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    simple logo 6 dni left

    i need to create a simple logo in vector format, design is uploaded. The logo should look similar to the sample provided Name should be added to logo. 3 Dimension Designs

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    This is similar to the 3rd project if you want to use what you have done as a template to make these changes

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    ...looking for a freelancer who can increase the keyword ranking for our website targeted at the Singapore area. We will determine the keywords later, the number is approximately 100 keywords. The payment system is as follows: 1. We will pay 25 SGD/week for your performance every week. Then we will provide a bonus for each keyword that you successfully rank for (3 months) a. a. 1st place = S$30 b. 2nd - 4th place = $20 SGD c. Rank 5 - 10 = SGD$10 2. Payment will be made after 3 months based on the number of keywords that you have successfully ranked at the end of the cooperation period 3. We need a weekly report on what you have done to improve the rankings on Friday. After that, my team and I will review. If there are revisions, you should fix them immediately. If your revision or...

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    Trophy icon Site plan layout needed 3 dni left

    ...between any 2 blocks, there will be big swimming pool, and big clubhouse (really big, for premium indoor games, etc).. There sizes flexible, as per your experience, suggest. **** Only 1 pool and 1 clubhouse needed in entire project. NOT a pair between each 2 blocks. IMPORTANT LAST PART NOW. Once done above all, create a block type B your self. May be square, rectangle, no issue. Total area maximum 3/4th of block A area. And place AS MANY blocks possible in the remaining area. But of course in way, where actually humans will live. Driveways needed similarly, but for movement only, so narrower. Cars wont be parked on the driveway. In this section (type B), a separate green area, maybe smaller than earlier, for just a kids park or so is preferred. The design MUST BE practical and...

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    Hi there, The viemo player in the project doesn't play the vimeo videos in the full screen mode. While entering the full screen mode with the video players full screen button, the small videos plays in the 1/4th of the screen size. I need you to check and resolve the issue.

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    I need someone to draw a rendering of this bar. I have all dimension on a AI file I just need a more realistic look for my client

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    Data warehouse Project 4 dni left

    - 2nd Step: Build or find your own idea ASAP that relates to a real case of relational database (try to find an open-source sample of databas...open-source sample of databases whether in Healthcare @ODSC/15-open-datasets-for-healthcare-830b19980d9 , Business - AdventureWorks2017 httpsD://, Banking, HR & Finance, Automotive, etc.) - 3rd Step: Create your dimensional model (Fact and Dimensions) from your relational model - 4th Step: Use PL/SQL to build the required ETL package (Extract-Transform-Load) to update your data-mart (facts and dimensions) - 5th Step: Using Oracle OLAP to build the Multi-Dimensional Cube (Dimensions, Metrics, and KPIs Key Performance Indicators

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    Trophy icon Packaging Design Contest 27 dni left

    We are a startup, dealing with manufacturing of frozen veg and non veg food products. We require some innovative packing des...startup, dealing with manufacturing of frozen veg and non veg food products. We require some innovative packing design in single color format. The packet will be white in color and the print can be in red, brown or black. The company logo I have attached. also I have attached some sample of other brands packets. Please come up with some interesting concepts. Also I will attach a sample of the dimension file. We require three versions " Chicken Nuggets", " Spicy Chicken Popcorn", "Chicken Patty" The Text Content Please copy the sample file, Additional text or revision will share when finalizing the design. PLEASE NOTE THE DES...

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    Hello everyone! We need a new transponder in Hispasat 30W (through the frequency 10917 V) but with the following channels: 1st: Canal Sur Andalucía (through the YouTube addon in Kodi) 2nd: CNN International Europe (via Samsung TV Plus Kodi addon) 3rd: Euronews in Spanish (via the Samsung TV Plus addon on Kodi) 4th: Fashion TV (via Samsung TV Plus Kodi addon) 5th: 7NN (via Samsung TV Plus Kodi addon) 6th: LOS40 (via TuneIn Kodi addon (audio only)) 7th: LOS40 Classic (via TuneIn Kodi addon (audio only)) 8th: LOS40 Urban (via TuneIn Kodi addon (audio only)) 9th: LOS40 Dance (via TuneIn Kodi addon (audio only)) 10th: Cadena SER (via TuneIn Kodi addon (audio only)) In addition, the name of the network will be Hispasat and the provider name of ALL the Radio and Television channels ...

