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    ...- Converts the received battery info to DRONECAN batteryinfo and batteryinfoaux message, and displays the link status in another LED Resources available: BMS library - dronecan library (libcanard with driver for STM32) - Batteryinfo example and other examples - Arduino dronecan working example - Looking for a competent embedded system developer with specialization in STM32 firmware for an Industrial Electronics application. Key responsibilities: - Develop and test a production ready firmware solution for UART to DRONECAN conversion module. - Ensure the firmware facilitates reliable conversion of UART messages

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    H, Need arduino simplest interactive map with lights and buttons for each colored country... for kids -pcb -code Thanks

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    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to develop an Arduino data logger station that collects temperature and humidity data every minute. A key component is an associated Visual Basic interface program that allows me to download and process csv files from an Arduino SD card. Requirements: - Develop an Arduino project, using Arduino C, for an environmentally focused data logger station. The system must accurately record temperature and humidity every minute. - Create a Visual Basic interface to download data from the Arduino SD card, allowing me to view this data in real time. - Integrate data filter options and statistical analysis functions within the Visual Basic program. Skills & Experience: - Arduino programming, preferably with dat...

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    Arduino motorcycle launch control 6 dni left

    Hi guys I need a simple Arduino to able to do a launch control for four cyl motorbikes, trigger per button The rpm sensor is hall. Coils and injectors run 12v Need to able to set the gain (cut times) and amount of retard of the ignition, this is an idea if you have a optimal way let me know.

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with vast knowledge of both Arduino and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Key Duties: - Creating an advanced code for my Arduino Uno to function effectively. - Ensuring accurate collection of data from the RFID sensors. - Navigating communication with other devices smoothly. - Programing the RFID antenna for reading multiple tags with each performing specific functions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno. - Solid understanding of how RFID systems work. - Proven ability to develop complex Arduino codes. - Background in sensor data collection and device communication. Please, apply if you possess these skills and are ready for an exciting challenge!

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    I'm looking for an experienced IOT developer who specializes in Arduino. The ideal candidate should be able to work on a project involving device control and automation, and sensor data collection. Price can be discussed in private chat season. Key details: - The IoT device will be interacting with various sensor types - Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Vibration, RPM, Location, and Speed. - You will be responsible for setting up the system for successful sensor data collection and device automation. -Hardware-level understanding. The perfect freelancer for this project will have a deep understanding of Arduino and its capabilities, with previous experience in automation and sensor data collection seen as a major plus. Experience with the specific sensors listed is desi...

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    I need a professional to create a Gerber file for my circuit design purpose-built for manufacturing. I have a complete schematic diagram at my disposal that I will provide. The main components incorporated in the design are an Arduino, a Bluetooth module, and a relay. Key job requirements are: - Extensive experience in Electronics engineering - Proficiency in creating Gerber files - Familiarity with Arduino, Bluetooth modules and relays - Proven capability of translating schematic diagrams into Gerber files - Detail-oriented nature and quality-focused work approach Please ensure you have this range of skills and expertise before making a bid.

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    ...PCB for a cutting-edge Arduino and ESP32-based prototype. This project is focused on enabling seamless control and sensing operations, involving intricate tasks such as reading and writing to an SD card, WiFi communication, Serial communication to Arduino Mega, and efficient image capture and sharing capabilities over WiFi. Scope of Work: Milestone 1: Develop/Alter PCB for Induction Hotplate Control (Duration: 2 weeks) Design a PCB to regulate power supplied to the induction hotplate. Implement robust control mechanisms to ensure precise power adjustments. Conduct thorough testing and optimization for efficient performance. Milestone 2: PCB Development for Controlling and Measuring Electronic Components (Duration: 1 weeks) Design a comprehensive PCB for Arduino...

