Very Simple "Loading Bar" Design

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I would like someone to create a very basic design. It features a short phrase above a Loading Bar, and “pls wait” underneath the Loading Bar. I have sketched the 3 designs and attached them as a rough idea. Please make the 3 designs look IDENTICAL to each other, including the loading bar, font styles and font sizes. The only difference is the phrase itself above the loading bar.

- Like I said, I need 3 separate designs, the only thing you have to change is the phrase above the loading bar.
- THE FOLLOWING PHRASES ARE: “doin a think”, “doin me a refresh” and “bork loading…”
- Use a SERIF looking font. You can make this phrase look messy/handwritten if you like. Just make sure it looks similar to the other designs.

- I want the loading bar to look as if it was hand drawn and slightly wonky. Please look at the images I have attached so you can understand what I mean. Please make it look similar to these.
- It must be outlined in black.
- The “loaded” section of the Loading Bar to be either green, blue or black.
- The “unloaded” section of the Loading Bar must be transparent.

- Underneath the loading bar, I would like you to put “(pls wait)”
- Please ensure it is in brackets. Refer to the sketches I have attached to see what I mean.
- Use a basic font
- Please make it centered (again, shown in the sketches).

- All the words must be lower case letters.
- Background MUST be transparent
- Design must be able to fit within a SQUARE.
- The phrase above the loading bar to be bigger than "(pls wait)"
- Quality: Ideally close to 300 DPI and 2160 pixels (maximum 12"x16" inches)

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“Very easy.”

Profilna slika AndreasStassi, United Kingdom.

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