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    Perform SEO Audit 3 dni left

    Need a thorough SEO audit performed on this website: We need someone who uses SEM Rush. Note: Need it by EOD 3rd December 2022. Need you to be available on 4th/Sunday to get it fixed and finished. What are the expectations from the audit: Perform a technical analysis Identify backlinks and weaknesses between backlinks Identify keywords and weaknesses between keywords capitalization Provide suggestions to improve performance and ranking organically Provide suggestions to fix technical weaknesses Need competitor analysis - 2 competitors. Will be revealed upon start of gig. This audit is going to be a pitch to the client to further extract services from them. We need a short, understandable and yet persuasive presentation. Neat compilation and pretty presentation of

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    I have a cnn c++ code that need a debug for mismatching layer

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    Auto cad 3 d 3 dni left

    I have a CAD ready 3d model as nd I need to take a dimension and curve length from it

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    Citi bike trips data analysis 3 dni left

    ...DATABASE DESIGN (NORMALIZED DESIGN)  Enterprise Database Model  Logical Database Model  Relational Database Model  DDL Generation OLTP DATABASE IMPLEMENTATION >Create Objects (Tables, Indexes, Triggers, Function, Procedures) > Populate Data > Test Data, Constraints, Triggers for validations DATA WAREHOUSE DESIGN and IMPLEMENTATION  DE-Normalization from OLTP design (STAR SCHEMA with DIM_DATE dimension)  Enterprise, Logical, and Relational Model  DDL code generation and Creation of Schema ETL CODE  Extract from OLTP database based on timestamp (CDC-change data capture)  Transform Data to match DW schema (using External tables, and PL/SQL)  Load Data to DW schema Reports and Analytics from DW database, e.g. using Tableau > Use any reporting tool for query...

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    ...5 features, scaling the input from 256x256 to 224x224, this feature will be 512 x (7x7) in dimension. Compute the PCA and GMM of this 49 dimensional conv feature by randomly sampling 50 images from all 45 classes, for kd=[16, 24] and nc =[64, 128], compute FV aggregations (total 4 sizes), and benchmark the accuracy and show the 45-class confusion map using leave 1 out(L1O) SVM classifier. Show your implementation here also: function [training_pool_features]=getVGG16Pool5Features(im_dir) .... function [A, gmm]=trainGMM(training_features, kds, ncs) .... (2) Subspace Transfer Learning(60pts), for the FV features in step 1), compute its PCA and plot its eigen values, choose appropriate PCA low dimension embedding, and apply LDA and LPP learning, and plot 45-class confusion ...

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    Project price 1) Fix the control panel, only update rates This is the link for access to the control panel, i made some words in english language htps://www....select 2 adults we have to show 360 € In the form search is possible to search for only 1 person, in this case if in the table oferte the supplemento_singola or supplemento_doppia_uso_singola have a value we have to add this value to the price, for example if the supplemento_singola is 10 for this period we have 180 € + 10+10+10: total price for single room 210 € The same is if user select 3rd and 4th bed, we will add discount for this based on the age and when user will search in the form for 2 adults + 1 children 5 years old we will show 180+180+discount for this range age The search result page is

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    ...coming (just one - customer) Jan 1 2023. Additionally, we'll be migrating from V. 7 to V 9 or 10 before the end of Life (Nov 2023). CURRENT PROBLEM: To start this whole time-sheet upload process, we upload 4 csv files which contain our client, tutor, student information from our Access Database. Last Thursday we were uploading like we usually do, and the first three csv’s went through and the 4th couldn't be uploaded. SOLUTION ATTEMPTS: We’ve tried rebooting, clearing caches, checking with our host to make sure nothing was wrong in the back end and no success yet. So, I went back into the upload process again tonight and tried something new. I went step by step and uploaded all the csv forms. I am not sure how it happened or how it can be fixed &ndash...