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    Title: Wireless Digital I/O Two-Way Controller with Battery Monitoring for Agricultural Fields Description: Our project endeavors to create an advanced wireless digital I/O two-way controller customized for agricultural fields covering an extensive area of 200x200 meters. The system architecture consists of a central main node and multiple field nodes strategically dispersed across the...end • Lora module for both transmitter and receiver • Touch screen for main node Software/Programing languages • Python is preferable • Arduino

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    $50 - Get my Arduino drone to fly!! I have an Arduino hex drone that I am making, and I need it to fly in a route to 2 locations, then return to base, from server command. It has: - Arduino Mega - gyroscope MPC60 (giving negative values, but working) - LoRa chip for sending / recieve data (working good) - ultrasonic sensor for height (working good) - barometer (not used) - 6 motors with ESCs Current issues: - stabilization from gyroscope - hovering in place - fly to 3 locations - server command (LoRa command from other Arduino) If you can help me with better C# or code, to get everything working correctly, will be great & can give 5 stars feedback This can turn into more jobs too, we are a small drone company and I work on this every day. Can hire ass...

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    Hey all I am just looking for a simple layout that will allow me to determine when both devices have been con...lines for attach detection. I'm needing it to know if both ends are connected and not just 1 end of the cable. I have attached an image of my KiCad schematic of what I currently have using the INA219. However, it may be better to use a FUSB302/HUSB238 that's designed to monitor both CC pins so that it dont have to use 2 INA219's for each of my 6 usb-c input/output connectors. I plan on using a Arduino Pro Micro for the i2c communication to the FUSB302. I will be needing only 1 passthrough example that I can turn into the 6 input/outputs that I am needing. As always, If you have a better way of doing this then I would like to hear about that way as well as...

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    ...a minimalist style Android application that will display short-answer questions and their responses from an Arduino board. Here's what I'm seeking in the ideal expert: - Strong background in Android development. - Prior experience with Arduino or similar microcontrollers. - Proficiency in creating minimalist user interfaces. - Understanding of how to integrate Arduino microcontrollers with Android applications. The application will need to accurately present the questions generated by the Arduino board and capture corresponding responses. Your key responsibilities will involve: - Developing a minimalist interface for the application. - Ensuring the seamless integration of Arduino with the application. - Implementing robust code for present...

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    I am seeking a skilled Arduino engineers and developer to create a proof of concept (POC) prototype for an indoor environmental monitoring device. This project aims to integrate multiple sensors and IoT capabilities into a compact package that improves the way we understand and react to our indoor surroundings. This person must be in Australia to provide a demo of the working POC. **Features Required:** - LED indicators for various statuses - Moisture content sensor to prevent mold growth - IoT capability for remote monitoring and control - Temperature and humidity sensors for climate control - User interface with display and input options - Connectivity via NBIoT or LoRaWAN **Purpose:** The main objective is to develop a device that can help in effectively monitoring and manag...

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    Créer une application mobile qui permet d'afficher des questions et leurs reponses sur la carte arduino

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    ...have 1 ESP32 and 2 MPU6050 sensors. I am looking for someone to help me with the Arduino IDE so that when the 2 MPU6050 sensors are positioned “face-to-face” to each other, the blue light on the ESP32 turns on. (Please see the picture for more details) What I'm seeking: - Expertise in Arduino programming, specifically with experience in handling different types of sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.). - Proficiency in creating basic visual display outputs on screens connected to Arduino boards. - Capability to implement a straightforward and clean user interface for the display, presenting the sensor data numerically or in text form without overwhelming the user. - Knowledge in configuring and optimizing Arduino code for stable performance ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a custom Arduino library. This library will be specifically for the Arduino Uno, and it will need to incorporate sensor interaction functionality. In particular, the library should be designed to interact with voltage and current sensors. - Required Skills: - Expertise in Arduino library creation - Experience with Arduino Uno - Proficient in sensor interaction, particularly with voltage and current sensors to find the voltage, current and power factor with proper callibration Your ability to deliver a well-documented, bug-free, and highly functional library is crucial to the success of this project. Proven background in similar projects will highly be advantageous.

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    Tenía un ejemplo que funcionaba perfectamente para actualizar mi esp32 a través de OTA con el IDE arduino solo con llevar el archivo .BIN a mi hosting. He tenido que dar de baja esa web y al poner los archivos en otra web situada en el mismo hosting no me funciona.. no sé que puede ser, supongo que algo sencillo que no consigo ver. El funcionamiento es .. pongo un archivo TXT y el BIN en el servidor y cuando el esp32 comprueba que el txt es diferente descarga el bin y lo instala, por alguna razón ese código ha dejado de funcionar. Ayuda!!

