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    We would like to create a video with 3D animation showing how our liquid metal circuits can replace a rigid circuit board with a super stretchy material that can be embedded into a thin glove, shirt, elbow sleeve, etc. We'd like to show an exploded view of circuit/sensor with the typical "engineering diagram" aesthetic (like in the attachment) pointing out key components and capabilities. Then we would like to animate it “going into” a garment and convey that there is useful data now streaming out of the clothing. Perhaps after the circuit is embedded, we zoom out and see that this garment was being worn by a person and they are performing an action and it is emphasized that the material is still extremely thin and pliable. I have attached ...

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    Pcb design 5 dni left

    Schematic Design | PCB Design | Product Design, IoT developer, PCB Designer, Embedded programmer, circuit developer, Hardware Engineer

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    EasyEDA Expert 5 dni left

    I am looking for easyeda expert who is able to work on PPD candidate must know how to design circuit and choose in-stock components from LCSC. If know about firmware development, it would be great.

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    Development of Ultrasound PCB Need the generator to work around 1.7Mhz freq. with 8 outputs Need that the PCB with impedance matching circuit(to the transducer and electronic) thanks *please contact me only when you have an experience with ultrasound designing *Please be aware that I need full work: design-manufacturing-assembly-testing and shipment to be a full working prototype the payment will be only for working prototype attached specifications(can be change)

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    PT 100 tempreture sensor 4 dni left

    I need to control the dc motor speed using the Temperature sensor PT 100. The speed of motar should increase /decrease with temperature. The circuit should be simple and cost effective. No need to use microcontroller.

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    I have an image of a circuit board with multiple items. I need each item outlined and all text annotated. Please see example image. (Note text has not been added, but it will need to be added.) Please start your bid with the word 'City'. More details the better. The resulting image should be a SVG vector image compatible with InkScape.

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    ...Serial 2 - GPIO16(RX), GPIO17(TX) and powered by own Step-Down from 12V to 3.3V, it could be used MP1584EN, or any suitable circuit up to 2-3A 7. ESP32 powered by own Step-Down from 12V to 3.3V it could be used MP1584EN, or any suitable circuit up to 2-3A 8. Display Module 128X128 I2C 1.5inch SSD1327 128128 LCD Screen via I2C - GPIO22(SCL), GPIO21(SDA), powered by the ESP32 supply 9. NEO-M8N-0-10 connected to Serial 1 - GPIO12(RX),GPIO14(TX), powered by the ESP32 supply Bear in mind: SIM7080G RX<---TX(GPIO17) ESP32 SIM7080G TX--->RX(GPIO16) ESP32 NEO-M8N-0-10 RX<---TX(GPIO14) ESP32 NEO-M8N-0-10 TX--->RX(GPIO12) ESP32 After design approval would need a Circuit, PCB and Gerber files suitable for or Please before you apply for the JOB make...

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    I am using split rail supply using attached circuit. Total current draw is nearly 100ma at 24v input. Current situation is PNP transistor getting hot. So if current will increase it can cause the issue. What cout be the solution to improve the situation.

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    Looking for a simple circuit to read 3v3 level on adc without opamp.

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    Electrical Engineering -- 2 2 dni left

    Hi, Im looking for somebody to help me on SIngle phase ac circuit, three phase ac circuits, RLC circuits, Transformer and magnetic circuits. Please dm for further details.

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    A small electronic circuit is to be designed for a TENS unit with Bluetooth for Phone integration.

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    circuit designe -- 2 1 dan left

    we need to designe circuit that can transfer any text ino digital form and from digital to analog to antenna. we have antenna ready designe that need to be attach to circuit. So Basically via computer software alpha numeric data will send to coil.

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    We need a circuit that can generate impulses in the output from input source battery of 9 V. the required impulses in the output should have voltage more than 100 V during maximum load and frequency of 50 Hz.

