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    5,000 binary analysis najdenih del, po cenah EUR capable of improving app performance, as well as the user interface design and navigation flow. Your task would be to make the workflow of the app more intuitive and user-friendly. - **Overall Architectural Suggestions**: In addition to fixing the current bugs, I am also seeking suggestions for the overall improvement of the app's architecture and performance. This will involve a thorough analysis of the existing system and making necessary recommendations for long term stability and scalability. This project is time-sensitive, so prompt and efficient work is crucial. The successful candidate will be able to implement the necessary changes without compromising the existing functionality and stability of the app. Please provide examples of previous Flutter projects you...

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    I'm looking for an insightful freelancer to create a detailed report on the non-fiction, self-help book - Left of Banger. Key Objectives: - Highlight the book's practical advice, dissecting its suggested strategies, methods, and concepts. - Discuss how psychology and mental health concepts are intertwined with the Self-help techniques in the book. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of psychological principles - Previous experience writing book reports or literature reviews - Solid research skills The freelancer should be adept at recognising and analysing vital aspects of the book and articulate their findings clearly and logically. No restatements; original thoughts only.

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    I am embarking on a mission to significantly reduce road accidents leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Key Features - The software must integrate Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning to develop advanced features. - It should include real-time road conditions monitoring and driver behaviour analysis. - Furthermore, it will encompass collision detection and avoidance to promptly react in risky situations. Ideal Freelancer - I am hunting for an experienced developer with a strong background in AI, IoT, and Machine Learning. - Expertise in creating software solutions for vehicles and a passion for making roads safer would be a huge plus. If you have the skills and an interest in shaping the future of safer driving, please reach out. Intrested please...

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    ...prevailing public opinion on a specific topic. The successful candidate should be adept at designing and implementing surveys that are both engaging and informative. - Reporting: I would like the survey results to be presented in a manner that includes actionable recommendations based on the findings. The ideal candidate should be able to generate a comprehensive report with clear and concise analysis, key findings, and practical suggestions for potential next steps. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in conducting social surveys, particularly within diverse populations. - Strong analytical skills and the ability to process and interpret survey data effectively. - Excellent communication and report writing skills. - Familiarity with Central African Republic's social...

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    ...cybersecurity analyst to conduct an in-depth comparative analysis of various threat intelligence platforms. The primary goal of this project is to evaluate and document the distinct strengths and weaknesses of each platform, focusing on their data sources, collection methods, and analysis/reporting capabilities. Platforms for Analysis: The analysis should cover the following threat intelligence platforms: 1. IBM QRadar 2. Recorded Future 3. Microsoft Azure Sentinel 4. Crowdstrike 5. AlienVault 6. Trend Micro 7. VirusTotal 8. Kaspersky Key Areas of Focus: - Data Sources and Collection Methods: Understand and evaluate how each platform gathers and utilizes data for threat intelligence. - Analysis and Reporting ...

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    AWS RDS Reservation Script (Python) 6 dni left

    ...experienced Python developer with a comprehensive understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS), particularly the AWS RDS service. This project involves writing a Python script that will automate the process of reserving an AWS RDS instance in the US region. As for the type of RDS instance to be reserved, I have yet to decide and am open to recommendations based on effective cost and performance analysis. Deliverables should include not only the script itself but also clear, concise documentation explaining its use and functionality. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Profound knowledge of AWS and its RDS service. - Python scripting expertise (with boto3) - Excellent technical documentation skills. This Script will be run through AWS Lambda every month and if Reservation for the running ...

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    ...have a grasp of basic TDS requirements, ensuring that your tax deductions are accurate and in line with legal obligations. : I maintain meticulous records and documentation, providing you with the peace of mind that your financial transactions are well-documented and organized. Management: Excel data cleaning is my forte. I ensure your data is clean, accurate, and ready for analysis, helping you make informed business decisions. Support: Need professional business cards? Look no further. I can design sleek and professional business cards to elevate your brand image. With a passion for finance and a dedication to delivering exceptional results, I am committed to helping your business succeed. Let's collaborate and take your financial operations to the next level

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    For my paper on the topic: "Interest rate increases and their impact on the real estate investment market: A critical analysis of value and performance indicators" I need a presentation in the form of a regression created with Excel in which dependent and independent variables are modeled according to this topic. Proper presentation and clean work is very important here, so that the model can be interpreted and analyzed well. You have to provide me with the necessary data sets and use them for the regression, I only will tell you which variables to use, so research for the data is included. I will define the variables in more detail and describe what exactly I want to show with the regression. It will be about the behavior of interest rate development, transaction volume...

