping operations within our company. Key Requirements: MVC Adherence: Strong understanding of the Model-View-Controller architecture, with clean separation of routing logic, business logic, and presentation. Eloquent ORM: Expertise in database interactions using Eloquent for cleaner and more maintainable code. Frontend Development: Experience with Livewire for a dynamic and responsive user interface. Data Validation and Security: Implement Laravel's built-in features for data validation and apply...

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    ...delivery tracking, order fulfillment status, and refund status. - Additional Functionality: In addition to product and delivery management, the database should support other key ecommerce features. These include wishlist management, product reviews, discount codes, payment gateway integration, and SEO optimization. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in database architecture, particularly in the ecommerce sector. - Strong understanding of e-commerce business models and best practices. - Proficiency in designing databases that can scale effectively with business growth. - Expertise in incorporating various user-friendly features for enhanced customer experience. If you have the skills and experience required to create a high-performing, scalable...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can design a comprehensive Azure Cloud architecture diagram. Key Components: - Azure Active Directory (AD) - Azure Logic App - Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) - Azure AD Connect Purpose of the Diagram: - Illustrate the flow of data and services - Showcase the interaction between different Azure components Specific Requirements: - Each component in the diagram should be accompanied by annotations or labels, making it easier to understand for both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong familiarity with Azure Cloud and its various services and components - Proficiency in creating architectural diagrams for cloud environments - Ability to simplify complex technical information for a broad audie...

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