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    I'm seeking a highly capable engineer to help me create a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) aimed at speed control for an induction motor. Project Specifics: - The VFD is intended for a motor with a power range up to 5 HP. - It should have over-voltage, ...highly capable engineer to help me create a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) aimed at speed control for an induction motor. Project Specifics: - The VFD is intended for a motor with a power range up to 5 HP. - It should have over-voltage, under voltage and over current protection Qualifications: - Proven experience in designing VFDs. - Good understanding of over-voltage protection mechanisms. - Arduino knowledge is vital. Your role will involve designing, programming, and testing the VFD. Quality and safety are paramount i...

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    NFC-Enabled Inventory System 3 dni left

    I am seeking an experienced Arduino developer to create a system capable of both reading from and save text data to file. This project aims to facilitate efficient product information retrieval, serving as a groundbreaking inventory management solution. **Key Requirements:** - Build an Arduino-based system that reads and store data onto file. - Implement a feature for easy product information retrieval. - Ensure the system is user-friendly and reliable for inventory management purposes. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in Arduino programming - Experience with NFC technology - Knowledge in developing user interfaces - Understanding of inventory management systems The perfect candidate not only has technical expertise but also a creative mindset to contribute ideas for...

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    Requiero controlar la intensidad de un láser a través de una señal pwm de Arduino Uno, ya tengo la función del pwm de arduino con una implementacion de grbl que permite generar el pwm , solo necesito implementar un circuito que recibiendo la señal pwm controle la intensidad del laser hay que tener en cuenta el voltaje del laser Este es el modulo láser a controlar

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    I am seeking an arduino developer experienced in sensor integration and basic automation. This project involves: - Integration of a wetness sensor into an Arduino project. - Implementing basic automation functionality for watering my plants The ideal candidate should have significant experience in Arduino programming, sensor integration, and automation. Expertise in IoT connectivity is a plus, although not a absolute necessity for this project. The end goal is to have an efficient automation system run by Arduino, utilizing a wetness sensor. Your input in the project's execution will certainly be valued.

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    Hello! I need to make changes to the Arduino Mega so that it can be used for my specific applications. I need to use the electronic diagram of the Arduino Mega PCB board and implement the following changes: 1. Use an easy programming language, namely using the Arduino IDE to carry out this programming. In this way, use the Atmega2560 microcontroller. 2. The PCB must have between 10-12 24VDC digital inputs, 10-12 24VDC digital outputs, 3-4 analog inputs, 2 0-10V analog outputs, 1-2 4-20mA analog outputs. All with screw connectors (as in the image). 3. Interface for RS485 communication. 4. Interface for a touch screen display (where the RS485 communication data will be changed). This is all on the same PCB. In the end, I intend to have: - Electronic PCB design in ...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled firmware engineer with deep expertise in designing, developing, and optimizing firmware for IoT devices, specifically focusing on low power consumption. Our current project involves creating a firmware for an Arduino Nano BLE 33 that leverages its Low Power Comparator (LPCOMP) to wake up the CPU from sleep mode efficiently. This capability is critical for extending the battery life of our device while maintaining responsiveness. **Requirements & Skills:** - Proficient in developing firmware for Arduino Nano BLE 33. - Deep understanding of LPCOMP and its implementation for CPU wakeup. - Experience with embedded systems, particularly in IoT devices and consumer electronics. - Expertise in sleep mode functionality and creating energy-effici...

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    We have an ESP32 project that was initially developed on PlatformIO using the Arduino framework. We need to port the project to idiomatic ESP-IDF.

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    I'm in need of an Arduino sketch that is capable of sending alert emails through Gmail - specifically as a response to sensor activity. The main premise of the project revolves around the sensor being able to detect a change and subsequently trigger the email alert. While I desire the ability to adjust the sketch to work with various sensor types, the code doesn't need to be compatible with all sensor types at present. However, providing sufficient comments within the code for easy user modification would be highly appreciated. The freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in Arduino programming. - Experience with integrating Arduino with Wifi card and email services. I'm using gmail now but this could use something else. - Excellent comm...