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    18 ponudb and its architectural context (an added benefit) This project is critical to my academic progress, so I need a dedicated and experienced professional who can deliver a high-quality design. Feel free to ask questions for basic idea for a plan is attached below and the program discription is below Title: Design Portfolio: Market Spaces in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Site Analysis: Site Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Site Area: 21,800 sqm FAR: 1.2 Built-up Area: 26,160 sqm Thesis Topic: Market Spaces The design focuses on creating functional and aesthetic market spaces to facilitate various activities. Basic Design Elements: Admin Area (2%): 523.2 sqm Entry Lobby, Waiting Area, Staff Office, Meeting Rooms, Maintenance Department Office, Manager's Office, Toile...

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    Hello. This task is very simple. I am doing research analysis and I need a scan of Kangura magazine, published in Rwanda in July 1991, the issue Nr. 15. This is priority. Please apply only if you have the scan already in a form of a PDF or you can access it and scan. I have many false applications so I will ask you to send a screenshot of the first page when applying. Thank you.

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    ...the thesis. Required: Opening Report: 1- Basis for topic selection: Briefly describe the research significance and background of the topic, domestic and foreign research overview and development trends, etc. 2- Research objectives and content: Research objectives, main content and key issues, etc. 3- Research plan: proposed research methods, technical routes, experimental plans and feasibility analysis, etc. 4- Innovation points and expected research results 5- References Mid-Report: 1- Main research content, progress and results achieved 2- Existing problems and proposed solutions 3- Next research tasks and schedule 4- and The Thesis. More: The main thing is, MATLAB calculates the low impedance and high impedance controllers, and then you need to use an arm wrestling strate...

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    ...partially completed. Your major tasks will include, but may not limit to: - Amplifying web traffic. - Lifting up search engine rankings. - Analyzing visitor behavior and engagement. The focus should be on: - Web content optimization. - Technical SEO optimization. - Link building optimization. Can you explain your approach to SEO and what tools do you typically use for keyword research, competitor analysis, and tracking SEO performance? How do you assess the current state of a website's SEO and identify areas for improvement? How do you adapt your SEO strategies for different industries or types of websites? Can you provide references or case studies from previous clients or projects showcasing your expertise in SEO? How do you stay ethical and avoid black hat SEO techniqu...

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    I'm looking for an experienced data entry specialist to help with web research and data entry tasks. Requirements: - Expertise in data entry, data typing, data copying, and data validation - Ability to efficiently research various websites and compile data - Prior experience with market analysis, competitor research, and data compilation is preferred The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills, and a proven track record of delivering high-quality results within deadlines.

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    ...testing items (send me a permission request with your name plz) Project term: 4 days 1. Performance Testing: I will execute comprehensive performance tests on multiple LLMs using Jmeter 5.5 to evaluate their efficiency under varied load scenarios. (also per my Googledoc sample and updated list of items) 2 Results Analysis: Utilizing tools like Google Colab and Jupyter Notebook, I will analyze and compare the performance metrics to identify the superior LLM. (I got a comparable metrics to compare, and you should match or excel ) by 18 hours 3. Optimization Recommendations: Based on the results, I will provide specific recommendations to enhance the chosen LLM’s performance. by 1 day 4. Local Testing Environment

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    I need help with managing and increasing my positive reviews on Google Maps. I'd like to enhance my brand's online reputation, attract more customers and ultimately improve my local search ranking. 1. Company...strategy with the goal of attracting new, positive reviews - Monitoring and reporting on review trends - Suggesting and implementing changes based on review trends The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in Google Maps optimization, specifically with review management. Experience in local search engine optimization and online reputation management would be a plus. Skills in data analysis and social psychology could also be beneficial. Please include in your proposal any relevant experience or strategies that you have employed in the past to increa...