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    The project should have logic circuit is composed of different logic gates with inputs and outputs. Each of these gates have a variable number of input and output pins. Output pins can be connected to (multiple) input pins to build a larger circuit. The state of the output pins depends on the state of the input pins. The most common logic gates are: AND, OR, NOT, XOR. These gates can also be combined to make more complex logic components. Some examples include a half adder, full adder, shift register, d-flipflop to name a few. There are two special types of elementary gates: NAND(not and) and NOR(not or). They are called universal gates because they can be used to build any other gate. I need this as soon as possible.

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    TCL script Končano left

    I need to write a TCL script (synopsys tool) to cut and remove overlaps from a given circuit design. Given Vss - ground and Vnnaon - power, the objective is to remove parts of Vss that are overlapping with Vnnaon. i have this partial working script, but it fails for some cases of multiple overlaps

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    I think I need a PCB designer We are in the very first step to creating a proto type. I believe the first step is to have someone design the circuit board. It's a very simple design. See attached

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    Logo design Končano left

    Electronics repair, computer repair, would like something that features circuit board traces in the logo.

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    I have a circuit based on an attiny that power cycles an external circuit when an input is held high for 1 second or more, and then goes low again. I'm using the code linked below from github. I would like it modified so that instead of power cycling when the state change is detected, I want it to power cycle when no state change is detected. In other words, I want it to be more of a watchdog that cycles the power if it does not get pet instead of just a reboot circut that cycles power when it is told to. The rest of the code should continue to work the same i.e. don't powercycle more than once every hour. I can easily test the code here. The amount of time to wait for a "pet" should be a #define at the top of the code.

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    5 years of experience designing or building circuit boards. Experience in microcontrollers, sensors, or high-voltage circuits Real world experience with electronics

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    I need a solution to drive up to 16 LEDs with PWM LED Driver (must be able to fade/blink/etc...) that communicates by I2C. I also need to read 8 ADC values, but it can be either through a multiplex...PWM LED Driver (must be able to fade/blink/etc...) that communicates by I2C. I also need to read 8 ADC values, but it can be either through a multiplexer (I2C or standard) or some multi-channel ADC chip communicating by I2C. I need parts that are available right now and there should exist some development board with that chip that I can buy. The project goal is to find the parts and provide a circuit diagram of the solution (block diagram or full schematics). I am also open to alternate solutions which achieve the same purpose (driving LEDs and reading ADC using as few MCU pins as ...

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    I want to build a dc to dc converter with minimum losses, less ripples, less noise, fully protected against short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, reverse voltage, over load , the nominal voltage is 48v, and input voltage range is 30 to 60v and output voltage is 12 v nominal and peak power of 400w and nominal power of 360w

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    s-Domain Circuit Analysis Bode plots Sampling and Quantization Control Systems Digital Logic Electromagnetic Motors

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    ...Profibus, Profinet etc) Industrial Controls (Industrial Communication, switching devices, monitoring and controls devices) Industry software Process control systems Process instrumentation Process analytics Power supplies DRIVE TECHNOLOGY AC Motors AC Converters Motors for Motion Control DC Converters Encoder systems Generators Components LOW-VOLTAGE CONTROLS AND DISTRIBUTIONS Circuit Breakers Contactors Fuse links and terminals Indicators, buttons Overvoltage protections Relays ENERGY Low-Voltage - Power distribution Medium Voltage - Power distribution Energy Automation Products SAFETY SYSTEMS Safety Technology for Factory Automation Safety Technology for Process Automation...

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    Design a PCB. Schematic is completed. Need to design PCB in Altium. the design will consist uC, LED driver and 7 segment display. Further details in chat.

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    Implement the circuit design in the FPGA, and read input /write output to the file. Including timing analysis, power consumption and pin planner etc... Using Quartus prime

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    Hi there I have a circuit which I have made using basic excel forms. Need it drawn in a more professional way. Need the excel file returned with a better presentation of the circuit.

