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I would like 2 logo designs please for 2 different businesses.

First is The Social Salad. I have attached some rough examples which I like, but what I really have in mind is a salad bowl in the middle with a little colour, maybe some green for the leaves and other colours for the vegetables and then the name 'The Social Salad' in black on top of the image or below. Again, these are just suggestions. I quite like watercolours too so if you could provide some examples with soft watercolours that would be great. Alternatively, I do like the provided examples but I don't like the actual salad bowl, I want a nicer salad bowl. Pastel colours are nice.

The second logo is for a rugby orientated business. My husband has done a mock up of what he would like for example. But he is looking for something more 3 dimensional as he feels his mock up is too flat.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you in advance.

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