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    ...provide users with exceptional care and assistance through their smartphones. Key Features: - Vital Sign Monitoring: The app should monitor vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. - Symptom Analysis: It should also be able to analyze common symptoms like fever, fatigue, and headaches. - Virtual Assistant Integration: The app should integrate seamlessly with popular virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in developing health apps, particularly monitoring vital signs and symptom analysis - Proficiency in integrating apps with virtual assistants - Familiarity with user-friendly interface design and creating a smooth user experience - Understanding of data security and privacy in health-related ...

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    I'm seeking help with a brief report, comprising 5 pages 1.5 line spacing. I need it within 5-6 hours. Key Requirements: - Proficient in report writing - Ability to provide clear, actionable recommendations - Experience in working with concise documents Please apply with your relevant experience in analysis and report writing, as well as your familiarity with short, informative texts.

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    Power BI for Excel Sales Dashboard 6 dni left

    I'm in search of a skilled freelancer who can develop a dynamic Power BI dashboard using my Excel sales data. The ideal candidate must: - Demonstrate expertise in developing interactive Power BI dashboards utilizing Excel data - Understand how to represent sales data clearly and coherently for easy analysis - Be familiar with creating data drill-down and pivot table functionalities in Power BI to interact with data for in-depth analysis Essentially, this dashboard should enable interactive exploration and detailed scrutiny of sales data, allowing us to gain meaningful insights to drive our business decisions. A proven track record in Power BI developments with a strong understanding of sales data is a must.

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    Excel AI Automation 6 dni left

    I'm looking for an expert in Excel AI automation to streamline my data entry and analysis processes. This role will be focused on handling intermediate level data analysis tasks, such as trend analysis and forecasting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience with Excel AI automation - Proven ability to handle intermediate data analysis tasks - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Excellent communication and time management skills

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    I require a skilled accountant with a deep understanding of financial statement analysis. The project is urgent, and I need a professional who can work quickly and efficiently. please read the questions, and look into the excel sheet to solve the tables. Let me know if are welling to work on this project. and i want this work by few hours under.

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    ...a robust understanding of liquidity management, particularly in the context of short-term cash flow optimization. - Proficiency in Financial Analysis: The freelancer should be skilled in conducting financial analysis to identify opportunities and risks in the cash flow process. - Experience with Accounting Software and Banking Tools: Familiarity with popular accounting software and banking tools is a necessity. - Strong Spreadsheet Skills: Proficiency in creating and managing complex financial spreadsheets is highly desirable. Your Responsibilities: - Analyzing and optimizing short-term cash flow to enhance liquidity - Utilizing financial analysis to inform decision-making and cash flow strategies - Collaborating with me to streamline and improve our current cash...

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    Job Title - Senior Golang developer (freelancers who can dedicat...least 7 + years in development, 4+ years of product engineering experience Experience in Analytics and Business Intelligence is a plus Strong design and coding experience Expertise with the Go Lang platform or higher Experience with integration, data handling technologies and other open source frameworks such as Spring, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Solr etc Experience in NLP, Data Science and Text analysis is a plus. Good Knowledge for Python and GoLang. Experience in building event driven cloud native micro services architectures Experience in building ELK stack Hands on experience in Mongo, Redis, Cassendra, Neo4j, Postgres is a plus Experience with massive-scale performance and scalability engineering

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    ...parking spots. Ensure compliance with all relevant electrical safety and performance standards. Deliverables: design documents including CAD drawings and electrical schematics. 2.A prototype design or simulation showing the retrofit process. 3.A project report detailing the design process, components used, and step-by-step guide for implementation. (Bill of Materials) and cost analysis for the retrofitting process. Skills Required: experience in electrical engineering and mechanical systems design. knowledge of EV charging technology and electrical standards. in CAD software and electrical simulation tools. analytical and problem-solving skills. to work independently and deliver on deadlines. About Us: QPark specializes

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    I am in need of a skilled Google marketing expert to help me create and manage a targeted campaign that will generate leads and sales from a young adult audience, aged 18-34. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a thorough SEO analysis and implement strategies to improve website visibility among young adults on Google. - Create and manage effective Google Ads campaigns that are aimed at generating leads and sales from this specific audience. - Utilize Google Analytics to track and analyze the performance of the campaign, in order to make data-driven decisions and optimizations. The ideal candidate for this project should have proven experience in: - Running successful Google marketing campaigns, particularly targeting specific demographics. - Proficiency in SEO techniques that can imp...

