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    The entire website would be overall simple and ominous. I need a website with capability to connect to Metamask and verify ownership of specific smart contracts in order to gain access. Capability to make transactions on this website using Web 3.0 providers is essential as well. Overall design is not too complicated, but would need specific tailoring in looks and functionality. In need of someone that can be contacted directly and can work step by step in the creation process.

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    Need to a simple animated video, showing how to assemble and install this product. The sequence will go like this: 1. Dig 2 Holes 2. Insert Rebar Cage in Each. 3. Add concrete 4. Bolt on Totem Sign Frame. 5. Screw on Sign panels on each side

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    3D point cloud as 2D Data 6 dni left

    I have 3D point clouds and need them in IFC or 2D plans. I need 4 floorplans and one cut. Or only a good Modell to finish the data to draw good plans.

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    I use Bluetooth mobile printer not support Arabic font so I print Arabic text as bitmap Requirements - Select logo from picture & print as top - Print multi lines Arabic text as bitmap - Print 3 size for text printed - Print QR Code from enter text as bottom - EscPOS format printer - 2 Paper width 80mm & 58mm - print via Bluetooth - Use only C# with Xamarin Froms Android & iOS - Printer with both Android and iOS - Project with Full Source

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    Hi hello... We need laravel developer. Laravel developer need for Website registration page as well as backend functions. Budget is 2500.

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    I would like a website that is able to accept orders for hiring items. Users must create an account and place their order for items for hire for a specific date. When items are going out for rental on those dates, it must show in the stock count. There should be a backend management for all other business aspects such as inventory, customer lists, supplier lists and accounting insights.

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    I need a freelancer who can write Technical content writing for technologies such as Tableau or Data Science

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    I React dev to convert Angular Script

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    Hello everyone, the work is available for people in Portugal and Brazil that can speak and write Portugese

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    I am a real estate agent and I started off my contract back in June 2021 with the brokerage as an apprenticeship program. I am trying to move on to a new brokerage but I need to break this contract first, I talked to the owner of the brokerage and they said you need to pay $5000 if you want to leave but nothing about the termination is mentioned in the contract. He even mentioned himself that it is not in the contract. What do I do in this situation?

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    A site with the same functionality as What is the budget of a similar site, with the same features of Thanks

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    Hi, If you are not an experienced “Magento specialist” please don’t apply for this job. I’m running on Magento ver. 2.3.4 with Cpanel. The Magento store “only works as affiliate store” it is not possible to order or buy any products from my website. All the products you will see on the store are affiliate products, when you click on the products you will be redirected to another store which the purchase can be made from. I have some customizations on current theme and modules, the theme is: Ultimo Fluid Responsive Magento Theme by infortis, you must ensure not to lose any settings. Currently there are around 41000 products, but I plan to import many more. Import is done via Firebear import extension. I Import products from many different onli...

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    ...system. It is a transparent system that matches customer orders (e.g. bids and offers) on a 'price time priority' basis. 3.c. Exchange Data Publisher – Having 2 categories such as Public and Private Data Publisher….Public data publisher further has 2 categories such as Market Data history which is Market data allowing traders and investors to know the latest price and see historical trends for instruments such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives, currencies and Market Data Aggregator which provides precision in historical market data of an order matching system . Private Data Publisher has 1 category such as Drop Copy which provides content about features and message formats of the order matching system . ...

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    i need a software which tells me about a stock as soon as it touches upper circuit and then all of its details like market cap price its stock price for the past month and put all this data on excel and hence make a list of all the stocks like these

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    Dear All, Currently, we are hiring a freelance HR content writer with 7 years of experience. He/She should hold MBA(HR) degree. Preferably HR manager turned as a freelance content writer. Should encompass in creating HR Articles, HR Website content

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    This piece is for an interview - develop a scientific narrative which will influence clinician behaviour and position the therapy optimally for pateints in the UK

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    Hi hello everyone... We need php ( laravel + CI) and flutter known developer need for my all app and website related projects.. Long relationship need ... Present 4 projects pipeline...

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    Personal project (details as discussed already)

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    The study gives a clear understanding if managerial which is important for accountants who must provide the necessary information which managers need to perform their functions.

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    I have 9 animations I created in SVG and I want to create them in JSON as lottie to Elementor

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    We need very fast someone to make our design into code, with React. There is approx 10 pages and 10 modules.

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    I need somebody to construct a code which will will allow me to send webpage emails to subcribers as well as sending attachments to subscribers. So when soembody enters their email on my site. they will be greated with a javascript popup either saying "thank you, you will receive an email shortly". or "there was an error please try again". After this the subscriber will receive an email in the form of a html/css webpage thanking them together with 3 PDF attachments. Also need a which will send a html/css type email to my subscribers in alphabetical order, 50 emails at a time. I can configure the backend and i will enter the relevent information for the Dbase, mail_to etc etc. I just need the basic code constructed for me. I have examples whic...

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    I want to get a drawing done that I could use as a graphic element and I would like the adobe file. It should be a fairly simple job, so if you feel like you can help. Please contact me for more details.

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    I have a head model in obj made in Blender. Now i want to use it as custome head morph for Genesis 8 character in Daz Studio. Need someone to do it and advice me how to do it myself.

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    Build a mini data science project involving stream processing, storing data and generating insights as well as applying ML algorithms

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    I need someone to install, edit images and text of a wordpress theme website.