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    We want to control the current through 6 heater coils. The power supply for the heaters is rectified mains electricity. The power to each coil is controlled via a MOSFET which is controlled from a Arduino Nano. We will solder the components by hand, so we just need schematic and Gerber files.

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    ...recognition technology to enable precise manipulations. This project blends the innovative integration of Firmata protocol for Arduino-based hardware control with sophisticated image processing techniques. **Core Requirements:** - Develop an application for Windows that uses computer vision for gesture recognition to control a robotic hand. - Integrate Firmata protocol to establish communication with an Arduino-controlled robotic hand. - Implement robust gesture recognition capabilities allowing the robotic hand to mimic human hand movements accurately. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in C++/Python or any language supporting OpenCV. - Experience with Arduino and Firmata protocol. - Strong background in computer vision and image processing. - Familia...

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    17 ponudb me design and configure a repeater using the Arduino Atmega 328P microcontroller. This project aims to enhance the capabilities of a wireless sensor network by extending its range. The repeater needs to accomplish three main tasks: - Transmit data wirelessly - Receive and amplify weak signals - Extend the operational range of our current wireless sensor network Given the unique requirements of our project, the repeater should support a wireless communication standard not listed among the common ones (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee). The ideal candidate will advise on the best alternative standard to use based on the project's specifics and implement it effectively. Skills and experience necessary for the job include: - Proficiency in Arduino programming and hardwar...

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    Мне нужно система платежи по qr коду для вендингового машин. Вендинговая машина было сделано с помощи Arduino mega, esp8266 (NodeMCU). Мне нужно помощь только получить данные платеже для Arduino или esp8266 (NodeMCU).

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    Arduino help Končano left

    More details: Are you looking for assistance with programming or hardware for your Arduino project? Both What is the primary goal of your Arduino project? Data collection What type of sensors do you plan to use for data collection? Temperature, Mq 4, mq 8, mq 135, moisture sensor, pH sensor

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    I will provide Arduino code for parking system project and also connection diagram

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    Arduino code for STM32H750 to display image from SD card on the ST7789 TFT LCD using hardware STM32 SPI and STM32Duino

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    ...payment gateway and must be capable of vending food items. Despite having not used any such solutions before, I am keen to tap into this technology. The critical aspects I am seeking in the development of this project are: - UPI Payment Gateway: This is central to our operations as it will perform instant payment confirmation, hence proficiency with this technology is a must. - Arduino Experience: Knowledge in Arduino is key as this will be used extensively in the development of the vending system. - QR Code Expertise: You will be tasked with incorporating QR technology into our vending system to allow for product selection and payment. - Background in Vending Systems: While not mandatory, previous experience working with vending systems (particularly food vending) wou...

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    I am looking to have this project adapted for another project with a much larger power requirement: The current project powers a 20-100 watt heater and I need this schematic reworked so that it may power a bank of 30, 150 watt silicone mat heaters up to The current project powers a 20-100 watt heater and I need this schematic reworked so that it may power a bank of 30, 150 watt silicone mat heaters up to 4.5kw. It must be able to operate up 30 heaters, but also a minimum of 1 heater. The final design should have the same functionality as the original project, and be compatible with Arduino. Items to be delivered: - Reworked electrical schematic - Bill of Materials - Functional Arduino program for operation

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    I require an expert to: - Set up an Arduino for controlling a two-port opto-mechanical fiber optic switch. - Ensure this setup facilitates intelligent control of the switching function. - Implement a display interface that provides clear information about the switch state and other operational data. - Establish an efficient, reliable WiFi connection for remote operation. - Incorporate battery-operation functionality, ensuring the system can function effectively without constant direct power supply. Ideal freelancer should have strong engineering background and proven experience in opto-mechanical systems, Arduino setups, WiFi technology, and power systems integration. Experience in creating user-friendly visualization interfaces would be an asset.