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    Looking for an expert to conduct a comprehensive market study, particularly in the packaging and cargo sector. This research will focus on the retail industry in Europe. Key Responsibilities: - Understand the current packaging and cargo requirements for retail products - Evaluate the potential constraints and opportunities in the market - Project future demands based on market trend...Understand the current packaging and cargo requirements for retail products - Evaluate the potential constraints and opportunities in the market - Project future demands based on market trends Ideal Candidate: - Strong research and analytical skills - Background in European markets, particularly retail - Well versed with packaging and cargo requirements - Experience in market studies and feasibility an...

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    I require a skilled accountant with a deep understanding of financial statement analysis. The project is urgent, and I need a professional who can work quickly and efficiently. please read the questions, and look into the excel sheet to solve the tables. Let me know if are welling to work on this project. and i want this work by today.

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    Our company requires a seasoned expert in Google Ads who can deliver weekly reporting and insight recommendations into our Google Ads performance. We also require analyses of our online competitors, to ensure our pricing and product offering is the most competitive. Focus areas include: * Key metrics: Your reporting should provide critical insights into Cost Per Click (CPC) and the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). * Insights Recommendations: The ideal candidate should be able to use the generated report to optimize underperforming campaigns, identify new keyword opportunities, and analyze audience demographics to optimize targeting. * Reporting Timeline: It is essential to provide detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports for a comprehensive look at the ad campaign performance. *...

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    I’m in need of a skilled freelancer that can professionally handle my tasks with ease

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    I am seeking a detailed and effective business plan for my pet shop and vet clinic. The comprehensive plan should entail our main services which include pet grooming, vaccinations and check-ups, as well as pet food and supplies selling. Key Aspects: * Our target market predominantly consists of dog owners, cat o...owners, and individuals owning other small animals. * The location for our enterprise is a rural area, hence the business plan should address the specific client needs and market trends in a rural setting. Skills and Experience: * Previous experience in writing business plans. * Understanding of the pet care industry, as well as the rural market dynamics. * Ability to conduct an in-depth market analysis and financial forecasting. * Excellent business writing and analytic...

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    Campaign Optimization for UK and US 6 dni left

    I am looking for a digital marketing expert who can analyze my existing Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram campaigns. The primary goal of my campaigns is to increase sales for my clothing line. I'm specifically targeting the age group of 35-44 in the UK and US. Key tasks include: - Conduct an in-depth analysis of my current campaigns and identify the best-performing audiences in the UK and US - Suggest improvements to the existing campaigns - Set up a new campaign based on the identified audiences and optimize it for maximum ROI Ideal candidates should have excellent knowledge of digital marketing, particularly in Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram. Experience in the fashion industry and targeting specific age groups will be an added advantage. The ability to think strateg...

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    36 ponudb analyst to handle a few tasks for a data analysis project. Key Tasks: - Statistical Analysis: You'll be responsible for conducting a detailed statistical analysis of the provided numerical data. This will involve various statistical techniques and methods to derive insights and trends from the data. - Data Visualization: Once the statistical analysis is complete, you will need to translate these findings into comprehensive and visually appealing data visualizations. These visualizations will be crucial for the interpretation and communication of the analysis results. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Proficiency in Python: A deep understanding and experience working with Python for data analysis tasks is a must. - Statistical ...

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    ...electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh) in Ethiopia, specifically in the area where the transformer will be used - Analyze the data and provide a report on the feasibility of the installation - Recommend any additional measures or equipment needed for a successful setup Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in electrical engineering, particularly in the installation of transformers - Proficiency in cost analysis and the ability to provide accurate estimates - Knowledge of power grid systems and understanding of industrial energy requirements - Excellent research skills, specifically in the field of energy costs - Strong communication skills to present findings and recommendations in a clear manner The transformer is intended for industrial use, so understanding the needs of this sector...

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    ...Analyst to assist me with a comprehensive statistical analysis of property data using web scraping tool. Key tasks include the following: - Applying sophisticated statistical techniques to gather and analyze property data (Using Web Scraping Tool) - Providing data analysis in Excel form for ease of understanding and manipulation On this project, your primary focus will be analyzing and visualizing this data so I can better understand property trends and make informed decisions. Ideally, you will have experience working with property or real estate data and can recommend the best way to gather, clean, and pre-process this data for optimal results. The ideal candidate will have skills and experience in: - Advanced Excel - Regression analysis - Real estate or ...

