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We are a digital printing / branding company and our goal is to spread to shopping centers in Finland. We have had our logo for years, last year we tried to update it to look more simple and fresh but we are not totally happy with it. We would at least like to fix the eye of the penguin and all around shape to be perfect. Keep in mind that later on we want to give the penguin different kind of expressions and gestures but for now we just want to update the standard penguin which appears in the logo.
So to put it short we don't want any radical changes, just polishing it up a bit! Text part can be as it is or if you have some ideas for that we are also interested to see. Over all look should be the same, colors black, red and white and penguin should have tie and briefcase.
Attached old and new version of the logo.

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  • mebmarketing
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    Hello. Thank you for all the participants. It looks like our instructions has been misunderstood - we don't want to change our logo, just polish it up a bit! F.e. the eye part and all around shape we are not totally happy with. It could be more "cartoonish" but without being too childish looking. We will do some animations with the penguin so it needs to be a real character with outlines. And logo should just say MEB - Fast Print Services.

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    1. hennyuvendra
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  • ashikkhan521
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    Check my entry #68 #69 #70

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  • Irfanandalin2986
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    CHECK #16

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