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    Build a security door thats functionality is to basically open and close with a unique code that can be generated online for each member, circuit and programming of door to be done. similar to the link below. securityproducts/c4-cylindrical-portal/

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    Hi, We are wanting someone experience and understanding our needs. We are looking for someone to build us a mobile application something such as circuit if not better. Please read the website to fully uynderstand what is needed, this app needs to be able to offer 3 day trial and only up 10 addresses, if they go over 10 addresses then they need to sign up to a monthly subscription, same with the 3 day trial, once the trial is up a subscription should automatically happen. Contact me, let me know if this suits you.

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    900MHz Radio Končano left

    Develop transmitter and receiver circuit and pcbs for 900MHz radio that takes extremely small amount of current to preserve battery life. Must be designed using discrete components, and not using SIM900 chips. The radio will communicate digital data bits at 1000 to 10000 bits per second, using half duplex. The radio should be able to communicate at a distance of 500 meters or more. The transmitter/Receiver circuit must be developed with USA Fcc requirement in mind. Must be able to pass Fcc tests. Must have in-depth understanding and experience with wireless and antenna technology we need to incorporate this rx/tx radio in our cpu boards. so you will need to build sample demo units, perform testing and give us feedback on the results, send the samples to usa for our own...

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    excel graphi design Končano left

    Hi there I have a circuit which I have made using basic excel forms. Need it drawn in a more professional way.

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    The task involves troubleshooting the hydraulic circuit that has already been built in MATLAB Simscape. Also to optimise the design parameters using Simscape Response Optimiser. More details shall be shares prior to assigning the job.

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    Hi I want to create on simulink a equivalent circuit model for a Lithium ion battery (18650 Li-Ion Battery 3000 mAh). the project must be carried out as in the attached file. There is also a youtube video that explains this. the values ​​of the battery parameters R1, R0, R2, C1, C2 must be experimental at different Soc collected and the battery discharge curve must be recorded and compared at the end of the project with those obtained from an equivalent model on simulink . i also need a report in oder to better understand how you have done the simulation an data acquisition.

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    For my research project am building a motion capture system to record biomechanical movement of human arm. i have developed motion capture hardware using modules. now i want to convert it to a IC based custom circuit board. I have to take IMU sensor values from multiple individual Sensors setup to a master controller. Individual motion capture contains ESP 32/ microcontroller IMU sensor 3.7 Volt battery/ 3.3Volt battery (any additional items required )

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    I need a very basic driving simulator with level editor. Unity would be fine. Attached are photos of the course which has 2 predefine...Motorcycle is the vehicle for this course. The goal is to make a software to train for predefined path. Use google maps to get dimensions of the road and the course. Need to have the driving simulator with 2 modes which shows the arrow pointing where to drive to and second mode is without pointing arrow but notifies if going in the wrong directing. Here is google map link of the actual physical circuit: Again, very basic and stripped down. This is just small tool to assist in learning the turns and where to go on the driving exam. Also if you want to develop this for Android is also fine. But Unity is prefered.

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    PH controller Končano left

    Need to develop pH controller. DIC Digital pH meter Type 505 M is a precise and compact pH Monitoring System using solid state devices for direct measurement of pH. It is basically a voltage measuring device with added features. The high input impedance and the stability of its measuring circuit enable it to make the chemical measurements with outstanding precision and reproducibility.

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    Required: Working Prototype with all necessary tests completed. Assembly Design Circuit Diagram Schematics BOM (2/3 variations in make of components) Test Cases Gerber Files BTP - PTP Simulation tests

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    ...are completed • Designing of the LED Driver hardware is completed. • Designing of the relay driver is completed • Designing of the Control Pilot circuit which is responsible for the control pilot signal is completed but it needs to be interface with the firmware. • Testing and validation of the existing system on the different fault condition. • PCB design of the existing system. What work needs to be done: • Design and develop a firmware for the 7.4 kw AC EV chargers as per the standard AIS 138. • Selection of the Micro controller Unit based on the requirements and availability in the market. • Interface the controller with the Control Pilot Circuit and develop a code for the control pilot unit. • Interface the co...