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    ...Workflow Optimization: Automation of repetitive tasks, streamlining of business processes, as well as offering solutions to improve data accuracy and efficiency is mandatory. - Python Capabilities: The ideal candidate will leverage Python to incite automation that covers data analysis, reporting, web scraping, data extraction, and ultimately, predictive analytics via machine learning. SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Profound knowledge of Power Apps and SharePoint - Substantial Python programming experience - Background in data analysis and reporting - Experienced in web scraping and data extraction - Understanding of machine learning and predictive analytics This project demands an adept coder who has extensive know-how in not just developing but also deploying an all-embracin...

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    iOS App Scraping Automation 6 dni left

    ...References: 2. Main Functional Requirements 2.1 Scraping Features Category or Keyword Selection: Users should be able to choose a category or enter keywords to search for apps. Concurrent Query Execution: The system must support the simultaneous execution of multiple queries. Data Storage: Data on scraped apps must be stored for further access and analysis. 2.2 Data Management Viewing Scraped Data: Users can view a list of apps and detailed information about each app. Data Export: Capability to export data into a CSV file, including: App name App link Release date and last update Support email Number of downloads Support phone number Data Deletion: A function to delete data about the apps from the system. 3. Non-Technical Requirements 3.1 Security

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    ...testing items (send me a permission request with your name plz) Project term: 4 days 1. Performance Testing: I will execute comprehensive performance tests on multiple LLMs using Jmeter 5.5 to evaluate their efficiency under varied load scenarios. (also per my Googledoc sample and updated list of items) 2 Results Analysis: Utilizing tools like Google Colab and Jupyter Notebook, I will analyze and compare the performance metrics to identify the superior LLM. (I got a comparable metrics to compare, and you should match or excel ) by 18 hours 3. Optimization Recommendations: Based on the results, I will provide specific recommendations to enhance the chosen LLM’s performance. by 1 day 4. Local Testing Environment

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    This is a one of project; I'm looking for an Excel expert to develop a workbook enabling data analysis of multiple bank and credit card statements. This workbook must have the ability to run multiple functions/reports - Implementation of SUM and COUNT functions. - Utilization of VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP. - Creation of Pivot Tables and informative Charts. The ideal candidate would be someone with prior experience in financial analysis or data engineering, who can ensure that the workbook provides the insights needed. Ability to ensure accuracy and relevancy within the formulas and functions is essential. Attached is a sample data file. This is a pdf to excel conversion. Prior to submission, the conversion data will be sanity checked and verified. If an alternative format...

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    I am seeking a skilled social media marketer to help with a LinkedIn campaign for IT Company. My main goal is to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to our LinkedIn Page. To do this, we need a comprehensive strategy th...Monitor and analyze the performance of the campaign, making necessary adjustments as needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in social media marketing, particularly on LinkedIn. - Strong understanding of LinkedIn's algorithms and best practices. - Ability to create engaging and professional content. - Experience with lead generation and brand awareness campaigns. - Excellent data analysis skills to measure campaign effectiveness. If you believe you have the skills and experience to help us achieve our goals, please sub...

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    I am looking for an experienced market researcher to help identify potential markets for my technology startup in the Artificial Intelligence field. Your responsibility will be to explore, evaluate, and identify viable markets where our AI technology could have a substantial impact. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in technology market research - Familiarity with AI and its various applications - Ability to gather reliable and relevant data effectively - Excellent analytical and strategic thinking ability Deliverables: - A detailed report identifying potential markets - Data-driven reasons why our AI tech could succeed in these markets - Suggestions for market entry strategies.

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    ...product/service pages. - Traffic Analysis: Integral to this project is the ability to analyze traffic patterns and user behaviors on the website. - Traffic Simulation: The software should be able to simulate and predict traffic patterns to help optimize the website's performance. Target Audience: - General Public: The software should cater to a wide range of audience, making the website accessible and engaging for the general public. - Business Professionals: It is crucial that the software is designed to also attract and engage business professionals who may be interested in the products and services being promoted on the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in software development, with a strong background in traffic management and analysis. - Prior...

