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We are a startup procurement company requiring a competent copywriter/content writer to write an introduction for 10 different products.

We require a professionally written introduction for each product category.

We require 2 - 4 line paragraph per product category (40 - 60 words)

10 Paragraphs : 400 - 600 Words

It is important that all writers pay attention to the following.
This text is going to be used in our Brochure.
Our target audience are Large companies in the Oil and Gas industries.
We are targeting high level individuals within those industries, these are industry experts who know their fields in and out
• Project Managers
• Lead Engineers
• Procurement managers
• Finance Directors etc

Please use right tone and convey that we are a professional serious procurement company
Note: we do not stock or sell items, we are not vendors, we source/find the items that the client requires. Basically we do not have a range, everything is within our reach

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  • lorenseldner
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    Had some technical difficulties but they got solved! Please check my entry #17. Any corrections or feedback are welcome. Thank you!

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  • vraghavendran
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    Please rate #11. This is an initial draft, we could tweak it however you want. Thanks

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  • lorenseldner
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    Dear Contest Holder: please review my entry #5 (is just a draft). I want to make sure this is sort of what you need. If need please let me know to make the corrections needed. Thank you! if you could also seal the contest that would be great #sealed

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