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We are a non profit and we are preparing 4 videos. We want designers to work in a contests
see this video as the first video: [login to view URL]
we will provide with all the scripts
Expert Patient Movement
Obesity/Diabetes (1 of 2)
February 2019

2) If you are diabetic o obese and you lost weight, your disease can improve and don’t need so much medication
3) Change your chip
It is not a problem of losing weight but of changing the chip
4) For whatever purpose in life, there are three steps in life: TO KNOW, TO WANT, AND TO BE ABLE.
5) Problem is not TO KNOW : How many diets do you have at home or at Google? . And for any doubt, we can ask our doctor.
6) In addition, is not a matter of the kind of diet. Here comes an example:
7) “If you lost one kilogram, I will give you 1000 dollars, if two, 2000 and if four, 4000 dollars.
8) “No need to know the diet. I am not going to drink even water”
9) Message: “We would do it for money but not for our health”. So the problem is not to know but to want.
10) We need to change our mind, to get our motivation at least 7 over 10, been 10 the 4000 dollars
11) Write down in a paper your reasons to loss weight, i.e:
12) “I want to get free of my backpack of 20 kilograms. My heart, the engine of the vehicle is overloaded”
13) “Because I want to improve my health, my diabetes, my muscle pains, etc”
14) “Because I would like to feel better with my body”
15) Keep in your bedside table the paper and read it frequently
16) If you don’t change the chip, once you reach 70 kg, after loosing 20, you will say:
17) “Whats the problem with 71? I look ok”. And at the other week: “72, ok I am still fine”. And so on, to get again 90.
18) Change the chip means to think in a “magic number”: I am a person of 70 kg”.
19) Thus, if you gain 1kg, you will say: “71, I am ok, but as I am a person of 70, I am going to lose it”
20) To know, to want, and to BE ABLE. “ I tried so many times, and I failed”
21) But you achieved a lot of challenges in your life: a job, a family, etc. So you can make this one too.
22) Seeing other patients as you that were successful, and are committed to help you, the expert patients, you will say:
23) If they did it, I will too.
24) Main motivation, even more than 4000 dollars is to do it not because “something” but “someone”
25) To change your chip, you need to become an expert patient: let others helping you, and help others. Alone it is too difficult.
26) Ask for help to your doctor, your family, friends or at self-help groups.
27) Help others. Sign in for a volunteer group.

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“It was a very good experience working with you”

Profilna slika wkakuaanzw, Spain.

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  • B2BDigitizer4
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    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • noelcortes
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Please check #10

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • wkakuaanzw
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 9 meseca/ev


    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • ForeverCreations
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    I think 4 videos for 190USD is not fair. Please #increaseprize!
    Thank You!

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • avip1007
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    4 videos for $190?

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • javiermc66
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    4 videos por 190 $ ?

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • Pushstudios
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Hi, Are all 4 videos a part of this contest or are you expecting the other 3 to be completed as separate projects? thanks!

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
    1. wkakuaanzw
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      I need at least two videos to be submitted below is the script for.the second one. And then selected the winner is needed to make two more.videos to.get the 190 usd

      • pred 9 meseca/ev
    2. igepot
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      To be clear, this is a prize of $190 for 4 videos. Good luck to participants.

      • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • wasswam
    • pred 9 meseca/ev you need anything created at the moment or you are only recruiting???

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • zaeemiqbal
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    So.. What do you want exactly?

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • Ritik10
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Awesome project, i have started working on it , will submit my entry soon :)

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • wkakuaanzw
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    See this video
    I did the script shorter
    1)Buds and gaps
    Expert Patient Movement
    February 2019

    2) Society is like a puzzle. The objective is to make the puzzle as a whole, social cohesion.

    3) We are pieces with buds and gaps.

    4) Buds mean our abilities to help others. Gaps mean our need to be helped.

    5)Help can be changed here by support, care, love.

    6) Newborns and old people are pieces with many gaps.

    7)But they are worthy. The society, the puzzle, needs them.

    8)When two pieces are linked, both grow, and new buds appear.
    9) With more unions, buds get branches, and branches a tree.

    10)The Expert Patient is the one helping others and opened to be helped. Caring to self care.
    11)Author: Dr Manuel Serrano Gil. Spain

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
    1. VolcanArteStudio
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      hola un gusto, puedo participar pero esta mal planteado el concurso, con gusto podria participar o realizar el trabajo para usted.

      • pred 9 meseca/ev
    2. wkakuaanzw
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      porque esta mal planteado? como aumentar el engagement de freelancers?

      • pred 9 meseca/ev

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