Pimp my CV :)

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Need to get my CV formatted but would like a sleek and professional looking document too.

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  • parbinjrgc
    • pred 3 dneva/i

    would you please mention the drawbacks so that I can learn further,

    • pred 3 dneva/i
  • hanifalibd
    • pred 4 dneva/i

    Please check out the #44 no submission and feel free if any changes needed, thanks. #sealed #sealed

    • pred 4 dneva/i
  • LuckyLife2k4
    • pred 4 dneva/i

    #extended #extended

    Helllo Contest Holder,
    Please I am just coming across this contest now. If you can extend it by just one more day, I will give you the highest quality CV you could ever wish for, just 24 more hours. Please

    • pred 4 dneva/i
  • christensamii
    • pred 5 dneva/i

    Check num 33 plz

    • pred 5 dneva/i
  • ingridcumming
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 5 dneva/i

    Need the product asap. Will be selecting a winner soon. Please submit asap if not done already

    • pred 5 dneva/i
  • JasonRusty
    • pred 6 dneva/i

    Working on this..Do you require the final file to word doc, or can I use any other software to create a pdf?

    • pred 6 dneva/i
    1. ingridcumming
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 5 dneva/i

      feel free to use software :)

      • pred 5 dneva/i
  • diegoprea
    • pred 6 dneva/i

    Good evening I just read and got to work. Please do not immediately choose a winner

    • pred 6 dneva/i
  • samerbadee
    • pred 6 dneva/i

    Working .. please don't choose a winner too fast, at least wait until the period ends. Thank you

    • pred 6 dneva/i

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