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    To perform a worst case analysis on an electrical circuit. Will provide all necessary documents. Need it done ASAP.

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    High power USB charge circuit and PCB design with BQ25731

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    The board will have 2 main functions. First, 4 gpios will be used to send PWM signals to a 4in1 ESC to control 4 brushless motors. (Wired control thru an ADC pin set) A tri-state 4 channel bus converter will be need...controlling a linear solenoid with onboard MOSFET and diode.(Solenoid power consumption Vout<20V, C~30A) The solenoid cycling speed/frequency will be controlled by a second pin set of ADC. 2 additional switch pin header will also be required to act as on/off to each circuit. Plus A USB C port alone with a reset and boot button. I want the PCB to be as small as possible. Less than 25x25mm/30x30mm. P.S. I want to have direct solderable pads on the board for Vin,GND and Vout GND for the solenoid part. I attached a vague reference of PCB design, that’s ...

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    Design and build the circuit to do a machine

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    Project: Design of electrical control system of a Milling machine Time: 1 day only the circuit diagram Course design technical instructions and control requirements 1. Description of the movement of the mechanical part of the equipment A certain type of horizontal universal milling machine is mainly composed of a base, bed, suspension beam, tool holder, table, skateboard and lifting table. There are three forms of movement: the rotational movement of the spindle and the milling cutter is the main movement; the feed movement is the movement of the workpiece driven by the workpiece in the processing or the rotational movement of the circular table; and the auxiliary movement is the rapid movement of the workpiece in three directions by the workbench. 2. Equipment electr...

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    My DVD player model is Philips Mini Hi-Fi System FWD796/21M On that circuit gets burned due to voltage issues PCH Capacitor Electrolytic 400V - 450V 47uF gets burned

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    Hi I am looking for a developer or Chinese person who can provide the following information. The cpu series, circuit, user manual, repair guide of the Huawei smart TV hd55desa

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    id like someone to design a circuit that does 4-20ma from 0-10v.. i have 24v dc available

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    ci dessous le scope pour pour la refonte des logiciels Dollibar ERP • Réduction du circuit de création d’une nouvelle tache en une seule étape • Avoir des alertes/notifications automatiques à l’utilisateur habilité à valider et signer les offres. • Possibilité d’inclure une signature électronique • Création et attribution de tâches GESTION DE STOCK • Réduction du circuit de création d’une nouvelle tache en une seule étape • Tiers • Produits • Facturation/ Paiement

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    We require a skilled PCB designer to examine and alter if needed 3 pcbs that are part of an overal design concept. we would require the following tasks. 1: check power consumption levels and power circuit is acceptable. 2: check and upgrade PCBs EMC directive compliance and upgrade if needed 3: check and upgrade PCBs EDS compliance and upgrade if needed 4. check pcb for low voltage directive issues. 5. help with final completeion of power circuit. mainly power switch integration. In conclusion we require the chosen freelancer to examine the pcbs overal design and make improvements and alterations in order to better comply with CE and FFC compliance norms.

    €23 - €292
    €23 - €292
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    Trophy icon CommanDING Tech Challenge: Phase 1 35 dni left advance the quality and availability of Incident Command Dashboards for public safety. PHASE 1 Contestants must submit a concept paper and images or videos of their dashboards. They must describe their current dashboard and the improvements they will make to achieve the goals of the Challenge, including ingesting, displaying, and responding to stationary and wearable sensor data, closed-circuit television (CCTV) video streams, incorporating Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scans and building maps, and delivering an intuitive user interface/user experience (UI/UX) for public safety officials. PHASE 2a Invited Contestants will learn about the value of working with public safety officials to provide context for their prototypes. If Contestants do not already have a pa...

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