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    ** AS ALWAYS PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BID...CONTACT YOU WILL BE IGNORED** LIDAR Sensor for use in an alarm system. Arduino control board. Outputs to a MOSFET Controller and an LED Indicator. Full brief available but this project but basics are: 1. System (Arduino and Lidar Sensor) are to be powered on. 2. A 15 second time window is required for the Sensor to Map the room and establish the basline parameters. 3. Any change of 20% or more in a measured/monitored distance should trigger an alarm. 4. After an alarm of 10 seconds the System should reset - mapping the room again and establishing the baseline for future monitoring. The sensor is here: Deliverables: PIN Diagram Arduino Code Supporting Documentation

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    ...- Converts the received battery info to DRONECAN batteryinfo and batteryinfoaux message, and displays the link status in another LED Resources available: BMS library - dronecan library (libcanard with driver for STM32) - Batteryinfo example and other examples - Arduino dronecan working example - Looking for a competent embedded system developer with specialization in STM32 firmware for an Industrial Electronics application. Key responsibilities: - Develop and test a production ready firmware solution for UART to DRONECAN conversion module. - Ensure the firmware facilitates reliable conversion of UART messages

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    I'm seeking a proficient Arduino developer to create a comprehensive home automation system using an Arduino microcontroller and a GSM Shield. The successful freelancer will be able to: - Integrate the GSM Shield to enable features such as answering calls, sending DTMF signals.. - Implement a unique functionality that allows the GSM Shield to auto-answer calls with DTMF. The ideal candidate for this project would have a high level of expertise in Arduino development, strong understanding of GSM Shield capabilities The bidding freelancer must provide evidence of similar successful projects. I need to do a POC when a caller is calling the arduino, the arduino recognizes the calling number and can do specific tasks based on the number : Wait 10 se...

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    17 ponudb harmonic filter for the purpose of mitigating harmonics in industrial loads. This project intends to ensure smooth operational workflow by accurately identifying and mitigating harmonic disruption. Key aspects of the project include: - Effective current sensing - Accurate Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis - Utilizing both Arduino IDE and Python for FFT implementation I am primarily interested in freelancers who possess: - Strong proficiency in Arduino IDE and Python - Experience with harmonics and their mitigation in industrial settings - Understanding of current sensing techniques - Familiarity with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis. This project aims at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of industrial loads. Your task is to ensure that the ac...

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    ...project involving programming an Arduino Uno to function as a digital scale, which will then send the weight measurements directly to a specific server. The readings need to be dispatched in CSV format. This innovative project aims to streamline the data logging process for my research work by providing accurate, real-time measurements. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in programming the Arduino Uno, with a solid understanding of handling input from weight sensors. - Experience in setting up WiFi modules on Arduino to transmit data. - Capability to structure data in CSV format before sending it to a server. - An understanding of server-side scripting to receive and process incoming data would be a plus. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Arduin...

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    I'm spearheading a fascinating project aimed at leveraging the Arduino platform to innovate in the realm of motor control and automation. My goal is to create a seamless, efficient system that can manage and operate motors with precision and intelligence. Here's what I'm looking for in a freelance partner: **Project Overview:** - Development of a control system for motors using Arduino. - Incorporation of automation techniques to enable smart operation. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Arduino programming and its ecosystem. - Experience with motor control systems, including but not limited to stepper motors, servo motors, and DC motors. - Knowledgeable in automation concepts and able to implement efficient control mechanisms. - Ability to des...

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    I'm in search of a skilled Arduino programmer who can breathe life into my project by writing precise code and ensuring seamless integration with various hardware components. My project is centered around creating a system that effectively controls and manages the operations of sensors and actuators, namely buttons, motors, and solenoids, for which I've already selected the specific components. **Key Requirements:** - **Code Development:** You will write robust code that allows for the efficient control of buttons, motors, and solenoids. Familiarity with Arduino programming language and environment is essential. - **Hardware Integration:** Your role will involve the seamless integration of the Arduino with these hardware components, ensuring they work cohe...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer proficient in C++ to refine and enhance the efficiency of my existing Arduino code, specifically tailored for the ESP32 with a SIM900L EVB module. Now the primary goal is to streamline operations and ensure smooth, reliable performance with SIM A7670C 4G module. **Requirements:** - Proven expertise in C++ and familiarity with the Arduino programming environment. - Experience with ESP32 and the SIM A7670C 4G module, understanding their nuances for optimal code performance to turn ON and turn OFF relay using SMS and DFMF - Ability to diagnose the current codebase for inefficiencies and propose effective optimizations. - Capability to test and verify the revised code with the specified hardware to ensure compatibility and performance i...