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    i want to create a webpage for doing the smart slotting in warehouse...the customer will add data about the warehouse like dimensions,racks,weight of racks and then add the information about the product data like dimension, perishability, weight, chemical property, quantity and then the system will do the optimization and then give the slot where we can fit the product

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    Biological Tank Shop Drawing 1 dan left

    We need a Shop Drawing for Biological Tank. This will outside the GLS tank dimeter 8 M. and inside settling tank 6 M. Also GLS. This tank contain 4 sections, 1st; sledge holding tank, 2nd; denitrifications, 3rd and 4th; aeration tanks. inside aeration tank there will be air diffuser network.

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    ...Accurate Dimension (no overridden Dimension) • If dimension is assumed, round up dimension, example assumed column size is 248x248 (round up to 250x250) • Use the correct Dimension or Leader Style • Use the correct layers • Convert all lines, circle, hatches, text manually (No software conversion) • All conversion to be dimension-ed properly, accurate and neat. • All repetitive elements to be blocked. • Legends (with elements blocked) for respective M&E disciplines will be drawn. • We will be providing a template with Architectural plan X-REFed for all M&E services for you to use. Please do not draw inside X-REF file. • To use the template provided by CDS, to use relevant scale indicated in th...

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    ...captures activity on a given repo (e.g. when someone stars, forks, opens a PR or an issue - they should be in a row) with the following fields: - occured_at (timestamp) - activity_type (e.g. "starred", "opended_pr", "opened_issue", "forked") - activity_url (e.g., for a PR, URL of the PR; for an issue, URL of an issue; NULL for star) - github_username 2. "people" that acts as a dimension and provide lookup information for people in the "activity_stream" (below fields are GitHub API fields): - github_username (login) - email - name - bio - company - repositories (first: 100, isFork: false) totalCount - isHireable - avatarUrl - createdAt - updatedAt - twitterUserna...

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    I have a python program that simulates flipping a coin, and applies a hard-coded betting strategy to see how much money is won. I'd like these results added to a .csv file, where coin flip 1 is first element, bet result is 2nd element, coin flip 2 is 3rd element, bet result 2 is 4th element, etc. This way i can optionally import the .csv into excel to see a graph of the results. There is also a bug in the betting strategy that i want fixed, where it currently never doubles the bet more than once (it should double it more frequently). Link to my github project is here .

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    Description: I need a sequence of 32 drawings to compose an activity book for Kids aged 4-6. > The drawings must be around the topic "cool cars & vehicles". > Each drawing must be duplicated and have 5 slight differences: the copy will have 5 small details of the drawing missing (see example enclosed). > Dimension of the pages: 8.5 x 8.5 inches. > Color: Black & white only. The drawings must be original, suitable for children from 4 to 8 years and of exceptional quality. Similar book (these are coloured drawings but the quality is what I expect): Similar book:

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    Squarred coil 20 ur left

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to create a 2 very simple 3D objects. I would like to create 2 kinds of coil : 1 rounded coil but with specific dimension and both extremity squarred instead of rounded. The second object to create is exactly the same except for the central axe (must be stretched), round by default, but must be like a '0' instead of an 'O'. I would like to be able to modify the model after delivery.

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    ...management They can help with concentration and are perfect for behaviour management. Use for time outs for young kids that can’t tell the time. INCLUSIONS In addition to the product name and design all items need to carry some standard information as follows; Made in China SMALL PARTS WARNING - Not suitable for children under 3years Item number Barcode NEW DIMENSION LOGO Attachments SENSORY SENSATIONS LOGO (MAIN LOGO) NEW DIMENSION LOGO (SECONDARY LOGO) BARCODES X 6 ITEM NUMBERS X 6 HI RES IMAGES IMAGES OF CURRENT ITEMS PICTURE OF SAMPLE BOXES X 2 EXAMPLE OF check box system X 2 Window face box DIELINE...

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    This is a project to build two separate rectangles. Let’s assume they are constructed with hard plastic. If used separately, there will be a 4” thick and a 2” thick platform height rectangles. If rectangle #2...height rectangles. If rectangle #2 is sat on top of #1 the total height will be 6” tall plus a ½ lip around the perimeter. The rectangle is made to fit on top of and lock into rectangle 1. Rectangle number two may sit down on top of rectangle number one to make a total outside elevation of 6 1/2 inches tall, which is the 6” tall platform height and ½” lip. Within the 25 by 70-inch external dimension area, there is a net area of 24” x 69", deducting the required ½ perimeter lip. Additional rectangle #...

