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    I need to make some improvements to this page: [prijavite se za ogled URL] ...[prijavite se za ogled URL] is too heavy at 500 kbytes, I need it smaller. The JSON with the autocomplete list is embedded in the HTML, it should be read asynchronously instead. There is a usability issue. User should not be allowed to enter an item that is not in the autocomplete.

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    ...grow into more work. This system is a basic entry system with reporting and inventory control Main menu options -Enter Order --quick key sku/qty entry system with autocomplete/lookup -Edit/Lookup Order --ability to lookup orders and run reports -Customer Maintenance --add/edit/maintain customer information/notes -Reporting --need several

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    I have a chrome autocomplete bot with few application that I use it for post many ads for a classified website but from few days the bot not work ! I need somebody to modify the bot to work 100%.

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    5 ponudb for this and not a custom solution -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your solution will wrap around this but the original jquery autocomplete .js must not be altered -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for jQuery autocomplete function

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    ...preferred if you use AJAX to complete this project to eliminate additional page loads. When searching the user must be able to search using either postcode or suburb, and autocomplete must be populated from the database. An image has been attached showing the area I wish to duplicate from the above link. Please ensure you check both the URL, the search

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    Customize an autocomplete dropdown for [prijavite se za ogled URL] API. Architecture = JSON db = Mongoose New places will contain (lat) (long) and (name) in 3 different languages Javascript will be written in server (node.js)

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    I need you to scrape data from [prijavite se za ogled URL] with the following url to be scraped....the following url to be scraped. [prijavite se za ogled URL] All the medical practitioner list should be stored in csv format and supplied to me.

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    Hello. I have an app that makes use of google place autocomplete, as well as the SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete library. Currently there is the following bug. 99% of the time it works. However for a few results (often quite famous ones, like London's victoria station) sometimes the Placemark my code eventually creates is completely wrong. (but the wrong

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    ...generic so that I'd have the ability to define a text input of class "autocomplete" or whatever and then it would populate the list based on the ID without the need for a separate function for each one. As a practical example: if I wanted to place 20 different text inputs with autocomplete on a page and each (potentially) having it's own list, I wouldn't

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    As described in title. One form field that the user types in (e.g. AP, then all post-titles of Apple, Apples, Applebees etc is shown; autosuggest) and when selected; should return the post_id. Should be done presumably with AJAX. global $post, $current_user; $commentdata = array( 'comment_post_ID' => $post_id, Note: it is not possible to install any software, I require ...

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    The app should work on all mobile devices. Take a picture of a passport or a video frame capture. Then read the text from readable zone and autocomplete a formular. After that the picture is send to the server wich analize the picture and extract all text and the face picture. The face picture will be compared with other pictures from the database to

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    ...'das%20Perolas', 'resultado' : '1', 'resultado_txt' : 'sucesso%20-%20cep%20completo' } LINK PARA BASE DE CEP [prijavite se za ogled URL] SCRIPT AUTOCOMPLETE                                  $(function(){    &...

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    I want to improve search module on magento with elasticsearch with some features : Automatic suggestion for better user experience (aka "Did you mean?" feature) Autocomplete with image Smart correction when text query is misspelled Search on product attribute options Re : magento CE 1.9 ,Elasticsearch 1.4

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    Build... Only 1 Product has to be configured for start, but content (10 pages) have to be created in CMS with videos, images and text (all contents already exist). Search with autocomplete from CMS and Products has to be integrated. WRITE *WEB2PRINT* IN YOUR PROPOSAL SO I KNOW YOU HAVE READ THE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AND YOU AGREE WITH ALL THE TERMS.

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    Hi I have this template and i am looking to have RTL version of every part of it in proper way with taki...version of every part of it in proper way with taking care of details even for users and registration form. Even search engine and search filter should support arabic for autocomplete and for results The website is : [prijavite se za ogled URL]

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    I want to build an accounting system with angularjs, but I still not able to understand how I could build an invoice system when the user select project the invoice will automatically select the price, item, tax, sum. and the user can select many rows.. at the end the system will give the finial total ... also editing feature if the user want to edit it ... so anybody could help.

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    ...all results combined using a weighted search. We want the site to display the results for each attribute separately. For example: A search for 5000 would return, in the autocomplete dropdown: Did you mean Product Code 5000? -> (Air filter with product code 5000) Did you mean Competitor Product Code 5000? -> (Seat cover with competitor product

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    ...[prijavite se za ogled URL] I need to use a Combo-Box feature on the two text fields of the form. It should be done with jQuery. (Combo box allows users to enter the text on the field and autocomplete with the select options available) On [prijavite se za ogled URL] I need to use a jQuery feature to clear the value text once the user clicks on the field. As I said, it is something

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    ...for a Angular Js/JAVA developer to complete the remaining work for website development. Below are the major task that need to be done. 1. Integration of google places autocomplete text box in the site using angular js. 2. Integration of rest services with the angular js. (It is already done for few services, need to do this for all the services.)

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    Création d'un formulaire en 2 parties (l'une sur la page d'accueil qui continue sur la page de devis). Les champs habituels et surtout un autocomplete pour les adresses.

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