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    maze solving robot Končano left

    I'm gearing up for a competition that requires an innovative approach to solving a maze. To meet this challenge, I'm seeking a talented developer to assist in building a maze-solving robot. Here are some specifics about what I need: ### Robot Characteristics: - i will be using arduino l298 motor shield n20 motor gears ir sensor array module chasis ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Robotics Engineering:** Proven experience in designing and building robots, particularly those that navigate mazes. - **Sensor Integration:** Ability to integrate and fine-tune infrared sensors for optimal maze navigation. - **Problem Solving:** Capability to develop efficient algorithms that enable the robot to solve large mazes quickly and accurately. - **Programming Proficiency:** Skill...

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    As the ideal candidate for this project, you are a PCB designer with experience in both analog and digital designs. I need a simple yet effective PCB design that is small in size. We need a customized PCB, an Arduino uno merged with LTE 4G and HX711 and various other components. Skills and Experience: - Accurate PCB designing that suits our specifications - Development of small, simple PCBs - Integration of both passive and active components on a PCB I look forward to your designs that seamlessly integrate both passive and active components. Previous experience with similar projects will be a plus.

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    I am looking for someone who is able to design a device for payment by scanning a qr code. The device consisting of a black and white display is connected to the MDB v4.3 bus and after pressing the product selection button, the generated qr code is displayed on the display. I will pay for the goods by scanning the qr code in the internet banking application. The device should h...device for payment by scanning a qr code. The device consisting of a black and white display is connected to the MDB v4.3 bus and after pressing the product selection button, the generated qr code is displayed on the display. I will pay for the goods by scanning the qr code in the internet banking application. The device should have a wifi connection and a 4g modem. The control part should be Arduino or Ras...

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    I've embarked on a personal endeavor to bring my robotics project to the next level. As a hobbyist with a working prototype, my journey with Arduino has been deeply rewarding yet challenging. I've reached a point where the limitations of my code are hindering progress, specifically in terms of its size. The bulky nature of my current software solution saddles my robot with unnecessary memory usage, curbing its potential for expansion and innovation. **Key Objectives:** - **Memory Usage Reduction:** The primary goal is to refine and condense the existing code to free up memory. This will lay the groundwork for future enhancements, ensuring that the project remains scalable and efficient. - **Prepare for Expansion:** As I look to introduce new functionalities in the near fu...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Arduino developer to write code for controlling multiple stepper motors. My project requires synchronized movements, and here's a bit more about what I'm hoping to achieve: 1. **Functionality Required:** - Use an Arduino Uno with a push-button digital input to control two groups of eight 28BYJ-48 5V stepper motors (sixteen total), with a ULN2003 driver board for each motor. - Each group will be controlled using four cascading 74HC595 shift registers (eight total 74HC595s), and all motors will run for a set amount of time (~5 seconds) then stop, until the button is pressed again. - Group one motors (eight total) will run clockwise for ~5 seconds then stop. Group two motors (eight total) will run counterclockwise for ~5 s...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with expertise in Arduino programming to construct a working model of a milk dispensing ATM machine. Key Features: - The machine should be designed to dispense milk into containers of up to 1 litre. - It should be capable of both cup and bottle dispensing. - The ATM machine should accept payment via mobile payment systems such as e-wallets and QR codes. -It should permit dispensing of any amounts upto 1 liters. Ideal candidates should have a strong understanding of Arduino systems as well as experience with mechanical engineering concepts. Experience in building similar projects is highly preferred.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer who excels in Arduino development, circuit board design specifically tailored for consumer electronics, and medium-complexity 3D printing. This project is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about blending electronic engineering with creative 3D design to bring unique consumer products to life. **Core Requirements:** - **Arduino Development:** Must be proficient in programming Arduino boards for various functionalities. Experience with integrating sensors and actuators is a plus. - **Circuit Board Design:** Skill in designing efficient, reliable circuit boards for consumer electronic products. Knowledge of PCB layout, component selection, and power management essential. - **3D Printing:** Capability to design and pr...

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