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    Python Developer Končano left

    ...which has the following structure: Listing of attributes: 1. Age: Number. 2. Workclass: Can be one of -- Private, Self-emp-not-inc, Self-emp-inc, Federal-gov, Local-gov, State-gov, Without-pay, Never-worked. 3. fnlwgt: number. This is NOT NEEDED for our study. 4. Education: Can be one of -- Bachelors, Some-college, 11th, HS-grad, Prof-school, Assoc-acdm, Assoc-voc, 9th, 7th-8th, 12th, Masters, 1st-4th, 10th, Doctorate, 5th-6th, Preschool. This is NOT NEEDED for our study. 5. Education-number: Number -- indicates level of education. 6. Marital-status: Can be one of -- Married-civ-spouse, Divorced, Never-married, Separated, Widowed, Married-spouse-absent, Married-AF-spouse. 7. Occupation: Can be one of -- Tech-support, Craft-repair, Other-service, Sales, Exec-managerial, Prof-spe...

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    ...Spark, EMR 2) Proficient understanding of distributed computing principles 3) Proficiency with Data Processing: HDFS, Hive, Spark, Scala/Python 4) Independent thinker, willing to engage, challenge and learn new technologies. 5) Understanding of the benefits of data warehousing, data architecture, data quality processes, data warehousing design, and implementation, 6) Table structure, fact and dimension tables, logical and physical database design, data modeling, reporting process metadata, and ETL processes. Requirements -- 1) Client-facing skills: Solid experience working with clients directly, to be able to build trusted relationships with stakeholders. 2) In-depth understanding of Data Warehouse, ETL concept and modeling structure principles 3) Expertise in AWS cloud native ...

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    Dear Candidate(s), I am looking for customer executives preferably freshers female candidates who can assist my business. Job Description: Helping customer with their order related queries. Support via voice, email. Be familiar with Google Workspace, Skype, Excel English i...at all. We will keep your dummy name. So 100% privacy is there. Candidates are not required to be In front of Pc/mobile during logging hours. Just make sure you are available during your logging hours. Preferably Looking Candidates who charges less as the work is very simple. We can offer $3/Hr exluding bonus. We give priority to those who are punctual & reply quickly. We have to hire before 4th December. Candidate must be punctual & serious towards work. It is fun work. Make customer happy Rega...

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    ...which mean the words which are copied or typed here would not be participating in the scan or would not be filtering.) 1. Would list all the words contained in document frequency wise in other column. Like - see - 3, look - 11, and - 15 , number show the word how many times it has been repeated in the document. 2. there would be an option to to sort by frequency and alphabets of words 3. 4th Column Heading example, the "word origin sentence"(whole sentence from which the word has been take start of full stop to end of full stop) would be listed here as an example and if a word has occured three times , there would be 3 examples. 4. column shuffling should be enabled. should be editable to add more if desired.(also a function to change heading of new column). ...

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    I need someone who can prepare a Adobe Dimension project for us with a flower that is build with sunflower oil (see attached image) and has 5 flower petals surrounded by 5 green sunflower leaves that look realistic. It should all be placed on a white background and the camera view should be from the top (just as the image ""). I need the Adobe Dimension file so I can do some minor adjustments and render it myself.

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    Entrepreneurship and analyzing venture viability. Are you familiar with entrepreneurship, value propositions, the business model canvas and new ventures? If so, this task asks that you apply your knowledge and experience in reviewing and providing constructive feedback on 10 venture reports. Unlike the typical business plan, these reports a...entrepreneurship unit where participants are asked to explore a problem or innovative opportunity. Your part would be to provide detailed commentary on how well the entrepreneurial frameworks (i.e. entrepreneurship models like value proposition, BMC etc.) are applied towards analyzing the viability of these ventures. Each report will be approximately 10 pages in length. The task begins on Sunday 4th and the feedback is due within 24 hours &...