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a sophisticated gold trading bot, tailored for Meta Trader 4-5. The bot should support automated trading, leveraging real-time market data analysis and incorporate robust risk management features. Key requirements: - Development of an automated trading system that can execute trades independently based on a pre-defined strategy. - Implementation of real-time data analysis capabilities to inform the bot's trading decisions. - Integration of risk management features to ensure the bot operates within acceptable parameters. The project is time-sensitive and I am looking for a professional who can complete this task ASAP. Prior experience in developing trading bots, especially for the gold market, would be highly advantageous. Experie...

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    ...experienced marketing specialist to devise and implement a dynamic social media campaign. The primary goal missed out being defined; however, natural understanding would appeal to general objectives like increasing visibility, interaction rates, follower count, or overall brand prestige. Key Deliverables: - Comprehensive social media strategy - Execution of the campaign across different platforms - Analysis of key measurable and reporting Required Skills and Experiences: - Proven experience in social media marketing - Understanding of online marketing channels - Proficient in content creation and editing - Ability to analyze and interpret web traffic. Ideal applicants should focus on discussing their relevant experience in their proposals, especially any past successful camp...

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    ...and nail clipping as well as details on popular accessories and pet supplies. - Competitive analysis: Understanding the local and online competition will be crucial for setting up my business for success. - Audience analysis: I'm targeting both dog and cat owners. It's essential to understand their preferences, purchasing habits, and how to reach them effectively. - Booking system recommendations: I plan to offer online booking through a website. Your expertise in this area will be invaluable - I need recommendations on the best platforms and practices. Your Skills: - Market research: You should be skilled in conducting market research and have experience in the pet industry. - Competition analysis: Understanding how to analyze competition in the pet ser...

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    On-Page SEO Specialist Needed 6 dni left

    As a business looking to enhance our online visibility, we're in search of a skilled freelancer who specializes in On-Page SEO. Key project components include: - Evaluating and optimizing on-page SEO for our product pages. - Conducting thorough keyword research and analysis to ensure our content is well-optimized for search engines and resonates with our target audience. - Implementing meta tags, headers, and other on-page SEO elements effectively. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in improving online visibility through On-Page SEO. - Strong knowledge of keyword research and implementation. - In-depth understanding of Google's algorithm and best practices for optimization. - Background in working with product pages is a plus. If you're confiden...

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    Attention: Social Media Marketing marketing manager? We are a Social Media Marketing Agency that manages and markets the social media of businesses to help them generate more leads and sales. We are looking for an expert social media marketing manager that will create a marketing strategy, create captivating content, create a system for scheduled posts and ads, engage in audience engagement analysis, and monitor account performance and provide an analysis report. On 1-3 platforms(Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality Also, so I know that you have read and understood this job post, please start off your response with how many years you have been doing t...

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    My project requires proficient handling of SPSS for data analysis and statistical modeling of observational data. The data is not preprocessed and requires moderate cleaning. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Excellent command over SPSS - Experience in data cleaning and preprocessing - Familiarity with observational data - Demonstrated ability in statistical modeling Your responsibility will include: - Moderate cleaning (some preprocessing needed) of the provided raw observational data. - Comprehensive data analysis using SPSS. - Building statistical models as necessary. Experience in similar projects will be appreciated. This is a key component of our project so accuracy, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail is the need of the hour. We're keen to figure out...

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    I'm in need of a competent individual who will finetune my 10-slide presentation, filling it with vital information which is currently missing. You will conduct comprehensive market analysis, draw up competitor comparisons and provide insights into target audience demographics. Your input will differentiate us from competition, identify potential market opportunities and enhance our credibility. These details are crucial to not only secure funding, but also attract potential partners and clients. Ideal skills for this job include: - Extensive experience in market research and data analysis - Proficiency in slide presentation design - Strong comprehension of our industry and the competitive landscape - Expertise in audience analytics and demographic studies I look fo...

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    ... simplifies the moving process. - Placement in social media: This is critical for the introductory test. Goal is to create awareness and drive traffic to the web site as simply as possible. - Audience Targeting: The primary audience comprises home buyers/sellers and renters in the USA. Experience in successfully reaching these groups is a plus. - Detailed Conversion Tracking & Analysis is not required initially but will become important after this introductory test. Total impressions vs time is adequate in this phase; additional data is a plus. Candidates should be able to effectively track the success of the ads, continually optimizing for improved conversions. Potential candidates should have a proven background in online advertising and a strong understanding of digita...

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