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    .net program as window service 6 dni left

    Existing small .net program which is only 1 form which , no db connection. already publish as Application Files folder, and .application files and run as service by but after running become pause and show error message. want to change it as actual window service file without nssm If you can do, please contact, Need urgent.

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    I need a crowdfunding website build following guides as per below

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    I would like to develop a metaverse space from my workspace and office building and square. It would need to be a a first proof of concept, so it doesn't neet to be 100% functional. Exploring and interacting in the metaverse space is a key of this project, apart from having properly designs of the buildings and open spaces.

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    To print Common fullPath Name and Name (fullPath and Name are the attributes present in the XML file) To print the values which is present in only first file and not in second file. To print the values which is present in only second file and not in first file. Later, Have to print this output in excel file having different sheets. for example (1st condition in sheet 1, 2nd condition in sheet2, 3rd condition in sheer3 of the same excel file.)

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    I have a dataset in open ai and wants to tune it using Bid if you have experience in it. More works to follow after this

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    Hi Paris Pallas, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I'm looking for someone to develop me an Android app that acts as a ""SIP server / mobile gateway" and makes the cellular line of the smartphone usable with a SIP client. So it is also a kind of VOIP mobile gateway. It may be possible to port the free IP telephony software to use the cell phone as a cellular gateway. However, it is important that the APP serves both as a gateway and as a SIP server, so you can log on to the app with any VOIP client to make calls via the smartphone's cellular network using SIP protocol (IP telephony). Important: The app should run on any modern Android smartphone running Android 10 or later.

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    Create a Unity map with hexagons like in the video second 0:46 - with movement tile to tile and the ability to move a character ( use any holding character can be a ball doesn't matter) from one point to the other Ability to move around the map, zoom in and out the map, and map covered by any random terrain Map needs to be procedural generated, and infinite You will have to provide valid source code and instructions to build for mac, WebGL and ios

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    We require some Logo designs created for us for our applicable applications, versions and styles. Further details upon contact. Could suit New Freelancers

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    A paragraph and a series of original written context needs to be rewritten and punctuated. The work is a basic step towards editing the original files which require only editing and punctuation check and no more of any corrections

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    User should be able to add multiple objects on the field, resize, move and delete them. Also, he should be able to add doors and other elements on already placed objects. For all of the mentioned operations, we have reasonable constraints and rules (you are welcome to suggest new ones to make more realistic). A PDF file should be able to generate and download, which will contain quantitative and dimensional data and several photos of the object in ‘3D world’. User experience should be smooth and without eating too much RAM. Most of the users will use computers/laptops without a dedicated graphics card. User interface will be implemented with the directions of our designers. Should be integrated into our website. Part of the work is done (3D editing state 80%, 2D state at 20%,...

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    branding & market my software in google search such as seo, list on google featured snippets, people also askand etc

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    Project for waismakram98 as discussed. Don't bid on another person, please.

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    ...the client-side interface in such a way that could access the system via web browser while the system administrators should access the system via a java application. Ensure that the following tasks are properly provided: For student users 1. After a successful login process the student should be able to view all his groups. The members, groups and associated resource ids are, previously saved as JSON file(s) in the server, should be retrieved and displayed. For system administrators: 1. After a successful login process, system administrator should be able to view all available groups. 2. System administrator should be able to add, delete or modify groups and their members and resources. 3. System administrator should be able to search for groups, members and resource. Hint:...

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    I am working on a project to provide pc software and games. I need a person who can work on my website and upload some posts, also take care of the website as an Admin. I am currently studying so I can't give my time to the website, therefore, I need a person who knows how to handle a website and boost its revenues, and everything else until march 2023. I shall give some percent of what our website earns to him and keep the remains for myself

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    Hello we need to setup a project as per the given docs on AWS server VPS server.

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    hi everyone. We're opening an online company and we need a quality logo for our company. You'll find an attached PDF where you'll find some logo samples, you have to download those samples and you have to ensure that you're qualified for our project.

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    Looking for solution in Shopify to automate the printing of packaging slip. Two simple requirements: 1. Custom packaging Slip Template that pulls the data from order 2. Attached as PDF (Not Link) in New Order Email notification.

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    as discussed in

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    We want to add a new Module to our existing Web App with the below Features: a. Use existing Control Panel / Super Admin to create Admin and Sub Admin b. Admin i. Master data created by the admin in the below Modules are accessible to him and his respective sub-admins and vice versa. 1. S...will be optional and can be decided by clicking on a checkbox below the video with the caption “Include video link in the client mail. a. On the click on this link, it will play the video on the browser on the Moval platform. 9. Search Module for the reports in Admin/Sub Admin Module b. Can search reports as per their status. c. Can search reports on the basis of the client, employee, and all other valid fields d. Can be searched as per payment status. e. Search reports can be downlo...

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    Pics and text of 2022 Award winners to be uploaded as draft and to be published on Tuesday 29th November 8 pm

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    Pics and text of 2022 Award winners to be uploaded as draft and to be published on Tuesday 29th November 8 pm

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    I need help to Write function to check if expression is isomorphic (a + b is the same as x + y, but a + 1 is not the same as x + 2) in C++. I will share more details in chat.

