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  • Profilna slika osebe sergeyborodkin
    Data Entry Online Expert
    175 ocen

    Helpdesk and network administration specialist. Offers cross functional, individual and team based work. Experienced in data entry, data processing and web scraping.

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  • Profilna slika osebe TypingxpertRehan
    Versatile Data Processing Expert
    1390 ocen

    Versatile data entry and data processing expert. Delivers high quality work on time. Highly recommended by former clients for all types of data entry and data processing work.

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  • Profilna slika osebe imperturbable54
    Experienced Data Entry Operator
    149 ocen

    Highly experienced data entry operator with strong recommendations from former clients for excellent services in data entry, wordpress, web scraping, excel and web search.

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  • Profilna slika osebe yourjmr
    Expert Data Entry Worker
    388 ocen

    Professional with more than ten years experience in data entry, data mining, web research, web scraping and data conversion. Offers tailored programs for web scraping.

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  • Profilna slika osebe RSUKANTA2014
    Freelancer v Jagaddal, India
    264 ocen

    About me: This is Roy from Kolkata, India. I am 24 years old and completed Bachelor degree in Science(Barasat University '2014'). I am an expert in this field. I have excellent command over English. I am a hard worker, productive and worthy of your attention I hope, I would be the right candidate for your project....

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  • Profilna slika osebe RSwapnil
    Professional Data Entering Consultant
    245 ocen

    11 years industrial experience with data entry, data processing, data conversion, data capture, web scraping, market research and HTML. Reccomended by previous clients.

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Iskanje Data Entry Clerks na Freelancer

Are you looking to hire a data entry clerk? Freelancer.com is the best place to find data entry clerks for hire on the web.

Data entry clerks play an important role in modern business. These clerks are responsible for entering and updating important data into their client’s database, providing the information that makes all other daily business processes possible.

Businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries rely heavily on the data processed by data entry freelancers. The fast pace of the business world requires that new, relevant data is received in a timely and accurate manner. Without this data, decision makers can make poor, uninformed decisions based off of incorrect or out of date information.

For this reason, freelance data entry clerks can offer your business a sizeable competitive advantage when it comes to the quality of your data entry job. These experienced, professional data entry clerks for hire on Freelancer.com will add a significant boost to your organization’s data processing turnaround times, ensuring decision makers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available to make your data entry job a success.

While telecommuting and work from home data entry jobs opportunities have expanded significantly in the last decade, data entry clerks and employers alike have been taking advantage of telecommuting for many years. The nature of task lends itself well to home-based employees. Employers can hire data entry clerks located in regions far from their own location with confidence that freelance data entry clerks throughout the industry have performed exceptionally-well in similar situations for decades.

So You're Ready To Hire A Data Entry Clerk. Where Should You Start? 

Finding the perfect freelance data entry clerk doesn't have to be a hassle. There are several tips you can use to hire the perfect freelancer for your data entry job. Do you have a specific project in mind? Post a project for free on Freelancer.com and watch freelancers from all around the world come to you with their competitive proposals. Freelancer.com’s bidding and proposal system helps you find talented freelancers at a great price.

If you prefer, you can also browse Freelancer.com’s extensive directory of freelance data entry clerks and hire a data entry worker directly from their profile. Sort freelancers by experience, reputation or geographical location to hire data entry clerks that will be a great addition to your organization. 

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