    €162 - €486
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    €162 - €486
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    The aim of this project is to make multiple photoshop banner templates for online beauty products store called Melano. Files needs to be made in such way so that our designer can modify them very easily. We need each banner for Instagram and Facebook (1080 x 1080 pixels) in landscape (1200 x 500 pixels) and portrait (720 x 480 pixels) dimension. Banners what we need are following: 1) Banner where main focus is on beauty brand (for example Hugo Boss, Versace etc.) logo and is surrounded by products. 2) Banner where main focus is on some kind of beauty products category (for example lipsticks, perfumes etc.) 3) Banner where main focus is on discount code. Code needs to be surrounded by different products, contain some text (for example "Super sale" "-50% off") 4) ...

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    Staying Connected is a quarterly neighbourhood newsletter with volunteer-delivered circulation of 1200 households. It is black and white copy. The outgoing editor is a volunteer. Tasks: receive new content for 3 page Staying Connected (4th page 90% fixed); edit and arrange text as well as to update activities insert. . Expect to establish agreed benchmarks: In REVERSE: 4) Final Copy Dec 12/13; 3)Text returned to you from proof readers , 2) Text out from you to be reviewed by our 2 volunteer proofreaders, 1)Submission of content to you. 0) Together submission date of content agreed upon.

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    I want to create a google data studio connector which needs to visualise json data we are generating from our app. An example of the returned json is added as a file and the chart output image is also added as a file. The api call to get the json has defined parameters (the dimension to be retrieved, the metric, the time period, and the return type: https://apicall/api/metrics/dateHistogramMetric?bucketField=country_name.raw&size=2500&site=thesite&apiKey=the-api-key&startTime=1637708400000&endTime=1669330799000&timezone=%2B01%3A00&typeName=session&termFilters=&interval=1w&include=unknown These parameters need to be configurable. Upon choosing you, we will work together to work out any details.

    €246 - €738
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    €246 - €738
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    furniture Charts Končano left

    Looking for someone to make Sofa charts with dimension as per below picture.

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    One is a crime thriller novel. Two are self help mini books, and the 4th one is my photobook. Looking for reasonably priced bids for the whole 4 books as a total package. Let me know how you go about promoting them.

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    Looking for someone who is skilled in creating a dial design in CAD so i can later cut with my fiber laser as well as engrave it. My laser is a JPT 60w 3D JPT mopa M7. I can provide all the dimension but expect a file that i can use to first cut the dial from sheet of brass and then engrave all the markings. It's has to be 3D design i can use in ezecad3. Here is and example the design of my dial. Idealy im looking for someone who can design and create files as well have some knowledge with fiber laser to have better understanding on the projekt

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    Political thriller novel. 4th in a series. Woman protagonist. First person narrative.

    €338 (Avg Bid)
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    We have a working laravel application using baileys javascript library : Three working tabs already exist now : 1 ) login a new device : generate qr code, scan it using whatsapp 2 ) import contacts 3 ) send solo or bulk messages We would like to have a 4th tab that will fetch every chats and chats messages from the logged in session and allow us to reply. Exactly like this link but using the baileys library : Please only bid if you understand the requierements.

    €185 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to get a logo designed for a dentist office. We want it to be clean and modern looking. It may or may not include a "tooth" shape or reference. Do not feel like you have to put in a tooth just because it's a dental office. I would like the original files for any editing. Preferably the logo will be done in Illustrator as a .AI / vector file so it can be used on small and large dimension projects. Colors: Blue Dark Blue Light Blue Teal Name: Marietta Dental Creations

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    Trophy icon Design a Holiday Market Flyer Končano left

    I need a flyer for a 3rd annual holiday market. Graphic must be in theme with the already-established brand aesthetic. Graphic must incorporate a creative use of the exterior of building. Winner gets continued ongoing work for brand. Details: 3rd Annual Holiday Market Fridays at 5:30pm November, November 25th December 2nd December 9th December 16th and Victorian Stroll Sunday, December 4th *will send over logo, address, and web address to the winner to incorporate onto the graphic* sizes: 8.5x11in (then, must be resized to 800x800px, 315x828px, 600x300px, 1920x1080px, and 2000x960px Attached is last year's graphic and an actual image of the building. The goal is to build upon the already established brand aesthetic. I do not want the same graphic as last year. Last year...