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    I want to Build online Buying / Selling plateform for Use Auto Parts. Where seller make is Store and Add their Items and buyer make his account and Search what he want to buy. and after searching his required item he should get his item from different supplier . The Select his Desire Item and make Order . Its Like amazon or

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    I've previously tried to containerise and move this app to AWS, but gave up in the end. I need: - The ability to build the front end into some kind of CDN downloadable resource - Host the node/express code as Serverless on AWS - Combine the two. Bonus points for hooking in a serverless MongoDb instance. I'm guessing this is something some people do all day long. ---* Bill

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    I need a simple Logo for my brand. “Jake Bleu” is my stage name. I am a tech house dj/producer from the US. I will post some examples of other logos. I would like something in some type of cursive or writing like that - that is sleek / simple and small. I don’t want the J to be a cursive J though . Basically I need “Jake Bleu” written in a cool way. Thank you.

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    Create simple after effects animation, and export as Lottie JSON. Please see the attached file. We would like this simple animation re-created in after effects.

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    Your task is to build a simple html page as show in the image all the graphics are provided please refer to images additional Graphics are provided after you agree to work. The simple html and css page should be responsive with the display size

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    Need Black and White outline also colored images both. Design should be good like these shared but not same

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    ...2022 this year, I will be travelling with my wife (Her first time in Vietnam). I'll be there together with my Vietnamese family, I'm not good at vietnamese hence I'd like to hire someone to help bring us around and also act as a translator for me to communicate with my Vietnamese brother & mother. We'll be booking an Airbnb as well as a 7-seater with a driver provided to bring us around throughout the trip. So you can park your motorbike there at the house, during the time of our travel. I'll need you to follow us and recommend us food, sightseeing places and as well as mentioned above help me translate when speaking with my Vietnamese family member for 4 days from 10 am - 8.30 pm. Do not worry about food, entrance or an...

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    I, am working in a project where we learn high income generating skills through social media and with your mobile phone we have to aware people about this ONLY INDIANS NEEDED???? HINDI LANGUAGE SPEAKER

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    I'm choosing the winner TODAY! Create an image similar to these images and deliver it to me in a canva link so I can edit it myself. Make sure the inside pieces are blank so I can fill in my own images. I want to make my own images similar to this.

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    Me encuentro el la necesidad de configurar el monitoreo de JBOSS AS 7.1 con Solarwinds

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    Need help to call rest api with content type as application/urlencoded

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    I have a PHP script that parses content from a external link and display it on a website in a different way. The remote link is down so my script is no longer working. I need to adapt this script so it works by retrieving the content from a telegram group and display it on a website page. I will send the PHP script so you can confirm you can complete this project.

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    Make a landscape journal template as potrait Complete Today, Total Budget 3$

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    Looking for open ai and python expert. more details over chat.

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    I have a website that is built on WordPress. There is a form in the website where the user can fill in some details and click submit. Intended Improvement: Once the user clicks Submit, Currently I get a WordPress email with summitted details. I would like to store the form details information in CSV file as a new item. This new item or the CSV file should be immediately emailed to me in addition to the current WordPress email.

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    We require a compelling business plan for a project with on-going and annual growth. Many of the key players have expressed interest but we now need an outside entity to help prepare the business plan. We need also to account for multiple contingencies within the plan so as to reassure the major partner before winning the contract. An approachable, fluent and non-formulaic person is required to allow us to initially develop the plan and then add extra hours to provide business ready presentation for anticipated contingencies. - Experience with horse racing and the wagering industry a plus. - The ability to add value and not just fit the info into a template a requirement. - A sense of shared understanding for an on-going basis project a bonus.

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    The Project As Was Discussed

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    I need to provide designs to a client who needs two variations 1. Blister design 2. Envelop Design The Product for which the packaging is being required is Taguard NFC Tags and it will be used for tracking pets, using it as nfc tags for other use cases as well like Digital Business Card The Size needs to be small both front and back designs are required Project under $50

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    Hello, Need to make my staging site(9 gb) same as live site today i have wp-admin for both website . budget is $5 deadline next 8 or 10 hour's Bid with "i can do migration with wp-admin in $5 today" 5 star and great feedback will be given

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    I need a videographer for video editing for social networks, especially content for instagram such as reels. Fast and professional editing adapted using trending music and viral reels to increase visits and brand image I will provide all the content and he has to edit it with proposals adapted to instagram trends. I need 1 reel a day

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    I am doing modification a codeigniter project and some time I am facing some issue and stuck. Need an expert who can guide me. I need long term guide. payment would be flexible. pay per work. work mode will be through any desk only. Only good expert guide only bid.

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    The head should be half robot and half human. We want it to be comic style, and we would like to to look like the person we have designed. The character should have dirty blonde hair with ice coming off of it. Because the theme should be winter. Along with the text “NEBULA” across the eyes in bright pink.

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