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    Please remove these background from 19 cup images. Need this done in next 6 hours so please dont bid if you cannot complete in this time! Images attached. Need to be cut out perfectly. Maintain high quality

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    I need to modify the following places: 1. Tie my site to Google Analytics (I'll provide code for AD analytics) 2. Add a shopping cart page (I added the WooCommerce plugin to my site, but I found that when I clicked to view a shopping cart, the page showed 404). 3. Add a buy now button on the product page. 4. Disable breadcrumb navigation for one page, but don't disable breadcrumb navigation for others. 5. Make a direct purchase module for one of my pages. Please check this page: my requirements are: Like this one, customers can click the buy button and go directly to the checkout page instead of the shopping cart page. I have uploaded the picture of the module style to the attachment. 6. The mailbox subscription function on the homepage of the website is invalid. Please ...

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    I am Looking For a Memes/Jokes Creator as TEXT. I need only as of the text you can recreate the old available meme/jokes as your style. simple job even new freelance can apply

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    Hi My woocommerce site is currently hosted on hostinger. Whenever hostinger is down, I would like all traffic to be routed to AWS or Azure or Google cloud platform. You can pick any one of the 3 providers whatever is easy for you. When hostinger is back up, traffic should be routed back to hostinger. Thanks

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    We have a FastAI / PyTorch project that has Multiple Images as X, Single Image as Y, and we need to know how to call the datablock/dataloader. Images are stored in following directories: X (input) = ./project/1/*.jpg, ./project/2/*.jpg, ./project/3/*.jpg Y (target) = ./project/4/*.jpg "We can pass any number of blocks to DataBlock, we can then define what are the input and target blocks by changing n_inp. For example, defining n_inp=2 will consider the first two blocks passed as inputs and the others as targets."

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    Create this image as a 3D model 2 dni left

    I need this image created as a 3d model. Depending on the experience there will be more work. Please submit a link to previous 3D work.

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    Hello, I need the three images here quickly remade as SVG images.

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    Edit Reference Number, Description, and amount Page 1 and Date, Reference Number, Description, and amount on Page 4. Transfer information from PDF onto the Word document to match exactly. Easy project, the document is 4 pages, only 12 lines on page 1 and 39 on page 4 need edited/typed over to match.

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    Hello We are an institute looking to conduct test series online. What we are looking for Ability to add test and manage users and results in admin panel which works form PC Front end website for students to take tests Android app for students to take tests IOS App for students to take tests personalized branding We are open to template solutions as we don't have a lot of budget. Please propose the best quote you can get this all done for. Thank you

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    Need qualified person to act as Solicitor of our US Corporation.

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    Please follow this video and build (code+design) me this google sheet (as shown in the video with the formula) It's a basic copy job and you provide me the google sheet

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    Looking for someone who is expert in PHP 8 and Symfony 5. I need an expert to develop a project which has got differents steps.

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    I am working on a 2D to 3D tool there is a requirement of compiling an existing Opensource tool and modifying it to store the 3D map on the Cloud and retrieving it back when desired. The Compute requirement may be in the cloud as the edge device is a laptop. I can share the details with the interested person. Maybe insert a package to detect humans etc. using pre-trained models Target OS is Ubuntu. It's not commercial use it's a project which is required for my research in the field of photogrammetry.

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    Solution need to be developed in Python language (or any famous) and a free database (e.g. SQL Servers) The deliverable must include – Solution Code Documentation – Explaining the code and the solution, so that we can do any enhancement on our own if the developers are not available. And how to deploy the solution in an environment The project should be able to run on my machine/Server - I shall be able to debug and execute the code (Documentation should cover that) Database design will need to be approved by me – see Data Model which is draft design and will change. The design of each page may require multiple feedbacks from my side and will be considered done once I approve it. Each page must have an option to export the data to Excel/PDF format And also each page mus...

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    A chron job should be done as a Azure Function in Python 3.7. The chron job should do: A) In an Azure Storage (Storage (general purpose v1) in a certain folder all files which are older than x days shall be deleted. Empty folders should be deleted, too. A log should be written to the storage which files and directories were deleted. B) In an Azure Cosmos DB in a certain table all entries should be deleted when the "id" is smaller than a certain date/time given as yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss with a prefix "m", e.g.: "m2021-01-18_23-34-06" and the partition key has a certain value (e.g. partition key is "devicename" and the value has to be "Dev001"). Access to an empty test Azure DB and an empty test Azure Storage can be given during...

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    Our website uses a JS script on the main page. This specific JS script is called a different way as it provides info for the print service. The main calls this script like this. <script async type="text/javascript"> (function() { var p=("script");p.type="text/javascript";p.async=true; var h=("https:"=="https://":"http://"); p.src=h+""; var s=("script")[0];(p,s); }).call(this); = 'async'; </script> Which in theory should load async, but does not. The headers of that page loads another external script like this var timestamp = "03-03-2019 18:24"; var checkoutUrl = ('https:' == ? 'https://' : 'http://')

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    I built a calculator using c++. I want to know how to input real time data. I found the source and I have the algorithm, I just need someone to walk me through it.

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    I am looking for all media marketers to grow my social media platforms for my nft project. I require marketing to gain real audiences not fake accounts for twitter, instagram and discord. I also require marketing in form of press release, blogs and whatever other offers you have. I am looking for ongoing work. Let me know what you can do and what your price offers are for your services and if you have connections to influences, corporate clientele etc.

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    Ringette Canada, the National Organization for the sport of Ringette in the country, is looking to rebrand one of it's more successful programs 'Come Try Ringette'. We would love to have more diverse characters and a smoother brighter look with brighter colours. I have attached a photo (CTR Panel 1) which shows our current 'character'. I have also attached another photo (YWCA example 1) which was a company I was a part of when we did a rebrand and I LOVE the work that was done by the artist that we hired. It is original work, so I don't want to copy it, but I absolutely love the diversity and simplicity of the characters.

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    The project involves changing the design a little bit as per reference. Also, very few and small functionalities should be added like adding a parameter to the order page so that we know what item has been bought. Message me for reference and actual checkout.

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