    €256 (Avg Bid)
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    4th Month SEO Končano left

    Hello Sir, We will use google controllers and algorithms for getting your website ranking. For getting faster results and traffics on our website we need to fix all on-site and off-site changes according to google updations For on-site changes we will do these task: - In the first week, I will fix all on-site issues, and check our website performance, In an on-page work, I will fix these issues and tasks. On-page activities First-week work: - 1. Website Analysis 2. Competitor Analysis 3. Fix website errors according to audit 4. Best Keyword Research, Analysis, & Finalization & Optimization 5. Title & Meta Tag Optimization 6. Google Analytics Monitoring 7. Image/Alt tags optimization 8. Link Title Attributes Tag 9. Canonical Tag Optimization 10. Google Webmaster Tools 11...

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    Hi, There's a Free Open Source Chess game in JavaScript at: All I want is: - Make a change to the board Dimension - Change the Castling move to 2-3 instead of 2 - Add a new piece (very similar to the Knight) That's it. Someone who knows JavaScript and knows chess and how chess engines work would probably enjoy this project. This project demands a deep understanding of: - AI and Algorithms - JavaScript - How chess Engines work This is no project for an armatures. It's a project for a pro who knows what he's/she's doing. If you have any questions - please let me know.

    €173 (Avg Bid)
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    ..."Pro") to use for the free version of the product. 2) A single product box image (400x400 with background). Only the Pro version is necessary - the sketch is - In total, I will require these 3 images (product logo with and without "Pro", and product box for the Pro version only) - They should have a SIMILAR DESIGN (background color, text dimensions, main image dimension, company logo dimension, etc...) to the attached product logos () and product box () - This product logo is most similar to (Congestions). In I highlighted the differences between the two. You can freely use the same candles style as Congestions'. - I also attached the company logo to put on top of the product logo ()

    €59 (Avg Bid)
    94 vnosov

    Hello guys, I am looking for guys who could program 4 different Modules which i brought from online. 1) GPS module which features UBX-M10050-KB chip with flash, 2) XGZP6899D differential pressure sensor 3rd &4th modules are in oscillation due to their shortade and I will confirm exact specs of them via chat. I want to program them in my Esp32-S3 or rp2040/any other Arduino supported board. GPS will be used for my rc car. I have datasheet for them in detail including the programming guide. I would provide them via chat. The freelancer should create an detailed code/library for the above given modules with instruction on how to use them,along with sample code.

    €40 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for a back wall and counter design for a conference All dimension and guidelines are below Please see our 2 logo variations attached. Our primary brand color is pink. We are a luxury car NFT company, so need to have it be slick, luxurious and futuristic. I'm including a copy of our old brochure Our font is furore (if you need to use it, I have it) Would be nice to incorporate an image of a Lamborghini, but subtle Please refer to 0ur website for potential look and feel of our branding: (we use the pink Lamborghini on the home page in a number of marketing materials) any of the following formats: EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPEG (300 dpi) ### Dimensions + **Design Templates** - **10’ x 10’ Booth** - 10’w x 8’h Backwall - 117" W x 96"H ...

    €307 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an artist to create digital flower watercolor art to use for my wedding. I would like to take this art and use it across multiple elements in my wedd...for reference: -"Example": Example of what I am looking to use this card for and how my friend took her art and used it for her invitations -"Flower Colors": These will be my flowers for reference - these same colors + blue (orange, green, purple, pink and blue). Please use these colors predominately and different shades of those colors, but feel free to add in some other colors if needed for dimension. -"Flower Styles": These are the styles of flowers I am looking for in the art if you could try and incorporate them but also open to your own creativity as well! Please let me know if you have ...

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    Bonjour 4th Dimension Group, j'ai remarqué votre profil et je souhaite vous proposer mon projet. Nous pouvons discuter des détails via le chat.

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    Garden shed with dimension over the 15 sq m . Shed not connected to the house. Need a site plan required by Plan SA. I have the shed product description. Need cost of drafting a site plan.

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